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“D*mn it!”

The archaic Sacred Sovereign saw the change in that attack, and he could not help but feel a chill in his heart.

For a high-level cultivator like him, there were many things that could be seen with just a glance.

The shockwave from the collision of the two attacks had enough power to destroy the entire Xuan Yuan immortal territory, but in the end, it disappeared and was suppressed.

It was clear that in the Xuan Yuan immortal territory, other than Lu Xu, there was another power that could suppress him.

Very powerful!

Very powerful!

Ridiculously powerful!

He had been too rash in coming to the Xuan Yuan immortal territory at that time.

He had never expected that the Xuan Yuan immortal sect would have so many tricks up their sleeves.

If he had known earlier, he definitely would not have touched the Xuan Yuan immortal sect!

What the f*ck!

Not daring to be the slightest bit careless, he immediately unleashed a sacred art to resist Lu Xu.

Lu Xu also unleashed an attack in response at the same time.

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The clash of the two energies caused a huge explosion.

The huge explosion of energy created a shockwave that once again disrupted the power of space.

At that moment, all the Imperial Immortals joined hands to unleash the array Ye Xiao set up to suppress once more.

However, at the moment of suppression, a hole would appear.

Taking advantage of that hole, the supreme ancient holy man turned and fled.

He no longer cared about his face.

The most important thing was to survive.

If he could not survive, everything would be for naught.

At that moment, it was clearly impossible to rely on him alone to seize those tempting resources from Ye Xiao.

He had already decided that after he left, he would immediately find a few of his good friends and help resurrect them in advance.

Then, he would bring them over and join forces to fight against Ye Xiao and snatch his resources.

However, just as he was about to run away, another sword ray slashed over in the next second.


That sword ray struck his body precisely.

Due to the sword light being too fast, he did not have the time to resist that time, and his body was hit.

“Hehehe… Since youre already here, why are you running so fast If you dont stay and have some fun, others will laugh at our Xuan Yuan immortal sect for not knowing how to treat guests.”

The archaic Sacred Sovereign spat out a mouthful of blood.

His expression was cold as he stared at the scene in front of him.

He had never imagined that there would be another Sacred Sovereign there.

The demonic sects Sacred Sovereign!

The archaic Sacred Sovereigns expression was ice-cold to the extreme.

Only then did he realize that he had made an extremely stupid mistake.

The Xuan Yuan immortal sect was truly not to be underestimated.

It was far from something he could deal with.

If that continued, he might have to die there.

He definitely could not die there!

He had waited for so many years just to revive and continue his glory.

If he died there, what would happen

He could not wait any longer.

He immediately began to burn the sacred blood in his body.

At that moment, the aura on his body suddenly rose rapidly.

Lu Xu and the demonic sects Sacred Sovereigns expressions could bit help but change.

“This fellow is actually so ruthless, burning his own sacred blood!”

Sacred blood was the symbol of the Sacred Sovereign and also the foundation of the Sacred Sovereign.

It was an extremely powerful blood that could only be produced by cultivation.

Every drop of sacred blood was cultivated with great difficulty.

One could imagine how precious it was.

Such a precious item was something that even a cultivator at the Sacred Sovereign realm would not be willing to casually consume.

In the end, he did not expect that the archaic Sacred Sovereign in front of him would actually burn up.

That fellow was a little crazy and ruthless.

After a short period of shock, the two quickly reacted and immediately said,

“He has suddenly ignited his sacred blood.

He should be trying to escape.

Dont let him escape.

Otherwise, it will be hard to explain things to Ye Xiao.”

With that thought, the two immediately attacked.

The two Sacred Sovereigns attacked.

That terrifying power was so oppressive that people could not breathe.

At that moment, the entire Xuan Yuan immortal sect felt that terrifying power.

The immortal energy was so calm that they could not even move.

However, although the two of them acted very quickly, the boost from burning the sacred blood was simply too strong.

The speed of the supreme archaic Sacred Sovereign broke through to the limit.

In the blink of an eye, he broke through the void and escaped.

By the time the attacks of the two Sacred Sovereigns arrived, it was already too late.

Those Imperial Immortals were also dumbstruck.

They did not expect the opponents techniques to be so powerful.

They had so many Imperial Immortals working together to form an array but they actually failed to stop him.

In the end, he still managed to escape.

It was simply inconceivable.

“As expected of a supreme archaic Sacred Sovereign.

Isnt this technique too strong”

“Thats for sure.

An archaic Sacred Sovereign is several times stronger than us.

Even the Sacred Sovereigns of our era are several times stronger.”

“However, the problem now shouldnt be this.

It should be that he escaped.

How should we explain things to Ye Xiao”

Everyone could not help but fall silent.

So many people failed to capture an archaic Sacred Sovereign.

It was truly a failure.

Ye Xiao should not let them off easily, right

At the same time, on the other side, in a certain place in the immortal world, the figure of the archaic Sacred Sovereign was quickly revealed accompanied by a wave of distortion in the air.

He took a few deep breaths, and his face was already pale.

Beads of sweat were popping out from his forehead.

‘D*mn it! I didnt think that even if the Xuan Yuan immortal territory did not have Ye Xiao, it would still be so powerful.

‘Fortunately, this venerable self was more decisive and directly burned the sacred blood in his body! This allowed this venerable self to escape and ascend to heaven.

‘If I was a step later, I probably wouldnt have had the chance to escape.

Pausing for a moment, he clenched his fists and could not help but reveal a smile on his face.

‘However, after this matter, this venerable self is even more certain that this Ye Xiao definitely has something good on him.

I must think of a way to obtain the good things from him.

‘Now, it seems that with my strength alone, I shouldnt be able to do it.

I should think of a way first to find my old friends and get their help to join forces to deal with Ye Xiao.

Thinking up to that point, he quickly flew in a direction.

On the Undesirable Sea, on Ye Xiaos side, he naturally knew the situation of the Xuan Yuan immortal territory like the back of his hand.

He was also very clear about the news of the archaic Sacred Sovereign escaping.

That made him involuntarily raise his brows slightly, feeling a little unhappy.

He originally thought that with so many subordinates, there should be a way to keep the other party there.

In the end, he did not expect that the other party would still escape.

Looks like the archaic Sacred Sovereign was really not someone to be trifled with.

After that, he had alarmed the enemy.

The other party understood a portion of his strength, so he would definitely be even more cautious.

The next time he wanted to capture him, it would not be so simple.

Furthermore, it was not just that.

If he were to cause trouble for him in the dark, it would be very dangerous for him and the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

It seemed like he should settle the matter in the Undesirable Sea as soon as possible and find that fellow to settle it.

Those who offend the Xuan Yuan immortal sect will be killed even if they are far away!

Ding Dong…

At that moment, a notification suddenly sounded from the huge ship.

“Dear passengers, we have now arrived at the first stop on the Undesirable Sea, Ling Yun Island.

Next, we will stay on this island for a day.

Everyone can go and buy or replenish some of their supplies.

“At this time tomorrow, we will set off on time.

I hope that everyone will not be late.”

Ye Xiao put away the book in his hand.

He had already learned about Ling Yun Island from the books.

It was rumored that the immortal island was formed from the body of a peerless cultivator from the immemorial era.

Since that peerless high-level cultivators name was Ling Yun, the island was called Ling Yun Island.

Ling Yun Island was the first stop of the Undesirable Sea along with the mainland.

It was also the gateway to the deep sea of the Undesirable Sea.

It combined many of the customs of life in the depths of the Undesirable Sea with the customs of life on land.

Even though Ye Xiao was rather interested, he did not need to go down.

To him, he could casually spread out his spiritual sense and absorb the entire island into his consciousness.

It was quite simple.

With a sweep of his divine sense, a lot of information flowed into his mind continuously.

The island was very crowded.

Due to its special geographical location, the housing prices here were very high.

There were also quite a lot of people on the island.

Ye Xiao estimated that it was at least in the hundred billion range.

For a place like the immortal world, any random island could be several times the size of earth in his previous life or even dozens or even hundreds of times the size.

It was not rare to have so many people.

However, to Ye Xiao, even if there were so many people, he could still easily sense what everyone was saying with just a sweep of his divine sense.

That was the terrifying aspect of super high-level cultivators.

They had already reached the peak of cultivation in all aspects.

Originally, according to normal logic, only a Sacred Sovereign would have such an ability.

Although Ye Xiao was at the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm, he could also display such a level.

It was a piece of cake.

With the aid of his immense divine sense, he quickly scanned some of the information he needed.

“Hey! Did you guys hear That crazy Pirate King Zhang San is in big trouble recently.”

“What big trouble Hes currently in the limelight.

There shouldnt be many people who dare to provoke him, right”

“Its true that ordinary people dont dare to provoke him.

But those who provoke him arent ordinary people either.”

“Zhang San himself has the ability to fight against opponents of a higher cultivation level.

Its said that he recently advanced to the third-level Imperial Immortal realm.

In addition, he has already unified the pirates of the Undesirable Sea and became the pirate king.

The cultivators under him are as numerous as the clouds.

If the other party wants to capture him, he should at least be at the Sacred Sovereign realm, right”

“Thats right.

This time, the five Sacred Sovereign-level characters of the Undesirable Sea have joined forces to target Zhang San.”

“Oh my God! Even the legendary Sacred Sovereigns have appeared.

And there are five of them at once.

Isnt Zhang San going to die”

“Then theres nothing we can do.

who asked him to be so arrogant He has some strength, but hes so arrogant that he doesnt know his surname.

“No matter how strong he is, hes still just a mere third-level Imperial Immortal.

Can he provoke the Sacred Sovereigns This is what happens when you dont keep a low profile.”

“Eh… A mere third-level Imperial Immortal Sir, you sure have a big mouth! Why do I feel that your aura is only at the third-level Mystic Immortal realm With your cultivation base, can you say that youre a mere third-level Imperial Immortal”

“Although my cultivation base is very low, this doesnt stop me from commenting on Zhang San.

Does a gourmet have to be a chef”

“What you said makes sense.

Oh right, since the five Sacred Sovereigns have joined hands, how is Zhang San was he captured”

“Ill say it one by one.

This Zhang San is really powerful.

He was just a mere third-level Imperial Immortal, yet he was able to resist the five Sacred Sovereigns for the time it takes an incense stick to burn.

Although he was still captured due to his lack of strength, if it was any other third-level Imperial Immortal, he would have died long ago.

“This fellow is still very strong in this aspect

“Sigh! What a pity.

He was originally a formidable character of a generation.

Now, it seems that there isnt much hope left.”

“Theres no other way.

He has already been captured by the five Sacred Sovereigns.

I heard that in a few days, he will be beheaded.

“However, there was basically no hope for us to rush over to take a look.

It was too far away, right in the center of the Undesirable Sea.

“Moreover, our strength is too weak.

We havent even reached the front yet, and weve already been wiped out by those even stronger cultivators.

We simply cant win.

Its useless to snatch a good position.

Who knows, we might even lose our lives.

Such a big event isnt something that small fries like us have the right to watch.”

Hearing that, Ye Xiao could not help but be slightly stunned.

Zhang San was actually captured.

That was really out of his expectations.

Among his three clones, the most powerful person was Zhang San.

Not only that, but Zhang Sans brain was also very good.

He was actually captured.

That fellow was really too reckless.

He was too reckless.

However, when he thought about it carefully, none of his three clones were good.

They did not inherit his low-profile, luxurious, and profound temperament at all.

It was also a headache for him to cause trouble all day long.

Ye Xiao did not panic too much because he could clearly feel that Zhang San was not dead yet.

As long as he was not dead, there would not be much of a problem.

There were a total of five Sacred Sovereigns in the Undesirable Sea.

That lineup was very strong.

However, Ye Xiao still had to make a trip over.

He could not let him watch his clones die.

Ye Xiao did not panic too much because he was his main body and his strength far exceeded Zhang Sans.

Other than that, as long as he rescued Zhang San, he could easily advance to the Sacred Sovereign realm when they merged together!

At that time, he would truly be able to kill anything in the true sense of the word.

No one at the same level was his match.

He did not expect his luck to be so good that time.

He accidentally found Zhang Sans whereabouts in such a place.

At that point, as long as he went over and found Zhang San, everything would be fine.

Looks like it was time to leave that huge ship.

Ye Xiao slowly stood up.

However, at that moment, a violent tremor suddenly came from the huge ship.

That tremor instantly caused the colossal ship to shake.

Screams continued to sound all around.

At that moment, whether it was on the huge ship or on Ling Yun Island, almost everyone, except for Ye Xiao, fell into a state of panic.

In the next second, a sky-reaching tentacle suddenly extended out from the sea!

“This is…”

A strange look flashed across Ye Xiaos eyes.


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