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“Hehehe… I thought this kid was really powerful.

Now it seems like thats all there is to it.

If hes really powerful, its impossible that he didnt sense my invasion.

“Right now, the entire Xuan Yuan immortal territory is peaceful.

I reckon that kid is still hiding somewhere and cultivating.

He doesnt even know that my main body has arrived.

“However, this is also just right.

Its convenient for my main body to take the opportunity to sneak attack him and take away all his good stuff effortlessly.”

After speaking, he began to roam the starry space.

At the same time, he silently used his divine sense to scan the entire Xuany Yuan immortal territory, hoping to find Ye Xiao.

In the dark, there were already countless pairs of eyes staring at him.

The various Sacred Sovereigns and Imperial Immortals all had speechless expressions as they stared at that supreme archaic Sacred Sovereign.

One of the Imperial Immortals could not help but speak slowly,

“Should we go out now I feel that his current state is quite pitiful.

Hes a cultivator at the level of a Sacred Sovereign, yet he still doesnt know that he has already been discovered by us.”

Another Imperial Immortal spoke,

“Theres no need for us to say anything.

Lets just treat this as a show.

This fellow thought that he was very powerful but he didnt expect that he would be nothing in front of Ye Xiao.

“In any case, he would not be able to escape.

In the end, theres an 80 to 90 percent chance that he would end up the same as us and become Ye Xiaos subordinate.

“There are so many of us and we are locked up in the Xuan Yuan immortal territory every day.

We are currently feeling bored.

Since he is here, he can bring us some fun.

“Why not”

When the other party heard that, he nodded.

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“What you said is right.

There seems to be some truth to it.”

At that moment, that archaic Sacred Sovereign was roaming around the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.

Although the current Xuan Yuan immortal territory was a small space that Ye Xiao had independently opened up in the immortal world, it was many times larger than the divine territory in the ordinary world before.

However, to a cultivator at his level, it was still too small.

That was because a cultivator at his level could casually release a divine thought and scan several great worlds!

Therefore, he could easily sense the entire Xuan Yuan immortal territory in two or three moves.

What was the situation How many people were there

After sensing, he could not help but raise his brows slightly.

‘This is really strange.

How come I still havent sensed that kids figure

‘According to normal logic, I should have discovered him long ago.

Hes only at the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm.

The power of the Sacred Sovereign can only increase his combat strength at most.

In many aspects, he still cant compare to a cultivator at the level of a Sacred Sovereign!

‘But whats going on

‘Why cant I sense him

Shaking his head, he once again used his divine sense to scan the Xuan Yuan immortal territory once again.

Different from the previous time, at that time, he slightly released a trace of his own aura.

He wanted to use the method of fishing to make Ye Xiao take the initiative to take the bait.

That was because his aura was that of a cultivator at the Sacred Sovereign realm.

It was impossible for Ye Xiao to not care about it.

As long as he came out, he would do his best to conceal his aura.

Then, he would strike him in the back and let him know how powerful he was.

However, what he did not expect was that even after he released some of his aura, there was still no movement from the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

At that time, he could not help but be a little dumbfounded.

What exactly was going on Although Ye Xiao was just a puny peak third-level Imperial Immortal, he should have been able to sense his aura.

It was his territory.

If he sensed his aura, he would not have allowed himself to be so arrogant there.

He would definitely rush over to deal with him at the first possible moment.

He was really at a loss.

When those Sacred Sovereigns and Imperial Immortals guarding the Xuan Yuan immortal territory saw that scene, they could not help but stifle their laughter.

“Why does this fellow look a little silly”

“Its not that hes silly.

Its just that he doesnt know Ye Xiaos methods.

Moreover, he overestimates himself too much.

He thinks that his strength is sufficient to crush Ye Xiao!

“But in reality, hes not even worthy of carrying Ye Xiaos shoes.”

“I think he seems a little familiar! He should be that ancient almighty figure who had his tomb robbed back then, right”

“Right, right, right.

Its that ancient almighty figure who had his tomb robbed.

Back then, when he first came out, his cultivation had yet to fully recover when he was ruthlessly beaten up by our group of Imperial Immortals.

I even participated in that time to beat him up.

I remember his face better than anyone else.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

I remember now too.

I also participated in beating him up back then.

I just didnt expect him to escape back then.”

“What a pitiful fellow.

It wasnt easy for him to escape.

If you say you want to escape, then so be it.

Find a place to live well and live the rest of your life.

Isnt that nice

“Why do you have to court death Why do you have to take the initiative to send yourself to Ye Xiao He directly packed himself up and delivered himself to his doorstep.”

“If I remember correctly, the person who robbed his tomb back then should most likely be Ye Xiaos clone, Li Si, right”

At the mention of Li Si, everyone gnashed their teeth in hatred.

The three clones that Ye Xiao had created were not to be trifled with.

However, the most wicked one was Li Si, because he had practically dug up the ancestral graves of everyone in the immortal world.

There was no other person in the entire world who was more wicked than him.

However, for some unknown reason, they suddenly had a feeling of wanting to laugh again.

That was because before that archaic Sacred Sovereign had even come back to life, the grave had already been dug up by Ye Xiaos clones.

When he finally came back to life with great difficulty, he would take the initiative to send himself to his death and let Ye Xiao kill him.

One had to say that he was really unlucky.

At that moment, that archaic Sacred Sovereign suddenly seemed to have understood something, and his expression instantly became very grave.

Everyones hearts thumped.

Could it be that they had all been discovered

It should not be!

Ye Xiao had placed them in another space, and the two sides were not in the same dimension.

Although as archaic Sacred Sovereigns, they could easily sense other spaces, there was one point.

That space was created by Ye Xiao, and it was even created by the Primordial Chaos sacred art.

Their space was not considered big, and it was not as big as the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.

However, it was definitely sufficiently concealed.

Even the archaic Sacred Sovereign in front of them was unable to know.

However, just when everyone thought that they had been discovered, that fellow finally spoke again.

“Oh! I understand.

This Ye Xiao is definitely not at home.

Right! It must be like this.

Otherwise, its impossible for him to hide until now and still not come out!”

The faces of the various Sacred Sovereigns and Imperial Immortals could not help but twitch violently.

Everyone thought that he had sensed the others earlier.

In the end, they did not expect that his guess was actually about that matter.

That brat was really boring.

However, speaking of which, his guess seemed to be right.

There was nothing wrong with it.

After the archaic Sacred Sovereign realized that Ye Xiao was not around, he no longer hid his own aura and slowly released it.

“Sigh! What a pity.

This venerable self came all the way here just to have a showdown with him.

In the end, I did not expect that he was actually not around and made this venerable self come here in vain.

I wasted so much of this venerable selfs time.”

Everyone immediately felt speechless.

Did that fellow have to be so pretentious

He was clearly extremely timid when he first came in like a little mouse, afraid that he would be discovered by Ye Xiao.

In the end, when he discovered that Ye Xiao was not around, he became pretentious instead.

The archaic Sacred Sovereign continued to speak,

“Forget it.

Ye Xiao is not here today.

Consider him lucky.

This venerable self will destroy this place world first and take away all the resources inside.

Consider it barely compensating this venerable self for coming out this time.”

The Xuan Yuan immortal sect was currently the strongest existence in the immortal world.

They definitely had countless top-grade resources.

Taking them away first could also be considered as replenishing some of his losses.

When everyone saw that he was about to make a move, Lu Xu could no longer hold it in.

He directly stepped out from the alternate dimension.

“Everyone, I really cant take this guy.

Hes too pretentious! Ill go first, you guys can do whatever you want.”

The demonic sects Sacred Sovereign could not help but shake his head.

“Forget it, Ill go too.

Although this guy is very pretentious, his strength is still very strong.

After all, hes an archaic Sacred Sovereign.

Lu Xu alone isnt his match.”

As the sound of his voice faded, he walked out as well.

When the other Imperial Immortals saw that scene, they also released their auras.

“Lets go out as well.

Although we arent his match, we can control the array so that he cant escape.

“This fellow was so pretentious and even personally invaded the Xuan Yuan immortal territory.

If we dont make him stay, it would be hard to explain things to Ye Xiaos side.”

The archaic Sacred Sovereign was just about to make a move when suddenly, the alternate dimension in front of him broke apart.

Following that, an extremely powerful sword ray shot out hundreds of millions of feet and headed straight for his face.

That terrifying aura caused his expression to immediately change.

“Sacred Sovereigns!”

He was not afraid of the Sacred Sovereign.

It was just that within the same level, the Sacred Sovereign could already threaten his life.

“D*mn it! So all of you have been hiding in the dark.”

He cursed, raised his hand, and slashed out with his sword.


Two heaven-shaking sword rays collided, causing the entire Xuan Yuan immortal territory to begin to produce a huge fluctuation.

However, that terrifying fluctuation was not released because it was suppressed by the array.

Ye Xiao had considered that problem before.

That was a space that had just been opened up.

If there were super high-level cultivators fighting in that space, the shockwave would not be able to leak out.

It was very likely that they would directly face and harm the people of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

At that time, that would not be saving their lives, but harming others.

Hence, among the arrays that he specially set up, other than defense and spirit-gathering, there was also this kind of suppression array.

It could be specially used to suppress the shockwave of a battle between high-level cultivators.

Those arrays were controlled by the joint efforts of the Imperial Immortals.

One or even ten Imperial Immortals would not be able to suppress the shockwaves of a battle between Sacred Sovereigns.

However, there were more than ten of them.

In addition, there were also a few peak third-level Imperial Immortals!


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