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Bang, Bang, Bang!

The sound of explosions began to spread rapidly, and all the pirates exploded into clouds of blood mist.

Seeing that scene, everyone could not help but be shocked.

No one had expected such a thing to happen.

The blood mist that exploded in the sky was like fireworks, dazzling everyones eyes.

The bright red color dyed the entire sky red, making it look bewitching and strange.

The hearts of the people began to race.

“What… Whats going on How could this be”

“Oh my God, which powerhouse cultivator is making a move”

“Although we dont know who the other party is, for him to have such powerful strength, he must be at least at the second-level Imperial Immortal realm!”

“Thats not right.

If he was only in the second-level Imperial Immortal realm, he wouldnt have been able to take down those three pirates so easily.

The three of them were all in the first-level Imperial Immortal realm, and one of them even had a cultivation base at the peak of the first-level Imperial Immortal realm.

He was just a step away from advancing to the second-level Imperial Immortal realm.

“However, did you guys notice that the instant those people exploded into a bloody mist, they were also shocked In fact, just a second ago, they were still fighting with all their might, as though they did not notice anything.

“Not only did he insta-kill them, he even made it so that they didnt notice anything.

From this, one could very well imagine how strong this fellows cultivation base must be.

I think he must be at least at the third-level Imperial Immortal realm, or even at the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm.”


After hearing those words, everyone present could not help but feel their hair stand on end.

A chill ran from the soles of their feet to the top of their heads.

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It was too terrifying!

To them, being able to meet an Imperial Immortal was already an extremely amazing thing.

More so to be able to meet a peak third-level Imperial Immortal, that was most likely the pinnacle of their lives.

“This… Was this really a peak third-level Imperial Immortal”

“It must be.

Other than peak third-level Imperial Immortals, no one else can reach such a level.

“What an extraordinary person! Almost every single one of those existences was famous in the immortal world.

Who would have thought that they would actually appear here

“Its just a pity that we werent able to see him with our own eyes.”

“Oh right, I wonder if this old senior is still around.”

Among the three of them, one of the Imperial Immortals immediately cupped his hands and called out to the sky,

“Rising Dragon immortal sects Grand Elder Li Yuqiang pays his respects to senior.

May I know which senior cultivator it is Can this junior see his honor This junior would like to personally thank senior.”

However, it was a pity that no one replied to him.

Not only that, even the divine sense he sent out did not detect the aura of any peak third-level Imperial Immortal.

In reality, Ye Xiao did not want to meet them.

He might leave at any time.

There was no need to befriend those ordinary people.

Sometimes, high-level cultivators… Were destined to be lonely.

Li Yuqiang and the others called out several times but did not see anyone come out.

In the end, they gave up.

He shook his head and returned to the deck.

He spoke somewhat helplessly,

“Forget it.

I reckon that this senior cultivator doesnt want to meet us.

Perhaps, hes just passing by.

In fact, he might have already left.”

“That cant be helped.

Who asked us to be too weak

“Alright, now that the pirates have been eliminated, lets not waste any more time here.

Lets hurry on our way.”


The huge ship started moving again, slowly sailing towards the deep sea.

As for Ye Xiaos side, he had captured all the primordial souls of the three great pirate Imperial Immortals.

He was also very curious as to why those pirates would go against common sense and appear there.

There was also another point that Ye Xiao really wanted to learn some secrets about the deep sea from them.

Pirates roamed the depths of the Undesirable Sea all year round.

The information they knew was definitely more than the others.

The three pirate Imperial Immortals were all dumbfounded.

They were completely lost concerning what had just happened.

That was because they still did not dare to believe that they had been killed.

Ye Xiaos actions were so fast that they did not even have the chance to react.

Looking at Ye Xiao in front of them, the three of them suddenly shivered.

“Who exactly are you”

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“You dont need to know my identity.

Answer my question and you can live.

“If not, you know the consequences yourself.”

The three of them looked at each other and nodded.

As cultivators among the pirates, they naturally had their own pride.

However, to be able to stand out among so many pirates was enough to prove that they were not stupid.

The Ye Xiao in front of them was clearly an existence that was not on the same dimension as theirs.

Ye Xiao not only had the power to control their lives and deaths.

He also had the ability to choose their fates.

Instead of suffering from torture, it would be better to tell the truth in advance.

Who knows, he might even be able to let them live.

Moreover, even if there was no way to let them live, at the very least, there was hope for them to be satisfied and not be tortured too miserably.

After taking a deep breath, an Imperial Immortal among the three pirate Imperial Immortals was the first to speak.

“We didnt come to the shallow waters on our own accord.

We were forced out by others because we had no other choice.”

Ye Xiao slightly raised his brows.

He had been reading up on the information regarding the Undesirable Sea for the past few days.

He knew that although there were many powerful factions in the Undesirable Sea, the pirate factions were not weak either.

The Poisonous Dragon pirate gang, for example, already had three Imperial Immortals.

Even so, the Poisonous Dragon pirate gang could only be ranked within the top 20 among all the pirates.

One could very well imagine how many more powerful factions were there above them.

Among those powers, there might even be third-level Imperial Immortals or even peak third-level Imperial Immortals.

In addition, other than the pirates, there were also many other powers in the Undesirable Sea that were trying to balance each other out.

It was simply impossible for so many powers to focus on dealing with the pirates.

Could it be that there was internal strife among the pirates Hence, they were forced out because they had no other choice

“Speak more clearly.”

The three of them exchanged glances and opened their mouths.

“This is because an extremely extraordinary character appeared among us pirates.

His cultivation base was merely at the peak of the second-level Imperial Immortal realm but he was strong enough to contend against a peak third-level Imperial Immortal.

“The moment he appeared, he instantly shocked all the pirates of the Undesirable Sea.

“After that, when he advanced to the third-level Imperial Immortal realm, he became even more arrogant.

Even peak third-level Imperial Immortals werent his match.

“In the end, he established an extremely powerful force.

With an unrivaled suppression, he wildly devoured all of our pirate forces, wanting to gather all of us together and listen to his orders and submit to his feet.

“He would kill those who did not submit to him.

“Therefore, we had no choice but to leave the Undesirable Sea and come to this shallow sea area.

“Were prepared to wait and see first.

If he can resist the annexation of other forces in the future, well obediently return to be his slaves and listen to his orders.

“If he cant resist other forces, then we can also return and continue to be our Poisonous Dragon pirate gang.”

Ye Xiao was stunned.

Why did that script sound so familiar

“Whats his name”

“Were not sure of his name because he has never revealed it in front of outsiders.

However, he once said something.”

“Whats that”

“Hes the man who wants to become the pirate king.”


Frankly speaking, when he heard those words, he more or less understood them in his heart.

That fellow was definitely Zhang San without a doubt!

At the start, he was still uncertain.

After all, he might not be the only existence who could kill enemies of a higher level.

However, since the other party had said those idiotic words that should not have appeared in that world, Ye Xiao dared to be certain.

As Zhang Sans clone, he naturally had a portion of his own memories.

Hence, he knew that phrase.

However, what Ye Xiao did not expect was that he was actually so fierce!

He had actually made all the pirates of the Undesirable Sea go crazy.

It seemed like he could not casually create more clones in the future because his strength was too strong and his talent was also extraordinary.

The clones he created could easily reach a height that others could not reach.

If he randomly placed them in a certain place, it could change the world!

It was very likely that he would be affected by some unnecessary karma.

One could not let ones guard down.

“That Zhang… That fellow, where is he now”

Ye Xiao originally wanted to say Zhang Sans name, but he did not say it in the end.

The fewer people who knew Zhang Sans name, the better.

It was safer.

The three of them immediately said,

“Were not sure about that.

Because when we escaped, he was fighting against the top three pirate gangs.

If he had won, he would have become the pirate king he spoke of by now.

If he hadnt succeeded, he would have turned into a skeleton by now.

“In short, hes in the deep sea now.”

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment.

What he could be sure of was that Zhang San was not dead.

That was because he was his clone.

If he were to die, his side would be able to sense him.

Since he was not dead, could it be that he had really become the pirate king

Did he unify the pirates of the Undesirable Sea

If that was the case, it would be a good thing.

There were countless resources in the Undesirable Sea.

The pirates of the Undesirable Sea had robbed frequently over the years and had accumulated a lot of wealth.

If Zhang San unified the pirates of the Undesirable Sea, all the wealth would belong to him.

After he fused with Zhang San, he would basically be able to successfully advance to the Sacred Sovereign realm if nothing went wrong.

At that time, he could continue to fuse the success technique and start cultivating again to speed up his cultivation.

At that time, these massive amounts of resources could be used by him.


“S-senior… The three of us have already said what we should say.

Previously, you said that you would let us off.”

“Oh, Ive changed my mind now.”

Ye Xiaos indifferent words instantly caused the expressions of the other three to change drastically.

“Youre not keeping your word!”

The reason why the three of them chose to believe in Ye Xiao from the start was not only because they could not defeat Ye Xiao, but also because they felt that as a high-level cultivator, Ye Xiao definitely had his own dignity.

High-level cultivators would rarely break their promises.

That was equivalent to them admitting that they were a vile person who did not keep their word.

No strong person would wish for him to have such an image, right

In the end, they did not expect Ye Xiao to not play by the rules.

He completely disregarded his identity as a super strong person, went back on his word, and broke his promise.

That guy, could it be that he was shameless

In reality, Ye Xiao would never use those vulgar rules to restrict himself.

What about the strong

If the strong wanted to live longer, they had to be more cautious in doing things.

Those three were Imperial Immortals, and their strength was extraordinary.

What if they were released and they found some ancient big shots inheritance in some turtle shell What would they do then

Moreover, even if they would not be so lucky, it would not be good for them to obtain some big shots inheritance and spread the news about themselves.

Kill them once and for all.

Ye Xiao could not be bothered to talk too much nonsense with them.

Instead, he let the three of them leave in peace on the account that they had just answered his doubts.

After doing all that, Ye Xiao continued to look at the information about the Undesirable Sea.

It would not be long before the huge ship rushed into the deep sea.

Ye Xiao did not need to be anxious.

At the same time, on the other side, in a corner of the immortal world, a terrifying aura suddenly spread out rapidly.

Not long after, a black shadow soared into the sky, standing proudly in the starry space.

He slowly opened his eyes, his pair of extremely sharp eyes seemed to be able to slice apart the entire starry space.

Clenching his fists, he heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Ive finally restored my cultivation base to the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm.

Im only half a step away from advancing to the Sacred Sovereign realm.

However, a lesser Sacred Sovereign is far from my true strength during the immemorial era of the immortal world.

“If I hadnt been besieged by those brats when I came out of seclusion, my true body wouldnt have fallen to such a state.

“When my true body recovers my cultivation base, the first thing Ill do is to kill all those brats!

“Especially that guy who stole from my tomb.

Those were the resources that my true body had painstakingly nurtured for hundreds of thousands of years.

It was all in order to allow my true body to successfully advance to the Sacred Sovereign realm after being resurrected.

In the end, all of them were harvested by that brat in advance.

How infuriating.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a stream of light rapidly flew over from the distance and arrived beside him.

It immediately cupped its hands at him and said,

“Reporting to the Lord, we have already investigated the fellow who secretly dug up your grave.”

“Who is he”

“His name is Li Si, and he is the clone of a cultivator called Ye Xiao.”


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