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Chapter 72: The Divine Intent Technique

When Ye Xiao got off work in the afternoon, he returned home.

He had already finished cultivating the last movement technique.

The nine pieces of paper began to show a golden glow.

However, the moment Ye Xiao entered the house, the expression on his face could not help but be slightly startled.

In the courtyard, a little girl who looked to be 4 feet tall was dressed in Han state clothing.

She was holding up her skirt and using the tap in the courtyard to wash her little feet.

Her small feet, which were already crystal clear, looked even fairer under the washing of water.

“Are you… Huan Liuli”

Ye Xiao recognized Huan Liuli from the cat ears on her head that were different from humans.

Huan Liuli gave a mischievous smile.

“Hehe, master, you didnt expect this, right Ive advanced to the next level!”

The expression on Ye Xiaos face froze for a moment.

It was not that he was shocked by Huan Liulis advancement.

She had followed him for so long and had just devoured the bodies of two grandmasters and absorbed their bloodlines.

It was enough for her to raise her level.

What he was speechless about was Huan Liulis smile just now.

Why did it look like a comical expression

Such a beautiful girl.

Unfortunately, her character was a joke!

However, it was still good to be able to improve.

Huan Liuli was now at Xiantian second grade, and her strength was even stronger.

It would be easier for him to get her to do some missions.

Speaking of which, back when he killed King El, he had used too much strength.

He should have held back his strength and chopped him to death instead.

If he had chopped him to pieces and let Huan Liuli devour him, it would probably increase her strength even more.

According to Yang Zhengyi, King El was sealed separately.

Why not… Dig out all of King Els remaining flesh Then, give it to Huan Liuli to eat

In any case… If he were to dig it out separately, its individual flesh would only have the cultivation of a great grandmaster.

It would not even be able to defeat him.

“Oh right, where did you get your clothes Why havent I seen you with these clothes before”

“Of course I picked them up from the mall… Er… From the trash can in the mall.”

“Picked them up”

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly.

Huan Liuli turned around and ran away.

“I suddenly remembered that I have something to do at home.

I wont be back for dinner tonight.”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

This silly cat was most likely going to steal again.

How many times had he told her and she still would not change!

At the end of the day, she was still a star beast, and it was still difficult for her to adapt to human morals.

‘Forget it, Ill teach her step by step.

‘Ill quietly return the money to the seller first.

After all, its not easy for the boss to support his family.

He noticed that there were a few clothes labels torn off by Huan Liuli on the ground.


Ye Xiao was shocked speechless.

What kind of clothes are these

Why are they so expensive

Are Han-styled clothes so expensive

That was just a piece of cloth!

That is not some defensive armor that can be used to protect the body!


The most important thing is that one of these little cuties costs 1,998 yuan

With Huan Liulis small body, the piece of cloth is only the size of two palms.

1998 Was It made of gold

It was almost a weeks worth of salary.

Looks like I have to teach Huan Liuli properly in the future.

Stealing things is really not right.

With a faint sigh, Ye Xiao put away the tag in his hand.

It was better to synthesize the movement technique first.

Ye Xiao returned to his room and closed the door.

He immediately activated his divine soul and began to synthesize.

A dazzling golden light radiated from his body and lit up the entire room.

The page that recorded the movement technique displayed the basic words one by one.






The nine basic movement techniques combined into one, fusing all of the basic movement techniques together to form a movement technique that was a mixture of all the best movement techniques in the world!

The Divine Intent!

That movement technique allowed Ye Xiao to have the power to break free from the shackles of his physical body.

Normally speaking, if a human body wanted to move, it would have to go through the command given by the brain.

Then, the body would complete the requirements provided by the command, circulate the spiritual energy, and then drive the body to the place it wanted to reach.

The process of that was brain-body-spiritual energy-body activation-reaching the place.

Whereas the process of the Divine Intent Technique is brain-spiritual energy-the place it reaches.

It was separated from the body.

When the mind started, the spiritual energy had already brought the body to the place where it wanted to reach.

It omitted the two process points of the brains command to the body and the bodys reaction.

Of course, the speed also depended on the cultivation of the cultivator.

If the cultivation was not good, the cultivation technique used by a grandmaster would definitely not be as fast as the cultivation technique used by a great grandmaster.

However, it was already quite good, and his speed had increased quite a bit.

From that point of view, if a grandmaster used the Divine Intent technique, they would definitely surpass a great grandmaster who uses grandmaster-level techniques.

In other words, it would be able to cross ranks!

It was quite good.

After synthesizing the movement technique, the divine soul began to cultivate at a rapid pace.

After about five hours, which was the second half of the night, the divine souls Golden Book finished cultivating the Divine Intent technique.

That was actually something that Ye Xiao did not quite understand.

Why was it that after synthesizing the technique which level was clearly higher but the Golden Books cultivation speed was actually faster

In comparison to the basic techniques, where it would actually take a day to cultivate to perfection.

Could it be that those basic techniques needed to be analyzed and studied

Thus, after learning the basic techniques, the Golden Book used them to evolve, so that they would be able to display far different effects

After all, when you first used the elven block, you needed to carefully read the instruction manual, then carefully open the bag and look carefully to determine which was the front and which was the back.

However, when you keep using it, even in the dark, you could accurately determine which was the front and which was the back

Practice makes perfect

That was probably what it meant.

Forget it, who cares, as long as it could be used, it was good.

Huan Liuli had returned and laid on the sofa to sleep.

She had already changed into cartoon pajamas, but she had put on pantyhose on her little feet.

He did not know if she had any special hobbies.

With a thought, he executed the Divine Intent technique and he instantly disappeared from where he was.

At that moment, Huan Liuli did not feel anything the entire time.

One had to know that when Ye Xiao went out in the past, Huan Liuli still had a little feeling.

At that time, her cultivation was only at Xiantian first grade.

Now, she was already at Xiantian second grade, so her perception was a little stronger!

The Divine Intent was indeed very strong!

It was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end!

Three seconds later, a violent explosion suddenly came from a mountain peak outside of Jianghai city!


The sound was earth-shattering, and half of Jianghai city was alarmed.

“An earthquake!”

“Run quickly.”

“Im not wearing any clothes.”

“Why wear clothes Just put on a mask.

Its fine as long as no one sees your face!”


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