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However, although he frowned, he did not do anything.

He continued to read and understand the situation in Undesirable Sea.

Before long, something began to happen.

The lightning in the sky actually struck the huge ship from time to time.


Fortunately, there was a defensive array on the huge ship to resist, so the lightning did not easily fall on the deck and hurt the cultivators on the ship.

Even so, the ship quickly issued a warning.

“Warning… Warning.

All passengers, please return to your cabins.

All passengers, please return to your cabins quickly.”

Hearing that voice, many people panicked.

They vaguely felt a trace of fear.

Although they did not say what the situation was, they already felt that it was unusual.

Everyone was very obedient and quickly returned to the cabin in an orderly manner.

Three golden figures also flew out from the cabin.

Seeing those three golden figures, some people could not help but feel their hearts tremble and instantly became excited.

“Its the Imperial Immortals! Quick, look, its the Imperial Immortals who made a move.”

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Hearing those words, the others glanced sideways.

Some people who had already entered the cabin could only squeeze through the windows and secretly look up at the Imperial Immortals figures!

To them, it was as difficult as ascending to the heavens to have the chance to meet an Imperial Immortal once on a normal day.

Since there was such a good opportunity, no one wanted to give it up.

“Oh my God, are those the legendary Imperial Immortals They are too terrifying.

Just the aura they give off is even more terrifying than the Lightning Tribulation in the sky!”

“Isnt that obvious Those are the legendary Imperial Immortals! They are the peak existences in the immortal world.

In the entire immortal world, how many people have become Imperial Immortals”

“Thats right! Every Imperial Immortal has to go through countless hardships to reach that level.

The Imperial Immortals under the heavens are all one in a trillion.

They are truly rare.”

At that moment, the three Imperial Immortals in the sky did not pay any attention to the words of the people below.

They only stared at the lightning in the sky with solemn expressions.

“This lightning seems to be somewhat unusual.”

“In the past, there wouldnt be such ferocious lightning in the outer regions.

At most, there would only be ordinary thunderstorms.

But this thundercloud is clearly not as simple as a thunderstorm.

I feel that there is some killing intent within.”

“Could it be that there are pirates inside”

“It shouldnt be.

This is the coastal area.

It shouldnt be possible for pirates to be so rampant.

Otherwise, wouldnt they be besieged by the Immortals and the immortal sects.”

“That might not necessarily be the case.

After the Xuan Yuan immortal sects reign, the righteous and demonic paths on land have both suffered great losses.

The pirates might have taken a liking to this point, which is why they dared to come here secretly to probe.”

“No matter what, the most important thing now is to disperse the thunderclouds.

Otherwise, if this continues, it will damage the barrier.

Once we reach the deep sea region, we will be in big trouble.”

As the sound of his voice faded, the three of them attacked at the same time.

They used the powerful techniques of Imperial Immortals and attacked towards the sky.

The three supreme attacks formed three heaven-shaking light pillars that shot towards the sky.

In an instant, they disappeared into the clouds.


The clouds were blasted apart.

The Thunderclouds in the sky started to churn violently before dissipating.

In the blink of an eye, the sky returned to normal.

That terrifying scene caused countless spectators to involuntarily exclaim in their hearts.

Was that the legendary Imperial Immortal They were truly too terrifying.

With just a casual attack, they were able to achieve such an effect, blasting away the entire thundercloud.

The aura exuded from the thundercloud caused countless people to tremble.

In fact, some Heavenly Immortals even felt that they were under the thundercloud.

If they were not careful, they might be heavily injured or even die.

To Imperial Immortals, it was merely a matter of joining forces.

At that instant, for those cultivators who had never seen an Imperial Immortal before, the seeds of those cultivators had already been planted in their hearts.

Many people would find it hard to reach that level in their entire lives.

The most important reason was not only the lack of resources and talent but also because they did not have the heart of a high-level cultivator.

It could be said that they had never seen what a true high-level cultivator was like.

Their horizons were obstructed, resulting in their hearts being suppressed.

If their hearts were not big enough, how could their future be bright

At that time, they were lucky enough to see an Imperial Immortal make a move.

To them, it was already a great honor and harvest.

Even if they returned at that moment, it was worth it.

Everyone was extremely happy.

That was because, although every time they left the ship, there would be an Imperial Immortal protecting them, it did not mean that they would have the chance to see an Imperial Immortal make a move.

In fact, many times, if they did not encounter any major powers, they might not even be able to see an Imperial Immortal.

Perhaps, they might encounter an extremely powerful enemy and attract an Imperial Immortal to act.

In the end, there was a possibility that the entire ship would be heavily damaged and there would be countless casualties among them.

At that point, not only did they encounter an Imperial Immortal, they even managed to escape unscathed.

To them, it was simply a joyous event.

“I didnt expect that there would be such a huge surprise this time around.

Its only just the beginning and I already saw an Imperial Immortal making a move, gaining insights into the martial cultivation.”

“We are truly extremely lucky this time around.”

However, the excitement of everyone did not last for long.

Just as they were feeling happy, the gigantic wheel suddenly trembled.

The swaying figures of everyone trembled as they asked in puzzlement,

“Whats going on What happened”

“There are people attacking below!”

In the next moment, a series of ear-piercing and intense alarms sounded from the huge wheel.

Hearing that alarm, everyone could not help but panic.

The three Imperial Immortals in the sky had a change in expression.

“D*mn it, the lightning above is only to attract the attention of the three of us.

They are attacking from below.”

“Hurry up and defend!”

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Just as the three of them were about to go down, three beams of strong light suddenly shot out from the sea.

Following closely behind, three auras that were no weaker than the three Imperial Immortals that were on the ship were quickly approaching.

Those three auras were actually three Imperial Immortals!


The two sides collided with each other, and the powerful attack instantly caused a violent explosion.

The huge shock wave completely shattered the defensive barrier of the huge ship, which was already somewhat unbearable.

“Hahahaha… Brother Zhou Chuan, long time no see.

How are you”

Imperial Immortal Zhou Chuans expression changed in shock.

“Lie Chuang! Why are you here This isnt the domain of the Poisonous Dragon pirate gang at all.”

“It doesnt matter whether its the territory of the Poisonous Dragon pirate gang or not.

We are pirates! As long as there is something to rob, we will go there.”

“Today, your ship will be a gift to the Poisonous Dragon pirate gang! Little ones, swallow this ship and kill all the cultivators on it!”

As soon as the order was given, terrifying auras burst out from the bottom of the sea.

Faced with those auras, everyone present could not help but tremble.

“The Poisonous Dragon pirate gang! I heard that they are ranked in the top 20 in the entire Undesirable Sea!”

“Oh my God, why did we encounter such a terrifying group of people in the coastal area”

“Its over, its over! Were dead meat now!”

Some of the cultivators who had been secretly delighted just a moment ago began to complain in the blink of an eye when they saw the Imperial Immortals making a move and gaining some enlightenment.

The Poisonous Dragon pirate gang had already risen to fame many years ago.

After so many years of development, it was even more terrifying.

Therefore, when they heard that name, many people had already lost the will to resist.

However, fortunately, not everyone was like that.

The sailors on the ship, including some cultivators with stronger temperaments, had all come to the side of the cabin at that moment.

On the deck, they began to take the lead in the battle against the pirates.

In a short while, all kinds of immortal techniques exploded around the huge ship.

Colorful lights flew around each other.

It seemed to be full of wonders, but the dangers within were only known to those who participated in the battle.

Those lights might be life-threatening ultimate attacks.

At that moment, Ye Xiao was reading a book in the cabin.

When he saw the chaotic scene outside, he could not help but shake his head slightly.

Originally, he did not plan to make a move because to the current him, those pirates were like tiny ants that were not worth his time.

For an existence like him, it was not only demeaning but also too boring to always interfere in the battles between tiny ants.

He did not rule the immortal world and did not have a master-servant relationship with those cultivators, so there was no need for him to save them.

However, if he continued to delay like that, who knew when he would reach the deep sea and find more information about Zhang Sans whereabouts

Therefore, he could only make a slight move.

In any case, those people from the Poisonous Dragon pirate gang should have come from the deep sea.

They should more or less know something about the deep sea and might even know the whereabouts of Zhang San.

Hence, Ye Xiao directly opened his mouth and said,

“In the name of Ye Xiao, eliminate the Poisonous Dragon pirate gang.”

He immediately activated his Major Destiny technique!

Since his current strength was very strong, he did not need to use the Destiny sacred art to deal with those fellows.

Moreover, he did not need to worry about his lifespan.

After refining the sacred blood and immortal blood of the two Sacred Sovereigns and the six peak Imperial Immortals, the lifespan that he used to use the Destiny sacred art had long been replenished, and it was even a little more.

Once the Major Destiny technique was used, the members of the Poisonous Dragon pirate gang, who were originally in high spirits and were excitedly launching attacks, suddenly stopped in their tracks and began to explode!


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