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On Ye Xiaos side, he was coaxing Ye Xinyi.

Before long, Yun Cangqiong quickly came to report.

Ye Xiao sensed that he was already close, so he handed the child to Feng Nishang.

“You take care of the child first.

Im going out for a while.”

Feng Nishang nodded, and Ye Xiao immediately disappeared on the spot.

When he reappeared, he was already outside.

Yun Cangqiong immediately went forward and cupped his hands.

“Ye Xiao, weve already found Zhang Sans whereabouts.”

“Where is he”

“He went to the Undesirable Sea.”

“He actually went there”

The Undesirable Sea was the sea of the immortal world, just like the continents and oceans on Earth in his previous life.

However, in comparison, the Undesirable Sea was much larger than the continent of the immortal world.

Moreover, it was said that there were many resources in the Undesirable Sea, which were many times stronger than the resources on the land.

Zhang San should have gone over to find resources for himself.

“I got it.

You guys have worked hard these few days.

Go down and rest.”


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Yun Cangqiong and the rest immediately left while Ye Xiao returned to the palace.

Feng Nishang could not help but ask,

“What happened”

Ye Xiao replied,

“I might need to make a trip to the Undesirable Sea.”

“What! Youre going to the Undesirable Sea”

Feng Nishang could not help but exclaim.

After all, the Undesirable Sea was larger than the land of the immortal world.

Furthermore, it was rich in resources.

At the same time, there were many dangers within.

Although Ye Xiaos cultivation was very strong and was sufficient to deal with most of the enemies, it would be a little dangerous if he were to encounter such a top-notch existence at the level of a Sacred Sovereign.

He indeed had the strength to kill a Sacred Sovereign, and it was even two of them.

However, these two Sacred Sovereigns of the immortal worlds two paths of good and evil could be considered the youngest Sacred Sovereigns in the entire immortal world from a certain point of view.

In other words, it could also be said that they were the weakest ones.

In comparison, the Sacred Sovereign of the Phoenix immortal sect, Dragon immortal sect, and other ancient immortal sects were many times stronger.

If Ye Xiao encountered an existence at that level, the outcome of the battle might be 50-50.

Moreover, the Undesirable Sea was much bigger than the immortal world, and it had so many resources.

The high-level cultivators that were nurtured were very likely to be even more.

Who could guarantee that no one would surround and attack Ye Xiao

“Why did you suddenly want to go to such a place”

Feng Nishang could not help but ask again.

Ye Xiao immediately replied.

“Zhang San is there.”

Upon hearing that, Feng Nishang did not say anything more.

Previously, when Ye Xiao fused with Li Si and Wang Wu, everyone in the immortal world already knew that Ye Xiao had a clone, and they had long guessed that Zhang San was also one of them.

Since Zhang San was also Ye Xiaos clone, then Ye Xiao had to find him and fuse him into his own body.

Only in that way could Ye Xiao take a step further and advance to the Sacred Sovereign realm.

That was something that Ye Xiao had to do, and Feng Nishang had no reason to stop him.

“Then you must take good care of yourself.

If anything happens to you, the child and I really wont be able to live.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Dont worry, I know what to do.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao hugged the child again and left.

He knew that he could not die.

Otherwise, not to mention Feng Nishang and the child, even if the two of them wanted to live, the entire world would not let the two of them live.

It was because Ye Xinyi had her own bloodline.

The pure True Immortal blood.

Just those few simple words were enough to cause the entire immortal world to go crazy.

The reason why no one dared to make a move was that he was guarding that place.

If he was not there, she would simply be a piece of fat meat on the chopping board.

Anyone would want to snatch it away.

“Ill leave the two Sacred Sovereigns and the six peak Imperial Immortals behind.

Together with the people of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, its enough to protect you both.

“However, if other people knew that Im not in the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, they would definitely have other thoughts.

“Therefore, after I leave, all of them will strictly guard this place.

You must not spread the secret that Im not here.

“As long as no one knows, they wont dare to have any thoughts that they shouldnt have.”

Feng Nishang nodded.

“I understand.”

Ye Xiao kissed Feng Nishangs forehead lightly before instantly disappearing from the spot.

A few days later, a huge ship slowly sailed towards the depths of the ocean.

There were countless resources in the Undesirable Sea.

When those resources were added up, it was unknown how many times more than the resources on the land.

It was precisely because of it that the Undesirable Sea attracted countless high-level cultivators who flocked to it.

Although it was very dangerous inside, the danger was also accompanied by opportunities.

If one could find some opportunities that could be encountered but not sought after, it was very likely to be more useful than cultivating outside for 1,000 years, or even 10,000 years, it was even more useful.

The big ship was not an ordinary big ship but was made of special materials.

That way, it could defend against many pirates, Sea Beasts, and other evil cultivators on the surface of the sea.

Moreover, ordinary people could not afford to sail such a big ship.

Those who could afford to sail such a big ship were basically some top-tier forces.

Some powerful immortal sects or large sects for example.

When they built such a large ship, they could receive many benefits.

Case in point, if they brought people into the deep sea, it would be impossible for some cultivators to rely solely on their own strength to cross the Undesirable Sea.

Therefore, they could only spend money and take such a large ship to avoid encountering any trouble.

In addition, large ships could also bring some goods from the deep sea to be resold.

That way, it forms a business chain.

There were also many powerful forces in the islands on the sea.

Their strength was not inferior to some powerful immortals or sects.

Those who engaged in merchant ships could join forces with them and give them a certain amount of benefits.

They could obtain supplies, protection, and other benefits.

In short, that was a way to promote the deep sea and shore trade.

Of course, although there were many insurance policies, danger still existed.

People still did not dare to be careless.

Sometimes, when they encountered powerful Sea Beasts, they still needed to join forces to fight against them in order to successfully travel.

“Guest 103, the book you requested has arrived.”

“Thank you.”

He opened the door and accepted the book.

The maid did not have time to take another look at his handsome figure before he closed the door.

That caused the maid to be a little disappointed.

The man was really too handsome.

Whether it was his looks or temperament, he was extraordinary.

She saw him once before, she even spent a little immortal crystal and let the male colleague eat a little tofu in exchange for a chance to deliver the book to him.

In the end, she did not expect to only get a peek.

Even so, she still felt that it was worth it!

After taking a deep breath, she recalled the other partys handsome face from before and pushed the small cart away.

The person in the room was naturally none other than Ye Xiao, who had come to Undesirable Sea to look for Zhang San.

After coming to the Undesirable Sea, he was originally prepared to use his divine sense to scan the entire ocean.

After all, although the Undesirable Sea was relatively large, he could still tour one side of the sea with just a few breaths of movement.

However, there seemed to be many extremely special existences in the Undesirable Sea.

Those places were actually places that even his divine sense could not enter.

Hence, Ye Xiao did not continue to use his divine sense to scan.

Instead, he followed their merchant ships as they moved, at the same time, he wanted to understand the knowledge of the Undesirable Sea first.

At that moment, he was flipping through books over and over again, quickly recording the information about the Undesirable Sea.

On the other side, on the deck, a group of cultivators was sitting together, chatting and joking.

“How many powerful high-level cultivators does our merchant ship have”

“You dont even know The various sects and immortal sects have issued orders that every ship that goes out to sea must have at least three Imperial Immortals.

If there are no Imperial Immortals, then they are absolutely not allowed to go out to sea.

“This is a standard joint agreement.

If there are fewer than this number, all the immortals and immortal sects will be held accountable.”

“Hiss! Theres actually such a thing.

Doesnt that mean that there are three Imperial Immortals on our ship”

“This is too terrifying.

Those are the legendary Imperial Immortals.

There are actually three of them here! However, the three of them should live in seclusion and rarely come out, right

“It was truly a pity.

It wasnt easy to meet such a powerful existence, but in the end, they didnt have the chance to see the other party.”

“However, theres at least one point.

If there are three Imperial Immortals, our safety should be guaranteed.”

Everyone nodded, feeling much more at ease in their hearts.

Some of them even smiled.

However, even though that was the case, the person who spoke earlier spoke again,

“Youre dreaming too much.

How can there be such a good thing Even if there are three Imperial Immortals guarding the ship, it might not be 100 percent safe.”

Everyones bodies trembled as they asked in disbelief,

“No… That cant be, right Could it be that even with three Imperial Immortals guarding the ship, they cant fully protect it”

“Of course, this is the Undesirable Sea.

There are countless high-level cultivators here, and there are also many Imperial Immortals.

Dont look at how calm it is now.

Its only because we are still on the periphery.

If we wait until we reach the depths, we might encounter unimaginable dangers at any time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a thundercloud area appeared in front of them all of a sudden.


Everyone looked at the dark thunderclouds coming from the sea in the distance and could not help but be shocked.

They asked,

“Whats that”

“Thats a thundercloud on the sea.

We often encounter this thing on the sea.

It usually belongs to a region, so theres no need to worry too much.”

Hearing the sailors words, everyone felt a little more at ease.

The huge ship quickly sailed into the region under the thunderclouds.

Everyone immediately felt a sense of deterrence as they approached the place.

Although the huge ship they were on was already very huge and was comparable to the combined size of a few large mountains on land, the extremely strong sense of deterrence that was created when they personally faced the Lightning Tribulation at such a close distance was simply suffocating.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiao, who was in the cabin, slightly raised his eyebrows.


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