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Hearing that, Ye Xiao, who was prepared to make a move, finally withdrew his Great Dragon and gave up.

Of course, he could also make a move.

That was because he was different from others.

Others could not have the ability to protect their children for a lifetime, but he had the ability.

After he became an Imperial Immortal, he could easily control the world and live for a very long time.

He had enough time and energy to protect his child.

Nevertheless, if that happened, he would destroy the upper limit of his childs talent.

Although, without the heavenly tribulation, his child had his own bloodline and would definitely be blessed.

However, with the heavenly tribulation, she would be able to surpass him and reach a higher realm.

He could not destroy his childs greatest chance for the sake of a moment of indulgence.

His childs future was full of possibilities and choices.

It was a complete life.

He liked to be easy-going and live a quiet life.

However, that did not mean that his child had to be like him.

Her life should be her own choice.

The sound of thunder continuously rumbled on the palace.

It lasted for a few minutes.

Although it only lasted for a few minutes, the power that erupted from it made countless people feel afraid.

Only people at Ye Xiaos level would not be afraid.

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The might of heaven was nothing to scoff at!

However, after a few minutes, the thunder in the sky gradually stopped.

It suddenly changed and began to release beams of nine-colored multicolored light.

Each layer of multicolored light was accompanied by golden energy.


Very clearly, it was an auspicious color!

Moreover, there were many auspicious colors.

It even spread throughout the entire immortal world.

It was not just the auspicious colors.

In the sky, the images of dragons and phoenixes appeared, and the qilin ran.

Almost all the living beings were illuminated by that auspicious color.

At that moment, some of the heavily injured living beings gradually recovered.

Some unlucky people had their bad luck completely dispersed.

Some people were about to advance, and those who had been struggling to advance had also succeeded at that moment.

It was as if the heavens had suddenly given all lives a blessing.

In front of the palace, everyones faces were filled with joy.

Since there was already an auspicious color, then the child must have been successfully born.

Otherwise, it would not be an auspicious color, but a terrifying color.

That was indeed the case.

Very quickly, a babys cry was heard from within the palace.

Soon, a maid walked out quickly and cupped her hands towards Ye Xiao.

“Greetings, Ye Xiao.

Congratulations, Ye Xiao, youre little princess is born.”

When everyone heard that, they immediately congratulated Ye Xiao,

“Ye Xiao, congratulations!”

“Ye Xiao, this childs birth actually caused such a huge commotion.

Im afraid that his future achievements will definitely be grand.

It might even surpass yours!”

“Congratulations, Ye Xiao.

Youre blessed with a daughter.”

Ye Xiao was the same, grinning from ear to ear.

To be honest, he did not feel much when others praised him, but when others praised his daughter, he did not know why but he actually had an unconcealable excitement.

As expected, after becoming a father, all of his heart had already been placed on his child.

Since he was momentarily happy, Ye Xiao immediately opened his mouth and said,

“Today, the Xuan Yuan immortal sect will be rewarded! Tonight, I will perform a sermon to help all the living beings of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect raise their cultivation.”

“Yes! Thank you, Ye Xiao.”

Everyone was beaming with joy.

There was absolutely no need to doubt Ye Xiaos sermon.

The value was definitely high, and it was even a rare limited edition.

It was the best sermon in the world!

Such a thing might not even be heard once in a lifetime.

If not for the birth of his daughter, perhaps no one would have had the chance of hearing that sermon.

It was too precious!

That sermon was definitely an unprecedented shock.

After Ye Xiao let everyone leave, he quickly walked into the palace.

He did not look at the child first.

Instead, he took the lead and walked to Feng Nishangs side.

Holding Feng Nishangs small hand, he could feel Feng Nishangs weakness.

No matter how strong Feng Nishangs cultivation was, at that moment, she was only an extremely weak mother who had just given birth.

When every woman gave birth, they would walk through the gates of Hell once.

Some people might be separated by yin and yang after that one time and would never have the chance to see each other again.

In Ye Xiaos previous life, he had died early due to illness.

Hence, he was extremely wary of such matters and was extremely concerned about them.

He understood the sacrifices Feng Nishang had made for him and also understood the danger Feng Nishang had experienced.

He held Feng Nishangs small hands tightly and kissed the back of her hands.

“Youve worked hard.”

Although it was only three short words, the rich love contained within it made the exhausted Feng Nishang feel warm both physically and mentally.

“Quickly take a look at our child.”

Feng Nishang opened her mouth, and Ye Xiao nodded.

Only then did he carefully carry the child by the side.

The child was very small, and her eyes had yet to open.

Ye Xiao carried her especially carefully as if he was afraid that his rough hands would hurt the child.

However, in reality, his child was not like those ordinary children whose foundations were very poor.

His child was many times stronger than the other children.

In fact, her current aura was that of a first-level True Immortal!

That was right, a first-level True Immortal!

She had just been born and had already reached the first-level True Immortal realm.

After being born in her mothers womb, she had become a True Immortal without any cultivation.

Her foundation was absolutely terrifying.

Who knew how many people could only dream of reaching it in their lifetime

Her starting point was already the end point for countless people.

In fact, for many people, they might not even be able to reach her starting point in their lifetime.

Ye Xiao carefully observed her small face.

It looked exactly the same as him.

Life was filled with incredulity.

A feeling of being connected by blood filled his heart.

It was difficult for him to describe the feeling, but it was warm and very thoughtful.

That was his first child in two lifetimes.

One could imagine how precious it was.

Of course, many of those feelings were also his first.

There was warmth, worry, excitement, and fear.

Although that little life was very young and had just been born, it did not pose any threat at all.

However, it made Ye Xiao feel that she was the most powerful one in the world.

That was because, he did not even dare to touch the little baby carelessly, afraid that he would hurt her.

“Have you ever thought of giving our child a name”

Feng Nishang suddenly opened her mouth, causing Ye Xiao to be stunned.

It was as if he had never thought of that question.

It was because his attention had always been on the child.

He had thought of many things, but he had forgotten about the most important matter of giving a name.

After pondering for a moment, he opened his mouth and said,

“I think, we should name her… Uh… Well… Um… Little Red or… Little Fang”

Feng Nishangs face instantly turned grim, and she nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

“You… You cant be that bad at naming, right”

Ye Xiaos face could not help but turn slightly red.

“Cough cough… Im good at all other things, but if I were to choose a name, I would be terrible.”

Feng Nishang helplessly stroked her forehead.

“Fortunately, Ive already made plans.

Otherwise, the child wouldnt even have a name up until now.

If I really named her Little Red and Littel Fang, even if I dont die of anger, shell probably die of anger when she grows up.”

Ye Xiao coughed twice again.

“Then you can choose one.”

“Just call her Ye Xinyi.

Although its rather ordinary, its much better than your name.”

Ye Xiaos eyes lit up and he nodded.

“Then lets call her Ye Xinyi.”

Although that name could not be said to be much better, it was still a hundred times better than his two.

Immediately, he looked at the little baby and said with a smile,

“Xinyi, did you hear that Daddy and Mommy gave you a name.

From now on, your name will be Ye Xinyi.”

Perhaps it was because the baby was excited to hear that, but the corners of her mouth curled up into an intoxicating smile.

She slowly stretched.

However, it was fine if she did not stretch.

The moment she stretched, the next second, the sound of bones exploding erupted from her body.

Then, the aura in her body suddenly began to rise.


When she was just born, she had already reached the first-level True Immortal realm.

With a casual stretch, she had successfully advanced to the second-level True Immortal realm.

That speed was simply too fast.

Moreover, she had yet to start cultivating any immortal techniques.

That was the most terrifying thing.

After Ye Xiao saw that scene, he could not help but be dumbfounded.

After a long while, he could not help but say, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“This little girls talent is simply too great.

I think that in the future, she probably wont be weaker than me.”

Feng Nishang was very happy when she heard that because that was her biological daughter.

Her daughter was so strong.

As a mother, what could be prouder

However, she also took into account Ye Xiaos face.

“Dont make that face.

No matter how strong she is, shes still your daughter.

Without you, how could she have been born”

Hearing that, Ye Xiaos face was filled with pride.

Yes, that was right!

No matter how strong she is, she was still his daughter.

At that moment, Ye Xinyi yawned and a terrifying aura erupted from her body.

That terrifying aura was even more intense.

She had advanced once again and had successfully reached the third-level True Immortal realm.

The corners of Ye Xiaos mouth could not help but twitch violently.

“Little Girl, youre making your father look bad.

Isnt this rate of improvement too fast Originally, I felt that I was already very awesome.

Now, in front of you, I suddenly feel that Im trash.”


However, although he was complaining, Ye Xiao was feeling happy in his heart.

His daughter was so strong.

In the future, she should be able to easily advance to a Sacred Sovereign, right

At that time, his family would have two Sacred Sovereigns!

He was feeling extremely happy.


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