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Ye Xiao very quickly finished refining all the statues.

That way, even if he was not there, he could guarantee that the Xuan Yuan immortal sect would not be invaded.

Two Sacred Sovereigns, six peak third-level Imperial Immortals, in addition to so many ordinary Imperial Immortals, and the Imperial Immortals that the Xuan Yuan immortal sects had evolved.

In the entire world, there was no immortal sect that could be compared to the Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

The current Xuan Yuan immortal sect could be said to be at the peak of the sun in the true sense of the word.

However, no one was arrogant.

Everyone followed Ye Xiaos instructions and began to cultivate in a low-key manner, preparing to become a reclusive immortal sect.

However, Ye Xiao also specially sent some people to find Zhang Sans whereabouts.

Zhang San was his clone.

If he did not find him and absorb him into his body, he would have no way to successfully advance to the final step, the Sacred Sovereign realm.

Therefore, he had to find Zhang San!

In the following period of time, Ye Xiao did not particularly focus on cultivating.

His current cultivation had already reached a peak.

No matter how much he cultivated, he could not continue to advance.

He was still at the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm.

If he continued to cultivate, it would only strengthen his physical body.

There was not much meaning to it.

Therefore, he completed one thing that he had been thinking about all the while!

That was to marry Feng Nishang.

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As his wife who was also pregnant with his child, staying in the Phoenix immortal sect every day was a little outrageous.

Moreover, he was also worried about leaving his wife and child with others.

If one day, others wanted to threaten her, would it not be too dangerous

The betrothal was arranged by Xuanyuan Long, so the betrothal gifts would definitely not be small.

Although he would lose money, he was finally getting married and she would officially be his wife.

He could not let her lose face, right

However, in order to prevent the Phoenix immortal sect from causing any trouble for him, Ye Xiao even specially sent a Sacred Sovereign over.

That was right, a Sacred Sovereign-hired thug to protect the wedding.


As long as the Phoenix immortal sect was not filled with fools, they would not give him a hard time.

The result was as he had expected.

It went well and ran smoothly.

The date of the wedding was also sooner than one would expect.

It was set a few days later.

Ye Xiao did not wish to delay it any longer in case of any incidents.

On the day of the wedding, almost all the factions in the immortal world came over.

Towards Ye Xiao, who had just become the strongest existence in the immortal world, no one dared to not give him face.

Although Ye Xiao himself would not force anyone to come over and participate in his wedding.

Yet they did not dare to miss the opportunity to get on his good side because there was no guarantee that Ye Xiao would not make things difficult for them in the future.

That day could be said to be the most luxurious and grand wedding in the entire immortal world.

In the wedding hall, Feng Nishangs tears were flowing beneath her red veil.

It caused her makeup to run down her fair face.

Even though she knew that the man of her dreams was a hero, she never thought that Ye Xiao would allow her the honor of marrying him.

She felt like the happiest woman in the world right then.

The wedding was certainly one of a kind.

Other than her, there should not be any other woman who had such a wedding.

That made her unable to help but sigh.

Back then, when her clone Qin Yuyan looked for Ye Xiao, it was mainly because she wanted to find someone to overcome her love tribulation.

However, she did not expect that in the end, that love tribulation would actually be the greatest luck in her life.

The entire wedding continued until very late.

Due to there being too many guests, the entire wedding was especially lively.

However, the guests were also very tactful.

Therefore, when the time was about right, they all obediently chose to leave the venue and allowed the two newlyweds time for themselves.

Ye Xiao went into the room.

Feng Nishang was still sitting upright in the bridal chamber.

The red veil on her head had not been removed yet.

That silly girl.

Ye Xiao shook his head speechlessly.

He went forward and removed the red veil with his own hands.

“What! Why is the makeup on your face all ruined”

Feng Nishang, who was feeling a little shy before the special night, could not help but panic when she heard those words.

She hurriedly asked,

“Is it very ugly”

The corner of Ye Xiaos mouth could not help but twitch violently.

“Uh… Its fine.

Its just better to wash it.”



Feng Nishang walked in front of the mirror skeptically and suddenly let out a scream.


Ye Xiao hurriedly said,

“Lower your voice.

Dont scare the child.”

Feng Nishang said anxiously,

“Why did I suddenly become so ugly”

Ye Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“It must be because your makeup was ruined from crying.”

“Then quickly get out.

I want to wash my face.”

Ye Xiao walked forward dotingly.

“Go out and do what I can always help you.”

After saying that, he stretched out his right hand and took out a basin of hot water.

Then, he helped Feng Nishang wash her little face.

The Primordial Chaos sacred art was already a sacred art that surpassed the power of laws.

Doing such a small thing was simply a piece of cake.

Under the warm yellow light, Ye Xiao helped Feng Nishang wash her little face.

A clean and exquisite beautys face appeared in front of him once again.

Looking at the little face in front of him that was slightly red, he pinched Feng Nishang.

“Sometimes I feel that all of this isnt real.

I should have been an ordinary person, but now not only am I standing at the peak of this world, but Ive also married a beautiful wife like you and even have a child.

Its as if everything in my life has been fulfilled.

“Sometimes Im really afraid that this is a dream.

Everything in the dream is too beautiful!

“I used to be more nonchalant and didnt pursue much.

I only wanted to live a normal life and eat something delicious every day.

If I went to work and got off work normally, I wouldnt feel sorry even if I lost something.

“But now, Im different.

If I lose you now, Ill definitely find it hard to bear this pain.”

After saying that, two sharp lights flickered in Ye Xiaos eyes.

No matter what, he had to find Zhang San and fuse him into his body to complete his power of laws so that he could finally advamce to the Sacred Sovereign realm.

Only then could he be considered truly invincible!

Not only for himself, not only for the Xuan Yuan immortal sect behind him but also for Feng Nishang and their daughter.

Feng Nishang leaned her small head against Ye Xiaos chest.

“This isnt a dream, and I will never leave you.

Just like how you said that Im your one and only, here, youre also my one and only.”

Ye Xiao smiled.

“The two of us arent each others one and only.”

Feng Nishang was stunned and somewhat puzzled.

Ye Xiao then looked at her stomach.

“Dont forget that the two of us still belong to this unborn little brat.”

Feng Nishang burst into laughter, her smile as beautiful as a flower.

Ye Xiao was a little intoxicated as he looked at her.

He suddenly picked Feng Nishang up.

Feng Nishang could not help but exclaim.

“What are you going to do”

“The wedding night.

What do you think Im going to do”

The lights in the room went out…

Feng Nishang did not say a word.

She had eaten a sacred pill, so she did not need to worry about her child.

In the blink of an eye, a few months had passed.

On that day, Ye Xiao was cultivating.

Suddenly, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the entire immortal world.

Wild winds raged, while the heaven and earth had a strange phenomenon.

Ye Xiao seemed to have sensed something and instantly teleported in front of his palace.

The palace was for him and Feng Nishang to stay in.

In the past, when he was alone, he could stay wherever he wanted, so there was no need to build a palace.

Later on, when he had a wife, he could not bring his wife to live in the place where he cultivated every day, right

Therefore, he had the Xuan Yuan immortal sect build a huge palace for him.

Only he, Feng Nishang, and some servants lived there.

Usually, he would cultivate during the day and handle some matters of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect at the same time.

At night, he would return to the palace and stay with Feng Nishang.

When he arrived, many high-level cultivators from the Xuan Yuan immortal sect rushed over.

“Ye Xiao, what happened”

Ye Xiaos gaze stared at the Divine Hall and said,

“It should be Nishang giving birth.”

When everyone heard that, they were first stunned before they were immediately overjoyed.

“Congratulations, Ye Xiao!”

Feng Nishang was pregnant with Ye Xiaos child.

It was Ye Xiaos first direct bloodline!

Those people were not Ye Xiaos bloodline.

In fact, they were still thousands of miles away from Ye Xiao.

However, they could still receive the blessings after every increase in his cultivation.

As Ye Xiaos biological child, her future achievements were absolutely limitless.

That meant that in the future of the Xuan Yuan immortal sect, another terrifying existence that was not weaker than Ye Xiao might appear.

At the very least, it was a thousand miles stronger than them.

It was not only a good thing for Ye Xiao but it could also be said to be a good thing for the entire Xuan Yuan immortal sect.

The heaven and earth phenomenon in the sky became more and more intense as if it was abnormally opposed to the descent of Ye Xiaos child.

Under normal circumstances, the stronger a persons cultivation was, the stronger the bloodline they gave birth to.

It was even more terrifying than things like sacred weapons and sacred pills.

That was because sacred pills and sacred weapons were only created to assist people in cultivation and battle.

They did not possess the power to threaten the natural laws.

However, bloodlines were different.

Especially the bloodlines of prodigies, they would become very strong.

They might even easily surpass the Sacred Sovereign.

That had already surpassed the extent where the natural laws could be easily controlled.

It was very difficult for the natural laws to allow them to really be born.

As the sacred lightning descended, it continuously struck the palace.

Ye Xiaos heart tightened.

With a slight movement of his right hand, the Great Dragon sensed the summoning in his heart and instantly appeared in his right hand.

Seeing that Ye Xiao wanted to make a move to resist the heavenly tribulation, everyone hurriedly tried to dissuade him,

“Ye Xiao, you absolutely cant.

This is the heavenly tribulation that your child was born with.

Although its a dangerous matter, its also a great fortune.

“If she can transcend this heavenly tribulation, her future achievements will definitely be limitless.

“If you destroy the heavenly tribulation now, it will do her no good at all.

It will destroy her destiny!”


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