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“Is there even a need to say that It must be.

He also possesses the sacred art ranked second, Primordial Chaos sacred art!”

The moment those words were said, everyone once again fell into shock!

They were already at a loss for words.

From the start till then, Ye Xiao had brought them countless shocks.

Originally, he should have been a person who was bound to die, but it seemed that no one would have the chance and ability to defeat him!

The top two Sacred Sovereign were all in his hands.

With the addition of the sacred weapon, it was no wonder that he could cross ranks to kill enemies!

Too heaven-defying, too monstrous.

It was simply unbearable, but one had to accept the reality of his existence.

The two Sacred Sovereigns were panting heavily.

Both of them had already suffered quite a number of injuries, but Ye Xiao had not suffered any fatal injuries yet.

That also meant that it was basically impossible for the two of them to defeat Ye Xiao.

Victory and defeat were almost decided.

The two Sacred Sovereigns looked at each other and saw the bitterness in each others eyes.

The two of them had cultivated for an unknown number of tens of thousands of years before finally reaching that realm with great difficulty.

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In the entire immortal world, there were very few who could reach their level.

They could even count on two hands.

Despite that, they were still defeated by a kid who had not reached the level of a Sacred Sovereign.

It had to be said that it was a huge joke.

Perhaps, it could be said that it was an extremely ironic thing.

The two of them let out a long breath.

At that moment, their hearts suddenly became clear.

In the face of death, their hearts were incomparably clear.

“I never thought that the two of us would end up in this state.”

“Thats right! I originally thought that after cultivating to our level, no one in this world would be able to threaten our lives.

Now, it seems like this is just a joke.”

“Not only does this kid have the Primordial Chaos sacred art, but he also has the Destiny sacred art and the Primordial Pupil.

The attacks of those two things are all unexpected.

The two of us can only fight to the death.

“His cultivation base is still a little lower than ours.

Using such powerful cultivation techniques consecutively will definitely consume a lot of energy.

Its impossible for us to use these moves for a long time.

As long as we can seize that opening and attack together… With our cultivation levels, any contact with his body will instantly cause him to be heavily injured.

That will be our chance to turn the tables.”

“Lets attack together.”

With that said, the two of them attacked once again.

At that critical juncture, the two of them had already completely joined forces to fight against Ye Xiao.

Compared to earlier, their hearts were a little more united.

The matter that Ye Xiao was worried about finally happened.

After all, his strength was limited at that point.

It was impossible for him to easily instantly kill the other party.

Based on that point, he needed to exhaust the other party to death and find an opportunity to break through in one step.

However, the two of them were at a critical juncture and were working together to resist him.

It was as if the pressure on him had increased, so it was really not easy to break through.

However, it was impossible for the attack to stop because of that.

He could not just stand there and let the other party successfully counterattack, right

The Primordial Pupil activated and ruthlessly struck Lu Xus body.

Lu Xus body suddenly trembled for a moment, but he blocked that attack.

Meanwhile, the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign suddenly charged out from behind and threw a demonic fist that swept across billions of miles of galaxies.

It was heading straight for his face.

Ye Xiao immediately swept out with a Great Dragon in his hand.


Two extremely powerful energies exploded in the starry sky as ripples spread out.

Ye Xiao had no choice but to retreat, while Lu Xu had already joined forces with the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign to charge over.

“Dont let him have the chance to use the Destiny sacred art.

That thing is even more powerful than the Primordial Pupil.

Once he successfully uses it, it will be a fatal blow to the two of us.

“At that time, it will be impossible to turn the tables.”

Lu Xu shouted.

The two of them attacked at the same time and increased their speed.

Ye Xiao was once again forced back by the two of them.

The Great Dragon in his hand waved continuously.

Each time, he used the Primordial Chaos sacred art to augment it.

It could be said that he was fighting with the two Sacred Sovereigns.

It was difficult to separate them.

Ye Xiao was a little puzzled.

Why did Zhang San not return yet

If he returned and fused with his body, his cultivation should be able to rise quite a bit, and it would be easier for him to deal with the two of them.

However, he had no choice at the moment.

If Zhang San did not come, he could only rely on himself.

If he continued to pester them like that, it would be very disadvantageous to him.

That was because the cultivation technique he used was very powerful and consumed a lot of energy.

In reality, his cultivation was far lower than the two of them.

He would definitely exhaust the immortal energy in his body before the other party.

Although the cultivation technique would replenish itself on its own, when it came to that kind of beyond-the-realm battle, the replenishment would definitely be far inferior to the consumption.

When the battle continued for 30 more seconds, Ye Xiao suddenly threw out the Great Dragon.

The Great Dragon transformed into the sacred weapons main body and directly turned into a giant steel dragon to fight against the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign.

As a sacred weapon, it already possessed the ability to fight independently.

However, it definitely could not fight for a long time.

It was just slightly resisting.

Even so, it was enough.

Ye Xiao only needed a little time.

The Great Dragon fought against the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign while Ye Xiao charged straight at Lu Xu with his bare hands.

Without the Great Dragon, his offensive power would definitely be reduced.

However, Lu Xu had already been heavily injured by him using the Destiny sacred art previously.

Therefore, the strength that he could display at that moment was not his own peak.

The instant the two fists collided, the starry sky trembled.

The spatial barrier was completely shattered, revealing the alternate dimension within.

Some of the powerful creatures hidden deep within the alternate dimension sensed the powerful fluctuations from the two of them and fled in all directions in fear.

They did not dare to approach the two of them at all.

At the instant he clashed with Lu Xu, Ye Xiao felt that the bones in his body were about to shatter.

All the muscles in his body felt a tearing pain.

Needless to say, his internal organs were almost shattered.

If it was not for his powerful life force at the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm, he might have directly collapsed.

After withstanding that first attack, Ye Xiao used all his strength to use his Primordial Pupil.

The powerful force once again bombarded Lu Xus body, causing Lu Xu to involuntarily spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

His aura was once again dispirited, and his body could not help but continuously retreat.

“Not good!”

He turned pale with fright because once he pulled away from Ye Xiao and could not attack him, he could use the Destiny sacred art.

Therefore, although his body had already suffered heavy injuries, at that critical juncture, he still forced himself to use his greatest speed.

Rushing in front of Ye Xiao, he once again launched an attack on Ye Xiao.

What he did not expect was that Ye Xiao did not use the Destiny sacred art.

At the same time, he also did not expect that Ye Xiaos hand had suddenly gained a huge dragon.

Following that, he used the Primordial Chaos sacred art and used all his strength to pierce through Lu Xus body with a sword.

The Primordial Chaos sacred arts violent and unmatchable power directly destroyed all of his life force.

“This… How is this possible”

Up until the moment of his death, Lu Xu did not dare to believe that scene.

The Great Dragon was clearly sent by Ye Xiao to stop the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign, right Why did it suddenly appear in his hands

Not far away, the Great Dragon was still fighting with the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign.

Could it be that Ye Xiao had two identical sacred weapons

However, just as he asked that question, the dragon that was fighting with the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign instantly disappeared.

At that moment, everyone understood.

It was an illusion!

Earlier, Ye Xiao used an illusion.

He used an illusion to block everyones senses, making everyone think that he was using the dragon to fight against the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign alone.

In reality, the Great Dragon had been in his hands from the very beginning.

He had waited until that critical moment to mislead himself into thinking that he would use the Destiny sacred art.

While in actuality, he was just waiting for him to rush forward and receive his Primordial Chaos sacred art.

Although the Primordial Chaos sacred art was not number one, it was also number two.

As the second strongest sacred art, it had completely destroyed a heavily injured Lu Xu.

It could not be any simpler.

The corner of Lu Xus mouth curled up into a self-deprecating smile.

“Its finally over.

In the end, you still won.

Youre amazing! The Xuan Yuan god clan had two infamous figures, you and the Ancestral Dragon.

It was worth it!”

When he finished speaking, Lu Xu completely lost all his vitality.

Ye Xiao directly extracted his primordial soul and then extracted all the sacred blood in his body, waiting to help him raise his cultivation.

“D*mn it!”

Seeing that scene, the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign did not dare to say a word and turned around to run.

He could not stay any longer, let alone fight with Ye Xiao.

Right then, he only wanted to escape from that d*mned place.

Unfortunately, although he thought well, Ye Xiao would not give him the chance to escape at all.

Ye Xiaos belief had always been that as long as someone dared to attack him, he would kill them no matter what.

Since Lu Xu was gone, there was naturally no one to stop him.

He could use the Destiny sacred art without worry.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, heavily injure the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign.”

Directly using the Destiny sacred art to kill the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign was too exhausting for him.

There were still many unknown dangers in the world, so he had to try his best to reduce his exhaustion.

Once the Destiny sacred art was activated, Ye Xiaos lifespan rapidly decreased at a speed visible to the naked eye.

However, the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign who had already escaped to a few great worlds suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

His aura was extremely dispirited.

He immediately struggled and begged for mercy.

“Ye Xiao, I was wrong.

I was really wrong! Dont kill me, I can be your slave! It was not easy for me to cultivate to this realm.

I beg you, please dont kill me!

“Ive lived for more than 100,000 years, nearly 200,000 years.

I just want to live!”

The demonic sect was still the demonic sect.

Even if ones cultivation had already advanced to the Sacred Sovereign realm, its quality would still be difficult to keep up with in the end.

However, it was a pity that no matter how much he begged for mercy, Ye Xiao would not let him off.

A sword slashed out, and sword light shot into the sky.

The demonic sects Sacred Sovereigns head fell to the ground on the spot!


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