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Of course, she would not be so naive and sweet to think that the old ancestor truly wanted to protect her.

When the world was in turmoil, all benefits would flow!

The old ancestor of the Phoenix immortal sect merely did not wish for her, this precious treasure inside of her, to fall into the mouths of others.

She wanted to seize her for herself first.

Yet, at the moment, she would not go so far as to make a move herself.

That was because she was still weighing the pros and cons.

The degree of evilness that Ye Xiao displayed at that moment made her very fearful.

At that moment, she should be observing Ye Xiaos final outcome.

If Ye Xiao won, she should not make a move.

If Ye Xiaos performance was unsuccessful which would result in him getting killed by the other party or even heavily injured, she would not hesitate to grab Feng Nishang over to cut open her stomach and take out Ye Xiaos bloodline.

After all, no one could resist the temptation of the pure True Immortal blood.

Feng Nishang clenched her fists, her eyes filled with anticipation.

She hoped that Ye Xiao would win!

She was not afraid of death.

For a woman with her character, death had long been disregarded by her.

However, the only thing she was worried about was the child in her stomach.

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As a mother, no one could bear to have anything happen to their child.

If Ye Xiao did not die, she and her child would be able to survive.

If Ye Xiao died, she and her child would not be able to survive either.

At that moment, on the battlefield, Ye Xiao had injured the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign through his Primordial Pupil.

His gaze was very calm and did not reveal any arrogance or complacency.

That was because he knew that it was a tough battle.

It was still far from a complete victory.

He had not used his Primordial Pupil all the while because he had been waiting for that moment.

He had already predicted that there might be someone stronger behind the six Imperial Immortals.

The Primordial Pupil could attack and defend.

Furthermore, its attacks were unexpected.

Such a good move had to be hidden.

“Lu Xu! The person in front of you has a pure True Immortal bloodline.

If you dont make a move now, when will you do so”

The demonic sects Sacred Sovereign shouted.

That Sacred Sovereign from the righteous path of the immortal sect finally stepped out slowly and no longer watched the battle alone.

The power of the two Sacred Sovereigns joining hands was even more extraordinary.

It was as if two gravitational fields had appeared in front of Ye Xiao all of a sudden.

Each gravitational field was much stronger than his.

He did not panic and only gently stroked the Great Dragons body.

The Great Dragon let out a dragon roar as if it was responding to Ye Xiao and was not afraid of the battle.

The corners of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up slightly before he attacked again.

The Primordial Chaos sacred art added to the Great Dragon as an attack instantly gushed out and headed straight for the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign.

The demonic sects Sacred Sovereign naturally would not allow him to attack.

He immediately attacked and resisted.

It was as if a gigantic blood-red lotus had bloomed in the starry sky and blocked Ye Xiaos sword.

Meanwhile, the immortal sects righteous paths Sacred Sovereign, Lu Xu, also attacked at the same time and headed straight for Ye Xiaos face.

Ye Xiao immediately activated his Primordial Pupil.


Explosions ensued as the three of them retreated at the same time.

The two Sacred Sovereigns retreated slightly closer, while Ye Xiao retreated quite a distance.

However, he still managed to hold on and was not injured.

He actually managed to hold on during his first exchange with the two Sacred Sovereigns at the same time.

From a certain point of view, he already had quite an advantage.

After all, he was just an Imperial Immortal!

To be able to resist one of them without dying was already something to be proud of, not to mention that he was able to resist the two of them all of a sudden.

Many people could not help but sigh in their hearts.

They could not help but feel pity for him.

“To be able to live to this point, he can be considered to have no regrets in his life.”

“If God can give him some more time, he might be able to successfully advance to the Sacred Sovereign realm.

After all, with his pure True Immortal bloodline, his improvement is almost limitless.

“Unfortunately, he still did not wait until that time.”

Ye Xiao was indeed very strong.

His talent was also sufficiently monstrous.

It could even be said that he was the most monstrous genius in the entire world.

However, it was too much of a pity!

He originally had the chance to become the strongest.

At that point… Sigh!

While the two Sacred Sovereigns were shocked in their hearts, they were also pressing forward.

Ye Xiaos performance which caused people to be incredibly shocked made them not only admire him but also could not help but be filled with vigilance in their hearts.

That fellow was too strong.

They had to seize the time to kill him.

Otherwise, it was very likely that some new changes would occur.

Facing the simultaneous attacks of two supreme beings, Ye Xiao did not dodge.

With a tap of his feet, his body actually met them head-on.

He held the Great Dragon in both hands and slashed wildly at the other party.

However, his eyes were constantly using eye techniques on the other person.

The two kinds of powers were unleashed at their maximum by him.

Although he was still in a situation where he was being suppressed by the other party and was being forced to retreat, at the very least, he was not injured from the beginning to the end.

That was enough.

It was a peak third-level Imperial Immortals fighting against two Sacred Sovereigns.

That result was pretty decent.

The two Sacred Sovereigns continued to suppress Ye Xiao, unleashing their powers to their limits.

Their attacks became faster and faster, as well as more ruthless.

The speed at which Ye Xiao retreated also became faster and faster.

When their attacks reached their peak, Ye Xiao suddenly spoke again.

“In Ye Xiaos name, heavily injure Lu Xu!”

Once those words were said, everyone immediately felt that it was somewhat inconceivable.

They naturally knew what kind of method that was.

That was because Ye Xiao had already used it once before.

That was the immemorial immortal technique, the number one Major Destiny technique!

However, it was only an immortal technique in the end.

In a battle at the level of a Sacred Sovereign, the level of cultivation techniques had to be of the sacred art.

If he still used an immortal technique, even if that immortal technique was the number one immortal technique, so what It was still unpresentable and could not be compared to sacred arts at all.


No one expected that just as Ye Xiao finished saying those words, the Sacred Sovereign of the immortal sect, Lu Xu suddenly stopped.

He was perfectly displaying his strength to attack when he suddenly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and retreated.

His aura quickly withered.

That scene caused the entire starry sky to instantly fall silent.

Everyone looked at that scene in disbelief.

No one had expected that such a thing would actually happen!

The Major Destiny technique was actually still effective against a cultivator at the level of a Sacred Sovereign.

It was simply inconceivable.

Even the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign was dumbfounded and forgot to continue attacking Ye Xiao in an instant.

Whereas Ye Xiao was taking advantage of his condition to take his life.

When the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign was in a daze, he suddenly attacked.

Just as the demonic sects Sacred Sovereign was about to make a move to resist, the power of his Primordial Pupil landed on his body and directly forced him back.

Since that attack caused his body to be somewhat unstable, when Ye Xiaos attack landed, he was once again solidly slashed by a sword.

In that instant, no matter how strong he was, he was still unable to hold on any longer.

He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and was forced back.

His aura began to become much weaker.

Although it was not as serious as Lu Xus injuries, he still suffered quite a lot of injuries.

Everyone in the immortal world went crazy.

What kind of joke was that

Ye Xiao, who was originally destined to die, actually turned the tables.

Under that kind of situation where he was certain to die, he successfully launched a counterattack and repelled two Sacred Sovereign.

Was there a mistake

Even if he could kill enemies of a higher level, he could not be so perverse.

It was simply going against the common sense of nature.

That was a Sacred Sovereign!

It and a peak third-level Imperial Immortal were existences of two completely different dimensions.

It was not simply said that there was a huge difference between them.

How did Ye Xiao succeed

Everyone was confused.

“Lu Xu, what happened to you just now”

The demonic sects Sacred Sovereign asked snappily as he rapidly regulated his breathing.

Lu Xu gritted his teeth and said,

“Youre asking me I wanted to ask you, what exactly happened I didnt have any defenses.

I was at the moment when my attacks were the strongest and my defense was the lowest.

In the end, an energy that even I didnt know where came from ruthlessly injured me.”

“Theres no valid reason for this! Although he has the Major Destiny technique, the Major Destiny technique is only an immortal technique.

Theres the suppression of the natural laws in the middle.

Even if he wanted to hurt you, he wouldnt be able to break through the law energy defense on your body.”

Lu Xu gritted his teeth,

“Then theres only one explanation!”

“What explanation”

“What he used just now wasnt the Major Destiny technique or any kind of immortal technique, but a sacred art!”

The demonic sects Sacred Sovereigns pupils suddenly constricted.

“Wait a minute, could it be… Could it be… ”

“Thats right! If my guess is correct, the move he used just now should be the legendary first sacred art, the Destiny sacred art!”

“What! The Destiny sacred art! Thats impossible.

The Destiny sacred art has long disappeared in the flood of history.

That is a special power that only existed during the immemorial era! How did he obtain such a powerful power”

Lu Xu smiled bitterly.

“Up until now, has he not shown many shocking surprising Do you think that what happened to him can be explained by common sense”

The demonic sects Sacred Sovereigns heart felt as if it had been violently gripped by someone, and it hurt terribly.

D*mn it, Ye Xiao actually possessed the most powerful sacred art in the legends!

At that moment, even he, a cultivator at the Sacred Sovereign realm, could not help but feel jealous, envious, and hateful.

Everyone in the entire immortal world fell into a state of dementia.

Ye Xiao possessing the pure True Immortal bloodline was already a talent that made everyone envious and extremely jealous.

In the end, they did not expect that he actually possessed the legendary number one sacred art, the Destiny sacred art.

Did he not want others to live

All the good things in the world were gathered on him alone.

God, you should not be so biased, right

“Somethings not right! Somethings not right.”

The demonic sects Sacred Sovereign suddenly could not help but speak,

“The Destiny sacred art can never be found without the Primordial Chaos sacred art! If he wants to possess the Destiny sacred art, then he must possess the second sacred art, the Primordial Chaos sacred art!

“Because, if he doesnt possess the Primordial Chaos sacred art, his body would not be able to withstand the power of the Destiny sacred art! Wait a moment… Could it be… Could it be… ”

He was already at a loss for words.

Lu Xu continued to smile wryly.

In the immortal world, some people who were still in a daze could not help but ask,

“Could it be that he said something Why didnt he continue his sentence”


Some big shots sighed bitterly…


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