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The three of them attacked at the same time, clashing against Ye Xiaos sword light.

The powers of the two sides clashed against each other.

Suddenly, an earth-shattering explosion erupted.

Thunder and lightning spread throughout the entire Yanhuang Great World.

There was not a single corner of the world that was safe.

The space-time barrier shattered one after another.

The range of the ripples had already increased from several great worlds to more than ten great worlds.

Many regions of the ordinary world were unable to withstand the battle between the four of them.

After that move exploded, Ye Xiaos body did not move at all.

However, the other few people were sent flying mercilessly by the shockwave and were sent flying hundreds of millions of miles away.

Right then, they were no longer a match for Ye Xiao.

There was simply no way for them to fight against Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao took a step forward and took advantage of his victory by slashing out again.

That sword strike was even stronger than the previous attack.

The sword light had just slashed out, but it had already caused the countless stars in the great worlds to start trembling, flickering in and out of light.

The three Imperial Immortals endured the pain in their bodies and once again attacked to resist.


The sound of explosions erupted once again.

However, at that time, they were not as lucky as the previous one.

Originally, the previous one was when they were at their peak.

Although they were not a match for Ye Xiao, they could more or less withstand it.

At that point, because of the wave of attacks earlier, it caused the energy in their bodies to start fluctuating and fall into an unstable state.

At that time, the strength they displayed was far from their peak.

It was not even 80 to 90 percent of their peak strength.

At most, it was 60 to 70 percent.

In addition, that move of Ye Xiaos was even more powerful than the previous move.

Hence, they were completely unable to withstand it.



The three of them spat out blood and flew backward.

Their ribs had all been broken, and their internal organs had all suffered heavy injuries.

Among them, the arms that the three of them had used to attack had all shattered.

That scene made the three of them extremely fearful.

Everyone had the same cultivation level, but why was the other party so strong They simply could not figure it out.

The threat of death pressed down on them, and the hearts of the three of them were filled with desolation.

Was everything going to end soon

They did not expect that even when the six of them, who were at the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm, joined forces, they still lost miserably in the end and were all killed by Ye Xiao.

If they had known earlier that that would happen, they would not have gotten into a conflict in the first place.

If Ye Xiao had not killed the Blood Fiend Imperial Demon in the first place, the six of them might still have had a chance to defeat him if they had joined forces.

It was just that at that time, the three Imperial Immortals from the righteous path of the immortal sect did not expect Ye Xiao to be so powerful.

They had underestimated many people in their lifetime.

In fact, they did have the qualifications to look down on others.

However, they did not expect to die on that point in the end.

Just because they had looked down on Ye Xiao, they had lost their lives.

It was simply a tragedy.

Ye Xiao did not say too much nonsense.

There would be a loss if one spoke too much.

If one spoke too much nonsense, it would be very easy to get himself killed.

Those villains on television were all acting like that.

With a light tap of his feet, his body instantly arrived in front of Xiao Yaozi in the blink of an eye.

“Not good!”

Xiao Yaozi cried out in alarm.

The fear of death surged into his heart, causing his expression to change drastically, turning as pale as wax.

However, nothing could be changed.

Although he used all his strength to resist, it was completely useless compared to Ye Xiaos greatly increased combat strength.

In the blink of an eye, his body was pierced through by the Great Dragon.

Ye Xiaos extremely violent immortal energy directly tore apart his internal organs and even his primordial soul.

The Great Dragons sweeping through his body was like slicing through cotton candy.

It was as easy as crushing dried twigs.

It could not be any simpler.

Ye Xiao took advantage of the situation and flashed his sword light, directly attacking the other person beside him, Qing Xuzi!

Qing Xuzis expression changed drastically.

Death was approaching, and he was even inferior to Xiao Yaozi.

Xiao Yaozi would at least think of blocking for a while, while he would just turn around and run.

Unfortunately, his speed could not compare to Ye Xiao at all, so he had no way of escaping in front of the other party.

Ye Xiaos sword light also took the opportunity to kill him.


Before dying, Qing Xuzi let out a heart-wrenching scream.

He regretted it more than anything in his life.

If he had acted to stop Ye Xiao from the start, he would not have ended up in that situation.

It was all because of his arrogance, causing his own death and the death of others.

When everyone in the immortal world saw that scene, they could not help but tremble in their hearts.

It was too terrifying.

The six prodigal Imperial Immortals of the immortal worlds righteous and demonic paths were killed by Ye Xiao in the blink of an eye.

There was still the last Dark Moon Imperial Demon left.

Moreover, based on the current situation, the Dark Moon Imperial Demon had no way of withstanding Ye Xiaos attack at all.

His death was only a matter of time.

Rather, it depended on Ye Xiaos mood.

The current him could not be considered a peak third-level Imperial Immortal at all!

He was now a tiny ant that was at the mercy of others.

He had no way of controlling his own life at all.

Ye Xiao did not waste any more words.

After killing his two companions, his third target was to keep an eye on him.

He had to eliminate the roots of the problem.

Otherwise, it would be troublesome if the spring breeze blew again.

He waved his hand and another world-destroying sword ray slashed out.

The terrifying power directly locked onto the Dark Moon Imperial Demon.

There was no way for him to escape and only death awaited him.

Facing that moment of death, the Dark Moon Imperial Demon did not escape nor did he defend himself.

He had already completely given up on resisting.

Everyone in front had already demonstrated it for him once.

Regardless of whether it was escaping or defending, he could not avoid death.

Since that was the case, what else could he do

It was better to face it calmly.

At the very least, he could still preserve his last bit of magnanimity.

He closed his eyes and waited for Ye Xiaos sword light to descend.

However, at that critical moment, an even more terrifying aura suddenly descended from the sky above the immortal realm.

That aura was filled with extreme suppression.

It had already surpassed the aura of any living creature in that world.

Even those high-level cultivators at the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm actually paled in comparison to that aura.

Everyone could not help but tremble.

What kind of power was that

Ye Xiao, who was attacking, suddenly paused for a moment before looking up at the sky.

‘Could this be the existence they wanted to summon earlier As expected, theres another level above Imperial Immortals.

Ye Xiao had long guessed that there would be such a level.

After all, there was a sacred art above the immortal technique, a sacred weapon above immortal artifacts, a sacred pill above immortal pills, and an existence above Imperial Immortals.

It was only natural.

The people from the immortal world could not help but open their mouths to ask.

“Who is this How can he have such powerful strength I feel that as a third-level Imperial Immortal, in front of him, Im simply trash among trash.

Its not worth mentioning at all! This kind of feeling is something that Ive never felt before, even in front of a few high-level cultivators at the peak of third-level Imperial Immortal.”

The person beside him immediately spoke with a terrified expression,

“According to the rumors, there is an extremely terrifying realm above the immortal realm! They are known asSacred Sovereign! They represent the supreme end of cultivation!

“Only by reaching their cultivation level can they truly be said to be immortal in the sense of immortality! Its the peak of the immortal realm!”

“Holy Lord! Oh My God, Ive never heard of such a title before.

Ive always thought that the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm was already the limit of a cultivator.

I didnt expect that there would actually be a cultivator of such a level.”

In the Phoenix immortal sect, Feng Nishangs little face could not help but turn deathly pale when she saw that scene.

“Ye Xiao!”

A Grand Elder beside her gently stretched out her hand and placed it on her shoulder, consoling her,

“Dont worry, Heaven will look after his good fortune.

Hell definitely be fine.”

Feng Nishang bit her red lips tightly and pleaded,

“Grand Elder! Can that person from our Phoenix immortal sect lend a hand to my husband If Ye Xiao dies, I wont be able to live with it.”

That Grand Elder let out a deep sigh before shaking her head.

“Youd better give up on this idea as soon as possible.

That old ancestor from the Phoenix immortal sect wouldnt casually lend a hand for such a matter.

“Her mission was to protect our Phoenix immortal sect.

She was our Phoenix immortal sects last barrier.

“If something happened to her, then the Phoenix immortal sect would really be in trouble.

“In the entire immortal world, who knows how many people are staring at our bloodline, wanting to obtain our power

“We must not let the entire Phoenix immortal sect fall into a dangerous situation because of one Ye Xiao.”

The Phoenix immortal sect only had one ancestor, but the other party had summoned a total of two Sacred Sovereigns.

Even if the Phoenix immortal sects ancestor personally went over, it was impossible for them to fight against two alone.

Even if Ye Xiao could cross realms to kill enemies, he would absolutely not easily cross the gap between Sacred Sovereigns and Imperial Immortals.

Cultivation was originally the same, and the further one went, the greater the gap.

The gap between Sacred Sovereigns and peak third-level Imperial Immortals was not just one peak third-level Imperial Immortal.

It could be a hundred peak third-level Imperial Immortals.

How could such a powerful force be resisted

Furthermore, even if nothing happened that time, the other party would definitely find trouble with the Phoenix immortal sect in the future.

The Phoenix immortal sect could not afford the trouble.

Feng Nishang clenched her small fists as tears welled up in her eyes.

At that moment, she really hated herself.

Why was she so weak Why could she not help him at all

If she could share some of Ye Xiaos burden, he should not have to face such a terrifying desperate situation.

The Dark Moon Imperial Demon, whose heart was already like ashes, suddenly could not help but laugh maniacally when he saw that scene.

“Hahaha… Ye Xiao, I did not expect that I would actually win in the end.

The arrival of the Sacred Sovereign! This is the arrival of the Sacred Sovereign! Once the Sacred Sovereign appears, even if you have three heads and six arms, you will still have to obediently submit.

This time, you will definitely lose.”

Ye Xiao did not panic in the slightest.

He merely glanced at him indifferently.

“You dont need to worry about whether Im alright or not.

But now, you should go down and accompany your companions!”


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