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Chapter 71: The Great Nine Provinces Will Be Victorious

“How can those stinky men compare to you, Ye Xiao With your face, I dont know how many men youre better than.”


Wang stretched her foot over again.

Through the silk stockings, it was clear that her toes were painted with blue nail polish.

As expected, those who painted such bright and unorthodox nail polish had a more open personality.

Ye Xiao remembered that there seemed to be a description in a certain classic masterpiece.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao had already quietly finished reading the book without leaving a trace, so Ms.

Wang did not touch him.

Ye Xiao had already closed the book and stood up.

He put the book back onto the bookshelf.


Wang, sometimes, letting go is also a kind of relief.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao turned around and left, leaving Ms.

Wang stunned on the spot.

The people in the library all knew that Ms.

Wang was wild and unruly.

Only some old people knew that when she came to the library back then, she was still a young girl who was full of hope for a beautiful life.

Back then, because she did not activate her soul, after graduating from the martial arts academy, she could only participate in social jobs that were not martial arts related.

However, her boyfriend had activated his soul.

He was very handsome and very talented.

In order to let her boyfriend have a better future, the money she worked for was used to support her boyfriend to go to Zhong Martial Arts Academy to study and practice martial arts.

It was said that at that time, she was not even willing to spend the money to buy a piece of clothing.

In the end, her boyfriend became successful and joined the Ant employment group, one of the top hiring companies in the country.

However, he only gave her a text message saying that he had broken up with her.

Ever since then, she had fallen into depravity.

There were very few people in the world who were born bad, and there were also very few women who were born flirtatious.

Sometimes, there were really too many sc*mbags.

After learning all the basic movement cultivation techniques, Ye Xiao only needed to wait for the last cultivation technique to be automatically cultivated to completion by the divine souls Golden Book, and he would be able to synthesize it.

If nothing unexpected happened, he would be able to synthesize it tonight.

When that time came, what realm would his speed reach

‘Im really looking forward to it.

Two red flag H-9 cars quietly drove into the governors mansion.

The governor, Du Tianyu, did not do any grand welcoming that time.

He only waited in the mansion.

However, it was different from the last time when Mr.

Zhao came.

That time, he personally went forward to open the door.


After opening the door, he bowed slightly and called him uncle.

The person who got out of the car was Du Changfeng.

He patted Du Tianyus shoulder and revealed a gratified smile.

“You did well for Jianghai city this time.”

The expression on Du Tianyus face was even more respectful and modest.

“Its all because of Uncles good education.”

Du Changfeng smiled and walked toward the meeting hall.

Du Tianyu immediately followed closely behind.

“Theres no need to be modest.

This time, Ive been transferred out of Jing Martial Arts Academy and ordered to return to Jianghai city to assist you in the city planning.

“Firstly, its to prevent the appearance of that idiot, Zhao.

“Secondly, its also to prevent you from inadvertently provoking those great sects and attracting a fatal disaster.”

Du Tianyus face lit up with joy.

“With Uncle overseeing Jianghai city, there will definitely be no problem.”

“Thats not what you said.

Although Im a great sect, there are already many mysterious martial arts experts in the nine provinces.

There are many who are stronger than me.

You still have to do your job properly and uphold the rules.

“As long as you think of the people of Jianghai city and have the righteous path in your heart, you will be stronger than two great grandmasters protecting you.”


Seeing that Du Tianyus expression was more serious, Du Changfeng continued,

“Im not bluffing.

Over the past two days, a large-scale joint attack has been organized at the borders of the Jing province and the Chu province.

Several great grandmasters, grandmasters, and several hundred Houtian realm warriors have been dispatched.

Their target was the Beast God sect, which had been developing for many years in the myriad border mountains.

“Although the combined forces of this attack were very strong, the Jing province and the Chu province still made a prediction that half of their forces would be lost or even two-thirds.

“After all, the Beast God sect was too powerful and too mysterious.

There were countless martial arts experts among them.

They claimed to follow their leader, who possessed the bloodline of a star beast of the demigod rank.

Their strength had already broken through to the Xiantian fifth grade for many years!

“But guess what

“A ray of sword light came out of nowhere and destroyed the entire Beast God sect.”

“Such a thing exits”

Du Tianyus face suddenly changed.


This matter is too big, so it was suppressed by the higher-ups in the first moment.

No one was allowed to say anything.

Otherwise, the news media all over the country would have long exploded.

“However, this was not a rare thing.

The people of the nine provinces were outstanding, and there were many capable people.

There were countless hidden martial artists in the mountains.

“For the past 200 years, the barbarians of the four regions had always wanted to destroy the strength of the nine provinces.

“From the eight states alliance back then to the subsequent invasion by the star beast, when was there a time of distress when the nine provinces did not have hidden and high-level people stepping in

“However, the nine provinces suffered too much, so much that they lost a large number of precious martial arts experts.

Many precious martial arts were cut off because of this.

“If not, why do you think that Piao Jiansheng swept all the sword art geniuses of the same age in the Jing province Wasnt it because many sword art experts died in order to protect the national gate, resulting in insufficient inheritance

“Martial arts is not something that can be learned just by reading books.

Without the words and teachings of the senior martial arts experts, many realms are still difficult to understand.”

Du Tianyu nodded.

“Thats true.

If someone can become stronger without guidance by reading books, then hes not really a person.”

“In the nine provinces, its also because of this reason that they want to unite some small cities.

By concentrating on the educational conditions and spreading the martial arts experience of excellent martial arts teachers, the overall strength of each region would be promoted.

“Now, the competition between countries was getting stronger and stronger.

“The genetic martial arts and scientific martial arts led by America are developing more and more vigorously.

If they didnt restore the martial arts level of the nine provinces to the level of the true number one in the world, it would really be a disaster for the nine provinces once these barbarians grasped the absolute strength.

“Those who are not of our race will have different thoughts!”

“The current situation in the starry battlefield is so grim, do they still want to break the peace between the human race”

“Peace Thats just a beautiful term used to fool people.

In these years, in the starry battlefield, other than fighting against the star beasts, the human race has never stopped fighting against each other!

“However, the nine provinces will definitely have the last laugh!

“Because we have the strongest martial arts bloodline in the world!

“The smartest wisdom!

“The strongest backbone!

“No matter how long it takes, no matter how many difficulties there are, the barbarians will not be able to resist the determination and pace of the rise of the nine provinces!”

Du Tianyus heart shook, and his eyes were filled with determination.

That nation, which had gone through countless trials and tribulations, even if it was alone, it would still stand proudly at the top of the world!


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