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Facing such a powerful attack, Ye Xiao was unflustered.

At the moment of the explosion, he had already used the Space-time immortal technique and jumped to the center of the spatial ripples created by the explosion.

Following that, he arrived in front of another place.

Facing the Dark Moon Imperial Demon who had just caught up to him, he raised his hand and slashed out with his sword.

That sword was augmented with the power of the Primordial Chaos sacred art, allowing Ye Xiaos might to be fully displayed.

Sensing that the sword might pose a great threat to him, the Dark Moon Imperial Demon did not dare to be the slightest bit careless and immediately used all his strength to block.

Even though he had already used all his strength, he was still unable to block Ye Xiaos attack.

Under that attack, the Dark Moon Imperial Demons arms violently trembled, and both of his arms seemed to be on the verge of breaking.

However, just as he was unable to hold on any longer, the attacks of the other few people happened to arrive in front of him.


The powerful attacks made Ye Xiao have no choice but to give up his advantage, cancel his attacks, and turn around to defend.

He was forced back by the other four people.


That was what he was worried about previously.

If it was a one-on-one duel, he was not afraid of the other party at all.

Even if it was a one-on-two duel, he more or less had some confidence.

However, if it was a one-on-five fight, he would not be able to keep up.

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No matter which one he attacked, the other four people would attack him at the same time.

Moreover, the combined attack power of the four people would be enough to cause damage to him.

Once he was injured, he would be in big trouble.

If he had not delayed at the beginning and killed one of the Imperial Demons, he might have been in even greater danger.

He might not even be able to counterattack.

However, he was not too worried.

With a light tap of his feet, his body instantly disappeared from where he was.

Five peak third-level Imperial Immortals.

He could more or less resist them.

The moment he disappeared, the five high-level cultivators directly sealed the entire Yanhuang Great World.

Moreover, at their level of cultivation, what they could seal was no longer just one-dimensional space, it was a deeper dimension.

The spatial barrier was also divided into several layers.

From low to high, the higher the dimension, the harder it was to break.

The higher the dimension of the spatial barrier that they sealed, the harder it was for Ye Xiao to break it using immortal techniques.

That way, he would have no way of escaping the Yanhuang Great World.

It was also impossible for Ye Xiao to continue jumping in other dimensions.

He would definitely reveal himself.

The moment he revealed himself, he would be locked onto by the five peak third-level Imperial Immortals.

To existences at their level, such a huge place like the Yanhuang Great World was actually only equivalent to a small arena.

It was nothing at all.

They only needed a single thought to be able to easily reach any place in the great world.

When he reappeared, Ye Xiaos attack was already prepared.

With the Space-time immortal technique, his speed was slightly faster than the others.

The Great Way of Life immortal technique was added and ruthlessly bombarded their bodies.

At the instant when the moves collided, it was detonated by Ye Xiaos Yin-yang immortal technique before it could trigger an explosion.

He directly increased the strength of his attack and caused extra damage.

The two damages stacked up, producing powerful fluctuations that actually forced the five figures to retreat on the spot.

“So powerful!”

In the immortal world and the ordinary world, everyone who was paying attention to the battle could not help but let out a cry of surprise.

That move was simply too powerful!

Under the situation where Ye Xiaos cultivation was slightly inferior, he actually forced five high-level cultivators who were even stronger than him to retreat.

It was simply heaven-defying and unreasonable.

After forcing back everyone, Ye Xiao pursued the victory without the slightest delay.

He turned around and blasted out another move.

That move displayed the power of the Primordial Chaos sacred art!

Moreover, when he used that move, he only locked onto one of the figures, Ling Xiuzi of the five great high-level cultivators.

His strength was the weakest among the few people.

If he could kill him first, he would only have four opponents left.

Their advantage would be further reduced and it would be advantageous for him to win the following battle.

However, the other party had clearly expected it.

After all, they were all opponents at that level and had rich battle experience.

No one was a fool.

As early as the instant Ye Xiao made his move, they had already predicted that there might be another move following.

No matter what movement Ye Xiao made, they would be able to detect it at the first moment and make a prediction in advance.

Therefore, when Ye Xiao slashed out with his sword, the attacks of the five of them also met Ye Xiaos attack at the same time.


In the next moment, the entire Yanhuang Great World once again emitted a violent explosion.

At that time, forget about the Yanhuang Great World, the surrounding several worlds were all not spared.

All of them were completely destroyed, not a single one was left.

The heavenly bodies, meteorites, and small worlds inside… Were all turned into ashes.

After that move, the five high-level cultivators were actually sent flying once again.

Moreover, it was even more serious than the previous one.

That scene made everyone present unable to help but feel their hearts sink.

That move earlier, they thought that it was already Ye Xiaos full-strength attack at its peak.

However, they did not expect that he actually had an even more powerful move.

“That move just now has probably already exceeded the scope of immortal techniques, right”


Even those legendary immemorial immortal techniques cant reach such a level.”

“Oh my God! Does he actually have a method that surpasses the immemorial immortal technique Just where did he obtain this power from”

“Rumor has it that above immortal techniques, there seems to be an extremely powerful method called the sacred art! I wonder if this is that legendary power”

“It should be!”

Everyones heart could not help but beat faster.

The degree of excitement in their hearts at that moment far surpassed the degree of power that Ye Xiao had displayed earlier.

It was terrifying!

That fellow was too terrifying!

No wonder he was able to possess such powerful strength.

However, everyones shock did not stop.

Ye Xiao had just failed in his attack, and in the blink of an eye, he used his second move.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, kill Ling Xiuzi!”

His voice resounded throughout the entire starry sky, and no one understood what was going on.

In the next second, Ling Xiuzi exploded and died!

A dignified peak third-level Imperial Immortal actually exploded and died.

In front of all the high-level cultivators of the two worlds, he was mercilessly killed.

Everyone simply could not believe their eyes.

A moment later, someone could not help but exclaim,

“Its the Major Destiny technique, the legendary Major Destiny technique ranked first among the immemorial immortal techniques! This is the most powerful existence among all the immortal techniques.”

“He actually has such a terrifying immortal technique.

How is this possible Where did he get such a terrifying immortal technique”

“He even has the power of the sacred art.

It doesnt seem strange that he has the Major Destiny technique.”

When those words were said, everyone was instantly dumbfounded.

What he said seemed to make sense.

He already had the power of the sacred art, and it was understandable that he had the number one immortal technique among the immemorial immortal techniques.

After all, the power of the sacred art was above the immemorial immortal technique.

Everyone felt that their worldview was about to collapse.

They could not imagine what had happened at all.

Ye Xiao possessed both the sacred art and the number one immemorial immortal technique, the Major Destiny technique!

Where did he learn those things from

Putting aside that sacred art, just talking about the number one immemorial immortal technique, the Major Destiny technique.

It had been lost for so many years and had never appeared before.

No one knew where it was.

Yet Ye Xiao still obtained it.

Moreover, there was still a question in everyones heart.

That was why he still used the immortal technique even though he clearly already possessed the power of the sacred art, which completely surpassed the immortal technique.

In truth, Ye Xiao had no other choice.

The Primordial Chaos sacred art, the Destiny sacred art, and the Major Destiny technique were three things.

One was to burn the immortal energy in his body, while the other two were to burn his lifespan.

After using the full strength of the Primordial Chaos sacred art to gain an advantage, more than half of the immortal energy in his body was instantly burned.

At that time, he immediately use the Primordial Chaos sacred art to launch a second attack.

Moreover, the advantage that he had obtained with great difficulty, he could not easily give up.

At that time, only by taking him by surprise could he ensure that he would not waste that advantage.

Originally, Ye Xiao was prepared to use the Destiny sacred art, but he did not know if the other party had any tricks up their sleeves.

Hence, he did not want to completely reveal his trump card.

Moreover, after using the Primordial Chaos sacred art, it had already caused a portion of their injuries and made them unable to easily resist him.

At that moment, just using the Major Destiny technique was sufficient to kill one of the opponents.

Also, the consumption of the Major Destiny technique was much smaller compared to the Destiny sacred art.

Considering the overall cost-effectiveness ratio, it was the most suitable.

Ye Xiao also used it to fight.

Luckily, the attack was successful and everything was worth it.

The remaining four peak third-level Imperial Immortals could not help but tremble at the moment.

Even if they could join forces to resist Ye Xiaos Primordial Chaos sacred art, they did not have the confidence to resist his Major Destiny technique.

Although the Primordial Chaos sacred art was strong, at the very least, they could see that as long as they joined forces to resist, they could still neutralize that attack.

Furthermore, they could also sense that Ye Xiaos consumption of that move was extremely great.

The problem was that the Major Destiny technique was too mystical and too strange, making it impossible for people to guard against it.

That fellow was truly too terrifying, so terrifying that even their hairs were trembling.

Ye Xiao was already very powerful to begin with, and at that point, he had killed two peak third-level Imperial Immortals consecutively.

If that continued, along with their disadvantage increasing further, losing was only a matter of time.

“D*mn it! If this continues, Im afraid well all die here.”

“It seems like we cant delay any longer.

Everyone, lets use the last resort of the righteous and evil paths.”

Greedwolf Imperial Demon could not help but gnash his teeth.

The other three trembled.

Was it finally time to use that


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