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Just as the corners of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up, several terrifying auras suddenly descended from the immortal world.

Each terrifying aura was actually slightly stronger than the aura on his body.

“It came quite quickly.”

Ye Xiao smiled indifferently, but he did not panic in the slightest.

He only slowly released his imperial jade seal.

After such a long time, he had long since forged the imperial jade seal into a sacred weapon-grade spatial storage item.

To the current imperial jade seal, taking in a divine territorys space was just a piece of cake.

Ye Xiao had long expected that after those people sensed his strength, they would definitely rush over at the first possible moment.

He indeed had sufficient means to confront them, but the Xuan Yuan god clan could not!

He still could not do it.

He could fight against six peak-stage third-level Imperial Immortals at the same time and then protect the clansmen in the Xuan Yuan god clan.


However, by keeping them away with the imperial jade seal, Ye Xiao would be able to avoid any worries and fight without any scruples.

At the same time, all the living beings in the entire Yanhuang Great World were retreating rapidly.

They had sensed that extremely terrifying aura and had long been scared out of their wits upon hearing it.

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Just a casual sneeze from those high-level cultivators could cause their entire clan to be exterminated!

The entire Phoenix immortal sect also left at that moment.

Feng Nishang held her big belly as she looked at the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Her eyes were filled with a trace of worry.

Although she knew that Ye Xiao was very powerful, she still could not help but be worried for him.

Those were six peak-stage third-level Imperial Immortals!

They had gathered the strongest powers of the two paths of good and evil.

The Phoenix immortal sect Grand Elder beside her opened his mouth to comfort her,

“Dont worry.

He has the aptitude and wisdom that no one in the entire world has.

If he doesnt have sufficient confidence, he will definitely not easily reveal his cultivation.

“Moreover, its impossible for him to abandon his wife and child.

He will definitely look for you.”

Feng Nishang nodded and immediately followed the Phoenix immortal sect out.

Just as the Phoenix immortal sect migrated out, in the next second, six terrifying auras had already descended to the Yanhuang Great World.

They were headed to the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

At that moment, the Xuan Yuan divine territory was completely empty.

Only Ye Xiao was left.

He sat on a huge meteorite and closed his eyes to rest, waiting for the other party to arrive.

The three great Imperial Demons were the first to arrive.

The three of them surrounded Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao slowly opened his eyes and looked at the other party.

Their eight eyes met.

Ye Xiaos gaze was indifferent and did not show the slightest bit of panic.

Just after the three of them, the three Imperial Immortals from the righteous path immortal sect also came over at almost the same time.

The three of them swept a glance at Ye Xiao.

Qing Xuzi could not help but say,

“Greedwolf, this kid is the one who scared you half to death You three great Imperial Demons actually came over at the same time.

Since when did the three Imperial Demons of the demonic sect become so timid”

Greenwolf glared at him.

“Do you talk so much nonsense”


Just as Qing Xuzi was about to speak, another companion beside him grabbed his arm.

“Qing Xuzi, I am suspicious of what they are trying to do this time.

Dont fall into their trap.”

Dark Moon Imperial Demon looked at the three of them and said,

“Qing Xuzi, Ling Xiuzi, Xiaoyao Zi! This persons strength is truly heaven-piercing and rarely seen in the world.

Not only is he able to fight across realms, but he is also improving at a rapid rate.

“Today, the three of you had better join forces with us to deal with him.

If not, one day in the future, he will unify the immortal world! Just like the Ancestral Dragon from 2,000 years ago!”

Upon hearing the name Ancestral Dragon, the three peoples pupils immediately constricted.

However, the three people did not directly listen to the three of them.

They only said indifferently,

“Its not that serious, right What kind of figure is the Ancestral Dragon That kind of person is rare and hard to find.

How can he casually come out with someone who is comparable to him

“Moreover, even the Ancestral Dragon has never unified the immortal world.”

“Its not that serious Hehe… The Ancestral Dragon came from the Xuan Yuan god clan, and he came from there as well! The two of them are from the same god clan, and this guy is extremely scheming.

He has improved until now, and we almost dont know his true identity.

“Why do you think he has been hiding his cultivation all this time To keep a low profile Hes just hiding from our eyes and ears.”


When the three immortal sects righteous path cultivators heard that Ye Xiao and the Ancestral Dragon came from the same god clan, they could not help but be greatly shocked.

If the other party had the same bloodline as the Ancestral Dragon, then it was definitely possible that he had the same aptitude and level as the Ancestral Dragon.

Moreover, although the Ancestral Dragon did not unify the immortal world, he did things openly and aboveboard all his life.

He had never been like Ye Xiao, hiding and plotting.

It was only until he became a third-level Imperial Immortal that peak existences like them knew about it.

What kind of motive would such a fellow have It was really not easy for everyone to say it out loud.

Ye Xiao smiled slightly and said,

“You cant say that, right Im just a person who simply has little fame and fortune.

I dont like to be noticed by others.

How can you say that Im scheming

“Moreover, Im of the same god clan as the Ancestral Dragon.

I should be considered the righteous path of the immortal world, right

“Since thats the case, how can the three righteous path seniors listen to the demonic sects words and join hands with them to deal with me

“The three righteous path seniors should join hands with me to slay demonic cultivatorsand return peace to the immortal world.”

Just as those words were said, Qing Xuzi, who was one of the three, suddenly said,

“Dont flatter yourself too much.

You still dont have the qualifications to join hands with us.”

High-level cultivators had the pride and dignity of high-level cultivators.

The three supreme Imperial Immortals of the righteous path would definitely not join forces with Ye Xiao.

That was because Ye Xiao was merely a mere third-level Imperial Immortal.

He simply did not have the qualifications to join forces with them.

Ye Xiao was not angry.

It did not matter if the other party was arrogant.

As long as they did not join forces with the three Imperial Demons to fight against him, it would be good.

Of course, that did not rule out that they would not make a move in the future.

However, as long as they did not make a move in the early stages, they would give him a little more time.

They would let him use his full strength to unleash a move and destroy one of the Imperial Demons first.

Then, he would have one less opponent, which would be good.

Ye Xiao deliberately smiled and said,

“Then you seniors, are you going to join hands with the Imperial Demons to deal with me”

When the three of them heard that, they immediately shouted coldly.

“Insolent b*stard! Who Do you think we are”

“The three of us are the righteous members of the immortal sect, how could we possibly join hands with these people from the demonic sect”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“The three of you are righteous, this junior admires you.

You are indeed worthy of being the righteous members of the immortal sect.

Then can the three seniors please kill these three Imperial Demons so that they wont endanger the human world again”

“Dont even think of using us as weapons.

The three of us will naturally deal with them.

However, not now, but after the four of you settle your grudges first.”

Ye Xiao shrugged.

“This junior has some grudges with these three Imperial Demons.

Since the three seniors arent prepared to take action, then this junior can only settle it on my own.”

Just as he finished speaking, Ye Xiao opened his right hand and suddenly summoned the Great Dragon.

The moment the Great Dragon appeared, the Primordial Chaos sacred art was used to its maximum capabilities.

In the next second, a brilliant light that could illuminate the entire world flashed in the starry sky.

Everyone instantly felt their hair stand on end and their hearts seemed to have stopped beating at that moment.

“So powerful!”

It was only at that moment that the three Imperial Immortals of the immortal sects righteous path broke out in cold sweat.

Only then did they realize how foolish their decision earlier was.

The main reason why they did not choose to take action, in the beginning, was because they were not willing to believe that Ye Xiao could really fight a cultivator of their level.

They thought that the three Imperial Demons of the demonic sect had come up with some kind of conspiracy, so they did not dare to act rashly.

They wanted to see just what kind of tricks they were playing.

In the end, they did not expect that in the blink of an eye, Ye Xiao would teach them a lesson.

The stunning level of that lesson was simply beyond the imagination of the three of them.

When all the lights disappeared, the Blood Fiend Imperial Demon clutched his chest and widened his eyes.

He fell down with a face full of disbelief.

Although he did not know how powerful Ye Xiao was at the beginning, he was still a high-level cultivator at the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm.

Ye Xiao had only just reached the third-level Imperial Immortal realm.

According to common sense, it was absolutely impossible for him to fight with him.

Although he also knew that his two old friends were not joking and thought that Ye Xiao might indeed have some inhuman standards.

However, killing him in an instant was something he had never thought of.

How did he do it

However, he no longer had extra time to think.

The darkness of death surged into his heart and stripped his consciousness out of his body.

After that, Ye Xiao grabbed at the air and directly locked his primordial soul, throwing it into the storage space that he had prepared beforehand.

In reality, Ye Xiao was still unable to kill a peak third-level Imperial Immortal in a single move.

After all, his opponents strength was too strong.

However, from the moment he succeeded in advancement, he had already started preparing for this attack.

He was accumulating his strength unceasingly, condensing his strength, and finally forming that attack.

It was enough to instantly kill a peak third-level Imperial Immortal.

However, just relying on that alone was not enough to succeed.

The reason why he was able to succeed so successfully was mainly because of the three Imperial Immortals of the righteous path of the immortal sect.

They were too arrogant and did not put him in their eyes at all.

Otherwise, as long as the six of them worked together… If they put all their attention on him, even if he used that move, it was possible that he would be neutralized by them.

Therefore, the success of that move could not be achieved without the right timing, the right place, and the right people.

Fortunately, it succeeded.

At that time, the opponent only had five high-level cultivators left, so the hindrance to him could be said to be greatly reduced.

At least he had a few more chances of winning.

Greedwolf Imperial Demon and Dark Moon Imperial Demon were shocked and immediately retreated to the side of the three righteous path Imperial Immortals.

“How is it Now do you three know how powerful this guy is”

Qing Xuzi and the other two wiped the cold sweat off their foreheads and nodded.


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