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After reading for two hours, Ye Xiao felt that his small goal was not very realistic.

He sighed faintly and felt that it was better to strive to step into Xiantian second grade first.

There were too many plagiarized versions to the point that he could not find two other cultivation methods of different origins even after half a day.


He just needed to try his best to find some mental cultivation technique and strive to synthesize a high-level mental cultivation technique as soon as possible to increase his spiritual energy recovery speed.


That way, he could also increase his own combat strength.

Hence, Ye Xiao slowed down his pace and continued to pull out the star beast record that he had been reading recently.

It was a serialized book and a new series would be released from time to time.

The main content was equivalent to the star beast encyclopedia.

It was a little like the Mountain and Sea Scripture from his previous life, but that was made up, and the star beast records were real.


The book in Ye Xiaos hands was a new series, Tiger Demons!

He flipped open the first page of the book, and the exquisite layout piqued his interest.

There was an ancient legend among humans一after a tiger demon ate a person, it would not free their soul.

It would make their soul its servant, and only when the tiger demon lured a new human would the soul be released.

That kind of thing also existed among star beasts.

However, star beasts did not need to eat humans.

They could control humans through enticement or spiritual coercion.

From there, they could command humans to carry out surveillance, reconnaissance, attacks, and a series of other acts.

The tiger demons looked like ordinary humans, but their nature had already been altered by star beasts.

They would act like star beasts, killing humans at any time.

They were no less threatening than star beasts.

In fact, it could even be said that they posed a greater threat than the star beasts.

That was because they looked exactly like people and were good at hiding, so it was very rare for humans to discover their true colors.

Only martial artists from the Xiantian realm and above could discover their real identity after their senses had been greatly strengthened.

The only difference between tiger demons and humans was that they would constantly have killing intent.

Just like the star beasts, they would want to hunt humans.

After reading that, Ye Xiao could not help but frown slightly.


Why does it feel like the person I saw in the garrison before matches the description on this page

Could it be… That he is a tiger demon


If he was really a tiger demon一entering the prison where a multitude of star beasts are being kept for research… That was probably not a good thing.

‘Looks like I should inform the garrison team.

After all, I also live in Jianghai city.

If he was really a tiger demon, it might make life in Jianghai city a mess.

Moreover, the garrison team had posts that could leave messages anonymously, so they would not notice him.

It was perfect.

Ye Xiao took out his phone and wrote them a message to warn them.



He had just finished reading the last page when the clock chimed.

Ye Xiao closed his book.

It was time for his meal.

That afternoon, there were a few dishes that Ye Xiao liked in the cafeteria.

Mapo tofu, black pepper beef tenderloin, spicy chicken strips…

He had just found a place to eat but before he could sit down, Gu Hai sat down opposite him.

“Old Ye, I transferred the money to you.

Remember to accept it.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Old Ye, who do you think this new grandmaster is Why havent I heard of him before Who do you think would want to advance to the grandmaster rank”


Ye Xiao shook his head.

“I dont know either.”

“Sigh! If I were a grandmaster, that would be great.

There would be no need for you to pretend to be my father.

Lets see who dares to arrest me.”

Gu Hai swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and a yearning expression appeared in his eyes.

How amazing it would be to become a grandmaster!

Although there were 100,000 people who graduated from Jianghai city every year, only about ten of them were able to cultivate to become a grandmaster.


Moreover, those ten people would not immediately become grandmasters.

They had to go through decades of hard work and find great opportunities before they could advance to the Xiantian realm and become grandmasters!

If he became a grandmaster, he would be willing to live ten years less!

“After you become a grandmaster, would you still need to go to Red Romance”

Ye Xiaos sudden words stunned Gu Hai, and he immediately smacked his head.

‘Thats right! With my brain, if I were a grandmaster, wouldnt women be falling at my feet Why would I go to Red Romance Gu Hai pondered to himself.

“No way! I have to hurry up and get my student ID.

When the time comes, Ill go listen to the lectures of the professors at Jingdou Martial Arts Academy.

Maybe this is the opportunity for me to become a grandmaster.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he quickly wolfed down his food.

After stuffing his mouth with food, he ran away.

“Old Ye, Ill be leaving first.

Remember to help me swipe my card at two oclock.”

Ye Xiao shook his head helplessly.

It was very difficult for him to understand Gu Hais thoughts.

It was not entirely because of his nonchalant character that he did not deliberately pursue the strength of his cultivation.

Of course, it was mainly because… It was too easy for him to become a grandmaster.

For a normal person to become a grandmaster, it would take at least ten years or more.


If he remembered correctly, there was a book that recorded that in the history of that world, the fastest person to become a grandmaster was the famous general Li Cunxiao from ancient times.

It took him eight years to advance from a first-grade martial artist to a grandmaster, he was even faster than overlord Xiang Yu and Lu Bu by two months.

It was a pity that he did not advance to the realm after the divine sect, so the highest point in his life was becoming a general.


As for himself, he only spent half a year.

From that perspective, could it be that he was the number one genius in the world

Of course, Ye Xiao would not be too complacent.

That was because those were only the recorded prodigies.

There were definitely some geniuses that were not on paper.

Perhaps among those humans that had not been recorded, there might be some that had just been born.

Those people might even be Xiantian realm martial artists.

The so-called number one in the world.

If you were too serious, you would lose.

Moreover, even if he, Ye Xiao, was really number one in the world right now, he would only be number one in the world in terms of cultivation speed.

His cultivation was far from being number one in the world.

Before he grew into the number one in the world, he would still be trash!



After eating and drinking his fill, he continued reading.

Reading made Ye Xiao stronger, and learning made him happy.

However, when he arrived at his management area, he could not help but be startled.

In his area, there was actually a girl who was leaning against the table reading a book.

The library did not close at noon, so it was normal for there to be readers here.

However, Ye Xiao was surprised that someone had actually come to the third floor to look at the basic cultivation techniques.

The girl was very good-looking.

Her porcelain face looked like it could be broken with just a tap, and there was a tinge of red in the paleness of her cheeks.

As she was reading at the table, half of her long black hair cascaded down her front, adding a hint of the scholarly aura.


However, Ye Xiao only stole a glance before returning to his seat.

He continued reading with his back facing the girl.

Although she was pretty, she was not as attractive as a book to Ye Xiao.

That was because reading could make one stronger..

Looking at a woman would only waste his time.



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