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“Grand Elder, youre too kind.

Its our honor to be able to work for you.”

“Thats right.

Its also thanks to your usual teachings that we were able to get to where we are today.

Therefore, its only right that we do something for you now.”

Luang Song immediately opened his mouth and corrected everyones words.

“What you said is wrong.

Its not about doing something for me.

Its about doing something for the entire demonic sect.”

Everyone nodded their heads repeatedly.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Grand Elder is right.

You are right.

Its about doing something for our demonic sect.”

Luang Song smiled as he stroked his beard and smiled lightly.

He nodded his head.

Sometimes, one had to be correct in ones opinion.

Otherwise, one would be in danger of being killed.

At that moment, a thick fluctuation had already erupted from the Xuan Yuan divine territory.


A dazzling light illuminated everyones eyes.

Everyone could not help but narrow their eyes and laugh.

“The commotion that Li Xuanqing and the others created is really not small.”

“It seems that this so-called Xuan Yuan god clan has some skills.”

“Who cares Li Xuanqing and the others are all elite high-level cultivators of our demonic sect.

Their strength has already advanced to the Great Immortal realm.

Dealing with the mere Xuan Yuan god clan isnt a problem at all.

“Even if they have the protection of the immortal sect behind them, theres nothing they can do.

They can only obediently accept the fate of being killed.”

However, that dazzling light only flickered for a moment before it disappeared and never appeared again.

The entire starry sky descended into silence once again.

Everyone present could not help but raise their brows, their expressions filled with confusion.

“This is really strange.

Theyve already been gone for so long, why havent they finished Now, theres even no movement.”

“It cant be that something happened, right”

Luang Song also slightly raised his brows.

His gaze was filled with confusion.

“Su Zhao, go and take a look.

Whats happening ahead”


After saying that, Su Zhao turned into a streak of light and charged toward the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

A few minutes later, everyone fell into silence once again.

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That was because Su Zhao had not returned.

He was like a pebble thrown into the sea, not even causing a ripple.

At that moment, everyone could imagine that the Xuan Yuan god clan definitely had something up their sleeves.

“I cant believe that the small Xuan Yuan god clan actually has some high-level cultivators behind them.

The other partys strength should be at the late stage of the Great Immortal realm, which is why Li Xuanqing and the others had such an accident.

Grand Elder, should we directly suppress them”

Luang Song lowered his head and pondered for a moment before nodding his head in agreement.

It was not that he was not worried that there would be any high-level cultivators ahead.

According to common sense, if the Xuan Yuan god clan really did have some high-level cultivators then he would send out two groups of people one after another.

That would definitely lure over the high-level cultivators immediately.

The dignity of an Imperial Immortal was not something that could be easily violated.

Every Imperial Immortal was arrogant!

If the other party did not come over and did not even release his aura, it meant that the other partys cultivation base had not reached the Imperial Immortal realm.

The other party was merely defending passively, stalling for time.

In addition, his cultivation base had already advanced to the peak of the first-level Imperial Immortal realm.

Even if he really met an Imperial Immortal, he would not be afraid.

There was no need to worry.

Just like that, under his command, the entire army erupted with all their might, charging straight into the Xuan Yuan divine realm.

The Xuan Yuan divine territory did not set up any protective barriers.

That caused a trace of confusion to flash across Luang Songs brows.

Why was it not set up

Perhaps, it was because all the god clans members were already protected by the immortals from the immortal sects.

Therefore, their real combat strength was the high-level cultivators of the immortal sects behind them.

All of the high-level cultivators of the immortal sects were in the immortal sect so they had to have mastered the immortal array.

Among the god clans that they had captured previously, all of them had the protection of the immortal array.

Even if the strength of the immortal sect behind the Xuan Yuan god clan was not good and the immortal array that they had made was not good, it would not be so easily destroyed by Li Xuanqing and the others.

Just as he was confused, a mocking voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

“How is it Do you think what I said is right I told you, we dont need to chase after them at all.

They will definitely come to us.”

“F*ck! I didnt expect these people from the demonic sect to be so brainless.

They really rushed in.

How disappointing.”

“Dont complain.

I won this time.

In a while, bring me the stakes obediently.

Otherwise, dont blame me for being impolite.”

“I know.

Theyre all Imperial Immortals.

How can they go back on their words”


Luang Song was shocked.

In the next second, a figure appeared in the starry sky.

It was a Great Immortal, followed by a second, a third, and a fourth…

In the blink of an eye, the entire starry sky was filled with Great Immortals.

Counting them, there were dozens of them.

Luang Songs heart suddenly pounded, and his heartbeat began to accelerate.

He was a first-level Imperial Immortal, so he naturally would not be frightened by those Great Immortals.

What truly frightened him was what those people said earlier.

There were Imperial Immortals there!

Moreover, to be able to command so many Great Immortals at once, even if one used ones toes, one could imagine that he was definitely not an ordinary Imperial Immortal.

It was even possible that he was not an Imperial Immortal!

If that was the case, he would really be in trouble.

As expected, at that moment, an aura that was not weaker than his stepped out from the starry sky.

Then came the second, the third…

In the blink of an eye, several Imperial Immortals actually appeared.

Luang Songs pupils constricted, and all the hair on his body stood on end.

“Tai Luo immortal sects sect leader Yun Qingshui, Secret Cloud immortal sects sect leader Han Xian, Chen Luo immortal sects sect leader Fang Ping An and the Dark Moon Empires holy maiden, Yang Zimo!

“How is this possible This is impossible!”

As a Grand Elder of the Greedwolf demonic sect and an Imperial Immortal, it was impossible for Luang Song not to know those Imperial Immortals.

However, it was precisely because he knew those guys that he could not believe what he saw.

Not only that, the person that he could not believe the most was that last person.

The holy maiden of the Dark Moon Empire, Yang Zimo!

She was the holy maiden of the two holy sons and one holy maiden of the demonic sect.

Her identity was extremely special.

She was even more monstrous than the three so-called sect leaders.

In the future, she might very well become an Imperial Demon.

In the end, such a high-level cultivator was actually defeated and started to protect a divine territory.

What was even more ridiculous was that the other three Imperial Immortals actually accepted her!

She was a holy maiden of the demonic sect.

Even if she wanted to betray them, she had killed so many righteous path cultivators in the immortal world.

How could those righteous paths Immortal Emperors accept her

That did not make sense at all!

“Grand Elder! What do we do Were surrounded.”

One of them could not help but tremble.

Only then did Luang Song suddenly remember that it was not the time to think about that, but he had to think of an escape instead.

It was a matter of life and death at that point!


Without the slightest hesitation, he immediately abandoned his subordinates and ran.

The reason why the demonic sect was called the demonic sect was that their way of doing things was decisive and ruthless, and they had no morals at all.

In good times, it might be very reasonable, but once they encountered danger or great benefits, the peace would be instantly broken.

Of course, that did not mean that such a situation would not occur in the righteous path of the immortal sect.

It was just that they were bound by morals and rules, so relatively speaking, it was much less.

It was far from being as straightforward as the demonic sect.

When he knew that he was facing the danger of death, Luang Song did not hesitate to abandon his subordinates and turned around to run.

At that time, the only problem he had in mind was to survive.

Moreover, in order to escape faster, he even chose the Explosive Blood technique.

When Yun Qingshui and the other Imperial Immortals saw that he was escaping, their expressions could not help but change.

“D*mn it! Stop him quickly! If we let him escape, Exalted Immortal Ye will probably kill us.”

Yang Zimos voice came from the side.

She said calmly,

“Dont worry.

When they first entered, I had already activated the array.

No one will be able to escape.

“Even if he uses the Explosive Blood technique, he wont be able to escape.”

The power of the array constructed by Ye Xiao naturally did not need to be doubted.

It was a piece of cake for it to intercept some powers that went against the laws of nature.

He had seen too many Explosive Blood techniques.

When he was constructing the array, he would naturally take that aspect into consideration.

Hearing those words, everyone felt a little more at ease.

“Then lets hurry up and find him.

If we let him slaughter his way through the Xuan Yuan divine territory, it would be troublesome.”

Han Xian laughed in disdain.

“What are you panicking for During this period of time, the Xuan Yuan divine territory has several Imperial Immortals.

Where can he run to

“The Xuan Yuan divine territory is only so small.

We can easily reach any corner with a thought.

“As long as theres a battle, we can instantly sense it.

Theres no need to worry at all.”

“Thats true.

Then… Let us have fun with these little brats first.”

The demonic sect disciples brought by Luang Song instantly shivered.

Some of them were so scared that they peed.

Some of them were even so scared that they spat out green bile.

It was over!

They were completely finished!

There were so many Great Immortals and so many Imperial Immortals.

They were doomed.

However, they could not understand until they died.

Why did that happen Why It was just a small god clan.

How could they have such a powerful lineup

It was almost comparable to a top-tier sect.

On the other side, the seventh Grand Elder of the Greedwolf demonic sect, Luang Song, had just stabilized himself when he sensed that his subordinates had been slaughtered.

He could not help but shiver and sweat profusely on his forehead.

“D*mn it! Fortunately, I ran fast.

Otherwise, even I would have been killed.”


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