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Ye Xiao could not help but sigh.

‘Sigh! In the end, I still couldnt hold on.

What a pity.

If I could absorb and refine all of these peoples immortal blood, my innate talent foundation would definitely be strengthened by quite a bit.

Refining immortal blood between first-level and second-level Imperial Immortals would improve the bodys foundation completely.

The higher the cultivation, the better the foundation.

In the future, it would be better to help him advance to third-level Imperial Immortal!

Even the unknown number above third-level!

However, there was no other way.

What was done was done.

Just like the bullet that he gave to Nishang, could he still get it back

Clearly, he could not.

Ye Xiao could only continue to absorb the immortal blood of those few people and then bring their primordial souls to the place where the other primordial souls were imprisoned.

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The others quickly came over with smiles on their faces.

That was because Huan Tian, the Sky Demon, and the others had become Ye Xiaos subordinates.

They had already accepted their fate, they no longer had any superfluous thoughts, and they all got along quite well.

“Another newcomer has come over.”

“I wonder who the person that Exalted Immortal Ye captured this time is.

He should be a very powerful fellow, right”

“My guess is that there are several high-level cultivators of the third-level Great Immortal realm.

If they are not of the third-level Great Immortal, Exalted Immortal Ye should not be interested.”

Ye Xiao ignored them and directly released the group of primordial souls that he had captured.

Those who were released at the beginning were basically existences of the second-level Great Immortal or third-level Great Immortal.

Everyone was slightly shocked.

It was not because they had guessed wrongly.

They had indeed guessed correctly.

However, they had only guessed correctly about the cultivation level, but not the quantity.

That quantity was indeed a little too much.

Moreover, it was a little too ridiculous!

Good heavens, a large batch of people had arrived.

In comparison, the few of them seemed somewhat insignificant.

Huan Tian and the others pondered for a moment before they could not help but speak,

“Everyone, why do I feel that Exalted Immortal Ye has captured a lot of Great Immortals this time Im afraid that after this, we will no longer have any status in his heart.”

“Thats right! This can not go on.

If we are marginalized by Exalted Immortal Ye, what status do we have What hope do we have in the future It seems that apart from working harder for Exalted Immortal Ye, the rest of us also have to work together.

We cant be marginalized in his heart.”

Everyone had already secretly formed an alliance and felt that their future was filled with hope.

However, at that moment, Ye Xiao took out another storage ring.

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Everyone could not help but say in surprise,

“Eh, Exalted Immortal Ye actually captured more than just them this time.”

When Ye Xiao released only the primordial soul of a beautiful figure, everyone was once again speechless.

“D*mn, I thought there were many people.

In the end, I did not expect that there was only one.”

The Qilin King could not help but mutter.

However, when they clearly saw the figure of the other party, regardless of whether it was Sky Demon, Elder Guo, or the other big shots of the demonic sect, their pupils could not help but shrink, their bodies could not help but tremble.

“My God! This… This… How is this possible”

The others could not help but ask with a confused expression,

“Seniors, do you know this person”

Elder Guo said while trembling,

“This is the Holy Maiden of the Dark Moon Empire, one of the three top sects of our demonic sect, Yang Zimo!”

“What! Its actually her!”

Upon hearing that name, Huan Tian, who did not know what was going on, was also completely shocked.

The others were even more confused.

Huan Yu could not help but say,

“Father, is this Holy Maiden of the Dark Moon Empire very powerful”

Huan Yun smiled and said,

“She is a holy maiden, but dont forget that Father is also a holy son in the immortal world! Holy sons and maidens only have a relatively profound background.”

Huan Tian could not help but shake his head and sighed,

“Its not like that.

She is one of Heavens Chosen Ones! For someone like me, although I am also a holy son in the immortal world, I am only a holy son of a small first-rate sect while she is a holy maiden of a top-rate sect.

“The difference between us is like heaven and earth.

“Not to mention that her master is a well-known legendary figure in the immortal world, one of the three Great Imperial Demons of the demonic sect, the Dark Moon Imperial Demon, a peak third-level Imperial Immortal.

“Just based on her strength alone, its said that she has long advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm!”

“What cultivation level Imperial Immortal”

Everyones eyes widened at that moment, and their jaws dropped to the ground.

No one would have thought that Yang Zimo had already advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm.

Was there a mistake

An Imperial Immortal!

What kind of terrifying existence was that

That was already the peak combat strength of the immortal realm.

In the end, even an Imperial Immortal had already been taken down by Ye Xiao.

Good heavens, did that mean that Ye Xiao had already advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm

Does it have to be so terrifying

How long has it been

His cultivation has already advanced from the Great Immortal realm to the Imperial Immortal realm

What did that fellow eat to grow up

Just as everyone was in shock, Ye Xiao suddenly released a few figures from his other storage rings.

After seeing those few figures, it was finally Huan Tians turn to be shocked.

When he saw them, he could not help but feel goosebumps all over his body.

His pupils dilated as he exclaimed,

“Tai Luo immortal sects sect leader, Yun Qingshui!

“Secret Cloud immortal sects sect leader, Han Xian!

“Chen Luo immortal sects sect leader, Fang Ping An!


Everyone was shocked by his expression.

“Senior Huan Tian, what happened to you”

Huan Tian said with a trembling voice,

“Imperial Immortals! They are all Imperial Immortals!”

At that moment, the entire space became completely silent, deathly silent.

No one dared to believe what they heard.

It was as if they were listening to a joke.

It was one thing for Ye Xiao to capture an Imperial Immortal, but in the end, he actually captured a group of Imperial Immortals.

Was there still justice

Was there still a law

Imperial Immortals!

The strongest cultivators in the immortal world!

They could understand that Ye Xiao was still considered lucky for capturing one.

Even if he could cross ranks to fight, the battle record of capturing an Imperial Immortal without any injuries was already enough to shock everyone.

At that point, he actually captured quite a few Imperial Immortals at once!

Even if a few Imperial Immortals were added together, they would not be able to do anything to him

He was a beast!

That was simply too excessive!

Ye Xiao was definitely related to God.

If he was not Gods illegitimate child, then he was Gods good friend!

Otherwise, how could he be so awesome

Just as everyone was beating their chests and stomping their feet, Ye Xiao had already begun his actions toward those Imperial Immortals.

When dealing with Imperial Immortals like them, Ye Xiao did not use the same methods as before to deal with them.

On one hand, it was because Imperial Immortals were basically already powerful enough.

Their temperaments had long surpassed others and were far from what others could compare to.

Even Great Immortals could not do it.

On the other hand, it was because Ye Xiao had become an Imperial Immortal and could already very well use the power of the sacred art.

Previously, his cultivation was too low.

If he used it, he might directly give up his little life.

Yet at that moment, as a second-level Imperial Immortal, he was already very close to being able to use the power of the sacred art.

After those Imperial Immortal primordial souls saw Ye Xiao, their faces first revealed a hint of fear, and then their expressions turned cold.

“If you dont destroy our primordial souls, what do you want to do”

They were not fools.

They had long noticed that in that space, other than them, there were some other people.

Furthermore, they were all primordial souls.

It was very obvious that Ye Xiao was collecting primordial souls.

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“I want to use all of you to be guardians, and help me protect my Xuan Yuan god clan.”

“In your dreams!”

“Dont daydream, this is absolutely impossible!”

The few of them immediately retorted Ye Xiao in unison.

It was to the extent that at that moment, they no longer cared about their righteous and evil identities.

An Imperial emperor could be killed, but not humiliated!

An Imperial Immortal had the dignity of an Imperial Immortal.

If an Imperial Immortal did not have his dignity, then why would he still be alive

Elder Guo hurriedly spoke to the Holy Maiden of the demonic sect, Yang Zimo,

“Holy Maiden Yang, youd better listen to him.

He will give us an immemorial immortal technique, and its an extremely high-grade one, one thats even stronger than Lord Dark Moon Imperial Demons immortal technique.”

Yang Zimo naturally knew that Ye Xiaos immortal technique was very powerful, and not just any ordinary one.

That was because she had long experienced Ye Xiaos level.

All of her immortal techniques were taught by her own master.

Her inability to defeat Ye Xiao proved that point.

However, if that was all, she would not submit.

The Imperial Immortal had her own dignity, so it was impossible for her to submit for such a small benefit.

Even if the benefits were great!

The principles of the Imperial Immortal would not change because of that.

“Absolutely not!”

Yang Zimo directly and mercilessly retorted.

Elder Guo could not help but anxiously try to persuade her,

“Even if you dont agree, he will still torture you.

He will use the cruelest method to torture you again and again!

“At that time, even if you agree, you will be tormented for nothing.”

Yang Zimo sneered,

“Even so, I still wont listen to him.

You want me to be used by him Dream on.”

The other Imperial Immortals did not care about the positions of both sides and praised,

“Good! Holy Maiden of the demonic sect, you have some backbone.

This old man supports you!”

“Although you are the Holy Maiden of the demonic sect, this old man admires you.”

“Its a pity that such a strong-willed woman actually went astray.

If she was the Holy Maiden of our immortal sect, she should have some accomplishments, right”

The few orthodox Imperial Immortals gave Yang Zimo the highest evaluation.

The others were also deeply shocked.

Imperial Immortals were indeed worthy of being Imperial Immortals.

They were extremely strong.

It was not just their cultivation, even their temperament was praiseworthy.

It made people unable to help but admire them.

However, Ye Xiao looked at her as if he was looking at an idiot.

After that, he slowly opened his mouth and said,

“Are you done acting cool Then lets begin.”

Yang Zimo sneered and said,

“I advise you to kill me directly.

Dont waste your time.

“I cant possibly…”

At that time, Ye Xiao interrupted her words.

“Dont misunderstand.

I dont intend to give you a choice.”


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