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After Ye Xiao distributed the immortal blood back, he directly transmitted the information through the immortal blood.

“All members of the Xuan Yuan god clan, listen up.

From today onwards, all of you will possess an even more unique ability.

“As long as all of you cultivate properly and study hard, you will be able to obtain the worlds most supreme-grade immortal technique!

“It was just like how everyone had awakened their divine souls before.

“The method of awakening is based on your aptitude and your loyalty to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“If your aptitude is excellent enough, you could easily awaken the immortal technique and cultivate it.

“If your aptitude is lacking, but you had enough loyalty to the entire Xuan Yuan god clan, you could also awaken the immortal technique to assist in your cultivation.

“Also, according to your aptitude and the higher your loyalty, the more immortal techniques you will awaken.

“Every immortal technique is the best of the best.

With them, as long as you cultivate well, it wouldnt be a problem for you to go up against a Great Immortal.

If your aptitude is slightly better, it would be very easy for you to advance to the Imperial Immortal realm.

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“Of course, if one day in the future, your loyalty to the Xuan Yuan god clan is no longer there, I will take back the immortal techniques in your bloodline at any time.

“Not only will I take back the immortal technique in your bloodline, but I will also take away your lives.”

Ye Xiao would not allow the clansmen that he had painstakingly groomed to go against him in the end, or even harm the entire Xuan Yuan god clan.

He would be the laughing stock of the world.

The reason why he mixed a drop of his pure True Immortal blood into the divine blood was so that he could perfectly control them.

Ye Xiao would not force those clansmen to do things that he did not want to do.

While Ye Xiao respected their wishes, he had to at least maintain order.

To the entire Xuan Yuan god clan, there was nothing to complain about.

They were not at a disadvantage at all.

That was because if he did not give them the four great immortal techniques to increase their strength, they would be a bunch of trash.

In the future, when he was not around, they could still be killed by others.

Their fate would also not be in their hands.

Ye Xiao believed that as long as those people were not stupid, no one would reject his conditions.

As expected, after saying that, he used his divine sense to scan the thoughts of everyone in the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Everyone was only excited and did not have the slightest bit of displeasure or other thoughts.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Ye Xiao could already perfectly monitor everyones thoughts at that point.

“Our bloodline actually already contains a top-tier immortal blood”

“My God, Grand Elder is really too amazing.

What kind of immortal technique is this I simply dont dare to imagine it.”

“Following such a Grand Elder, how can our Xuan Yuan god clan not develop”

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“Hahaha… Looks like our Xuan Yuan god clan will become the strongest existence in the entire immortal world.

Its just a matter of time.”

“Ah! I seem to have already begun to awaken an immortal technique.

I have awakened something called the Yin-yang immortal technique.

There are some runes in my mind, and my meridians seem to have formed a special path.”

“Holy sh*t! Arent you a little too powerful I still havent felt anything until now.

How did you awaken it Your aptitude is clearly not as strong as mine!”

“This means that your loyalty to the Xuan Yuan god clan might not be enough.

You still need to practice more.”

“Im so ashamed! I didnt expect that a man with thick eyebrows and big eyes like me couldnt be compared to a shifty-eyed little trash like you.

Speaking of which, the name Yin-yang immortal technique sounds so strange! It cant be that kind of cultivation technique where you need a partner to complete the yin-yang, right”

“I dont understand it either.

Awakening the immortal technique is one thing, but wanting to understand and learn it is another thing.

But this name might really be that kind of cultivation technique.

What should I do I dont know have a girlfriend at all.

How can I cultivate”

“What if you find a certain young lady, like you, who has awakened the Yin-yang immortal technique Wouldnt you be able to discuss it with her, complement each others strengths, and practice it for free”

“Thats a good idea! Youre really smart!”

“By the way, I think this might be a new trend.

It would be great if we could create a sharing economy.

The two of us might as well fork out money to recruit young men and ladies with the Yin-yang immortal technique and match them with those who need partners and make a business using the Yin-yang immortal technique.

“In any case, were all here for cultivation.

Even if Grand Elder finds out about this matter, he shouldnt punish us, right”

“Good Idea! This business has a boundless future.

Ill invest in it!”

“Ill invest in it too!”

Everyone spoke one after another and very quickly, they began to discuss excitedly.

However, the topic was clearly a little off.

The corner of Ye Xiaos mouth could not help but twitch violently.

Why would that group of clowns be so delusional

However, thinking about it carefully, there were an unknown number of people in the entire god clan.

Even if the ratio was one in 10,000, there were still over a hundred million simpletons.

There was no other way.

The base number was really too large.

He shook his head somewhat helplessly and immediately opened his mouth, once again transmitting his consciousness.

“Everyone, stop spouting nonsense.

The Yin-yang immortal technique isnt what you think it is.

Seize the time and cultivate properly.

“If anyone awakens an immortal technique and doesnt cultivate properly for me, dont blame me for being impolite.”

The moment those words were said, the thunder shook the ears.

Everyone trembled violently and hurriedly rushed to cultivate obediently.

Only then did Ye Xiao nod his head in satisfaction.

He glanced at the others along the way and was even more satisfied.

For people like Yun Changqing and the others, not only had they awakened the immortal technique, but they had also seized the time and started cultivating.

The strength of many people was rising rapidly.

That was a very good phenomenon.

As expected, no matter what, there were still some thoughtful people.

Only then did Ye Xiao retract his mind.

The problem of the cultivation technique was settled.

Next was the problem of resources.

However, for a short while, he really did not have any good solutions to that problem.

That was because he did not have many resources right then.

He could only wait until he continued to advance to a more powerful realm before saying anything else.

Those people cultivated together.

If they could advance quickly, each of them should be able to give him some feedback.

Although it was very weak, when it was added up, it was still a very terrifying number.

That was also why Ye Xiao wanted to fuse the immortal technique into the Xuan Yuan god clans bloodline.

First, it was because he no longer needed the immortal technique.

He had an even more powerful sacred art.

Second, it was because he indeed needed to protect the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Third, he wanted to use that situation to help him increase his strength.

No one knew what was left after the third-level Imperial Immortal realm.

Ye Xiao had a vague feeling that it would not end there so easily.

After all, the sacred art was a power that surpassed the Imperial Immortal realm.

There was no reason that there was nothing above the Imperial Immortal realm.

That did not follow common sense.

If there was really an even more powerful realm, then just by relying on his own cultivation, he did not know if he could reach that level.

Everyone worked hard to cultivate.

If everyone gave him something back, it would give him hope to advance to that mysterious realm that might exist.

The feeling was a little like sowing seeds.

Just like what he did to Feng Nishang back then!

He sowed a seed and harvested a living being.

However, that was an immortal technique that allowed him to harvest an endless stream of cultivation.

He would reap what he sowed.

After doing all of that, he began to work on his own matters.

His cultivation had long reached the peak of the first-level Imperial Immortal realm.

He was just a step away from successfully advancing to the Imperial Immortal realm.

However, he had been suppressing his cultivation all the while and had yet to raise his cultivation to that realm for the time being.

Ye Xiao had been trying to absorb law energy.

Not only was he trying to absorb law energy when he was transcending the tribulation, he was also trying to do so when Nishang was transcending the tribulation.

In addition, he had killed so many Imperial Immortals and had yet to absorb their immortal blood to further strengthen his strength.

The higher his cultivation was, the stronger his body would be, and the more strength he could unleash.

After advancing, his potential would also be greater.

Ye Xiao hoped that he could save up a little more.

When he advances to the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm in the future, he could unleash it all at once.

He would first hold it in and finally use the bullets that had accumulated enough strength and quantity to break through the shackles and reach an unprecedented level.

Just thinking about it made his heart surge with excitement.

Ye Xiao took out the immortal bodies of those Imperial Immortals.

Other than them, there were also many Great Immortals.

Ye Xiao devoured all of their immortal blood, leaving none behind.

He then refined them and used them to fill his bloodline power to increase his strength.

As the strength in his body was compressed more and more, during his cultivation, the surface of his body even began to emit a pure golden light.

That light represented that his immortal body had been completely cultivated to the extreme, reaching an unprecedented degree, surpassing the original critical point of his body.

Ye Xiao tried his best to compress again and again because he still had quite a lot of immortal blood that he had not absorbed, but he was still suppressing himself from advancing.

Unfortunately, no matter how much he wanted to compress, his immortal body had been cultivated to the extreme, reaching a level that no one could compare to.

“D*mn it, I cant hold it anymore.

I cant hold it any longer.

Wait a little longer, give me a little more time.

Hold on a little longer, one last time! One more time…”


Finally, Ye Xiao was not able to continue suppressing it successfully.

He had advanced.

An even more vast and powerful undulation exploded rapidly in his body, spreading out from his body.

At that moment, the entire Xuan Yuan god clan was filled with an extremely dense immortal energy.

From that moment on, he had officially stepped into the second-level Imperial Immortal realm!


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