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Very quickly, he calmed down.

Murong Fengyun had already guessed who Ye Xiao was.

Currently, in the entire Xuan Yuan divine territory, apart from him, there was really no one else who could quietly approach him and not be discovered by him.

“After so long, I finally have the chance to meet you once.”

Murong Fengyun was filled with a myriad of emotions.

That was because he had once met Ye Xiao.

Previously, in order to find that high-level cultivator from the Xuan Yuan god clan, he even especially went to the Xuan Yuan divine territorys martial arts library, wanting to see if he could search for some information.

At that time, he remembered that Ye Xiao was a librarian.

It was just that he did not take Ye Xiao to heart at that time.

He only treated him as an ordinary minor character.

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In the end, he did not expect the little character to be the legendary character that he had always wanted to meet.

Ye Xiao swept a glance at him and said,

“The Yin-yang immortal technique, youve cultivated quite well.

Youve already comprehended 40 percent.”

Murong Fengyun cupped his hands and said,

“All of this is thanks to Seniors help previously.

If it wasnt for your help that time, Im afraid that I would have long been gone.

How could I have cultivated to this level”

“Youre welcome.

The reason why I chose to help you back then was also because you protected the Xuan Yuan god clan.

The two of us can be considered to be taking what we need from each other, helping each other out.”

“But I should still thank you.

After all, you saved my life.

And even without me, the Xuan Yuan god clan would still have your protection and would not be in trouble.”

Ye Xiao did not continue to pester him about that and continued to speak,

“Do you know why I came to look for you this time”

Murong Fengyun pondered for a moment before cupping his hands and saying,

“Ive already vaguely guessed a little.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Then this junior will dare to say a few words.

If this juniors guess is correct, the cultivator who has recently become famous in the immortal world should be Senior, right

“You first refined a sacred weapon, then refined a sacred pill, and now, youve even successfully advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm.

“This is because Ive noticed that the strength of these people from the Xuan Yuan god clan has increased by a large margin.

Its about the same time as when you advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm.

“The reason why you came to look for me this time is also that I came to this conclusion.

“Senior… You want me to keep it a secret”

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Ye Xiao nodded.

“Youre quite smart.

Your brain is very good.”

“Thank you for your praise, Senior.”

“However, I didnt come here just to keep you a secret.

I also want you to become my subordinate.

Are you willing”


Murong Fengyuns expression fell silent for a moment before Ye Xiao immediately said,

“Even if youre not willing, its fine.

I wont force you.

If youre not willing, I can only erase your memories at most.

I wont harm your life.”

Murong Fengyun said in admiration,

“Senior is magnanimous, and this junior admires you.

This junior indeed wants to follow you, but theres one thing.

This junior is now a Grand Elder of the Great Qin immortal sect and has been groomed by the Great Qin immortal sect for many years.

“If Senior agrees that you wont harm the Great Qin immortal sect in the future, this junior is willing to follow you.”

“Whether or not I will harm the Great Qin immortal sect doesnt depend on me, but on the Great Qin immortal sect itself.

“You also know that the founder of the Great Qin immortal sect, the Ancestral Dragon, was originally a member of our Xuan Yuan god clan.

“If they do not provoke me, I will naturally not provoke them.

“However, if they deliberately target or provoke me, I will definitely not let them off!

“Are you satisfied with my words”

Murong Fengyun immediately knelt down.

“If thats the case, this junior is willing to follow Senior around.”

Murong Fengyun knew that Ye Xiao was very strong, but he did not follow him and submit to him just because of that.

It was because he saw that Ye Xiaos character was very good that he chose to submit to him.

He was not that kind of treacherous person to begin with.

If Ye Xiao was too despicable and threatened him so strongly that he had to submit and surrender to the point that if he could not, then he would kill him even though he had previously wholeheartedly protected the Xuan Yuan god clan then his narrow-mindedness would naturally not be acknowledged by him.

Similarly, the reason why Ye Xiao chose to subdue him was also that he had taken a liking to his good character.

Otherwise, Ye Xiao would not have bothered with him and would have already given him a set meal of amnesia.

“Get up.

From today onwards, you are a member of our Xuan Yuan god clan.


“Many thanks, Senior.”

Ye Xiao flicked his finger and a drop of pure True Immortal blood entered the space between Murong Fengyuns brows.

“This is a drop of the Xuan Yuan god clans origin blood.

With it, you can possess the Xuan Yuan god clans bloodline.

From now on, you and we can truly be considered a member of the clan.”

Murong Fengyun immediately cupped his hands in gratitude.

However, very quickly, when he carefully experienced that drop of pure True Immortal blood, his expression could not help but change instantly, turning pale with fright!

“This… This is pure True Immortal blood Isnt this pure True Immortal blood How… Could it be that… The Xuan Yuan god clans origin blood is pure True Immortal blood

“My God, this is the number one bloodline in the immortal world!”

“You really know your stuff.”

Ye Xiao smiled slightly, and when Murong Fengyun saw Ye Xiao admit it, his heart could not help but beat faster, his eyes filled with disbelief.

Even until then, he still felt a little incredulous.

He felt that it was filled with magic.

That was pure True Immortal blood!

The immortal blood ranked number one in the immortal world!

There were countless people in the entire world who yearned to obtain that immortal blood, but no one had ever obtained it before.

In the end, it was actually the Xuan Yuan god clans origin blood.

No wonder the Xuan Yuan god clan had two super heaven-defying existences, the Ancestral Dragon and Ye Xiao, appearing one after another.

Very quickly, Murong Feng Yun started to get excited.

That was because he himself was a member of the Xuan Yuan god clan at that point and also possessed that kind of immortal blood.

“Senior, what should we do next”

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment and immediately said,

“I want to unify the immortal world.”


Hearing those words, Murong Feng Yun instantly could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

That was because Ye Xiaos tone was really too arrogant!

He actually wanted to swallow the entire immortal world!

“Senior, forgive me for being blunt, but isnt this idea a little too arrogant Thats the entire immortal world! Do you know how many sects and super powerhouses there are

“How vast is the immortal world It is absolutely impossible for just the Xuan Yuan god clan alone to defeat the entire immortal world.”

“I dont have to destroy all the sects in the entire immortal world.

“Right now, the two paths of good and evil are engaged in a great battle.

“After this great battle, the two paths of good and evil will definitely suffer great losses.

“The batch of disciples that advanced from the Xuan Yuan god clan previously are now doing quite well in the various sects in the immortal world.

We can use some special methods to support them, and when the time comes, we can take advantage of the situation and gain dominance over their sects.”

Hearing those words, Murong Fengyuns eyes instantly lit up.


If that was the case, then it might really be possible to achieve that step.

The people of the Xuan Yuan god clan all had pure True Immortals bloodlines.

There was naturally no need to say much about how powerful the pure True Immortal bloodlines were.

Moreover, while they had monstrous talent, they could also receive the gift of Ye Xiaos advancements.

At the moment, the Xuan Yuan god clan had quite a number of Great Immortals.

The next step was to wait for Ye Xiao to advance to the third-level Imperial Immortal realm.

It was very likely that there would be a batch of first-level Imperial Immortals.

There was also a very important problem.

It was not only Ye Xiao who would receive the gift when he advances.

The others who advance would also receive the gift.

After that batch of people advances, the gift they would bring would probably add up to greatly raise the strength of the entire Xuan Yuan god clan by a level.

The current number of people in the Xuan Yuan god clan was more than a trillion.

How large was that number

With so many high-level cultivators and the clansmen who had infiltrated the various sects, who in the entire immortal world could contend against them

There was probably no other existence in the world that could contend against the Xuan Yuan god clan.

After taking a deep breath, Murong Fengyun stood up straight and said with a serious expression,

“Senior, Ill do as you say.”

“You dont have to keep calling me Senior.

Im only 30 this year.”

Ye Xiao waved his hand.

Being called senior over and over again by an existence who had lived for more than 10,000 years really made him feel a little uncomfortable.

“How… How many”

When Murong Fengyun heard that, his eyes instantly widened and his jaw almost dropped in shock.

He simply could not believe his ears.

Ye Xiao was only 30 years old

Becoming an Imperial Immortal at 30 years old

What kind of joke was that

Becoming an Imperial Immortal at that age, even the holy sons and maidens of the top sects in the immortal world would not be able to achieve it.

Just how monstrous was that guy

There was simply no such person in the world.

Murong Fengyun even had a feeling that Ye Xiao might be the illegitimate child of the heavens.

Otherwise, how could he be so powerful

Ye Xiao did not give him too much time to be shocked and quickly said,

“I want to ask you something.

What does the Great Qin immortal sect think of the Xuan Yuan god clan How are they going to treat the Xuan Yuan god clan”

Murong Fengyun immediately replied,

“The Great Qin immortal sect wants to see if the Xuan Yuan god clan has any hope of nurturing another super genius like the Ancestral Dragon

“Previously, they had given out a portion of their resources and immortal techniques because they wanted to use these things to screen out geniuses.

“If they found someone with good potential, they would recruit them into the sect.

If their potential was poor and there wasnt much improvement, the Great Qin immortal sect wouldnt accept them.

“After all, the Great Qin immortal sect also needed to live, and their own resources were limited.

Its impossible for them to fully support the Ancestral Dragon, the sect leaders clansmen.

They do have a little bit of affection towards the Xuan Yuan god clan, but its not much.

After all, theyre not of the same race.

“Moreover, Sect Leader Ancestral Dragon has disappeared for many years, which reduces their expectations of the Xuan Yuan god clan even more.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

As expected, just as he had thought, the Great Qin immortal sect was not the final destination of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Forget it, he had to rely on himself for everything, not others.

Only by controlling fate in his own hands was the way to rule.

He could just roll up his sleeves and do it alone.


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