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“If theres nothing else, Ill bring Nishang back and give her the sacred pill.

Ill take my leave first.”

After speaking, Ye Xiao did not give them any time to react.

He hugged Nishangs waist and disappeared from the spot.

Everyone exchanged glances.

“Hes leaving just like that”

“Forget it, let him go.”

That elderly phoenix Imperial Immortal smiled and continued,

“No matter what, it is Nishang who is consuming the sacred pill.

Our Phoenix immortal sect will ultimately not suffer a loss.”

Another Grand Elder could not help but speak,

“But Grand Elder, dont forget that Nishang married Ye Xiao.

In the future, Nishang will be a member of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

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“So strictly speaking, we are still at a disadvantage in the end.”

“What else can we do”

That elderly Imperial Immortal spoke again.

“After so many years of vicissitudes, the phoenix race is no longer as strong as it was in the immemorial era.

“The current us is much weaker than before.

There are a large number of rising talents in the immortal world.

“There is no race in the world that can remain unchanged forever and stay at the peak.

“The decline of the Phoenix immortal sect is also something that will happen sooner or later.

“Rather than waiting until the time of decline before making any changes, its better to take the opportunity now to make a plan ahead of time.

“All of you should have also seen that this Ye Xiaos aptitude is so monstrous.

The master behind him is probably not an ordinary figure.

“All of you should ask yourselves if it were the strongest cultivator of our Phoenix Immortal sect, would they be able to do this”

Everyone was speechless and fell silent.

In truth, they were also clear in their hearts that what the Grand Elder said was right.

No race could always stand at the peak.

The Phoenix immortal sect was currently on the path of decline.

The elderly Imperial Immortal spoke again,

“With your eyesight, you should all be able to see clearly.

Before long, this Ye Xiao will become famous in the immortal world.

This is something that no one can stop.

“Taking advantage of the fact that his strength isnt strong yet, well give him some concessions.

Hell be grateful in his heart and treat us a little better in the future.

“In addition, Nishang herself is also a member of the Phoenix immortal sect.

With her by Ye Xiaos side, how many people in the entire immortal world would dare to touch our Phoenix immortal sect”

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Everyone nodded one after another.

According to what the Grand Elder said, that was actually a feasible plan.

That did not mean that the Phoenix immortal sect members were cowards.

If there was no one behind Ye Xiao, or rather, if Ye Xiao had not advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm, they would more or less have other thoughts.

At that point, regardless of whether it was thatmaster behind Ye Xiao or Ye Xiao himself, they all felt great pressure.

If they rashly attacked Ye Xiao again, they would either have water in their brains or they were tired of living.

On Ye Xiaos side, he brought Feng Nishang back to the immortal world.

However, it was not the same place as before.

He had changed to a new place to prevent anyone from noticing.

After consuming the sacred pill, Feng Nishang would most likely begin her tribulation immediately.

Ye Xiao was there to protect Feng Nishang and help her advance to the Imperial Immortal realm once and for all.

He took out the sacred pill and passed it to Feng Nishang.

Feng Nishangs eyes were filled with reluctance.

“Youre giving me such a good thing and letting me eat it just like that My heart aches, but you dont feel any pain at all”

“Whats there to feel sorry for If it wasnt for the fact that I dont have enough ingredients, I would have let you eat sacred pills like candy.”

Feng Nishangs beautiful eyes flickered, as though she had sensed something.

However, she was a sensible woman.

If Ye Xiao did not tell her, she would not take the initiative to ask.

“Then I wont stand on ceremony.”

“Of course, silly.”

Ye Xiao fed the sacred pill into Feng Nishangs mouth.

The moment the pill entered her body, it immediately released a large amount of energy.

That was a very dangerous thing for a pregnant woman.

If it were not for Ye Xiao, she would not have been able to use the sacred pill so easily just by giving it to Feng Nishang.

There was a possibility that she would have died from the sacred pill before she could even face the Immortal Tribulation.

On the other hand, Ye Xiao did his best to protect her.

The moment the pill entered her body, Ye Xiao directly injected the Primordial Chaos sacred art into Feng Nishangs body.

At the same time, he said,

“Dont think about anything.

Follow the route that Im currently using to learn this cultivation technique.”

Feng Nishang nodded and obediently followed Ye Xiaos route and began to learn.

Very soon, her pupils constricted and she was shocked to the extreme.

That was because she could clearly sense that the cultivation technique had surpassed the level of the immortal technique.

Its level was so high that it could even completely crush the Phoenix immortal technique of the Phoenix immortal sect.

One had to know that the Phoenix immortal technique was also a well-known existence in the immortal world.

Very few immortal techniques could compare to it.

However, Ye Xiaos cultivation technique was still able to easily surpass the Phoenix immortal technique.

One could imagine just how powerful that cultivation technique was.

Even so, Ye Xiao still imparted that cultivation technique to her, along with the sacred pill…

Feng Nishangs eyes were slightly sore, and she could not help but feel a surge of warmth in her heart.

She did not love the wrong person.

Everything was worth it.

The Primordial Chaos sacred art circulated in her body, helping her to quickly suppress the power of the sacred pill and digest it.

Soon, she gradually digested and controlled that power, and her cultivation began to rise rapidly.

In an instant, she successfully advanced to the third-level Great Immortal realm.

Then, the energy in her body continued to be released and strengthened.

Soon, she reached the peak of the third-level Great Immortal realm.

Finally, she successfully triggered the Immortal Tribulation.


The Immortal Tribulation in the sky arrived very quickly.

Feng Nishang opened her eyes and a grave expression appeared on her pretty face.

Ye Xiao opened his mouth and said,


“Dont be so nervous.

Ill take care of everything.”


Feng Nishang nodded.

In the next second, accompanied by a loud piercing sound, the immortal lightning in the starry sky finally began to descend.

A powerful force bombarded her body, causing her body to tremble slightly.

However, there was no major problem with her stomach.

That was because there was still a lot of energy in the sacred pill.

Moreover, that energy was all gathered on her stomach, firmly protecting the little baby inside so that she would not be harmed by the Lightning Tribulation.

Ye Xiao naturally did not use the Golden Book divine soul to shield his aura.

Instead, he allowed the immortal lightning to strike his body.

He could still take the opportunity to absorb a portion of the law energy within the immortal lightning.

The bolts of lightning struck down one after another.

Other than absorbing the energy himself, he was also watching Feng Nishang at all times.

If Feng Nishang was unable to endure it, he would help her block it for a while, which allowed Feng Nishang to catch her breath.

Just like that, after about two hours, the Lightning Tribulation finally disappeared.

Feng Nishang had successfully advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm.

A beam of golden light cascaded down and landed on her body.

The blessings from the heavenly tribulation were healing her injuries from the Lightning Tribulation while stabilizing her cultivation base.

However, Feng Nishang herself did not suffer any injuries.

Hence, her cultivation base was naturally stabilized.

That also allowed her to have a stronger foundation.

In the future, when she advanced further in the Imperial Immortal realm, it would also be easier to advance.

In addition to the Primordial Chaos sacred art that Ye Xiao had just taught her, her future prospects were limitless.

“Ye Xiao! I succeeded!”

Feng Nishang threw herself into Ye Xiaos embrace, crying from extreme joy.

No one could understand the excitement in her heart at that moment.

That was because, before that, she thought that she would either die or lose her child.

Worst case scenario, she and her child would die!

In that case, she would not be able to be together with Ye Xiao, and she would also blame herself for not protecting Ye Xiaos child well.

In the end, she did not expect that in the end, all those problems would be solved easily.

She could be together with Ye Xiao, and she could also keep Ye Xiaos child.

In comparison, she did not really care about becoming an Imperial Immortal.

No matter how ambitious a woman was, she would always put her family and loved ones first.

Ye Xiao gently stroked her little head.

“From now on, you have to be obedient and take care of your fetus.

Youre not allowed to go out and fight with others for a while.

Dont see the Phoenix immortal sect.

This is to prevent yourself from getting involved with trouble that you cant help but rush forward for.”

Feng Nishang playfully stuck out her little tongue.

“Dont worry, I know.”

A look of astonishment flashed across Ye Xiaos face.

At that moment, Feng Nishangs personality suddenly resembled that of her previously fused clone, Qin Yuyan.

Could it be that a woman who had been nourished was becoming younger and younger

Just as he was stunned, Feng Nishang suddenly poked her little head out of his embrace and gave a mischievous smile.

“Hey… Ye Xiao, the power of the sacred pill hasnt completely disappeared.”

Ye Xiao revealed a face full of question marks.

“So then”

“So then… I miss you.”

By the time Ye Xiao returned to the Xuan Yuan god clan, it was already night.

Frankly speaking, when he fought so many Imperial Immortals in the immortal world, he had never felt as tired as he was right then.

That made his heart somewhat perturbed.

That was because he felt that his strength should still be very good.

Although he did not dare to proclaim himself to be at the top level, no matter what, he should still be at the middle or upper level.

Unfortunately, Feng Nishang was not a human.

She was a phoenix.

The phoenix race naturally had a stronger physical quality and could easily suppress Ye Xiao.

Not only had Feng Nishang lived for more than 10,000 years, but she was also a phoenix.

She was born to suppress him in terms of race, which made Ye Xiao inexplicably feel a little worried for his future days.

A youngster like him would not die from an old lady like Feng Nishang, right

It looked like he would have to devour more Imperial Immortal blood essence in the future.

It would be best if he chose some more powerful races, such as the dragon race! The qilin race! The tiger race and the like…

‘Hmm, Ive decided.

When my cultivation increases, Ill eat more dragon liver and phoenix marrow to nourish my essence, strengthen my foundation, and strengthen my overall physical quality!

With that thought in mind, Ye Xiao had already arrived at Xuan Yuan Mountain.

Inside Xuan Yuan Mountain, Murong Fengyun was reading a piece of information sent from the immortal world.

His expression was very grave.

Even when Ye Xiao quietly appeared by his side, he did not feel it.

After a long time, he let out a long sigh and put down the information in his hand.

When he rubbed the space between his brows, only then did he catch a glimpse of Ye Xiao from the corner of his eye.

His pupils instantly constricted.


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