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Everyone had almost no superfluous thoughts.

In an instant, they changed their train of thought and turned around to run.

There was no other way.

That fellow was too monstrous.

They simply could not defeat him.

If that continued, all of them would have to pay the price there.

Ye Xiao laughed coldly.

Previously, they had been so enthusiastic to kill him.

Since they could not defeat him, they wanted to turn around and run

What kind of joke was that What kind of person did they take him, Ye Xiao, to be

Trash that could be easily trampled on

Since they were there, they had to leave something behind.

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Ye Xiao had never been the type to admit defeat.

Activating the Space-time immortal technique, Ye Xiao closed in on a first-level Imperial Immortal who was closest to him.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of the other party.

He held the Great Dragon in his hand and slashed out with his sword, sending the other partys head flying on the spot.

Ye Xiao waved his large hand and directly killed his immortal body and primordial spirit, leaving none alive.

Then, he charged toward another second-level Imperial Immortal.

When that second-level Imperial Immortal saw Ye Xiao coming over, he was scared out of his wits.

He immediately used the Explosive Blood technique to escape, not even willing to stay for a moment.

The first-level Imperial Immortal was instantly killed, while the second-level Imperial Immortal fled with his blood.

After seeing that scene, who would dare to stay there for even a moment

Those who had the Space-time immortal technique used all their strength to use the Space-time immortal technique, while those who did not, used the Explosive Blood technique one after another.

At that moment, they could no longer care about the side effects of the Explosive Blood technique.

At the moment of life and death, they only wanted to successfully escape.

Seeing that scene, Ye Xiao could only give up.

He could not help but spit.

“At least you b*stards ran fast!”

In truth, if he wanted to chase after them, he could also catch up to a few.

However, he should not be able to catch up to the Imperial Immortals who used the Explosive Blood technique.

Chasing after the Great Immortals was not very interesting.

To him, those below the Imperial Immortal realm could no longer be of any interest.

At that point, after he came to the immortal world, it could be said that he had gained a lot.

Not only was his cultivation raised to the peak of the first-level Imperial Immortal realm, but he was also just a little bit away from advancing to the second-level Imperial Immortal realm.

Furthermore, he had obtained so many Imperial Immortal immortal bodies and primordial souls.

After returning, he could refine all their immortal blood and then fuse their primordial souls into statues to protect the Xuan Yuan god clans.

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He had a feeling that the Xuan Yuan god clan would soon no longer need his protection.

He had Imperial Immortal guardians.

Furthermore, with his constant advancements, it would not be long before the Xuan Yuan god clan would have some Imperial Immortals.

In addition to the Xuan Yuan clansmen that were currently planted all over the immortal world, the Xuan Yuan god clan could be said to have both connections and an intelligence network.

After that incident, Ye Xiao no longer had any hope for the so-called righteous path in the immortal world.

The so-called righteous path was merely a large portion of people who occupied the mainstream society.

They had set a portion of the rules for themselves.

Within that rule, they would try their best not to violate the rules.

However, to people with very strong cultivation, those rules were useless.

For example, if they encountered a sacred pill, even an Imperial Immortal of the righteous path would lose his reason due to greed.

No one would be willing to give up such a big temptation.

Compared to the demonic path, the righteous path only had a few more guidelines and rules.

The demonic path did not have such rules.

They killed and robbed as they wished, without any scruples.

If he hoped that those people from the righteous path would be reasonable and give the Xuan Yuan god clan a good shelter in the future, it would probably be a fools dream.

Ye Xiao even thought of the Great Qin immortal sect.

It was not that he liked to speculate maliciously, but in the face of benefits, no one could guarantee that the other party was reliable.

The Great Qin immortal sect was created by the Ancestral Dragon, but the Great Qin immortal sect could not represent the Ancestral Dragons will.

That was because the Ancestral Dragon was no longer around!

Perhaps, he could use that opportunity to create a relatively safe environment for the Xuan Yuan god clan.

He could use up most of the elites of the demonic sect and the righteous path, and then use the disciples of the Xuan Yuan god clan to replenish them.

Moreover, as his cultivation became stronger and stronger, their aptitude would greatly increase.

They could easily become the pillars of the various sects in the immortal world.

That way, in a few years, the members of the Xuan Yuan god clan would be able to occupy more than half of the immortal world.

Although that move was rather sinister, Ye Xiao did not have a choice.

The world was like that, the strong preyed on the weak.

At that time, with his advancement, there would probably be many people from the Xuan Yuan god clan who would advance again.

Murong Fengyun and the others should have noticed that situation.

At that time, they would join forces to create a huge commotion in the ordinary world.

He should be able to easily guess the threat the Xuan Yuan god clan brings to the immortal world.

Ye Xiao was not sure if Murong Fengyun would report that matter to the Great Qin immortal sect, and would the Great Qin immortal sect take any special measures against the Xuan Yuan god clan

After all, for a large group of people like the Xuan Yuan god clan, whose cultivation had increased rapidly, their value was too great.

It would be very easy to push the Great Qin immortal sect, which could only be considered a first-rate sect, into a top-rate sect.

It was impossible for the Great Qin immortal sect to not be tempted.

After returning, they would have to subdue him.

Ye Xiao had to ensure that his god clan could continue on without any mishaps.

For the sake of that goal, he did not mind using some despicable methods.

Heroes paid attention to morality, while ambitious people paid attention to reality.


Ye Xiao felt that he had the potential to be an ambitious person.

As for being a hero, it was better to leave it to someone else.

He decided to go back first and think about it then.

First, stabilize Murong Fengyun.

Thinking of that, Ye Xiao used the Space-time immortal technique and instantly disappeared from where he was.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived at the Phoenix Plains.

Before the news of the immortal world spread to the Xuan Yuan divine territory, there should still be some time before he took care of Feng Nishang.

After all, the Xuan Yuan god clan was important, and Feng Nishang was equally important to him.

She was still pregnant with his little baby.

He went to the immortal realm to look for the Wolf Smoke Valley.

In addition to the follow-up Immortal Lightning, a month had passed.

He did not know how Nishang was doing.

When Ye Xiao returned to the Phoenix Plains, a few Grand Elders of the Phoenix immortal sect, including Feng Nishang, sensed him and immediately came out to see him.

“Ye Xiao!”

The moment Feng Nishang saw Ye Xiao, she immediately pounced into his embrace.

She opened her arms and hugged him tightly.

Feeling the warmth of her embrace, Ye Xiao hugged Feng Nishangs delicate body deeply.

After that, he took a deep breath of the fragrance on her body and said gently,

“Did you miss me”

Feng Nishang nodded in Ye Xiaos embrace.

The Phoenix Empress from back then had completely transformed into a loving wife.

Ye Xiaos heart warmed.

No matter how far he had walked, there was always someone waiting for him.

That feeling was really good.

The few Grand Elders gave the two of them a moment of warmth before impatiently interrupting them.

“I didnt expect you to return so quickly.

Could it be that you have already come to a conclusion”

“How is it Can the person behind you refine the sacred pill”

Facing the questions of the few Grand Elders, Ye Xiao replied indifferently,

“The sacred pill has already been refined.”


When everyone heard that, their hearts suddenly jolted, and their eyes were filled with shock.

One had to know that it had only been a month or so since Ye Xiao left.

Feng Nishangs face was also filled with disbelief, and her small mouth was slightly agape from shock.

The few Grand Elders hurriedly opened their mouths and asked,

“Wheres the sacred pill”

Ye Xiao once again calmly replied,

“The sacred pill is with me.”


Everyone could not help but suck in a breath of cold air in unison.

Their eyes were filled with shock and desire.

After all, that was a sacred pill!

An existence that even Imperial Immortals would be envious of.


One of the Grand Elders could not help but have his eyes turn red.

His breathing started to become slightly hurried.

“Can you let us take a look Just take a look.”

Ye Xiao nodded and took out a sacred pill.

A vast aura rapidly spread out, causing the Phoenix immortal sect Grand Elders to involuntarily shiver.

Their eyes were filled with respect.

“Thats right! Thats right! This is the sacred pill!”

“Oh my God, its really the sacred pill! Ive never seen a sacred pill in my entire life! I didnt expect that I would actually see it in the hands of a junior today.”

Everyones footsteps moved forward slightly, and their eyes started to redden.

The situation was somewhat out of control.

In truth, Ye Xiao had already guessed all of that a long time ago.

No one could resist the temptation of the sacred pill, except for himself and Feng Nishang!

That was because he could easily refine the sacred pill and as his woman, Feng Nishang naturally would not covet his things.

Only those people had nothing to do with him.

Their eyes only had interests.

The reason why Ye Xiao took it out was to draw out those peoples greed and then completely suppress them.


Just when everyones rationality was faintly difficult to control, Ye Xiao suddenly erupted with his own strength.

That terrifying strength caused everyones bodies to instantly tremble.

Everyone looked at Ye Xiao in disbelief!

No one had expected that at that moment, his cultivation had actually already successfully advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm.

“You… Youve become an Imperial Immortal”

A Grand Elder could not help but ask.

Ye Xiao nodded.

“But you were only at the second-level Great Immortal realm a month ago! How long has it been You actually advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm Isnt this too inconceivable How exactly did you advance”

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“How did I advance Theres no need for all of you to worry about it.

I just want all of you to know that I have sufficient strength to protect Nishang.

“I wont let anyone harm her.

Remember, I mean it when I say anyone!”

In those calm words, there was a hint of threat.

It was very obvious that among that anyone, there was also everyone from the Phoenix immortal sect.

Everyone was silent.

That was because Ye Xiaos cultivation was indeed very strong!

Moreover, what was terrifying was that strange, godly improvement speed of his!

It was simply too fast!

How long had it been

To actually advance from the second-level Great Immortal to the Imperial Immortal realm, was simply unimaginable.


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