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Chapter 69: Wishing for World Peace

The sword ray shot straight into the sky like a shooting star, drawing a bright and rapid trajectory.

Two toddlers were looking at the stars on the roof.

When they saw that scene, they immediately cheered.

“Sister, sister, look, theres a shooting star.”

“Wow! Its really a shooting star.

If you see a shooting star, you have to make a wish.

Then your wish will come true.”

“Yeap! Shooting Star, I hope you can bring peace to the world.

Humans, beastmen, and star beasts can all coexist peacefully…”

Southwest of Jing Province, at the border of Chu Province, Wanjiang Mountain.

A group of several hundred people gathered at a corner of the forest.

“This time, the Jing Province Garrison Army and the Chu Province Garrison Army joined forces with three private companies to fight in groups.

Their goal is to completely eliminate the beastmen organization in this mountain, the Beast God sect.

“In order to completely destroy the Beast God sect, a total of sixteen grandmasters and two great sects have been mobilized! Three spiritual art grandmasters, one high-level healer, six intermediate healers, and 435 Houtian realm warriors.

“This lineup has been transferred by the higher-ups, and the surrounding cities have worked together to gather this lineup.

“This is also a rare opportunity for us.

“Therefore, no matter what, we must bury the Beast God sect in this boundless mountain! Do you understand”


“Alright! Two great grandmasters, lead the way.

Spiritual art grandmasters, observe and advance!”

In the underground hall of the Beast God sect, two stone steles suddenly exploded, waking the disciples up.

“Whats going on”

The leader on the high seat had an extremely cold expression.

“Its the Bewitching Fox and Green Wolf.

Theyve been killed.”

“What! Grandmaster Bewitching Fox and Grandmaster Green Wolf have been killed too”

“These damn humans killed the disciples of the Beast God sect again! We must kill them and avenge the two grandmasters!”

“Thats right! Attack the humans and destroy Jianghai city!”

The leader was about to speak when he sensed something and his expression froze again.

“Its not over yet.

Another wave is coming.

Humans are invading!”

“It seems that we have to teach these stupid humans a lesson!”

“I order all the followers of the Beast God sect to fight!”

With that order, all the followers of the Beast God sect rushed to the ground in a frenzy.

“Kill all the humans!”

“Use the blood of humans to bathe the divine power of our Beast God sect!”

The ground started to tremble slightly, and the troops on the ground suddenly stopped moving.

“What a big tremor, weve been discovered!”

“Attention, everyone, get into battle mode!”

As soon as he said that, a female warrior in the crowd inadvertently glanced at the sky and could not help but ask in puzzlement,

“Eh Commander, look, whats that”

Everyone looked up at the sky and saw a shooting star streaking across the sky, forming a parabola before finally landing in front of everyone.

An extremely dazzling ball of light rose from the ground, followed by an earth-shattering explosion.


An intense explosion sounded, and the earth trembled.

The shock wave spread in all directions with a crushing force, immediately knocking down large trees one after another.

“Everyone pay attention.

Concentrate your energy in your body, guard your mind, and stabilize your lower body.

Grandmasters and great grandmasters, activate the spiritual energy barrier defense!”

The commander quickly issued a tactical order, and everyone quickly coordinated according to the strategy.

The grandmasters and great grandmasters formed a wall of spiritual energy in front of them to block the shockwave.

Ye Xiaos cultivation technique was too powerful, and its amplification was far greater than ordinary cultivation techniques.

An ordinary sword attack already possessed the strength to fight against opponents of a higher cultivation level.

Furthermore, by condensing a large amount of spiritual energy, the power of several moves was compressed into one sword attack.

As a result, its strength was already comparable to a true great grandmaster attack!


When the shockwave collided with the spiritual energy wall, even though it had already spread for tens of miles, it still shook several grandmaster experts.

Their arms were slightly numb, and their spiritual energy was slightly agitated.

Only the great sect and the members hiding at the back were slightly better off and were not affected too much.

Even so, everyone was still scared out of their wits.

What a powerful attack!

That was simply heavens punishment!

In front of that attack, their group was as small as a group of ants.

One had to know that their groups strength could not be underestimated!

Even so, they still did not have the right to boast in front of that attack.

Fortunately, the attack did not land on their heads.

Otherwise, even with the defense of the great sect and grandmaster, none of them would have survived.

The shockwave only lasted for an instant before it passed by them and continued to spread backward, gradually weakening.

However, the tragic scene in the surroundings showed just how powerful that attack was!

Due to the huge shockwave, the trees were blown down.

At the center of the explosion, the trees were crushed into pieces.

A huge mushroom cloud rose up from the center of the explosion…

“Quick! Lets go and take a look!”

The commander immediately gave the order, and the group quickly moved forward.

The few great sects and grandmasters were the fastest, and they immediately left the group and rushed toward the center of the explosion.

Under the explosion, the lives in the surroundings were almost gone.

They did not have to worry that the team members behind them.

A few minutes later, the great sects arrived first.

When they saw a huge crater on the ground, they were all petrified.

The ground had been flattened, and there were no signs of life or greenery.

There were only bare pits, and because the heat from the explosion was extremely high, some of the ground had already been turned into porcelain or glass.

“Who… Who did this”

“Oh my God, this guy wiped out the entire Beast God sect!”

“Who Who is it Who has the ability to do this With this strength, Im afraid that only the divine sect could be responsible for this!”

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, another night had passed.

Jianghai city was very calm, and the entire Jing province was also very calm.

The matter of the Beast God sect had not been spread out.

The divine sect was not a large sect, nor was the grandmaster sect.

It already involved the nine provinces and even the worlds top combat strength.

There were very few existences at that level, and they were extremely noble.

Their information and identity had to be closely protected as a secret of the nine provinces!

Only a very small number of people were able to know about that matter.

As for Ye Xiao, he carried some fruits and went to the hospital to visit Ning Yuhen.

After yesterday, he had only healed Ning Yuhens arms and legs.

As for the remaining injuries, he did not continue to heal them.

Instead, he sent him to the hospital.

The star beast bloodline in his body had its own healing technique.

Together with the hospitals healers, he would be completely healed.

Sending him back to the library once or twice, even a fool would be able to guess something.


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