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No one knew who that fellow was, but if he was like that fellow from before, running faster than a rabbit, then they would have waited in vain.

After taking a deep breath, many people began to stir.

It was to the extent that a few Great Immortals had already activated their spiritual senses, wanting to scan inside.

However, just as they made their move, several rays of light flashed on the ground outside the Lightning Tribulation.

“This is… An array He made a warning array”

“Why did he make a warning array Why didnt he make a defensive array”

If it was a defensive array, it could at least defend against them.

What was the use of a warning array

As soon as they finished speaking, everyone suddenly felt that the Lightning Tribulation in the sky seemed to have stopped a little.

“Thats not right! The reason why he chose to make a warning array instead of a defensive one is that he wants to warn us.

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“If we dare to step in, he will immediately stop refining pills and choose to run away.”

“We cant let him run away.

Catch him first.

As long as we catch him, we can make him continue refining the pill.”

Unfortunately, just as he finished speaking, the Great Immortals who spoke suddenly exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

Bang, Bang, Bang…

A terrifying power exploded, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

The surrounding people could not help but feel their hearts beat faster and were filled with terror.

“Its the Imperial Immortal! An Imperial Immortal has made a move.”


The people at the side quickly covered his mouth.

“Do you want to die Are you tired of living Do you think others dont Know Youre the only one who talks too much.”

That Great Immortal finally understood that he should not speak too much nonsense.

However, everyone understood the meaning of that Imperial Immortal.

That was to never think of interrupting the alchemists pill refinement.

Otherwise, what awaited them would be death.

At that moment, everyone became much more obedient.

The Lightning Tribulation in the sky also started to condense at a rapid speed.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

That was because they all knew that the alchemist had started to refine pills again.

Actually, everyone understood what the Imperial Immortal meant.

They wanted him to refine the pills first and capture him the instant he did so.

After the previous lesson, those people should have already thought of a meticulous method.

If they acted rashly and scared the other party away, it was very likely that the other party would turn into a frightened bird.

If they did not come out the next time, it would not be worth it.

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At the instant the pill was refined, the other party would definitely have a momentary pause.

At the very least, the sacred pill had its own thoughts and its strength was extremely terrifying.

If he wanted to subdue the sacred pill, he might need a little bit of time.

That little bit of time might become his fatal time of death.

At the moment, if he was alarmed, with a wave of his hand, he could grab the materials and run away.

In reality, Ye Xiao also had his own plans.

The last time he refined the sacred weapon, his cultivation had not reached the third-level Great Immortal.

He was only at the second-level Great Immortal.

At that time, he had no way to fight against several Imperial Immortals.

Also, when he used the Space-time immortal technique, his speed was only about the same as a first-level Imperial Immortal.

In the end, he had no choice but to use the Destiny sacred art to escape.

However, his cultivation base had already reached the third-level Great Immortal realm.

Even if he did not use the sacred art and just uses the Space-time immortal technique, his speed would be much faster than those Imperial Immortals.

Therefore, he did not need to worry about anything.

When those people arrived, he could use the Space-time immortal technique to escape first.

After a certain distance, he could immediately use the Destiny sacred art.

The tribulation clouds in the sky grew more and more.

Soon, it exceeded an unimaginable degree.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

When the people outside saw the heavenly lightning, they could not help but break out in a sweat, and their hearts beat wildly.

As expected of a sacred pill.

The Lightning Tribulation that descended was comparable to the imperial Immortals Lightning Tribulation.

It could even be said to be superior.

It was simply too terrifying.

However, from a certain point of view, the Imperial Immortal was already extremely strong.

Countless cultivators might not be able to reach that level in their entire lives.

However, it was even more difficult to successfully refine a sacred pill.

That was understandable.

As long as an Imperial Immortal cultivated diligently and had sufficient talent, he could still succeed.

If one wanted to successfully refine a sacred pill, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

Not only did it require countless precious materials, but those materials would also take at least tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years to mature.

Even if it was a refinement, it would require several top-grade alchemists to work together to control it.

Only then would it have a chance to successfully refine it.

Among them, it required perfect timing, location, and alchemists.

None of them could be missing.

As for the Imperial Immortals success or failure, it would depend on himself.

Under the Lightning Tribulation, the medicinal pill gradually took shape.

The nine-colored multicolored light erupted, circle after circle.

It looked like water ripples spreading out.

Above each layer of multicolored light, there were some faint golden rays of light.

Those faint golden rays of light were auspicious energy!

It was the most orthodox and blessed energy between heaven and earth.

Whether it was the sacred pill or the saced weapon, they were all extraordinary objects.

If they did not succeed, then so be it.

If they succeeded, then heaven and earth would bestow blessings on them.

That was also why they were so powerful.

At that moment, a strange phenomenon suddenly appeared between heaven and earth.

Heaven and earth seemed to have merged into one.

The scene was a chaotic zone, unable to distinguish between light and darkness, fire and ice… It was as if all the opposing things had merged together at that moment.

When Ye Xiao saw that scene, he was somewhat confused.

That was because he had never seen such a situation before.

‘Will alchemy cause such a situation or will this kind of situation appear when refining a sacred pill

‘But why The last time when I refined a sacred weapon, such a strange thing did not appear either.

This is really strange.

The people guarding outside were all confused when they saw that scene.

“What the hell is that”

As the sound of his voice faded, one of the Imperial Immortals frowned and spoke,

“Could this be the legendary Great Harmony realm”

“Great Harmony realm, what is that”

Someone could not help but voice out the question in his heart.

Another Imperial Immortal explained,

“According to the rumors, the Great Harmony of heaven and earth is a phenomenon formed when a person cultivates all the martial arts, pill refinement, weapon refinement, arrays, and so on to the extreme.”


The crowd could not help but exclaim in shock.

Their hearts were filled with waves of shock.

If that was the case, did that not mean that the one who refined the sacred weapon the last time was also the same fellow

Otherwise, it would be impossible for it to be someone else.

From the beginning, people had vaguely guessed that the alchemist refining the sacred pill was related to the one refining the sacred weapon the last time.

However, what everyone thought the most was that those two unrivaled alchemists might know each other, and no one dared to think that they were the same person.

At that point, it actually became true.

That made everyone unable to express the shock in their hearts through words.

“According to rumors, if one can produce the Great Harmony of heaven and earth, one will have a chance to transcend the shackles of immortals in the future and exceed the immortal path, reaching an even higher existence that surpasses laws!

“That is something that countless ancient legends and talented people yearn for and dream of!”

Another Imperial Immortal could not help but sigh,

“This person is truly the most extraordinary person in the immortal world.

Since ancient times, there has been almost no one.

Even the Ancestral Dragon, who founded the Great Qin immortal sect, paled in comparison to him!

“I really dont know who this fellow is.

If we can get to know him, our lives will not be in vain.”

“If we offend this person this time, he would not hold back.

If we let him escape and ascend to heaven, we will never see that talented alchemist again!”

Everyone looked at each other, their eyes revealing a hint of viciousness.

Although most of them were from the righteous path, the righteous path was only slightly better than the demonic path.

That did not mean that the righteous path would not kill.

The demonic path would kill without restraint, while the righteous path would not kill with a certain amount of power of law.

To elaborate, the demonic path would attack their fellow disciples, but the righteous path rarely attacked their fellow disciples.

If they attacked, they would be targeted by others and be viewed as part of the demonic sect.

However, that did not mean that the righteous path did not have people who hid their viciousness and ruthlessness.

Especially in front of such an extreme temptation, the sacred pill!

The so-called righteous path and the demonic path were already meaningless.

If that pill could be given to them to consume, their strength, even if it was a first-level Imperial Immortal, could also gradually advance to the third-level Imperial Immortal.

Moreover, the sacred pill did not only have that small benefit.

It could also change ones physique, change ones aptitude, and make it possible for one to advance above the Imperial Immortal realm and enter a legendary realm.

Ye Xiao ignored them because the medicinal pill had reached the end stage.

At that time, it would probably attract the covetous eyes of many people.

Who knows, they might be about to make a move soon.

At that moment, it was more dangerous than ever before.

Therefore, he increased his speed and immediately used the Destiny sacred art to forcefully finish off the last bit of the medicinal pill.

“With Ye Xiaos orders, complete the refinement of the sacred pill!”

Just as those words fell, Ye Xiao felt that his lifespan was like ice that had encountered a raging fire.

It melted with a crash and collapsed.

It was extremely terrifying!

Fortunately, it did not consume too much.

It only consumed more than 30,000 years of lifespan.

With Ye Xiaos current third-level Great Immortal cultivation, that little bit of lifespan was not a concern.

After the medicinal pill was successful, the sacred pill had already formed its own consciousness and wanted to escape at the first possible moment.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao had long expected that.

He instantly executed the Primordial Chaos sacred art and created a large hand that directly grabbed the sacred pill.

At that moment, the Lightning Tribulation suddenly stopped.

Everyone who was watching and waiting outside was instantly stunned.

It was as if they had not expected such a thing to happen at all.

“Whats going on Did the pill refinement fail But thats not right.

Ive already seen the auspicious color just now! If it failed, it wouldnt have appeared auspicious.”

“Thats not right! Its not that the pill refinement failed, but that he used a special method to increase the speed of the pill refinement at the last moment so that the pill could quickly take shape.

Its the sacred pill refinement that succeeded!”

The moment those words were said, countless figures rushed in at high speed.

Everyone ran their speed to the limit, afraid that they would be one step later than the others and would not be able to snatch the sacred pill.

At the instant they charged in, all the warning arrays that ye Xiao had set up lit up and emitted waves of warning sounds.


The melodious and urgent alarm sounds made peoples blood boil.

It was like charging forward and beating drums, making those peoples speed even faster!


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