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Just as the servant finished speaking, the space-time barrier of the small world was suddenly opened.

A streak of black light shot out at an extreme speed.

The servant was shocked.

Although her strength was only in the Great Immortal realm, she could more or less recognize that person.

It was her holy maiden, Yang Zimo.

“Isnt… Isnt that the Saintess Why did she run out all of a sudden And she ran so fast.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the space-time barrier behind her was broken by a sword.

That sword light soared into the sky, its momentum did not decrease.

Not only did it break the space-time barrier with a sword, but it also broke her body.

From the top of her head to her body, she was torn into two halves.

The distance between her two eyes kept on separating.

Following that, she saw a nine-colored ray of light pass through the middle of her two halves.

Its speed was even faster than the holy maidens.

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Following that, her consciousness sank into darkness.

The more Yang Zimo escaped, the more alarmed she became.

She did not expect Ye Xiaos speed to be so terrifying.

In the blink of an eye, he had caught up to her.

He had actually surpassed her, an Imperial Immortal!

That crazy scene made her simply unable to believe it.

A feeling of impending death surged into her heart.

She did not want to die!

She could not die either!

She was the last disciple of the Dark Moon Imperial Demon, the Holy Maiden of the Dark Moon Empire!

Her future was bright!

If she died just like that, even she could not forgive herself.

In her next life, or even after that, she might not be able to obtain such a good fate again.

She had to survive.

Seeing that Ye Xiao was about to close in on her, Yang Zimo bit one of her fingers, forced out her blood essence, and once again activated the Dark Moon Explosive Blood technique.


Another explosion sounded.

Yang Zimos figure increased her speed once again.

In the blink of an eye, she stabilized the gap between her and Ye Xiao.

However, she only managed to stabilize the gap and did not widen the distance between the two of them.

That was not a good thing for Yang Zimo.

As long as she did not widen the distance, she would definitely die.

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She knew better than anyone else how terrifying Ye Xiaos sword attack was.

The defense of the Black Tortoise had already far surpassed that of an ordinary person.

Even so, it was still heavily injured by the other partys sword attack.

If it landed on him, it would definitely be even harder for him to endure.

Even if he did not die, he would still lose half of his life.

Seeing that the power of his Explosive Blood technique was gradually weakening and that its speed was already somewhat slowing down, Yang Zimo hardened her heart and once again exploded her other arm.


At that time, the Explosive Blood technique was even stronger because it consumed more blood essence.

Therefore, in an instant, she disappeared from where he was and pulled a great distance away from Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

He had long expected that the other party would use that move.

However, he did not expect that the other party would be so ruthless and blow up another arm of hers.

Although one could repair ones arm after practicing a powerful immortal technique, it was very difficult to repair it to that extent if one could not use a similar amount of natural treasures or blood essence.

Even if it was repaired, ones cultivation would drop a lot as a result.

That woman was quite ruthless.

She was indeed worthy of being a demonic cultivator from the demonic sect.

However, the more ruthless the other party was, the more Ye Xiao would not let her off!

Otherwise, the next time she dealt with him, she would be even more ruthless!

He had to kill her!

After taking a deep breath, Ye Xiao directly used the Major Destiny technique.

He did not use the Destiny sacred art because the consumption of the technique was too great.

With his current third-level Great Immortal cultivation, killing a first-level Imperial Immortal, based on the consumption of the Destiny sacred art would cause him to lose more than half of his lifespan.

It was not worth it.

On the other hand, the consumption of the Major Destiny technique was much more forgiving.

In any case, as long as he could make the other party slow down and catch up to her quickly, there would not be much of a problem.

It was not necessary to kill her in an instant.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, heavily injure the enemy in front of me who is running for her life!”

With a shout, the immortal technique, Major Destiny technique was activated.

Yang Zimo, who had already escaped a very long distance away, could not help but heave a sigh of relief when she saw that she had pulled such a huge distance away from Ye Xiao.

Although Ye Xiao was still chasing after her, she at least felt that she had a glimmer of hope.

Being able to successfully escape and ascend to heaven was enough.

However, she did not have the time to be overly happy.

In an instant, an unknown power suddenly erupted from the surface of her body.


Following a violent explosion, she violently spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

A heart-wrenching pain instantly spread throughout her entire body.

What was even more terrifying was that because of that, all the power in her body had fallen into an unbalanced state.

There was no way for her to circulate it again.

At the very least, there was no way for her to circulate it within those two seconds.

Furthermore, for cultivators like them, one or two seconds was enough to decide the outcome.

Especially for Ye Xiao, who controlled the Space-time immortal technique!

“Master, save me!”

At this critical moment, Yang Zimo directly bit the tip of her tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood essence, burning in the air as she summoned her master.

At the same time, Ye Xiao had already arrived in front of her.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Xiao slashed out with his sword.

Killing intent pervaded the air as a terrifying power instantly locked onto Yang Zimo.

Yang Zimo was extremely terrified as her beautiful eyes widened.

At that moment, a thunderous explosion suddenly sounded from the sky.

Following closely behind it was an extremely thick yet extremely majestic voice.

“B**stard, how dare you kill my disciple!”

When Ye Xiao heard those words and felt the terrifying strength of the other party, he could not help but feel a wave of shock in his heart.

However, his expression was extremely calm.

That was because he knew better than anyone else that it was impossible to take back what was done.

At that moment, regardless of whether he killed Yang Zimo or not, the other party had already formed a grudge against him.

The other party would not let him off easily.

Instead of that, he might as well kill Yang Zimo first.

On one hand, he could prevent Yang Zimo from revealing his information.

On the other hand, he could also prevent Yang Zimo from coming over to target him after she became stronger.

Hence, not only did he not hold back, he even used his full strength to fight Yang Zimo!

The Great Way of Life immortal technique was circulated to the maximum by Ye Xiao.

He held the Great Dragon in his hand and slashed out, aiming straight for Yang Zimos face.

In order to save her life, Yang Zimo used all of his strength to resist and instantly blocked a thread of Ye Xiaos attack, slowing down the speed and strength of his attack.

Although she could not completely resist that move, as long as she could stop time for an instant, it would be fine.

At that instant, her masters power could reach from afar and attack Ye Xiao.

At that time, she would naturally be saved.

When two different types of powers came into contact, be it offense or defense, the power attributes between the two parties would be quickly adjusted to being in sync, or they would try their best to be in sync.

That was the only way to ensure the strength of that move, to ensure that there would not be any explosions between the two attacks, and to allow ones offense or defense to last longer.

If the attack or defense lasted longer, it would mean that the longer the attack or defense lasted, the greater the benefits one would receive.

Just think about it.

If one of the attacks or defense was the first to explode, then it would lose its threat.

The other attack would be able to charge straight in.

That was because the explosion would spread, while the attack would maintain its condensation.

After the explosion spread, the power would be diluted, and it would no longer be able to resist the condensed power of the attack.

“Its done!”

The corners of Yang Zimos mouth curled up slightly.

The joy of having survived a calamity surged into her heart once again.

However, in the blink of an eye, she was once again disappointed!

That was because at the instant they came into contact, Ye Xiao had used the Yin-yang immortal technique.

That instantly changed his attacks energy attribute which directly detonated Yang Zimos defensive barrier.


“Not good!”

After hearing that violent explosion, the smile on Yang Zimos face instantly disappeared, and there was no need to say anything else.

Instead, it became as pale as wax as she was extremely terrified.

A sense of deaths deterrence came pressing over, and she already had no time to do any defense.

Ye Xiaos sword light mercilessly cleaved open her little head, and then slashed downwards, again and again.

He instantly destroyed her Imperial Immortal-level supreme immortal body.

It made her follow in the footsteps of her servant.

In the blink of an eye, everything turned into nothingness.


In the sky, the shadow of the Dark Moon Imperial Demon that was summoned over let out a world-shaking roar and then headed straight for Ye Xiaos face.

Ye Xiaos actions were undoubtedly slapping his face.

He absolutely would not let Ye Xiao off!

Therefore, that almighty figure had practically exhausted all the energy that he had summoned at that time and maintained it above a single strike.

It did not prepare a second move at all.

The other party had the determination to kill and destroy Ye Xiao in one move!

The instant before Yang Zimos will disappeared, the corner of her mouth that had been split into two by Ye Xiao raised slightly once again when she saw that scene.

It was enough.

Once Master made his move, he would definitely be able to kill Ye Xiao.

Even though she had been killed by him, Master had also helped her to take revenge.

That was enough.

She would wait for him on the road to the netherworld and see if he would still be as carefree as he was without the sacred weapon.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao had long been prepared for that.

At the instant the other party made his move, he also made his move.

Moreover, he used one of his strongest powers, the Primordial Chaos sacred art.

With a single move, the spiritual energy in Ye Xiaos body was instantly sucked dry.

All of his powers transformed into a sword light.

With a single sword move, he charged straight at the streak of energy that the other party made.


That explosion was even more powerful than all of the previous explosions!

That extremely terrifying scene caused an uproar in the immortal world that spanned hundreds of millions of miles.

Between heaven and earth, there was a white light, and everything could no longer be seen clearly.

What was even more terrifying was that the shockwave from the explosion swept out, causing the clouds in the sky to quickly retreat.

Many of the mountain peaks that were too high were flattened as a result.

It was as if someone had slashed them out of thin air.

A huge mushroom cloud rose up, mixed with lightning and thunder.

It was as if it was the apocalypse, and it was extremely terrifying.


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