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Hearing that, the servant was shocked.

“Holy Maiden, this wont do.

There are two Imperial Immortals fighting inside.

We still dont know how strong they are.

If they are too strong, you wont be their match.

After you enter, the two of them will attack you at the same time.

You wont be in a good situation.”

The holy maiden smiled.

“The people of my demonic sect rely on taking risks to seek wealth.

The benefits in this world arent that easy to get.

Besides, have you forgotten my strength”

When the servant heard that, she felt slightly relieved.

She was too shocked by what happened earlier and almost forgot that the holy maiden was also a first-level imperial Immortal.

In addition, she was the last disciple of one of the three Great Imperial Demons of the demonic sect, the Dark Moon Imperial Demon, Yang Zimo!

Under the guidance of the Imperial Demon, her techniques could not be underestimated.

Every Imperial Demon in the demonic sect was at the peak of the third-level Imperial Immortal realm.

Their fortunes were unrivaled and no one could match them.

The disciples they taught far surpassed others in the same realm.

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Although the two of them were also in the Imperial Immortal realm, she was not weak at all.

Taking a deep breath, she turned around and smiled

“Then this subordinate will wait for your good news here.”

Yang Zimo nodded and executed the secret technique of the demonic sect, the Sky immortal technique.

Opening a spatial tunnel that led inside, she directly rushed in.

However, just as she entered, she could not help but narrow her eyes.

She saw the most unbelievable thing in her life.

A third-level Great Immortal was chasing after a first-level Imperial Immortal, the Black Tortoise.

At that moment, she suddenly felt that her brain was not enough.

What was going on

In that day and age, had the world become so chaotic

Even a Great Immortal could chase after an Imperial Immortal

One had to know that even if that Imperial Immortal was heavily injured, he was not someone a third-level Great Immortal could easily provoke.

The strength of an Imperial Immortal was unrivaled.

That was an existence from two different dimensions.

If she did not see it with her own eyes, even if it was her master who told her, she probably would not believe it.

Wait a moment, there seemed to be something wrong.

Her gaze landed on the weapon in Ye Xiaos hand.

Following Ye Xiaos attack, the nine-colored auspicious sacred light that flashed on the weapon and that terrifying aura caused her breathing to involuntarily freeze.

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That was a sacred weapon!

She was really going crazy.

She simply could not believe what she was seeing.

A third-level Great Immortal actually held a sacred weapon in his hand

Was he joking with her

Since when did a mere Great Immortal have the qualifications to encounter a sacred weapon

Even for an Imperial Immortal, other than advancing their cultivation, their greatest dream was to have a sacred weapon of their own.

The vast majority of people spent their entire lives hoping for one.

Despite that, in front of her eyes, there was a Great Immortal holding a sacred weapon.

That simply refreshed her worldview.

No, it was not the time to think about that.

The final question was, how should she take advantage of the situation

The Great Immortal holding a sacred weapon had the clear advantage between the man and the beast.

If she helped him, after destroying the Black Tortoise, it would be difficult to deal with him.

Therefore, she would first join hands with the Black Tortoise to destroy him.

After killing him, she would snatch the sacred weapon from his hands.

Then, she would deal with the Black Tortoise, who was at a disadvantage.

Her chances of winning would be higher.

In that case, she would be able to reap the benefits.

Of course, she would not choose to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight.

That was because the other two had already noticed her.

If she did not make a move, the other two would go easy on her out of fear of her appearance, even until the battle ended.

At that time, she would not be able to reap any benefits at all.

After taking a deep breath, she turned her right hand and a lesser sacred weapon appeared in her hand, charging straight at Ye Xiaos face.

Just as she had thought, Ye Xiao had long noticed her appearance.

Since her cultivation had already reached that level, there was naturally no need to say how terrifying her divine sense was.

He had long been wary of that woman.

Therefore, at the instant the other party attacked, Ye Xiao suddenly gave up on the Black Tortoise Immortal Beast and turned around to slash at her sword.


The two sword rays collided in the air, and that terrifying power directly caused a huge destructive shock wave.

That shockwave caused the entire small world to tremble, and all the law energy within became even more violent.

Not only that, the terrifying power even caused the small worlds space-time barrier to change shape.

It was a small space created by the Black Tortoise Immortal Beast and the Wolf Smoke Valleys terrain.

When the servant outside saw that scene, their hearts could not help but beat wildly.

Three Imperial Immortal-level cultivators fighting together.

It was simply too amazing.

It was ridiculously powerful!

It was simply beyond the ability of ordinary people.

Even though her cultivation base had already advanced to the Great Immortal realm, when she saw that scene, she could not help but feel terrified.

She was like a small boat in a storm, unable to fight against the power of nature, she had a feeling that she was going to die at any moment.

In the small world, at the instant that Yang Zimo made his move, an accident suddenly occurred.

The Black Tortoise Immortal Beast actually turned around and ran away.

That was right, it ran away.

It turned around and ran away, completely disregarding Yang Zimos help.

Yang Zimo was completely dumbfounded.

She could not understand at all.

Why was that

It was because of the situation before her eyes.

If she and the Black Tortoise joined forces, they would definitely be able to defeat Ye Xiao.

If one of them ran away, the last two of them might end up in a deep whirlpool.

Was that d*mned Black Tortoise crazy

Just as she was still unable to figure it out, Ye Xiao had already approached Yang Zimos side.

A terrifying suppressive force made Yang Zimos heart beat wildly as if she was facing death.

She simply could not believe her eyes.

The strength that the fellow displayed at that moment was actually even stronger than before.

How was that possible

He actually held back earlier

What kind of joke was that

A third-level Great Immortal actually held back when fighting against an Imperial Immortal.

Who would dare to believe those words

That world was simply crazy.

In reality, Ye Xiao had just fought against the Black Tortoise earlier because he wanted to test his abilities so he did not use his full strength.

Theoretically speaking, he did not have the intention of fighting against the Black Tortoise when he was a realm higher than him.

Instead, he had the confidence to kill the Black Tortoise.

In other words, when the Black Tortoise was only a realm lower than him, he had over 90 percent confidence to kill the Black Tortoise.

To elaborate, he was not afraid of a first-level Imperial Immortal.

As for a second-level Imperial Immortal.

If it was a one-on-one fight, he had a chance of escaping from the Black Tortoise.

A third-level Imperial Immortal would cause him to feel some pressure.

If it was a peak third-level Imperial Immortal, it would truly put him in danger.

That was also the reason why he had been so anxious to become an Imperial Immortal!

That was because after becoming an Imperial Immortal, even if it was only a first-level Imperial Immortal, his strength might be able to contend against a third-level Imperial Immortal in a one-on-one fight.

Yang Zimo clearly did not know that and at that point, she was already in a crisis.

After being stunned, Ye Xiaos attacks followed up.

A terrifying killing intent pervaded the air, instantly enveloping him.

That was because, at that moment, another first-level Imperial Immortal had appeared.

In order to prevent the two of them from joining hands to deal with him, Ye Xiao was gradually unleashing his full strength, using all of his strength to prevent any mistakes from happening.

The huge crisis caused Yang Zimos hair to stand on end.

She did not dare to delay even the slightest bit.

At the critical moment of life and death, she did not hold back at all and directly used the life-saving secret technique that her master had taught her, the Dark Moon Explosive Blood technique.

That was an extremely powerful immortal technique.

At the price of self-harm, it was exchanged for the result of space conversion, allowing her to avoid the other partys movements and thus escape into the sky.

Yang Zimo self-detonated one of her arms.

That was because she could feel the terror of Ye Xiaos sword.

It was completely capable of tearing half of her body apart.

Using one of her arms to exchange for her safety was still very worth it.

Moreover, at that critical juncture, there was no extra time for her to think.

The Dark Moon Explosive Blood technique was successfully executed.

Yang Zimo and the Black Tortoise Immortal Beast, who had already escaped into the distance, instantly switched positions.

Not only did they teleport themselves out, but they could also teleport their corresponding positions there to defend against the attack.

The reason why her master, Dark Moon Imperial Demon, created that move was not only to escape but also to plot against the enemy.

After the move was used, not only could it help her escape, but it could also shift her enemy over and take that move head-on.

That move was always successful because it was too unexpected.

The number of people who died to that move was countless.

The Imperial Immortal Beast, Black Tortoise was transferred over and faced that move.

It was so angry that it cursed loudly and directly spoke in human language.

“B*ch! F*ck you!”

After roaring angrily, Ye Xiaos sword directly slashed out a destructive wound on its huge Black Tortoise shell.

The sword rays momentum did not decrease.

With a ruthless and unstoppable stance, it instantly tore apart the Black Tortoises flesh and blood.

The Black Tortoise felt pain, and its entire soul began to tremble.

Ye Xiao did not have much time to tangle with it.

He immediately grabbed it into one of his spatial storage rings and forcefully suppressed it.

It was currently heavily injured and had no way of resisting his suppression.

First suppress it, then capture the female Imperial Immortal who had escaped.

Ye Xiao could feel the demonic energy on the other partys body.

She must have been sent by the Dark Moon Imperial Demon.

If he let her escape, it would be very disadvantageous to him.

The reason why Ye Xiao came to look for the Black Tortoise Immortal Beast was to ensure his concealment and at the same time, to test his strength.

After his secret had been discovered, he would definitely hurry up and eradicate the root of the problem.

Otherwise, he would be in big trouble.

Outside the small world, the servant saw that the small world was shaking violently.

She could not help but smile and say,

“As expected of the Holy Maiden.

Once she made a move, this small world could not withstand it and was about to break! It seems that this time, the Holy Maiden is likely to reap the benefits!

“Two great Imperial Immortals.

This is a big piece of fat meat.

It can be considered the Holy Maidens best harvest recently, right”


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