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A sharp shout, containing an incomparable aura, was akin to a gigantic palm pressing down from the sky.

Although it was just a voice, it was already mixed with the power of thunder, causing the entire earth to tremble.

Ye Xiaos aura was slightly stirred.

He could not help but narrow his eyes, his eyes revealing a hint of excitement and solemnity.

What was exciting was that the fellow inside was an Imperial Immortal-level Immortal Beast.

What was worrying was also that the other party was an Imperial Immortal-level!

Despite that, he was still primarily excited.

His current cultivation base had already advanced to the third-level Great Immortal realm.

He should already be able to compete with an Imperial Immortal.

If he was asked to look for an Imperial Immortal alone, he definitely would not be willing.

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That was because the Imperial Immortal had a lot of connections outside.

Not to mention that the other party could find a lot of helpers.

Even if he were to kill the other party, it would attract a large crowd of people to watch.

At that time, he would become the target of everyone.

However, in Wolf Smoke Valley, he did not have to worry about that problem.

That was because the entities there were all Immortal Beasts.

They were all isolated and helpless.

They would not have any contact with the outside world.

Other than that, under normal circumstances, no one would come there for no reason.

By the time they arrived there, he would have already left for an unknown period of time.

It was a good opportunity for him to test his strength and not have to worry about being discovered by others.

At the same time, he would also have a chance to obtain an Imperial Immortal Beast.

Killing two birds with one stone, was there anything more perfect than that

Therefore, he did not waste any more words and directly stepped into the space.

It seemed to be an independent space.

As expected of an Imperial Immortal-level powerhouse, his status was high.

He actually created a small independent space that belonged to himself.

He wondered if he would be that strong after advancing to the Imperial Immortal realm.

Once he stepped into it, he instantly felt as if he was locked onto by a strange force.

That force was extremely powerful, so oppressive that it made people unable to breathe.

Ye Xiao faintly felt that the immortal energy around him seemed to be somewhat frozen.

That should be a move similar to a domain.

By releasing the immortal energy in his body, it formed a specific domain.

In that domain, he had the greatest advantage.

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Regardless of whether it was an attack or anything else, it had a special high bonus.

Compared to him, he was the one being suppressed.

“This emperor has already warned you.

Do you really want to die so badly”

Just as his voice fell, a towering figure appeared in front of Ye Xiao.

It was a huge Immortal Beast, the Black Tortoise!

Its entire body looked like a huge turtle.

It was the size of five football fields and looked extremely majestic.

On its turtle shell, in the middle, there was a huge python.

Two large heads and four huge gem-like eyes were staring straight at Ye Xiao.

Although as an Immortal Beast, it did not have all the viciousness of a low-level star beast, its sharp eyes also revealed unbearable cold killing intent.

However, Ye Xiao was not afraid at all.

Not only was he not afraid, but his gaze was indifferent as he looked at the other party with a carefree expression.

“Turtle soup is very good.

Eating it is a great tonic.

It can nourish Nishang and the child in her stomach.

If I eat a little, I should be able to nourish yin and yang.

It has a special effect.

“The flesh of the python was filled with vitality.

After eating it, it would be of great help to ones cultivation.

“Not bad, its a very good ingredient.”

When the Black Tortoise Immortal Beast heard those words, his four gem-like eyes turned cold in the blink of an eye, exuding a scarlet glow.

His killing intent was overflowing.

Ye Xiao barging into his territory had already caused his anger to soar to the skies.

In the end, he actually dared to say that he wanted to use him as an ingredient to stew turtle soup.

That little b*stard, how strong was his cultivation

He was merely a mere third-level Great Immortal, while he was a dignified Imperial Immortal.

What right did he have

How dare he

He must die!

He must kill him and make him pay for his stupidity.

Thinking of that, the Black Tortoise Immortal Black immediately let out a heaven-shaking roar.

His gigantic head aimed at Ye Xiao and directly spat out a seven-colored ray of light formed from immortal energy.

That seven-colored light contained extremely powerful law energy.

It was not inferior to Ye Xiao when he used an immortal technique, coupled with the Great Dragons slash.

The moment the light appeared, the sky and earth changed color.

The terrifying power shook the sky and earth.

If it was another person, they might have already been locked down by that power and could not move at all.

However, that was not a big deal to Ye Xiao.

His right pinky slightly moved, and the Great Dragon instantly appeared in his hand.

Brandishing the Great Dragon, he slashed out with his sword.

An overwhelming killing intent, coupled with the vast immortal energy in his body, directly shattered the beam of immortal light that the Black Turtle Immortal Beast spat out.


Intense explosive sounds rang out in all directions.

Ye Xiao stepped out once more and met the Black Tortoise Immortal Beast head-on.

From the first time they exchanged blows, he had already sensed how strong his opponents cultivation was.

Luckily, it was within the range that he could withstand.

Hence, he did not use the Space-time immortal technique to dodge or engage in a side confrontation.

What he wanted was a head-on confrontation.

With the strength of a third-level Great Immortal, he would be able to withstand the strength of an Imperial Immortal.

Although he might be injured, the data obtained from the test would be very helpful to him.

Therefore, even if he was slightly injured, it was very worth it.

Moreover, he might not even be injured.

The Black Tortoise Immortal Beast clearly did not expect that that tiny immortal standing in front of him actually had such a powerful explosive power.

Even with a third-level Great Immortal, he was able to fight head-on with him.

What a terrifying combat method.

His immortal technique should not be an ordinary immortal technique.

The weapon in his hand should not be an ordinary weapon either, but a sacred weapon.

That child was extremely strong!

Ridiculously strong!

At that moment, even the Black Tortoise Immortal Beast, who was an Imperial Immortal, did not dare to be the slightest bit careless.

It gathered all of its strength and fought seriously against Ye Xiao.

While that was exactly what Ye Xiao wanted.

The man and the beast fought intensely in that secret space, but it was deathly silent outside.

Due to the protection of the Black Tortoise Immortal Beasts domain, the battle between the two did not spread out.

Ye Xiao could also relax and enjoy that battle to his hearts content.

Moreover, at that moment, two rays of light descended from the Wolf Smoke Valley outside.

After which, two figures flashed and appeared.

Two beautiful figures slowly descended.

“Holy Maiden, the Wolf Smoke Valley is somewhat unusual today.

“According to legend, in the past, there were many powerful Immortal Beasts here with extraordinary strength.

Even a peak Great Immortal or even a first-level Imperial Immortal might not be able to gain anything.

“Today, the two of us came here, but not a single aura locked onto us.

This is truly unbelievable.”

The holy maiden swept her gaze around, her eyes revealing a hint of solemnity.

After that, two black and red demonic lights flashed in her eyes as she swept her gaze forward.

With a light tap of her feet, she moved with her heart and instantly disappeared from her original spot, when she reappeared, she had already arrived at a place 100 miles away.

The servant girl beside her immediately followed her.

When the servant girl arrived, she instantly covered her mouth in shock.

There was a huge bonfire in front of her, and beside the bonfire was a pile of bones.

Some fur could be seen on the ground.

A huge wolf head had been wantonly thrown on the ground.

Its eyes rolled back, and there was no sign of life at all.

“This is… The Blue-white Wolf King of the Wolf Smoke Valley The Blue-white Wolf King is a second-level Great Immortal.

Who killed it and even ate it”

The holy maiden took a deep breath.

Her eyes were filled with shock.

However, unlike her assistant, she was clearly much calmer.

“Lets go.”

The two of them sped up and walked inside.

Soon, they found many things that made people tremble in fear.

Their hearts sank completely.

Other than the Blue-white Wolf King, there were many other powerful Immortal Beasts in the Wolf Smoke Valley.

Their strength was not bad either.

There were many Immortal Beasts that were even stronger than the Blue-white Wolf King.

However, none of them could escape the fate of being killed.

Almost every one of them had been eaten.

The rest of their flesh and blood had long disappeared.

It was likely that someone had taken them away.

There were so many Immortal Beasts there, and their strength was unfathomable!

How could they all be killed by someone

One had to know that even if those Immortal Beasts did not work together, the other party would still be able to deal with them one by one, so would they not be injured Who was it that was able to kill all of the Immortal Beasts from the start to the end

To kill all of the Immortal Beasts in the entire Wolf Smoke Valley

That method was too terrifying.

Moreover, it was at the crucial moment of the Great Battle between good and evil.

It was unknown whether the other party was from the righteous path or the demonic sect.

“Holy Maiden, look!”

The assistant suddenly pointed to the deepest part of Wolf Smoke Valley in front of her.

Although that place had been completely blocked by a special space-time warp.

However, at that moment, because the strength of the battle inside was too powerful, a part of it could still be seen.

It was as if sparks and lightning were constantly erupting in the void.

The holy maiden glanced over there, and her gaze became a little more solemn.

“What a terrifying cultivation base.

This strength is probably not weaker than mine.

To be able to fight in such a large private space like this, the strength of the two people fighting here is probably not weaker than a first-level Imperial Immortal.”


Hearing that, the assistant could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

That was too terrifying.

The cultivators inside were both Imperial Immortals!

The two Imperial Immortals were fighting inside.

“Holy Maiden, its better for us not to get involved in this matter.

Although your cultivation base is also in the Imperial Immortal realm, the strength of those two isnt something to underestimate.

What if you are hurt once you enter…”

The holy maiden shook her head, her eyes flickering non-stop.

“I have to go in and take a look.

When two tigers fight, one of them will definitely be injured.

I might be able to gain some benefits from their fight.”


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