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Chapter 68: A Starry Sky to Light Up Your Death

“Little Ningning is so smart.

You guessed your sister right away.”

The other partys words were full of teasing, but Ning Yuhen felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave, and his whole body was covered in a cold sweat.

Green Wolfs strength in battle was extraordinary.

Even the three grandmasters in Jianghai city might not be able to take him on alone!

As for Seductive Fox, she was a master of spiritual energy manipulation.

Her spiritual technique was so strong that it made ones hair stand on end.

Even a grandmaster martial artist would find it difficult to fight against her.

Once those two combined, the three grandmasters in Jianghai city might not be able to defeat them even if they joined forces.

He really had no way out.

Ning Yuhen gritted his teeth.

Rather than being tortured to death by the two of them, he might as well kill himself.

Thinking of that, he immediately raised his hand and prepared to commit suicide.

However, just as he raised his hand, Green Wolf waved his hand, and a beam of light directly swept through his arm.


The heart-wrenching pain immediately made Ning Yuhen faint.

“Oh, Green Wolf, youre too rough.

No matter what, Little Ning is still our junior.

You really dont know how to pity him.”

Green Wolfs face was cold.

“Stop talking nonsense.

Scan his memory and find the b*stard who killed Ba Zan and Meg.”

“Got it.”

Grandmaster Seductive Fox spread her hands helplessly and used the Seductive Fox clans cultivation technique.

Her spiritual energy surged into Ning Yuhens body like a tide.


The moment her spiritual energy entered Ning Yuhens body, she could not help but be stunned.

That was because, in Ning Yuhens spiritual consciousness, there was currently a young figure standing there.

That figure was condensed from spiritual energy.

It stood there with its hands behind its back and a pair of cold eyes looking at her as if it had long known of her arrival and was deliberately waiting for her here.

“Youre the martial artist who killed Ba Zan and Meg”

Ye Xiao ignored her.

The reason why he did not make a move earlier was that he was waiting for Ning Yuhen to be knocked unconscious.

It was not good for him to make a move when Ning Yuhen was awake.

Now that the Seductive Foxs spiritual energy had surged in, it meant that he could send those two Beast God sect grandmasters on their way.

With a slight movement of his eyes, a greater powerful spiritual energy began pressing toward the Seductive Fox from all directions.

‘So powerful!

Seductive Foxs pupils constricted, and her soul began to tremble.

She did not dare to be the slightest bit careless, and her spiritual energy immediately began to withdraw!

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao was fast, too fast.

He did not give her the chance to react at all and instantaneously crushed the spiritual energy that she had poured in.

Then, he followed the original path and directly attacked her soul.


Seductive Fox spat out blood and flew backward.

In midair, she was like a kite with a broken string.

“Seductive Fox!”

Green Wolf stomped his foot and his body instantly flashed past to catch Seductive Foxs body.

However, he found that she was already on her last breath.

“Whats going on”

“Quickly… Escape.”

Seductive Fox struggled to say those two words.

Green Wolf did not dare to be careless and immediately turned around to escape.

The moment he turned around, a light, like a bright meteor in the dark night, instantly approached his forehead.

He did not have the chance to react.

The moment he saw the light, his consciousness fell into darkness.

His body and soul were mercilessly shattered by the saber ray, leaving nothing behind.


Green Wolf and Seductive Foxs bodies fell to the ground again.

“Green Wolf!”

Seductive Fox could not help but exclaim.

In the next second, her head was stepped on by someone.

From the corner of Seductive Foxs eyes, she took a glance, and her mind could not help but tremble again.

It was him!

It was the person she had just seen in Ning Yuhens spiritual consciousness!

He was actually a martial arts expert!

As she was thinking, she suddenly felt that her spiritual energy was suddenly invaded.

Not good!

He wanted to search through her memories and obtain the Beast God sects information.

Just like how she wanted to invade Ning Yuhens spiritual consciousness to find Ye Xiao.

She definitely could not let him succeed!

Seductive Fox clenched her teeth and was already prepared to detonate her own spiritual energy.

Although doing so would cause her to fall into a land of eternal damnation, she had no other choice!

If such a martial arts expert obtained the information of the Beast God sect, it would definitely cause disaster and ruin!

However, just as she was about to detonate her spiritual energy, she suddenly realized that she was already unable to mobilize it!

Ye Xiaos mental energy was too powerful, directly suppressing her mental energy!

At that moment, Seductive Fox was in complete despair.

Why did the Beast God sect come to Jianghai city

That was not a place where they could stay.

It was hell!

“Found it!”

When those four words entered Seductive Foxs ears, she felt Ye Xiaos feet suddenly exert force, pressing down on her head like a huge rock weighing 10,000 pounds!


In the next moment, Seductive Foxs consciousness sank into darkness.

“Heres your reward.”

Ye Xiao said indifferently.

Huan Liuli immediately transformed into her true form and pounced forward, devouring the two beastmen grandmasters.

Those two people had very strong star beast bloodlines in their bodies, and their strength was not shallow.

After devouring them, Huan Liulis strength would receive a large increase.

Huan Liuli was happily devouring the grandmasters while Ye Xiao raised his right-hand high.

The reason why he was looking for information on the Beast God sect was to catch them all in one fell swoop.

If one did not get rid of the root of the problem, the spring breeze would blow again.

That Beast God sect was a constant thorn in his side, and it had already challenged Ye Xiaos bottom line.

If he did not destroy the entire Beast God sect, it was only a matter of time before someone stronger came.

It was better to strike first and then suffer.

For peace, he had to level it off.

As he raised his hand, a golden sword ray that was only an inch long suddenly formed three feet above his head.

Although it was only an inch long, the amount of spiritual energy that was poured into it was a huge amount.

The power that was condensed in it was not just the full-strength attack of a martial grandmaster, but several times the full-strength attack of a great grandmaster.

In reality, other great grandmasters could not do such a thing.

If not, if everyone compressed their spiritual energy, they would be able to fight across ranks.

The main reason was Ye Xiaos cultivation technique, the Heaven-cleaving Sword.

The level was too high, so it was able to form a sword move that compressed spiritual energy.

It combined the amount of several attacks into the amount of one move, and then reached a powerful attack that surpassed ones own level!

After feeling that he had condensed about ten times the attack power, Ye Xiao used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and injected his spiritual energy.

He had already found the Beast God sects location and the leaders appearance from the Seductive Foxs spiritual energy.

Therefore, as long as he injected the coordinates and the Beast Gods appearance with his spiritual energy, it would turn into an automatic target missile, searching for the Beast Gods headquarters.

When everything was done, Ye Xiao gently flicked a finger on the sword ray.

“Go and bring world peace to the Beast God sect!”


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