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Ye Xiao could not help but frown.

“It should be okay, right Since they asked me to come over, it cant be to kill me since that would anger and upset you.

The Phoenix immortal sect also has no reason to do so.

“However, having said that, you are the holy maiden of the Phoenix immortal sect, but now you are carrying my child inside you, the Phoenix immortal sect will definitely not let it go so easily.

“I reckon they are looking for me to let off steam on one hand, and on the other hand, they want to take advantage of the opportunity to reap some benefits, right”

The Phoenix immortal sect also has anger and greed.

It was not a high and mighty, desireless kind of sect either.

Otherwise, they would not have come to find him themselves

The Phoenix Empress pursed her lips and smiled.

“This brain of yours is really good.

However, what you said isnt entirely right.

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“The main reason why I asked you to come here this time is because of me.

“Because of my special status now and also because I obtained the inheritance of an old senior from the Phoenix immortal sect, it wont be long before I will advance to the Imperial Immortal realm.

“But the problem is that I need to undergo a Lighting Tribulation to advance to the Imperial Immortal realm.

“Before that, because of my child, I almost failed to transcend the Great Immortal tribulation.

“Luckily, the Great Immortal tribulation wasnt that strong.

The other Imperial Immortals from the Phoenix immortal sect helped me to block that crisis.

“If not, even if I hadnt turned into ashes, my cultivation wouldnt have reached the Great Immortal realm.

“However, my cultivation speed was very fast.

It wouldnt be long before I advance again and reach the Imperial Immortal realm.

“At that time, I will definitely face the Imperial Immortal Tribulation which is no joke.

Even the Imperial Immortals of the Phoenix immortal sect wouldnt be able to help me survive this tribulation.

“At that time, Im afraid that my child and I might not be able to survive.

“The Phoenix immortal sect would definitely not be willing to let me die for my child.

However, I also dont want to lose my child for the sake of transcending the tribulation.

Since everyone had no other ideas, I had no choice but to say that you might have a solution.

They have only just arrived and brought me back to the ordinary world to look for you.”

Ye Xiaos expression was solemn.

He did not expect there to be such a problem.

He then said to the Phoenix Empress,

“What do you think”

The Phoenix Empress took a deep breath and said with a firm expression,

“No matter what, I dont want to lose my child.

She is the blood and bone in my body.

Even if I die, I will not let her suffer any harm.

Its just that I would be betraying the Phoenix immortal sects wishes in that scenario.

They really treat me very well, just like my family.

“Its just a pity that I can only repay this favor in my next life.”

When she reached the end, the determination on her face gradually turned into guilt.

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A mother had a certain incredible strength.

Although the Phoenix Empress felt guilty toward the Phoenix immortal sect and was not afraid of death, she had to protect her child no matter what.

Ye Xiao gently stroked her little head.

“Silly, dont take everything on yourself.

You dont have to shoulder it alone because you still have me.

Ill take care of everything.”

The Phoenix Empress nodded and hugged Ye Xiaos waist, snuggling in his embrace and enjoying a moment of peace.

Ye Xiaos gaze was firm.

No matter what method he used, he had to help the Phoenix Empress get through that Immortal Tribulation.

That was his responsibility as a man.

The warmth between the two did not last for long.

Not long after, a voice came from outside.

“Holy Maiden, the Elder Council has asked you and your partner to make a trip over.”


The Phoenix Empress replied, but Ye Xiao could clearly feel that her small hand, which was holding onto his clothes, had become even tighter.

He patted the Phoenix Empresss small hand and consoled her with a faint smile,

“Dont worry, Ill take care of everything.”

The Phoenix Empress nodded and immediately said,

“Ye Xiao, I hope that you wont have any conflicts with them.

They are all my elders and treat me very well.

The reason why they are targeting you is also that they have some misunderstandings about you.

They feel that you are an irresponsible man.

On account of my behalf, you should suffer some grievances.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Dont worry, I understand.”

He had gotten her pregnant before they even got married, causing her to fall into a crisis.

It was understandable for the elders to be angry because of that.

As a mature man, he should think of a way to resolve that conflict without acting pretentious and going against the other partys elders.

That would only make things difficult for the Phoenix Empress.

Of course, she would protect herself, but that meant that she had to go against the elders who loved her.

Her heart would not feel too good either.

The two of them held hands and walked towards the Elder Council.

At the same time, five Grand Elders were sitting in the Elder Council of the Phoenix immortal sect.

Those were the true immortal cultivators of the Phoenix immortal sect who had descended from the immortal world.

Each of them exuded an extraordinary and imposing aura even when they were not angry.

Other than an elder with a head full of silver hair, the rest of them were forever young.

One could not tell their true age, but all of them were extremely beautiful women.

You could even vaguely tell from the elders bearing that she had an extraordinary charm when she was young.

“This time, you guys dont protect that kid because you care about Nishang.

I have to scold him severely to do so.

“He, this stinking man, only cared about his own comfort and ended up putting Nishang into this state.

All the suffering, all of it has to be endured by Nishang! Its extremely abominable.”

“Sixth Elder is right, if we deal with the kid too lightly, hell be more insufferable in the future.

Who knows what he will do to Nishang.”

“Sigh! Nishang, this silly girl, is good but too naive.

She is gifted and has the Imperial Immortal inheritance, she will definitely have a great future.

But she cant let go of a small man, sigh!”

Among everyone, only the elder remained silent.

She had lived for far longer than the people present.

Thus, she had seen too many things in her life and there were not too many fluctuations in her eyes, she only looked at those juniors as they discussed.

At the same time, a burst of quarreling voices came from outside.

Everyone raised their eyebrows slightly and immediately said with a smile,

“Looks like Xuan Feng is going against him.”

“Thats good too.

Let Xuan Feng give him a taste of his own medicine.”

At that moment, Ye Xiao and the Phoenix Empress, Feng Nishang had just arrived when they were stopped by a figure.


Ye Xiao swept a glance at the other party.

It was a man from the Phoenix immortal sect.

He was dressed luxuriously in white silk.

His appearance was very handsome.

The sect leader seemed to be rather good-looking.

However, compared to Ye Xiao, he had less of a steady and imposing aura.

He was far inferior to Ye Xiao who looked more refined and easygoing, making people feel comfortable.

However, his strength was still passable.

He had already reached the peak of the late-stage Heavenly Immortal realm.

He was only a step away from advancing to the first-level Great Immortal realm.

Looking at his bone age, he should only be a few hundred years older.

In the immortal world, he could be considered a genius.

That was because not everyone in the world was as monstrous as Ye Xiao.

Many people at his age had not even advanced to the Heavenly Immortal realm.

Moreover, he was already at the peak of the third-level Heavenly Immortal realm.

The standards of geniuses could not be based on Ye Xiao.

Then the entire world would be trash.

Ye Xiao was an existence that had long surpassed geniuses.

Feng Nishangs expression turned cold as she shouted sternly,

“Xuan Feng, what are you doing here”

Xuan Feng looked at Feng Nishang with a complicated gaze.

Then, he looked at Ye Xiao and his gaze returned to being sharp.

“This fellow caused you to be in deep danger.

I want to teach him a lesson.”

“What has it got to do with you Hes my husband!”

“But youre also our Phoenix immortal sects holy maiden.”


Feng Nishang still wanted to say something.

However, Ye Xiao patted Feng Nishangs shoulder lightly and said with a smile,

“Its fine.

Let me do it.”

He could clearly see that the other party had some admiration for Feng Nishang, which was why he was especially angry at him.

Moreover, that was the Elder Council.

For him to stir up trouble there, it was more or less a group of elders.

They wanted him to show them his might and at the same time, see how strong he was.

If he were to blindly hide behind Feng Nishang, it was impossible for them to be satisfied.

As he spoke, he took a step forward.

“At least you have guts!”

Xuan Fengs expression was delighted.

He was afraid that Ye Xiao would not agree because Feng Nishang was protecting him.

If he really did not agree, there was nothing he could do.

When he first met Feng Nishang, he was already very impressed.

Unfortunately, Feng Nishang had already been taken by Ye Xiao before him.

He could only sigh helplessly.

However, the unhappiness in his heart continued to that day.

That day, he could properly teach Ye Xiao a lesson to vent the unhappiness in his heart.

He had already thought it through.

He was a genius of the Phoenix immortal sect, and his strength was extraordinary.

At that point, he had already reached the peak of the third-level Heavenly Immortal realm.

Ye Xiao was merely a person from the ordinary world.

Even if he advanced to the immortal realms, he could only be a True Immortal.

If it was not for the Imperial Immortals inheritance, Feng Nishang would not have reached the Great Immortal realm.

Therefore, he had enough confidence to suppress Ye Xiao and beat him up.

It was not a problem at all.

Of course, he would not kill him.

Although he was angry with Ye Xiao, he would not be so despicable and lowly.

Even so, he would also beat up Ye Xiaos face until it was swollen.

He would make Ye Xiao lose face once.

“Because youre a guest, I, Xuan Feng, cant bully you either.

Ill let you make the first move, lest people say that my Phoenix immortal sect doesnt know how to treat guests.”

“Let me make a move Are you sure”

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

“Thats only natural.

I am a man of my word.

Would I lie to you”

Xuan Feng had a proud expression.

Feng Nishang wanted to say something, but she did not say anything after that.

She did not know Ye Xiaos strength at the moment.

However, with her understanding of Ye Xiao, he would never do anything that he was not confident of.

Since Ye Xiao took the initiative to stand out, then he was definitely confident.

However, there were quite a number of people around who were already staring over here and whispering to each other.

“Look quickly, Xuan Feng is going to fight with our Phoenix immortal sects son-in-law.”

“What kind of son-in-law is he The Elder Council hasnt acknowledged him yet.

Lets wait for them to acknowledge him first.”

“I think it will be a little difficult for the Elder Council to acknowledge him.

“Once Xuan Feng makes a move, he will beat him to the ground.

Would the Elder Council want such an embarrassing son-in-law”


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