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That was because he could sense that the fellow had an aura that he was very familiar with.

That was the aura of the Xuan Yuan divine territory!

The other party had died in the Xuan Yuan divine territory!

At that instant, he had directly locked onto that genius cultivator of the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

As expected, it was he who made a move.

His previous guess was completely correct.

However, he had still underestimated his methods.

He had not expected him to be so powerful.

It seemed that he had to think of a way to find him after he returned.

Such a powerful existence had even acted to save him.

He really wanted to see who that person was.

Then, he would thank him in person for saving his life over and over again.

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At the moment, he had to settle the problem in front of him first.

After taking a deep breath, he immediately attacked.

He activated the Yin-yang immortal technique and punched the nearest Great Immortal demonic cultivator.

Everyone was in shock.

No one expected him to suddenly attack.

Even the righteous path people did not expect it.

Therefore, he severely injured him.


After that attack, everyone finally reacted.

The faces of the people from the demonic sect changed drastically.

“Murong Fengyun, you are the righteous path of the immortal sect.

How could you do such a despicable sneak attack Are you shameless”

A Great Immortal from the demonic sect roared angrily.

Meanwhile, Murong Fengyun said indifferently,

“To deal with shameless people like you, I wont bother having a talk about morality to you.”


“Everyone, the opportunity to clear the path of righteousness is here.

Kill them!”

The righteous path cultivators charged forward frenziedly as if they had been injected with stimulants.

“D*mn it! Retreat! Retreat quickly!”

The cultivators of the demon sect could not take it anymore and have already begun to retreat.

Their strength was slightly lower than the other partys, and they had been hoping to summon Elder Guo over to help them turn the situation around.

However, they did not expect Elder Guo to die by himself.

How were they supposed to continue fighting

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If they continued fighting, they would die without a burial ground.

They might as well run away.

In any case, they were deviant and evil.

They did not need to care about decorum like the righteous path.

At that moment, the chaotic space-time energy in the sky slowly calmed down.

The space-time barrier had been repaired!

The people of the immortal world were overjoyed.

Before long, a vast aura descended.

It was the many immortals on the righteous path of the immortal sects.

Previously, they had been blocked by the chaotic power of space-time and had no way to come down.

Since the power of space-time had been restored, they naturally rushed down to help their fellow disciples.

The people from the demonic sect fell into complete despair.


However, no matter what angry roars they let out, they were unable to change reality in the end.

In front of the many immortal cultivators from the immortal sect, they could only die in the end.

Groups after groups of immortal cultivators from the immortal sects descended.

At that moment, accompanied by a few phoenix cries, a few beautiful figures with extraordinary auras also appeared in the ordinary world.

Among them, a woman wearing a long black dress was looking in the direction of the Yanhuang Great World with a deep and affectionate gaze.

“Ye Xiao, are you alright”

Ye Xiao, who was currently cultivating in the Xuan Yuan divine territory, also felt the waves of power descending.

‘Has the space-time barrier been repaired

‘However, Yang Xi had said before that they understood that the demonic sect had launched a war in the immortal world and had obtained many advantages.

The righteous path of the immortal sect could still accommodate so many people.

It seems that the foundation of the righteous path is still very solid.

He let out a sigh.

Initially, he was still hoping that the space-time barrier could continue for a period of time.

At that point, it seemed that the idea was impossible.

That was because the immortal world was currently at war.

If the immortal world was separated from the ordinary world, then the ordinary world would not be affected.

He could still continue to cultivate peacefully for a period of time.

He might very soon raise his strength to become an Imperial Immortal, that way, he would be completely safe.

However, since the barrier between the two worlds was opened again, the problem would be more troublesome.

The flames of war between the demonic sect and the immortal world might very well spread to the ordinary world.

Fortunately, the demonic sect was already at a disadvantage.

If they were eliminated, the immortal world would almost be able to fall into complete peace.

‘Forget it.

Ill see how things develop in the future.

Ye Xiao had always been more amicable.

In reality, even if he did not want to do it, there was nothing he could do.

He was not a god.

It was impossible for everything to be done 100 percent smoothly according to his thoughts.

He did not need to worry too much.

After all, even if the flames of war spread, the immortal sects righteous path would definitely send more immortal cultivators over.

With those high-level cultivators in charge of the battle, he would still be able to continue his cultivation.

However, the more troublesome thing was that he could not casually make a move in the future, or else it would be very easy to expose his identity.

In the next two days, Murong Fengyun also returned and brought back many high-level immortal cultivators.

Ye Xiao could clearly sense that among those cultivators, there were a total of six Great Immortals.

Among them, there were two second-level Great Immortals and one third-level Great Immortals.

Furthermore, that was only one immortal sect, not all of the sects.

With so many sects in the entire immortal world acting together, one could imagine just how many immortal cultivators were sent out at that time.

What made Ye Xiao even more speechless was that Xia Xinyi had actually returned.

Azure Dragon, Emperor Jing, and the Venerable Vermillion Bird had also returned together.

What a turn of events.

He had spent so much effort to send all those people up, but in the blink of an eye, they had returned.

However, there was nothing he could do.

Since the Great War between good and evil had begun, newbies like them, who had just entered the sect not long ago, had to be sent out to carry out missions.

Their current strength was still very low, and they were not strong in the immortal world.

However, if they were sent to the ordinary world, it would not be a big problem for them to protect the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Moreover, there was another matter, and that was the Great Qin immortal sect.

Although it was founded by the Ancestral Dragon, the god clans under its jurisdiction were not just the Xuan Yuan god clan.

There were also a few other god clans.

Among their god clans, there were seniors who had advanced to the immortal world.

After arriving in the immortal world, they joined the Great Qin immortal sect.

As time went by, they continuously increased their qualifications, and the Great Qin immortal sect had no choice but to protect their clansmen.

That was very normal.

After all, they could be considered meritorious figures of the Great Qin immortal sect.

It was not to the extent that even their clansmen could not get a chance to be protected.

Who else would join the Great Qin immortal sect

What surprised Ye Xiao was that among those ordinary world cultivators, there was also the Netherworld god clan.

No wonder the Xuan Yuan god clan had played well with the Netherworld god clan before.

There were already people who were on good terms with the seniors on both sides.

Of course, those were not the most important things.

The most important thing was that Ye Xiao received a letter almost on the same day they arrived.

That letter was first sent to Yun Changqings hand before being transferred to Ye Xiaos hand.

There was nothing written in the envelope.

What was placed inside was a feather.

A black phoenix feather that looked extremely beautiful.

In the Phoenix god clan, there was only one person who could have such a black phoenix feather, and that was the Phoenix Empress.

Other than her, there had not been any other black phoenixes in the Phoenix god clan for nearly 10,000 years.

Although Ye Xiao had seen the Phoenix Empresss hair before, he had never seen the Phoenix Empresss appearance and feathers after she had turned into a phoenix, he could still clearly guess that it was her.

That was because even if she had turned into a phoenix, Ye Xiao could still recognize the smell of this hair.

It was fragrant.

The Phoenix Empress would not send him messages easily.

Since she wanted to look for him, there must be something.

Looks like no matter what, he should make a trip over.

After Ye Xiao took a deep breath, he immediately stood up and left.

Yun Changqing who was guarding outside hurriedly said,

“Ye Xiao, where are you going”

“The Phoenix Plains!”

“The Phoenix Plains Isnt that the territory of the Phoenix god clan Why are you going there”

“I have some private matters to settle.”

“No way! Ye Xiao, that place is very dangerous.

Although the Phoenix god clan is also part of the righteous path, they will not easily allow an ordinary man to go there.

“Between the righteous path members, although there is no deep enmity or great hatred, they will not easily allow others to barge into their own territory.”

“I know, but I have a reason to go.”

“Is it the Phoenix Empress”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Seeing him confirm, Yun Changqing heaved a sigh of relief.

Everyone basically knew a little about the romantic relationship between Ye Xiao and the Phoenix Empress.

If the Phoenix Empress wanted to look for Ye Xiao, then there should not be much danger.

However, he still reminded him.

“Ye Xiao, the Pheonix Empress is now the holy maiden of the Phoenix immortal sect.

Although she was the Phoenix Empress, her status now is 100 times more honorable than when she was a Godly Emperor in the ordinary world.

“Moreover, the most important thing is that her current status is quite special.

She is restricted by the Phoenix immortal sect.

There are some things that she cannot do as she pleases.

You should still be careful.”

Ye Xiao nodded once again.

“I believe that she wont harm me.”

“Thats good.

In any case, if anything goes wrong, you must remember and immediately run away.”

“I understand.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao executed the Space-time immortal technique and instantly disappeared from the spot.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived at the Phoenix Plains.

He had just arrived there when he was targeted by two familiar faces.

It was the two guards from the Phoenix god clan who had stopped him when he came to the Phoenix Plains to look for the Phoenix Empress.

However, just like the Xuan Yuan god clan who had received the gift of his advancement, they had also received the gift of the Phoenix Empresss advancement and their strength had soared.

At that point, they were both existences in the first-level True Immortal realm.

The two of them did not have any hostility toward Ye Xiao.

After seeing Ye Xiao, they even greeted him like old friends.

“Son-in-law, long time no see.”

Ye Xiao was slightly startled.

He was not quite used to that form of address.

However, he was indeed the son-in-law of the Phoenix god clan.

That was not right.

He was not the son-in-law of the Phoenix god clan.

Instead, he was connected to the Phoenix immortal sect.

“Wheres the Phoenix Empress”

“The Holy Maiden is waiting for you inside.

However, its not that easy to meet the Holy Maiden.”

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced at the situation in the Phoenix Plain.


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