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When Elder Guo saw Ye Xiao, he could not help but be stunned, and his heart skipped a beat.

Where did that fellow come from

How did he know that he had arrived and that he was even in the third-level Great Immortal realm

“Who are you”

“The person who will kill you.”

Ye Xiao lightly spat out those four words and did not say any more nonsense, slowly releasing his aura.

“A second-level Great Immortal Interesting.

I never thought that the Great Qin immortal sect would have someone like you.

“At such a young age, youve already reached the second-level Great Immortal realm.

“However, a mere second-level Great Immortal probably doesnt have the qualifications to go against me, right”

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Ye Xiao still did not speak and only slowly extended his right hand.

The Great Dragon sensed Ye Xiaos summoning and let out a deep and loud dragon roar.

Following that, it galloped out from his right hand.

Seeing the Great Dragon and sensing the unbelievable power that was released from its body, Elder Guos pupils instantly constricted.

“This is… A sacred weapon You actually have a sacred weapon How is this possible”

Very quickly, he seemed to have thought of something and immediately opened his mouth to speak again,

“Thats not right! You… Could it be that you are the high-level immortal who attacked covertly previously It must be you!

“Although youre only at the second level of the Great Immortal realm, its because you have a sacred weapon in your hand that you can unleash an attack thats comparable to the third level of the Great Immortal realm.

“Hahahaha… Everyone thought that you were a third-level Great Immortal or even a genius powerhouse at the peak of the third level of the Great Immortal realm.

“In the end, I didnt expect you to have an undeserved reputation.

Youre only at the second level of the Great Immortal realm.

“A second-level Great Immortal, even if you rely on a sacred weapon, you can only unleash the same attack as me.

But youre still not a true third-level Great Immortal!

“Youre dead! Your sacred weapon is mine!”

Elder Guos eyes revealed a hint of greed as he stared at the Great Dragon.

The gains at that time were too great.

Not only could he obtain so much immortal blood, but he could also obtain a sacred weapon.

Moreover, he was already a high-level cultivator at the third level of the Great Immortal realm.

He was just one step away from becoming the legendary Imperial Immortal.

At that time, with the addition of the sacred weapon, there would probably be few people in the entire immortal world who could be his match.

In the demonic sect, his status would also rise greatly, and he might even be able to approach the three Imperial Demons.

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At that moment, no one could understand the excitement in his heart.

However, just as he was excited and prepared to make a move, a light shadow flashed by.

An intense pain instantly spread from his neck.

Blood spurted out.

He moved his lips and wanted to speak, but he could not say a word.

As a gentle breeze blew past, his head fell silently.

With a plop, he fell to the ground.

Elder Guo could not believe that such a thing would actually happen.

His eyes were wide open, as wide as an oxs eyes.

He was instantly killed

A third-level Great Immortal was instantly killed

How was that possible

Even if Ye Xiao had a sacred weapon in his hand, his cultivation was still there.

He only had a second-level Great Immortal realm cultivation.

Even if he could cross ranks to fight, it could only be said that he was on par with him.

How could he erupt with strength that completely surpassed his own He did not even have the chance to react.

Why was that

His consciousness slowly sank into darkness.

Even until the moment of his death, he still did not know what was going on.

In reality, the sword that Ye Xiao slashed out back then was an attack that spanned several great worlds.

At such a long distance, even if it was his attack, no matter how powerful it was, there would definitely be some losses.

In addition, the losses would increase with the increase in the distance of his attack.

Therefore, that resulted in that sword light.

In the past, the final remaining power was only comparable to the peak of third-level Great Immortals.

However, if it was a close-range attack, the strength that it unleashed was far from that level.

Instead, it was at an even higher and unimaginable level.

After killing the other party, Ye Xiao directly stripped off the other partys immortal blood and extracted all of it for himself to refine.

No matter what, it was still a third-level Great Immortal.

It could still provide a certain value to Ye Xiao.

As for his primordial spirit, it did not escape either.

It was similarly captured by Ye Xiao and brought back.

Later on, he could refine his primordial spirit into a statue and use it as the protective guardian of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

After doing all that, Ye Xiao turned around and left, returning home to continue his cultivation.

At the same time, in another great world, immortal and demonic cultivators were engaged in a hearty battle.

The immortal sects righteous path had Murong Fengyun.

With his current cultivation, coupled with the increasingly proficient Yin-yang immortal technique, his strength had greatly increased.

It was very easy for him to suppress the other party in battle.

With him leading the team, the righteous path of the immortal sect was able to suppress his opponent in a short period of time.

The people of the righteous path were greatly encouraged and their morale was high.

However, Murong Fengyuns expression was somewhat solemn.

He pushed back the two people who were surrounding him with a palm strike.

Then, with his help, he pushed back another demonic cultivator.

He said,

“Somethings not right.”

“Somethings not right.

Since these demonic cultivators have rushed out, they must be aiming to defeat us.

Under normal circumstances, that third-level Great Immortal who had just advanced should have come out a long time ago.

“But he hasnt come out until now.

There must be something wrong!”

After a pause, Murong Fengyun suddenly thought of something and looked in the direction of the other great worlds.

“Somethings wrong! Somethings very wrong! Theres a problem! That third-level Great Immortal might be killing people in other great worlds!

“Weve fallen into the enemys trick of luring the tiger away from the mountain.

The enemy is deliberately gathering here to lure us here.”

The moment those words were said, the expressions of the other righteous path cultivators changed drastically.

In an instant, their minds were thrown into disarray.

In an instant, the tempo of the battle was greatly suppressed by the demonic sect.

“D*mn it! If this is the case, our clansmen will all be finished.”

“I want to return! My son is still there!”

The various demonic cultivators took advantage of the chaos and counterattacked, directly suppressing them until they found it hard to breathe.

“You want to leave Its not that easy.

Since youve come, you can stay here.”

“Even if you rush back, so what Your strength is simply not enough to deal with Elder Guo.

If you go, youll be courting death.

Although youll die here, at least youll die a little later.


Hearing those words, everyone present was extremely indignant.

They could already be completely sure that the opponents third-level Great Immortal was slaughtering their clansmen.

In their minds, they could even imagine the current situation of the divine territory under their own sect, with corpses strewn all over the ground and rivers of blood flowing.


An elder of the righteous path of the immortal sect was extremely furious.

He slashed three times in succession and actually managed to force back a demonic cultivator who was entangled with him.

However, the other party quickly recovered and found the loophole that he had created due to his panic.

He cut off one of his hands with one move.

Murong Fengyuns expression was extremely grave.

He gritted his teeth and said,

“Everyone, dont be distracted.

This is a critical moment.

We must not be careless.

The condition for victory is that we are alive.

As long as we are alive, there is still hope.

If we are also dead, then there is really no hope for them.”

Those words reignited the fighting spirit of the others, and the battle was once again organized.

The advantage of the righteous path was regained.

Moreover, because they knew that their rear was being ambushed, they felt grief, anger, and anxiety, so their attacks were even fiercer than before.

In a short period of time, they actually defeated the demonic cultivators and forced them to retreat.

The hearts of the demonic cultivators started to beat wildly.

“D*mn it! These guys are desperate.”

“The rabbit is desperate, and its biting people.

They probably jumped over the wall.

Isnt that normal We cant drag this on.

Otherwise, well all die here.”

“Thats right.

Weve all given a portion of our immortal blood to Elder Guo, and our strength is even lower than before.

“Elder Guo should have already destroyed two or three great worlds by now.

Call him over first and help us fight the enemy.

Well talk about it after this crisis is over.”

“Alright! Summon Elder Guo!”

Everyone immediately summoned Elder Guo, and a huge black teleportation array appeared in the starry sky.

Murong FengYun immediately said,

“Dont let them successfully summon him.

Their Elder Guo is a third-level Great Immortal.

Once hes summoned over, itll be a devastating blow to us.”

Unfortunately, he was one step too late.

As the black teleportation array flashed with black light, a figure appeared from the starry sky!

“Its over!”

Many peoples hearts trembled as they felt a life-and-death crisis.

However, in the next second, everyone was dumbfounded.

That was because the one who had been summoned was Elder Guo.

However, it was not the living Elder Guo, but a dead one.

Moreover, it was Elder Guo whose head and body had been separated, and whose immortal blood had been drained dry.

The most unbelievable thing was that there was a steaming pile of dog feces on his head, emitting hot steam.

The scene fell into a dead silence.

Regardless of whether it was the righteous path or the demonic path, at that moment, they unexpectedly had a tacit understanding.

No one made a move, but stared at the figure.

No, to be precise, it was a corpse.

No one dared to believe that such a thing would actually happen.

Elder Guo was a grand third-level Great Immortal!

A third-level Great Immortal!

A super high-level cultivator!

Below the Imperial Immortal, the strongest cultivation level.

Even so, he was still killed by someone.

Moreover, the time was so short.

It was estimated that the other party did not even need to expend much effort to kill him.

If that was the case… Who was it

Who had such strength

Could it be that his cultivation had already reached the Imperial Immortal realm

Otherwise, even if it was the peak of the third level of the Great Immortal realm, it was impossible for him to kill Elder Guo in such a short time.

Could it be that it was that genius powerhouse from that day

Among all the people, only Murong Fengyun was the most agitated.


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