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That beam of light approached at a rapid speed.

It was so fast that it was unstoppable.

“What is that”

The demonic cultivators of the demonic sect could not help but ask.

Soon, they realized that it was unusual.

That was because that beam of light made all the stars in the starry sky pale in comparison.

The energy was too powerful that it caused that heaven and earth phenomenon.

“D*mn it! Its an attack! Theres an immortal cultivator attacking!”

Everyone let out an angry roar and immediately launched an attack, wanting to block the attack that came from God knows where.

They had no way of escaping because that attack had already locked onto their bodies.

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Even if they wanted to escape, they would be caught sooner or later.

It was better to launch a counterattack directly and shatter that attack.

When the power of both sides collided, the entire Thousand Leaves Great World was violently shaken.

Countless star areas were shattered, which then affected the ordinary world.

The ordinary world shook nonstop.

It was as if the entire great world had welcomed an apocalypse.

That violent tremor was simply unbearable.

Even those Great Immortals were all blasted away by that attack and were forced back.

Even Heavenly Immortals were unable to resist that attack.

They were sent flying by the airwaves.

Some people even directly disintegrated and turned into ashes, disappearing without a trace.

The tremor lasted for a long time before it finally calmed down.

After the shockwave completely calmed down, everyone immediately opened their eyes and looked toward the center.

They saw that everything in the center of the explosion had disappeared.

Whether it was the star island, the small world, the meteorites, or even a single curly hair, there was nothing there.

The entire place seemed to have turned into a vacuum.

There was nothing there.

When the cultivators of the righteous and demonic paths saw that scene, they could not help but hold their breaths.

Their eyes were wide open as they looked at the scene in front of them in disbelief.

That attack was so powerful!

Even if the opponent had not advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm, he was at least at the peak of the third level of the Great Immortal realm.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to reach that level.

What was even more unbelievable was that the other party had not appeared at all.

Therefore, they did not even know if the other party was from the demonic sect or the righteous path.

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However, they had a guess in their hearts that the other party was more or less on the righteous path.

That was because the other partys previous attack route was specifically aimed at the demonic cultivators of the demonic sect.


The demonic cultivators were not fools.

Knowing that the enemy was so strong, they immediately turned around and ran.

Although the enemy did not appear, none of them knew if the enemy was there.

If they continued to attack and attract the enemy to appear, they would be in big trouble.

None of the people present could escape.

Seeing that everyone had escaped, the remaining immortal cultivators felt a wave of shock in their hearts.

“I didnt expect that there would be a powerhouse on our side.”

“But, who is he Why dont we have any news about it Moreover, he has never appeared in front of us.”

“Im not too sure.

However, since the other party has saved us, he doesnt have any ill intentions.

Everyone, dont make wild guesses.”

“What a pity.

I wanted to meet him and thank him.

Now, it seems that I wont have the chance.”

“Yeah! We can only thank him when we meet him in the future.”

Although everyone had some regrets, they were still very satisfied.

At least they survived.

Only one person in the crowd looked in the direction of the sword ray.

That person was none other than Murong Fengyun.

His heart was already in turmoil.

Others might not know, but he knew very well.

That direction was the area of the Yanhuang Great World.

That meant that the other party was an immortal cultivator from the Yanhuang Great World.

There should only be one other immortal from the Yanhuang Great World, and that was the genius powerhouse from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“Who… Are you”

At that moment, he became even more curious about the other partys identity.

“Brother Murong, weve suffered heavy losses in this battle.

However, the demonic sect hasnt benefited from it.

Its all thanks to you that weve united as one.

Otherwise, we might have already been uprooted.”

The thanks of a Great Immortal woke Murong Fengyun from his thoughts.

He cupped his fists and said,

“Youre too kind.

Im just doing my best.

Moreover, if we dont unite, once everyone is destroyed by the demonic sect, our Great Qin immortal sect will not be able to protect ourselves.”

“No matter what, you saved everyone this time.

I cant thank you enough for your kindness.

When we return to the immortal world and stabilize things, we will definitely pay a visit to the Great Qin immortal sect to express our gratitude.”

“Youre too polite.

However, even though the demonic sect was repelled this time, their main strength is still there, so we cant let down our guard.

“Next, its best for everyone to retreat to a few nearby great worlds and join forces to form a stable region.

“This way, if the demonic sect attacks again, we can quickly form reinforcements.”

“That makes sense.

After we return, we will immediately start moving.”

“Although the demonic sect needs some time to regroup, they are very fast.

We have to hurry.”


Everyone left, and the ruined Thousand Leaves Great World fell silent.

A few hours later, the demonic cultivators gathered in the Sealed Dragon Great World.

The cultivators of the immortal sect and the god clan had all been killed by them, not leaving a single one alive.

At that point, that place had become the headquarters of the demonic sect, and there were demonic cultivators everywhere.

Many of the demonic cultivators were in a sorry state and looked ugly.

They were all covered in dust and dirt, and their expressions were uncertain.

“D*mn it! Where did that sword come from Its actually so powerful!”

“If that sword hadnt suddenly arrived, we wouldnt have ended up like this.

Such a good plan and opportunity were destroyed just like that.

It really makes people feel unreconciled.

“The next time we want to destroy these immortal cultivators, Im afraid well have to go through a lot of trouble.”

“The problem now is to destroy the immortal sects hidden powerhouse, but his strength is obviously stronger than all of us here.

He is at least a third-level Great Luo Immortal!

“If we cant kill him, then no matter how many plans we have, it will all be in vain.”

Everyone could not help but clench their fists, their eyes filled with killing intent.

In the face of absolute strength, any conspiracies and tricks would be useless.

Without a strength that matched the opponents strongest combat strength, they would never be able to defeat the opponent.

“The reason why the demonic sect sent people like us down here is that they hope that we can absorb more divine blood and increase our strength to a sufficiently powerful level so that we can help the demonic sect in the upcoming confrontation between good and evil!

“We cant go on like this.

“Right now, weve only killed one-third of the god clan.

At the very least, the other party still has more than half of the god clan in their hands.

“If we cant kill all of them and absorb their divine blood to create one or two Imperial Demons, we might not be able to win the great war of good and evil.

“It seems that we have to make some trade-offs and try our best to increase our strength to fight against that peak third-level Great Immortal from the immortal sect

“We can only use the Bloodbath technique imparted to us by his majesty the Dark Moon Imperial Demon to gather a portion of each persons strength into one person and create an even more powerful demonic cultivator.

“Currently, among us, only Elder Guo An of the Shadow demonic sect is the strongest.

He has already reached the peak of the second-level Great Immortal realm.

If everyone can contribute a bit of strength to him, it should be enough to allow him to advance to the third-level Great Immortal realm.

“At that time, we still have some chances of winning.”

“Its decided then.

For the sake of the demonic sect, we should give everything we have!”

On Ye Xiaos side, he had already returned to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

In the Xuan Yuan god clan, there were quite a number of people who had advanced in their cultivation again.

It was all because of the gifts brought by Ye Xiaos successive advancements.

The higher his cultivation became, the stronger the gifts he brought.

At that point, he was already a second-level Great Immortal.

Every time he brought something, it was huge.

Sometimes, it was even possible for a newborn baby to directly advance several minor realms.

For those with great strength, for example, existences that had already reached the True Immortal realm, although the degree of advancement would not be too great, there were still quite a few.

However, in the past, Ye Xiao would more or less be a little happy.

However, at the moment, his mood did not change much.

On one hand, it was because he had seen too much and was already numb to it.

On the other hand, as his cultivation grew stronger, he also gradually sensed and understood more of the laws of the world.

Sometimes, people were just a leaf of duckweed in the rivers, lakes, and seas.

They really were not much.

The Xuan Yuan god clan might seem huge, but in reality, they were could be destroyed in an instant.

Even if they gained some advancement because of him, they were still a group of ordinary people.

After all, even he was only a second-level Great Immortal.

How strong could their strength be

As long as their strength did not reach their limits, they would forever live in danger and would never be able to control their own destiny.

Moreover, even if Ye Xiao advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm, they still could not advance to the Imperial Immortal realm.

In that instance, Ye Xiao seemed to have somewhat understood the Ancestral Dragon.

Although everyone had the same bloodline, sometimes, there was bound to be a world of difference between people.

That did not mean that he wanted to break away from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

It was just that he was thinking that he should let go and let the Xuan Yuan god clan temper themselves a little.

They should not always be protected under his hands.

There were too many people in the Xuan Yuan god clan.

The flames of war might be able to nurture some more powerful elites, although it would also eliminate a portion of the weak.

Even so… The natural laws were like that.

If he became stronger alone, the Xuan Yuan god clan might not be able to rest easy.

However, if a group of people became stronger, no one in the Xuan Yuan god clan would dare to provoke them.


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