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“The sacred weapon has been created! The sacred weapon has really been created!”

“Thats great!”

“Charge in and snatch it!”

Everyone clenched their fists in excitement.

Before the sacred weapon was truly finished, they did not dare to be certain that it would be successfully created.

Hence, they were all on the fence.

At that point, that sacred weapon had actually been successfully refined!

Two to three hundred million seeds were just a handful of grains.

If you pasted them onto the wall, nothing would happen.

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However, a seed that had fallen to the ground took root and sprouted, that was different.

That was a living being.

If you killed a living being, that would be breaking the law!

Hence, a sacred weapon that was fully formed and an immortal weapon that had yet to become a sacred weapon was not on the same level at all.

At that moment, Ye Xiao, who was in the Lightning Tribulation, did not have any extra time to feel the Great Dragons strength after becoming a sacred weapon.

That was because he knew better than anyone else that if he did not leave then, he would not be able to leave in a while.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Xiao opened his mouth and used his most powerful sacred art, the Destiny sacred art.

At that moment, using the Space-time immortal technique was no longer of much use.

Although the Space-time immortal technique was powerful, it was limited by Ye Xiaos strength, so the speed it could be used was limited.

That speed could only surpass the Great Immortal at most, but it might not be effective against an Imperial Immortal.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, bring me back to the ordinary world.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao felt several extremely terrifying auras assaulting his face.

Those auras were unexpectedly powerful, and he simply did not dare to imagine them.

Though he had only just felt those auras, in the next second, his body instantly disappeared from where he was.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived in the ordinary world.

Ye Xiao slowly heaved a sigh of relief, and a hint of deep wariness appeared in his eyes.

Earlier, that terrifying power made him feel even more pressured.

Imperial Immortals were indeed extraordinary.

Their strength was so strong that it made ones hair stand on end.

If not for the fact that he had the Destiny sacred art, it was likely that he would not have been able to escape.

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That made Ye Xiao involuntarily think of a sentence, those below the Imperial Immortal realm were all ants.

In the future, he must also become an Imperial Immortal.

However, when he picked up the Great Dragon in his hand, he could not help but heave a sigh of relief and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Since he was out of danger, he could already carefully sense the Great Dragons strength and terror.

When he truly observed the Great Dragon, a wave of shock could not help but surge up in his heart.

He could not help but believe it.

That… Was that really a weapon that he had personally forged

The Great Dragon at that moment was a level higher than before.

It gave him the feeling that he had become an unfathomable existence!

That was right, a weapon gave him the feeling of a greater being.

That simply made him feel that it was a little ridiculous.

Despite it being a real matter.

From that, it could be seen how powerful the Great Dragon was.

Ye Xiao even felt that the Great Dragon could unleash a power that was not the slightest bit weaker than his own.

Ye Xiao opened his mouth and asked,

“Great Dragon, are you stronger than me now”

The Great Dragon immediately replied,

“In theory, yes.

If Master doesnt use the sacred arts, I should be able to suppress him.

After all, Im already a sacred weapon, and the effects of immortal techniques on me are negligible.

“If Master uses the sacred arts, then I wont be able to do anything.

The sacred art is an existence on the same level as me.

It can already cause me harm.

“Of course, even if Master doesnt have the sacred art, I wont betray Master.”

Ye Xiao nodded his head in satisfaction.

He naturally would not doubt the Great Dragons loyalty.

The Great Dragon was raised by him.

Even if he waited for Huan Liuli to die, which would not happen for a long time, it would still be impossible for it to betray him.

At that moment, Ye Xiaos attention was suddenly attracted over by the energy fluctuation in the distance.

Even though that fluctuation was separated by several great worlds, it was so powerful that Ye Xiao could easily sense it.

‘This feeling… Seems to be that of the Great Qin immortal sects third Grand Elder, Murong Fengyun.

Looks like he has encountered some trouble.

Ye Xiao shook his head slightly.

‘Forget it, Ill help him once more.

After all, he was also protecting the Xuan Yuan god clan against the demonic sect.

It just so happened that he wanted to test the might of the Great Dragon and see just how strong it was.

After taking a deep breath, Ye Xiao held the Great Dragon in his hand and executed the Primordial Chaos sacred art as he slashed out with his sword.

The magnificence of that sword was peerless, causing the entire starry sky to pale in comparison.

All the starlight dimmed at that moment and vanished without a trace!

In the starry sky, it was as if only that sword light was left.

It spread out for billions of light years, crossing several great worlds and heading straight for the Thousand Leaves Great World.

At the same time, on the other side, in the immortal world.

The moment the sacred weapon appeared, all the immortals from the immortal world headed straight for the center of the Lightning Tribulation.

Unfortunately, when they arrived there, they did not see anything.

That made everyone confused.

“What happened The aura of the sacred weapon disappeared”

“This shouldnt be, how could the opponent be so fast The sacred weapon could not have disappeared without a trace in an instant.”

“Even if he is fast, this area is surrounded by people.

There are prodigies everywhere, even the weakest one is in the Great Immortal realm.

“There are so many peak immortal cultivators.

Even if he has wings, its impossible for him to escape so easily.

He didnt even leave a trace of his aura.”

“Could it be… That someone here has taken away the sacred weapon and hid his aura”

As soon as those words were said, the atmosphere in the room instantly froze and was filled with killing intent.

Everyone exchanged glances, their eyes filled with wariness.

“Everyone here, dont even think about leaving before this matter is fully investigated.

If anyone dares to take the sacred weapon for themselves, dont blame me for being impolite to them.”

“What arrogant words.

“Hong Ye, you are merely a mere third-level Great Immortal.

You arent even an Imperial Immortal.

When do you have the qualifications to speak here”

“He doesnt have the qualifications to speak.

I wonder if I have the qualifications to speak”

The killing intent in the air became more and more intense.

The various powers appeared on the scene, all of them clashing with each other.

Their eyes were filled with killing intent.

Finally, no one knew who made the first move, but everyone finally began to fight.

At that moment, the immortal world descended into chaos.

Ye Xiao naturally did not know about all of that.

At that moment, his entire attention was focused on the sword he had just slashed out.

The sacred art and sacred weapon.

The power released from it was simply unbelievable.

Even he himself was given a big fright.

‘That sword just now was so powerful!

He opened his Primordial Pupil and did his best to expand his vision so that he could see through the great world in front of him and see that sword of his.

The power of that sword could almost be seen as the strongest sword in existence.

It crossed several great worlds with one slash and displayed an invincible lightning streak.

It was simply unbridled.

One had to know that although he used the sacred art and the sacred weapon, his current cultivation was only at the second-grade Great Immortal realm.

That cultivation was also very strong.

Yet in reality, in the immortal world, he was just a piece of trash.

Even so, with such a trash cultivation base, he could actually release such a powerful attack.

‘I wonder if my strength reached the Imperial Immortal realm, how strong would I become

‘Would I be able to directly destroy a few great worlds

On the other side, Murong Fengyuns battle had already entered a white-hot stage.

However, that was not the most important thing.

The most important thing was that he was in a stalemate.

He had fallen into a trap!

That time, in order to successfully eliminate him, the demonic sect had sent out many demonic cultivators.

Among them, there were several Great Immortals!

Although he was also a Great Immortal with the protection of the Yin-yang immortal technique, the other party was still stronger than him and greatly outnumbered him.

After a fierce tug-of-war, he was then at a disadvantage.

There were many injuries on his body, and his aura had become somewhat chaotic.

There was no part of his body left unmarred.

At that moment, he was holding a long sword and gasping for breath.

Although his eyes were somewhat blurred, he still stared at his opponent firmly.

At that moment, on the battlefield, all of the immortal cultivators of the righteous path were entangled with demonic cultivators.

The battle between the two sides was extremely fierce.

Other than Murong Fengyun, there were also many others who were injured.

There were even some genius cultivators who had died.

There was no other way.

The demonic sect was scheming and it was very difficult to guard against them.

The demonic cultivators on the opposite side could not help but let out a mocking smile.

“Do you want to continue holding on Admit defeat! You dont have a chance anymore.

“If you admit defeat now and join our demonic sect, we can consider letting bygones be bygones.

We can even give you a position in the Elder Council.

What do you think”

Murong Fengyun laughed coldly.

“Lets not daydream.

Where did you hear that Murong Fengyun was capable of surrendering”

He forced himself to stand up.

His trembling body looked like a candle in the wind.

It could be blown out at any moment.

However, his eyes were filled with determination.

“Since ancient times, good and evil cannot coexist.

You bunch of animals, you will die for your wrongdoings!”

“Enough! Whats the point of all these sour words There are many people in the demonic sect who have done bad things, but have you ever heard of a demonic cultivator being killed by the heavens

“Find some new words, trash!”

Murong Fengyun clenched his teeth tightly.

He felt a wave of inexplicable anger towards the other partys untactful behavior.

However, there was nothing he could do.

Against that kind of stubborn fellow who had been deeply poisoned, he could only rely on the immortal sword in his hand to kill the other party to vent his anger.

Unfortunately, his body could no longer withstand the release of immortal energy.

In other words, he no longer had any strength to resist the other party, and only death awaited him.

However, at that moment, the distant horizon suddenly emitted a strong light!


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