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In the ordinary world, the Thousand Leaves Great World.

A great war was about to break out!

The righteous faction members, led by Murong Fengyun, gathered together to fight against the people of the demonic sect.

The two sides faced off, each taking control of one side.

The air was filled with a thick smell of gunpowder.

It was as if only a spark was needed to start a world war.

As time passed, the battle finally began.

No one knew who made the first move, but light flashed in the dark starry sky, followed by a burst of brilliance everywhere.

It was as if there were countless meteorites colliding in the starry sky.

Due to the shock wave being too dense, it continuously spread outwards.

The powerful push even affected some celestial bodies in the distance, slowly spreading outwards like a small boat in the ocean drifting with the waves.

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At the same time, Ye Xiao finally received the news from Li Si.

That fellow did not disappoint his expectations.

He had obtained the material from Qiushan Mountain.

It was a piece of 100,000-year-old iron essence that was emitting golden light.

It was said that within 10,000 pounds of good iron, only after 10,000 years of cultivation would there be a chance to produce an ounce of iron essence.

That piece of iron essence had to weigh at least two pounds.

One could imagine the large volume of the piece of good iron used to provide that much iron essence.

At that point, it had all been condensed into that small piece of iron essence.

Moreover, it had all been given to him.

However, Li Si did not come back personally.

He only sent a spiritual avatar back to give him that piece of 100,000-year-old iron essence.

That made Ye Xiao unable to help but ridicule him for being a thief.

He probably knew that if he came back, Ye Xiao would not give him a good ending.

Forget it.

His strength was still very low anyway.

There was no need to fuse with him for a while.

After he nurtured him a little further, he would fuse with him again and be able to raise his strength by quite a bit.

At the moment, it was better to first fuse that piece of iron essence into the Great Dragons body to level it up.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath and immediately started work.

The forging method used was naturally not something else, but the Primordial Chaos sacred art.

That did not mean that only the Primordial Chaos sacred art could forge sacred weapons.

Other forging-type immortal techniques also had the chance to create sacred weapons.

However, those immortal techniques had a chance, but it was not easy to succeed.

Not to mention that the success rate was very low, if it was not done well, it might even cause a big explosion or something like that.

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Even if it was successful, the time spent was also very long.

Moreover, the thing that was created might not be a very good thing.

The Primordial Chaos sacred art was different.

That thing itself belonged to the sacred arts and was already under the control of the rules of the sacred art.

However, with Ye Xiaos current cultivation, he was still unable to use the Primordial Chaos sacred art without restrictions.

The immortal energy in his body was insufficient.

Hence, he could only forge for a while before recovering his cultivation and forging for a while more.

Even so, the sacred-grade Great Dragon was slowly taking shape.

Its appearance had also completely transformed into the form of a single-edged sword.

At that moment, a thunderous explosion suddenly sounded in the sky.


Along with that intense thunder sound, dark clouds instantly began to gather in the sky.

It was as if all the thunder in the ordinary world was gathering over there.

Ye Xiao slightly raised his brows.

What a powerful Tribulation Lightning.

Looks like it was not that simple to forge the Great Dragon into a sacred weapon.

The space-time barrier in the ordinary world was too weak.

It simply could not withstand that kind of sacred-grade heavenly lightning.

If he were to forge the Great Dragon there, the entire Xuan Yuan divine territory would probably be destroyed.

After pondering for a moment, Ye Xiao used the Space-time immortal technique and arrived in the immortal world in a few seconds.

After arriving in the immortal world, the speed at which Ye Xiao absorbed immortal energy also increased by a lot.

He directly went all out to forge the Great Dragon.

Dark clouds instantly began to gather in the sky.

The Lightning Tribulation erupted, and a terrifying power rapidly accumulated.

Ye Xiao knew that he needed to seize every second and finish forging it in the shortest time possible.

That was because once the aura of the sacred weapon came out, many people would probably take notice.

At that time, it would be very troublesome.

It might even cause some Imperial Immortals to fight over it.

Hence, he did not have much time.

The power of the Primordial Chaos sacred art was circulated to its maximum capacity.

He hammered the Great Dragon, again and again, to fuse the Great Dragons divine soul with the 100,000-year-old refined iron.


The Great Dragons divine soul could not help but let out low roars.

Even if he was a soul, he would still feel pain when facing the power of the Primordial Chaos sacred art.

Moreover, it was that kind of heart-wrenching pain.

Ye Xiao opened his mouth and said,

“Hold on.

If you can not pull through this, you will forever be considered an Immortal Artifact.

No matter how close you are to a sacred weapon, you will never be able to truly become one.

“If you can not become a sacred weapon, what is the meaning of your life

“You can either leave your name in the world and live forever or you can disappear like smoke in the blink of an eye.

“If thats the case, then all your efforts from the beginning until now have been in vain.

Think back to the time when you were trapped in a box and dug out of someones body, but you still persevered!

“Youve already reached this stage.

Can you still cower just like that In this way, will you be worthy of the self that youve worked so hard for”


The Great Dragon let out a low roar in response.

Ye Xiao was right.

The reason why he chose to follow him back then was because he wanted to continue living.

If he died just like that, perhaps his divine soul would scatter and he might even be reincarnated.

However, if he could not become the strongest existence, then he would never be able to control his own fate.

He would forever be a nameless pawn that was slaughtered by the heavens.

He wanted to fight together with Ye Xiao and become the strongest existence together.

Therefore, he wanted to truly become a sacred weapon and a powerful existence!

As the Great Dragon exerted its strength, Ye Xiao continued to forge.

The body and soul of the sacred weapon were revealed one by one.

The power of lightning struck down wildly, but it was all absorbed by the sacred weapon.

Very soon, it reached its peak level.

At that moment, countless people in the immortal world were also shocked.

“This aura! So powerful!”

“What a terrifying aura! Is this… A sacred weapon A sacred weapon is about to appear”

“Who is creating a sacred weapon”

“Quick! Go and take a look!”

At that moment, countless extremely powerful auras were rushing over.

Each aura was no less powerful than a Great Immortal.

It was not that the others could not sense the situation, it was just that they did not dare to casually check it out.

For a heaven and earth phenomenon of that level, a unique treasure would definitely appear.

Moreover, it was an extremely important treasure.

However, the appearance of such an item was often accompanied by slaughter, as well as a bloodbath.

Those immortals would fight to the death for it, killing until rivers of blood flowed.

For the weak, if they were to get involved in such a matter, it would definitely be the end.

They could only watch the scene from afar, and then let out waves of emotions in their hearts.

After that, there was more gossip to talk about.

However, even those extremely powerful existences did not dare to break into the Lightning Tribulation.

They could only wait outside.

That was because that Lightning Tribulation specifically targeted sacred weapons.

How strong was that

Even Imperial Immortals would be heavily injured or even die if they were touched by such a Lightning Tribulation.

That was why no one dared to barge in so easily.

More and more people gathered outside.

Everyone was filled with shock and greed as they looked at the Lightning Tribulation.

“What a terrifying Lightning Tribulation.

Only the legendary sacred weapon can reach this level.”

“I wonder who is going to forge a sacred weapon! If we can invite the sect to follow them, we might be able to forge a second and third sacred weapon in the future!

“After the Lightning Tribulation falls, well immediately use that opportunity to subdue the other party and take them away.

We cant afford to make any mistakes.”

“No matter what, well join hands later and snatch the sacred weapon together.

After that, well decide on the ownership of the sacred weapon.

“No matter who gets it in the end, at least itll fall into the hands of our own people.

Its much better than falling into the hands of others.”

“Thats right! No matter what, we must snatch the sacred weapon!”

In a short period of time, there were countless thoughts.

Some peoples thoughts were very simple.

They only wanted to snatch the sacred weapon.

Some others thoughts were more complicated.

Not only did they want to snatch the sacred weapon, but they also wanted to snatch Ye Xiao, who was forging the sacred weapon.

That way, they would have the opportunity to mass produce sacred weapons in the future.

Their ambitions were extremely great.

As for Ye Xiao who was in the midst of the Lightning Tribulation, he could not be bothered to care so much.

Right then, he had to focus all his attention and gather all his strength to ensure that he could complete the forging of the sacred weapon.

He also did not have to worry that the Lightning Tribulation would target him.

It was a certain law of heaven and earth.

When refining weapons, the Lightning Tribulation was only aimed at the weapons that were refined and would not target the refiners who were refining them.

Refining pills was also the same situation.

Therefore, Ye Xiao did not even need to use his Golden Book divine soul to suppress his aura.

He also knew that there were many people surrounding him outside, and all of them were peak immortal cultivators.

Even so, he was not afraid.

That was because he had long thought of a way out for himself.

As long as he waited for the Great Dragon to finish forging, he would immediately use it.

At that moment, the Lightning Tribulation was getting stronger and stronger, and it was almost reaching its peak state.

The sacred weapon was completely formed, and he was beginning to carry out the final finishing touches.

At that moment, the surrounding several immortal domains began to tremble.

It was not the space trembling, but rather, all the weapons began to tremble, and they were kowtowing in Ye Xiaos direction.

That scene caused countless people to feel a wave of surprise.

One had to know that those kowtowing weapons were all immortal-grade existences.

They were top-grade weapons in the immortal world.

However, those weapons were all kowtowing to a single weapon.

One could imagine how powerful a sacred weapon was!

Finally, under Ye Xiaos final strike, the sacred weapon was completed!


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