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Chapter 67: Two Sects

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Supervisor Ye, today is my treat.

Please dont stand on ceremony with me and eat as much as you want.”

Ning Yuhen patted his chest while Ye Xiao nodded his head lightly.


The two of them walked into the restaurant side by side.

An hour later.

Ning Yuhen held his chopsticks and looked at the plates piled up in front of him, as well as Ye Xiao and Huan Liuli who were still eating.

He could not help but doubt his life.

“Sir, the two of you have eaten so much.

Arent you afraid that youll be stuffed”

In fact, after ones cultivation was high, no matter how much they ate, they would not be stuffed.

That was because when ones cultivation increased, ones physical being would also receive a corresponding increase.

The food that they ate would be quickly digested by the spiritual energy in their bodies into nutrients and stored.

Ye Xiao only needed to taste the dishes and did not need the energy that they brought.

Therefore, he ate a little too much.

However, it was also time to stop.

Ye Xiao put down his bowl and chopsticks, took out a tissue to wipe his mouth then said with an indifferent expression,

“Im done eating.”

Ning Yuhen wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

He was really afraid that Ye Xiaos stomach would burst.

“Its good that youre done eating.

Its getting late.

Ill go settle the bill.”

After saying that, he immediately stood up to settle the bill.

When he saw the series of numbers on the bill, Ning Yuhen could not help but tremble violently.

65,721 yuan.

That was too ruthless!

Although the food here was more expensive and the per capita consumption was more than 10,000, the total consumption of the supervisor and the cat was equivalent to the food of four to five people.

‘Wasnt this too much to eat

No, he could not bring the supervisor to such a place to eat in the future.

Although the money was earned by relying on the books that the supervisor gave him, after eating three to four times, he still had to pay for it.

“Have you settled the bill”

Ye Xiao carried Huan Liuli over and Ning Yuhen nodded.

“Ive settled it.”

“Then lets go back.”


The two of them walked out of the restaurant together and walked toward the corner of the street.

Although the two of them had different roads, the stretch of road was still the same.

“Where do you live, sir”

“In the suburbs.”

“Suburbs Thats very far.

Is it convenient to go to work”

“Its not too bad.

The main reason is that the rent is cheap.”

“How cheap can it be Your salary now is around 10,000 yuan a month, right Why dont you find a closer one so that its convenient to go to work and travel”

“Its not too bad.

Its 100 yuan a month.”

Ning Yuhen was shocked speechless.

Were all houses in the suburbs so cheap

It seemed like he had to ask around.

Although it was free to stay in the library, it was inconvenient for him to live amongst too many employees.

Moreover, there were too many people in the library.

If he accidentally revealed his star beast bloodline aura, he would be in big trouble.

Just as he was thinking, a fatal sense of danger suddenly descended, causing all the hair on his body to stand on end.

“This feeling This powerful aura… Could it be him Sir, you should leave quickly and go as far as possible.

No, its already too late.

Its better for me to leave.

Sir, you mustnt follow me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he instantly unleashed all of his strength and fled in another direction.

Ning Yuhen was a Houtian fifth grade while he thought that Ye Xiao was only a Houtian second grade.

Rather than letting Ye Xiao escape, it was better for him to run far away.

Unlike before, those pursuers were too powerful.

They were so powerful that Ning Yuhen did not even have the heart to resist.

He knew that he would definitely not be able to escape that time, but he had to run.

At the very least, he would not implicate the supervisor.

Ye Xiao, on the other hand, shook his head.

“This fool, hes about to die, yet hes still thinking of others”

He naturally understood why Ning Yuhen wanted to leave.

It was because he had also sensed that power, and he had sensed it earlier than Ning Yuhen had.

There were two Xiantian first-grade grandmaster beastmen.

It was very obvious that they were definitely assassins sent by the Beast God sect.

After all, he had killed two of their disciples last time.

Ning Yuhen must have wanted to use his escape to lure the other party away so that he would not be hurt.

Ye Xiao patted his belly.

“After eating so much, I should properly digest my food.”

Ning Yuhens was quite fast.

In a few seconds, he had disappeared at the end of the street.

His cultivation was only Houtian fifth grade, so he should not be that fast.

Ye Xiao could tell at a glance that Ning Yuhens Silver Fox bloodline had played a certain role in helping him.

It seemed like there was more than one cultivation technique contained in the same star beast bloodline.

No wonder the beastmen were so strong.

However, Ning Yuhen only ran out of the street before he was hit by a huge impact on his legs.


Along with a loud explosion, Ning Yuhens lower legs were blown up on the spot.


He screamed and fell to the ground with a thud.

The intense pain made his whole body tremble uncontrollably.

In the darkness, a tall and thin figure with eyes as fierce as those of a wolf slowly walked out.

Thick alloy chains were wrapped around his arms.

Those were his weapons which were lesser grandmaster weapons.

“Little b*stard, do you think you can outrun me”

Ning Yuhen gritted his teeth and said with a trembling voice,

“Grandmaster Green Wolf I didnt expect the leader to send someone like you to hunt me down.”

“Dont flatter yourself.

I dont need to hunt you down.

My purpose here is to take revenge on the person who protected you last time.”

After saying that, Green Wolf swung his hand, and the chains were like long whips, lashing at Ning Yuhens chest.


Ning Yuhen was sent flying.

His chest was badly mutilated, revealing his ghastly white bones.

“You have the Silver Fox bloodline.

Even with such a serious injury, youll recover quickly.

“But I think you wont choose to suffer so much.

Tell me, who killed Ba Zan and Meg

“Tell me, and Ill give you a quick death.”

Grandmaster Green Wolfs tone was domineering and could not be refuted.

He could not care less about Ning Yuhen.

In his eyes, Ning Yuhen was just a small ant, not worth mentioning at all.

Even the way he died was in his own hands.

Ning Yuhen was in so much pain that he almost fainted, but he still gritted his teeth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Kill me, I wont say anything.”

Green Wolf looked at his determined eyes and snorted.

“Stupid b*stard, just like your mother, stupid and stubborn.

“But… Do you think that will make a difference”

As soon as Green Wolf finished speaking, a lazy voice with a hint of lust quietly fell into Ning Yuhens ears.

“Green Wolf, dont scare the kids.”

Hearing that voice, Ning Yuhens pupils instantly constricted.

“This voice….

Is that Grandmaster Seductive Fox The Beast God sect actually sent two grandmasters and one of them was a master in the spiritual arts”


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