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After cursing at his subordinates, he immediately strode forward with a smile.

“Brother Sky Demon, I didnt expect you to be alive.

I thought something had happened to you.

Also, Brother Spirit Nether King, when did you come down to the ordinary world Why didnt you tell me”

He was completely unprepared because the demonic aura that erupted at them was the one that only demonic cultivators possessed.

As long as the power that the other party displayed was a demonic aura, there was no need to doubt it too much.

The other party was definitely one of their own.

In truth, what he did not know was that although the bronze statue Ye Xiao made could allow them to display their powers when they were alive, it would not change the attributes of their powers when they were alive.

The Sky Demon and the Nether Spirit King were originally demonic cultivators and evil people.

Even if they were used by Ye Xiao at the moment, it would not be able to change the demonic aura in their bodies.

In addition, the bronze statue made by Ye Xiao looked lifelike, so ordinary people would not be able to discover it at all.

The two of them had already become bronze statues.

When the demonic sects Great Immortal went up to meet him, the Sky Demon and the Nether Spirit King attacked at the same time.

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One punched out while the other attacked with a sword.


Two Great Immortal attacks instantly landed on the other partys body.

That terrifying strength tore off nearly four-fifths of the other partys body on the spot.

The left and right sides of the other partys body had almost completely exploded, leaving only the area below the head and neck.

An instant kill!

In the situation where the opponent was caught off guard, he was instantly killed.

Before the Great Immortal died, including all of his subordinates, when they saw that scene, they were all dumbfounded.

No one had expected such a thing to happen!

The two Great Immortals of the demonic sect had actually joined forces to kill demonic cultivators.

What was going on

Were they dreaming

That simply went against the common sense of the world!

As for the remaining ten Heavenly Immortals, they naturally did not escape the grasp of the others and were all killed very quickly.

Not only that, their primordial souls were all imprisoned and sent to Ye Xiaos seclusion chamber.

After sending them off, very soon, everyone heard a heart-wrenching scream coming from the secret chamber.

The Sky Demon smacked his lips.

“Hehehe… Brother Nether Spirit King, guess how long he is”

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“I dont know, but it shouldnt be very long.”

Nether Spirit King directly gave his answer.

The Sky Demon shook his head.

“Theres no need to be so pessimistic, right How can he be so short I think hes quite long! A few thousand years ago, I went to take a bath with him.

You wouldnt know, but it looked like an elephants trunk! Good heavens, he gave me a big fright.

“Even though he has already cultivated for a few thousand years and might not have used it for a very long time, its impossible for it to shrink too short!”


“Are you sure that what youre saying is the same thing as what Im saying Shouldnt we be discussing how long he can last under Ye Xiaos torture”

“What No.”

The Sky Demon answered with a serious expression,

“No matter what, its impossible for him to survive.

Hell definitely be defeated by Ye Xiao.

So theres no point in guessing that.

Im guessing what the three of us have.”

The corner of the Nether Spirit Kings mouth could not help but twitch violently.

He should not have spoken to that fool.

Very soon, that Great Immortal demonic cultivator brought his subordinates out of the secret chamber.

His expression was very ugly.

His primordial spirit was limping, and he looked as if he had suffered some incredible injury.

When the Nether Spirit King and Sky Demon saw that scene, they could not help but clench their butts tightly.

They did not know why they did that, but they felt that it was safer that way.

“Hiss! Ye Xiao this fellow, he doesnt have any special fetishes, right”

“Dont worry, you guys are pretty safe.

Even if he has any special fetishes, you dont have to worry.”

At that moment, that Great Immortal demonic cultivator also walked in front of the two of them and directly spat at them.

“Traitor! You two simply make me feel disgusted.”

The two of them sighed with emotion,

“Brother Wang, we have no choice but to lower our heads.

The two of us have no other choice but to exchange our pride for a chance to live.

Please forgive us!”

“If you want me to forgive you, then unless Ye Xiao exterminates our demonic sect, I will never be able to forgive you!

“You two b*stards, just you wait.

I will settle this score with both of you sooner or later!”

After saying that, he limped towards the corner.

That scene made Nether Spirit King and Sky Demon want to laugh.

However, they were going to be companions.

If they laughed, would that not be too impolite

Hold it in!

No, they really could not hold it in any longer.


The two of them began to laugh maniacally.

Meanwhile, that fellow was so angry that his face had turned white.

‘D*mnable Sky Demon and Nether Spirit King! They actually dare to mock me like this! Just you guys wait and see.

In the future, I will definitely put in more effort than the two of you.

As long as I serve Ye Xiao enough, I will be able to receive even more rewards from him.

‘When that time comes, I wont leave you guys a single cent.

Just you two wait to cry.

Just as he finished speaking, a few powerful auras suddenly came from outside the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Sensing that aura, the demonic sects Great Immortal instantly vanished from where he was and charged straight into the sky.

The expressions of the Nether Spirit King and the Sky Demon who were still teasing could not help but change instantly.

The two of them had already thought of the other partys goal!

“D*mn it! He wants to take all the credit for himself.

We must not let him snatch all the credit from us.

Otherwise, we wont be able to obtain Ye Xiaos commendation.”

As everyone knew, Ye Xiaos commendation was to see who had done the most for the Xuan Yuan god clan.

For matters like those foreign invaders, basically, the danger was not very great, and they could easily earn a sum of money by going.

It was simply exhilarating.

Seeing the three Great Immortals fighting over merits, Huan Tian and the others fell into a deep melancholy.

Huan Yun could not help but speak slowly,

“Father, why do I feel that the Great Immortals are starting to get fired up inside”

Huan Tian let out a long sigh.

“Thats right! Who asked Ye Xiao to have such good immortal techniques In the entire world, there arent many people who can surpass his immortal techniques.

Even the Imperial Demons of the demonic sects probably do not have his level.

“His immortal technique is too alluring.

“Even the Great Immortal cant resist it.

“However, the Nether Spirit King and the Sky Demon probably want to obtain the immortal technique.

The other one is probably angry at the two of them, so he wants to find fault with them deliberately.

“But when he feels the benefits of Ye Xiaos immortal technique, I estimate that he will also change his target and value Ye Xiaos immortal technique.

“Sigh! Right now, Ye Xiaos subordinates were already on the stage of the Great Immortal.

“Those who didnt reach their level simply didnt have the qualifications to fight on the same battlefield.

“We could only watch helplessly as they soak up the glory.

“We should accept our fate! Well only see if we can do something for Ye Xiao from other places in the future.

Hopefully, we can obtain some rewards and obtain more immortal technique scrolls.

Its also extremely good.”

At that moment, those subordinates began to think of ways to curry favor with Ye Xiao.

As more and more demonic cultivators from the demonic sect were sent over, the number of guardians of the Xuan Yuan divine territory also gradually increased.

After a short month of development, it could be said that they had changed from birds to guns.

The Great Immortals had gone from two to six!

Six Great Immortals!

What kind of concept was that

In the immortal world, they could form a second-rate sect!

Second-rate sects were considered upper-middle-level existences in the immortal world.

Moreover, that number would continue to increase.

As long as the demonic sect dared to send people over, they would continue to be taken down by Ye Xiao.

There were even more Heavenly Immortals.

They had already developed to more than 100!

In addition, along with Ye Xiaos advancement, the number of Xuan Yuan god clan members and Heavenly Immortals who were constantly advanced had also steadily increased.

It could be said that the Xuan Yuan divine territory was then filled with high-level cultivators, and there were many of them.

They had already become quite a big faction.

There was even a special signal being transmitted from the ordinary world.

That was, to not go to the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

That place was a place where gods and demons were forbidden to travel.

As long as one dared to go there, they would die.

As time passed, the Xuan Yuan divine territory became more and more peaceful.

In the end, the entire ordinary world was engulfed in the flames of war.

There were wars everywhere.

Only the Xuan Yuan divine territory was not at war.

On the contrary, it was peaceful.

It was like a paradise

Under such circumstances, Ye Xiao spent more than a month peacefully.

His cultivation also advanced once again, reaching the second-level Great Immortal realm.

He was still one small realm away!

As long as he crossed the next small realm and worked hard, he would be able to advance to the Imperial Immortal realm.

The Imperial Immortal!

That was an existence that many cultivators dreamed of!

It was an existence that they might not be able to achieve even after cultivating for many years.

At that point, Ye Xiao was getting closer and closer to his goal.

He had a wish.

After he advances to the Imperial Immortal realm, he would definitely go to the immortal world to take a good look, take a stroll, and look for that powerful Brother Zheng who left behind legends everywhere to see just how heroic he was.

He would also make the Xuan Yuan god clan become even stronger and caused them to fear no one.

He would also have to find the Phoenix Empress.

Originally, Ye Xiao did not plan to fall in love, but he had no choice.

Since he had already slept with her, he had to take responsibility.

Nowadays, it was no longer so easy to find a good plot of land.

Since he had found it, he had to work harder.

Loosen the soil more, water it, and plant some seeds to ensure that he would have a bumper harvest next autumn.

Ye Xiao had thought it through.

If he did not give birth to too many, he would just give birth to two.

A boy and a girl formed the wordgood.

Sigh, life could be considered to be full of merit.


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