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Hearing Ye Xiao ask about him again, the tea house owner smiled again.

“If were talking about the last of the three miscreants, this guy is also a ruthless person.

Moreover, his methods are not ordinary.

Although he is not as ruthless as Zhang San, he is stronger than Zhang San.

“Although Zhang San is an assassin, killing both the good and evil, he is after all just an assassin.

An assassin who hides in the dark has always been more mysterious in his way of doing things.

It is very difficult for ordinary people to find him.

“However, this person was different.

This person appeared directly in a certain sect, directly asking for the item with great fanfare.

If the sect did not give it, he would take action.

If they gave it, he would leave.

“Of course, this did not mean that the sect would be safe forever, because he could only hold it for a month at most, and would go again.

“If you did not give it, he would still continue to take action.

“It is said that he managed something called the… The… Something peace… The United Peacekeeping Fund of the Immortal World! For maintaining peace among the major sects.

“In reality, it is just an excuse for him to extort money and exchange it for peace.

“In the beginning, there were still some sects that refused to give it to him.

Later on, they were convinced by him, so they had no choice but to give it to him.”

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At that moment, even Ye Xiao could not help but flash a look of admiration.

What a formidable fellow.

He was actually even stronger than his two other clones.

Although his two clones were very dangerous, they at least knew how to conceal themselves and not reveal their identities.

That fellow actually brazenly asked for things from other sects.

Such an arrogant fellow would probably die miserably in the future, right

“Even so, wouldnt those sects join forces to suppress him or find some powerful immortals to deal with him”

“Yes, but ordinary sects cant beat him.

Even if they could, he would run away.

“Other than that, he didnt provoke top-tier sects.

He had a sense of propriety.

The sects he provoked were basically those with similar strength as him.

“These sects were usually weaker and didnt have any geniuses stationed there.

Moreover, they didnt have any large sects protecting them.

“Moreover, even if these people would spend a lot of money to invite some genius immortals, they wouldnt be able to stop him!

“After he runs, he wouldnt go to that sect for a long time.

Regardless, the genius immortals hired by the other party couldnt stay in their sect forever.

“After they left, he would go over again and cause a big fuss.

Then, he would take away the resources that he was owed for the past few months.

“After this cycle, those sects didnt dare to look for any genius immortals.

“As long as they couldnt kill him in one go, he would be like a weed that couldnt be removed.

What use would that be

“I might as well give him an offering on time every month in exchange for a trace of safety.”

“This fellow is so arrogant.

What is his name”

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Ye Xiao could not help but ask a question.

The tea stall owner immediately replied,

“Oh! His name is the same as the previous two people.

Its also very casual.

His name is Wang Wu!”


The teacup in Ye Xiaos hand instantly fell to the ground, and the tea water drenched the ground.

The owner was not angry either.

He helped him pick up the teacup and brought a new one over.

As he poured the tea, he smiled and said,

“Do you think its Incredible I also think its incredible.

“You said that the three of them are all so amazing.

How did they come up with such trash names

“I reckon that their parents educational level should not be high.

Otherwise, they would not have come up with such trash names.”

The corner of Ye Xiaos mouth twitched.

It was not because the other party was ridiculing him for having trash naming skills, but because he really did not expect those three clones to actually be able to cause him so much trouble.

Moreover, they were so pretentious.

Originally, he thought that among the three miscreants, there was only Li Si.

In the end, he did not expect that all three of them were actually his clones.

His clones were so powerful.

What a good fellow.

They were even more awesome than him.

However, those three guys were really capable of causing trouble for him.

Zhang San was an assassin, Li Si was a tomb robber, and Wang Wu was collecting scam protection fees!

When he sent them over, he had clearly told them not to cause trouble and to keep a low profile.

In the end, the three of them did not take his words to heart.

Ye Xiao felt that he did not know what to say.

The owner did not notice his unusual behavior at that moment.

Instead, he continued to speak,

“However, I reckon that it wont be long before thethree miscreants will become thefour miscreants!”

Ye Xiao was stunned.

Then, he could not help but ask,

“What do you mean”

The tea stall owner looked left and right.

Then, he lowered his voice and whispered into Ye Xiaos ear,

“Im telling you, you must not spread this news.

Otherwise, you might get yourself killed.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Of course.”

“Recently, another super genius immortal has appeared in our immortal world.

I dont know which sect hes from, or whether hes a rogue cultivator or something.

Hes even more ruthless than the three of them!

“This guy was incredible! He instantly destroyed quite a few demonic sect branches, and not a single person was left.

All of them were killed.

“Hes so awesome!”

Ye Xiao was even more speechless.

He originally thought that there would be a Super Awesome Fellow.

In the end, he did not expect that the fourth person would also be him.



He kept feeling as if he would shine like gold wherever he went.

Life was always full of surprises.

Forget it.

All three of his clones have a terrible reputation already.

What else could he do

At that moment, Ye Xiao began to think about serious matters.

“Oh right, the Qiushan in the East was said to have some auspicious aura.

Have you heard of this matter”

“Of course Ive heard of it.

There are so many people drinking tea here every day.

Just listening to it casually will give you a lot of information.

“This Qiushan was said to have been a mine in the immemorial era.

There were many ores inside, all of which were good materials for refining artifacts.

“However, it had already been mined long ago during the immemorial era.

Later on, it became an abandoned mine and was no longer of any use.

“Who would have thought that auspicious aura would appear now Theres an 80 percent chance that there are some top-grade refining materials, right”

When Ye Xiao heard that, his heart skipped a beat.

If that was the case, then it would be a good thing.

Previously, although Li Si had sent him a large batch of materials, the vast majority of those materials were helpful for cultivation.

Although there was also a portion that could be used to refine artifacts, it was ultimately still a minority.

He had raised the Great Dragons grade quite a bit last time and had profited from it in several battles.

However, he could clearly feel that the Great Dragon was not at its best yet.

He had not reached his maximum capacity yet!

If that place really had top-grade materials, it would be a good choice to upgrade the Great Dragon.

At that moment, a few new customers came over.

The tea stall owner immediately opened his mouth and smiled apologetically,

“Sir, I have to continue with my business.

Do you have anything you want to ask Well talk later.

Please drink.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

When the owner turned around to get busy, he disappeared from the spot.

Since he had already asked for the information he wanted, there was no need for him to continue staying there.

However, he did not go to the Autumn Clouds mountain by himself.

There were two reasons.

One of them was because he was currently worried about the ordinary worlds Xuan Yuan god clan.

He had already left for a very long time.

If he did not return, he was worried that something unexpected would happen.

After all, it was too chaotic down there at the moment.

Another reason was that his three clones had already offended many people.

The three of them looked similar to him.

Although he had slightly changed their appearances, the three of them were still his clones.

In many places, they were more similar in appearance and spirit.

It would be bad if someone thought he was them and caught him to give him a good beating.

That was because there seemed to be quite a number of people going to Qiushan at that time.

There should be some genius immortals among them.

Hmm… Why not let Li Si make a trip there

In any case, he had already caused so much trouble.

He did not care if he caused more.

Moreover, the most important problem was that he was just one of himself.

If he died, he would not be in too much trouble.

If he could get some materials, that would be even better.

However, if he died, then everyone would be wiped out together.

Hence, letting Li Si go over was the safest and most appropriate.


It was decided so happily.

Very soon, Ye Xiao sent that message out through the intent stone.

After doing all that, he was prepared to return to the ordinary world as soon as possible.

At that moment, an incident suddenly happened.

Ye Xiao suddenly felt that he was locked onto by an extremely powerful intent.

Following closely behind, as the air distorted, a burly figure quickly appeared in front of Ye Xiao.

He wore a black robe and his gaze was like lightning as he stared straight at Ye Xiao.

His eyes were filled with dense killing intent.

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly.

The fellow in front of him was clearly there to look for him.

Ye Xiao could judge from the killing intent on his body.

Moreover, he could easily sense that there was a faintly discernible demonic aura on the other partys body.

There was something wrong with the cultivation technique that the other party cultivated.

It was not easy for an ordinary person to sense his abnormality.

However, he had the Primordial Pupil.

In front of the Primordial Pupil, nothing could hide.

However, all of that was not a big problem because Ye Xiao knew that the demonic sect would definitely come looking for him after he had exterminated so many people from their sect.

The problem was, how did he find him

Every time he had exterminated those sects before, he had killed them all without leaving a single one alive.

Under normal circumstances, they should not have found him.

Yet the person in front of him… Ye Xiao absolutely did not believe that the other party had just casually wanted to kill someone, and then happened to bump into him.

He had come intentionally, specifically for him.

Somehow, he knew exactly where he was!


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