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Ye Xiao quickly left the Great Qin immortal sect because he was worried that his bad premonition might be related to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

After all, in the ordinary world, the demonic sect still held the advantage.

Who knew if they would make a move against the Xuan Yuan god clan

Although he had already eliminated one of the demonic sects, that did not mean that the other demonic sect members would not go over.

However, when he reached a small town, Ye Xiaos Golden Book divine soul suddenly jumped.

That made Ye Xiao unable to help but be startled.

The strength of the Golden Book divine soul was naturally needless to say.

To be able to cause the Golden Book divine soul to move abnormally, what kind of existence was that

Ye Xiao thought for a moment before slowly descending.

Walking among the crowd, he slowly released his divine sense to search for information about the entire town.

Some voices soon entered his ears.

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Amidst the noisy messages, Ye Xiao quickly found the answer he wanted.

“Hey! Have you heard Recently, some strange things have happened in the east.”

“Youre talking about the strange things on Qiushan, right”

“Yes, yes, yes, its Qiushan.

I heard that Qiushan often releases some multicolored rays of light recently.

These rays of light are very dazzling and seem to contain a portion of auspicious aura.”

“Woah, that sounds amazing!”

“Isnt that so I heard that many big shots of the immortal sects have gone over.”

“Well! I reckon that this time, many people are going to find the treasure.

Unfortunately, our strength is really too weak.

Theres no such thing as participating in this sort of thing.

Going over would be a waste.”

“Who says so But speaking of which, I just dont know if the Rolling Earth Dragon Li Si, one of the three miscreants, will go over this time.”

“Hehehe… If he goes over too, that would be fun.

I heard that wherever he goes, not a blade of grass grows! Many immortal sects hate him so much that their teeth are itching!”

“If he dares to go over, Ill admit that hes a man.

Ill carve his name on my thigh!”


A burst of hearty laughter rang out from the crowd.

Ye Xiao, who was monitoring the entire town, was suddenly stunned when he heard that.

He did not expect that he would actually hear news of Li Si there.

However, speaking of which, what did the three miscreants mean

Why did Li Si become one of the so-calledthree miscreants

Ye Xiao was absolutely sure that the termthree miscreants would not be a good term.

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It sounded like it was not something good.

Therefore, he found a stall that sold immortal energy tea and sat down.

“Bring me a pot of tea.”

“Okay, here you are.”

The owner, who was also a waiter, quickly brought over a pot of steaming immortal energy tea.

That kind of tea was often brewed with immortal herbs to refresh the mind and body.

It could also increase a part of the immortal energy that was consumed, and it was deeply loved by the lower-level immortal cultivators in the immortal world.

The owner brought the tea over, and Ye Xiao threw out more than 20 immortal crystals.

The owner hurriedly smiled and said,

“Too much, too much.

A pot of immortal energy tea is only five immortal crystals.”

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“The rest is a tip for you.”

The owners face lit up with joy.

“Thank you, sir.

Is there anything you need Just let me know.”

As a businessman, he had some discerning eyes.

He knew that it was impossible for such good to come from nowhere.

Ye Xiao definitely had something to ask him.

That was why he would give him more compensation.

Ye Xiao immediately opened his mouth and asked,

“Do you know about thethree miscreants in the immortal world”

“Who doesnt know about this Its the three miscreants.

They are now well-known existences.”

The corner of Ye Xiaos mouth could not help but twitch violently.

He only wanted to ask a little, but he did not expect the owner to have such an expression.

It seemed that Li Sis actions were really not ordinary.

After taking a deep breath, he opened his mouth again and said,

“Then Ill have to trouble you to elaborate about them to me.”

“No problem.

The so-calledthree miscreants! Actually, it has only spread in the past few months.

In fact, it refers to the three young immortal cultivators.

“These three young people have high potential and are very powerful! They are extremely monstrous!”

“This is the immortal world.

There should be quite a few young people with monstrous potential, right Why are only three of them called thethree miscreants What exactly is the secret behind this”

“Hey, although there are quite a few monstrous geniuses in the immortal world, these three people are extraordinary.

“The cultivation speed of these three is extremely fast.

Some of them can even reach a small realm every month!

“What kind of concept is this

“Even the holy sons of the top-tier sects cant do this!

“Even for those super geniuses from ancient times and the present, no one has ever been able to reach this level.

“Unless someone enlightens them.

“However, none of these three people were enlightened by others.

They all relied on their own cultivation to cultivate.

“Their cultivation levels rose steadily.”

As he spoke, the owner took a sip of tea.

“Of course, if it was only because of their monstrous talent, they wouldnt be targeted by everyone and be called thethree miscreants.

“The problem was that these three people were not to be trifled with!

“The three of them liked to cause trouble all day long, killing people and setting fires, stealing ancestors graves, and committing all kinds of evil.

“The worst thing was that the three of them didnt just target a particular person or a particular sect.

It was as if they were targeting the entire immortal world.

“Not only did they target people from the righteous path, they would also target people from the demonic sect.

“As long as they could obtain resources, they seemed to be unscrupulous.

“Moreover, the three of them were not only cruel and merciless, but they also appeared and disappeared mysteriously.

Up until now, not a single one of them had been captured.

“Therefore, till this day, no one had really seen any of their appearances.

“Now, in the entire immortal world, hearing the names of the three of them gives me a headache.”

“In other words, Li Si is one of them”

“Thats right.

Although Li Si isnt the most terrifying of the three miscreants, he is the most hateful.

“Why Because even though he was a person who rarely killed and set fires, he liked to steal from ancestral graves.

“Why does he have to do this Who in the right mind would do this

“For those whose ancestors grave was targeted, which one of them isnt hateful Thats their ancestral grave!”

Ye Xiaos face twitched.

What a good Li Si, always doing bad things all day long.

He was wondering why Li Si had so many resources, much more than Zhang San and Wang Wu.

That way, he did not know how many people he would provoke.

If those people blamed him for everything, he would probably be scolded by others for all 18 generations of his ancestors.

Moreover, it was a small matter to be scolded by others.

If he was targeted by others, then he would be dead for sure.

There were so many people in the immortal world.

Genius immortal cultivators were as numerous as the clouds.

There were many strong people.

If they knew that it was his clone that dug up their ancestors graves, would they not fight to the death with him

It seemed that Zhang San and Wang Wu were more practical and did not cause him so much trouble.

Otherwise, he would have a huge headache.

After he went back, he would look for Li Si to settle the score.

However, after thinking about it carefully, it did not seem right.

That was because he was definitely going to fuse with the clone, and after the fusion, he would also do some of the other partys memories and feelings.

If he gave him a good beating, in the end, the pain would fall on his body and he would feel it again.

‘F*ck, my head hurts.

‘Forget it, Ill drink some tea first to calm myself down.

The tea stall owner sighed deeply and could not help but let out a sigh.

“Although Li Si is quite ruthless, he is still a grave digger.

Among the three miscreants, Zhang San is the most ruthless one.”

“Pfft! Cough, cough, cough…”

The tea that Ye Xiao had just drunk all spurted out in the blink of an eye.

What the hell

Zhang San

What does it have to do with Zhang San

The tea stall owner could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

“Do you know Zhang San”

Ye Xiao waved his hand repeatedly.

“I dont know him, I dont know him.

I just feel that their names are quite weird.

Zhang San and Li Si, are they not from the same family”

The tea stall owner smiled.

“Youre not the only one who feels this way.

I also feel that way.”

“Oh right, Zhang San is also known as one of the three miscreants.

Is there anything special about him”

“Of course.

Hes a member of the assassin organization Tian Luo.

You know Tian Luo, right This is the strongest assassin organization in the entire immortal world!

“Its said that as long as the price you pay is high enough, this organization would even dare to help you deal with an Imperial Immortal!

“After Zhang San entered Tian Luo, his growth was very rapid.

In the beginning, he only killed Supreme Eternals.

But now, he has already started to kill Heavenly Immortals!

“This period of time was only a few months.

Think about how terrifying he must be.”

Ye Xiaos face could not help but twitch violently once again.

Those two brats really knew how to stir up trouble for him.

One ran off to rob a tomb, while the other ran off to be an assassin.

Did the two of them think that their lives were very long Did they want to help him waste some time dealing with the aftermath

When they came to be, he especially reminded them that they had to keep a low profile when doing things.

They must not casually expose themselves and not attract too much attention.

In the end, two of the three of them became famous throughout the immortal world and became the famous two of the three miscreants!

Good heavens, they were deliberately trying to make him suffer.

However, he was their main body, and they were only his clones.

If he died, the three of them would cease to exist.

Could it be that the three of them did not know that

Was it because he was in the ordinary world and they did not have to worry about him getting injured, so they dared to create trouble for him without restraint

Fortunately, Wang Wu should be fine.

That also made him feel a little gratified.

Wang Wu was still the best.

With that thought, he picked up the tea again and asked with a smile,

“Who is the last person among the three miscreants”

Since it was the three miscreants, there was one other person involved.

Ye Xiao was really curious.

Who else could actually be compared to his clone.

That fellow had some strength.

One had to know that his clone had the same pure Xuan Yuan bloodline as him, which was why his strength increased so quickly.

Could it be that the other party also had the pure Xuan Yuan bloodline


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