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After the tremor, with a twist in the air, the third Grand Elder slowly stepped out of the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

With each step, a Taiji diagram would appear under his feet.

With each step, he traveled tens of thousands of miles, and in a few breaths, he arrived in the starry sky.

In the starry sky, there was already a man dressed in a blood-red robe.

He had his hands behind his back, and his eyes were like blades, giving off a cold chill.

“Good move.

If I remember correctly, you should be the third Grand Elder of the Great Qin immortal sect, Murong Fengyun.”

Murong Fengyun also said lightly,

“You are dressed in a red robe.

In the demonic sect, the only one who wears a red robe and has the strength of a Great Immortal should be the Fiery Demon King, right”

“To be able to guess my identity, you are quite skilled.”

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The Fiery Demon Kings gaze was as cold as ice as he spoke again,

“Looking at this, the Sky Demon should have most likely been killed by you, right”

“Thats right.”

“I knew that trash was useless.

Forget it, Ill take care of you myself.

I dont want you to get in the way here and ruin our plan.”

After saying that, the Fiery Demon King did not waste any more words and attacked again.

In his eyes, Murong Fengyun was nothing.

It was not just because he was very strong in the immortal world.

After coming to the ordinary world, his strength had been greatly increased by constantly devouring divine blood, and he had reached an unprecedented height.

At that point, his ego was inflated.

At least, that was how he faced Murong Fengyun.

Murong Fengyun was not very famous in the immortal world.

Previously, he was only at the peak of the third-level Heavenly Immortal realm.

After coming to the ordinary world, he cultivated the Yin-yang immortal technique before advancing to the Great Immortal realm.

It could be said that people like him in the past were completely ordinary people.

The Fiery Demon King was confident enough to kill him.

As soon as he made his move, another ball of blood energy condensed in the starry sky.

The dark red blood was so dense that it looked like flames.

That was also the reason why he became famous.

Very quickly, he condensed enough power to attack.

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Murong Fengyun did not dodge or escape as he faced that attack head-on.

He unleashed the Great Qin immortal sects Immortal-slaying sword technique to its limit.

As the two forces collided, another ball of resplendent light exploded out in the starry sky.

Within that ray of light, Murong Fengyuns sword light energy was madly corroded by his opponents blood.

Sizzle, Sizzle, Sizzle…

The miserable sounds of corrosion did not stop.

The corners of the Fiery Demon Kings lips curled up slightly.

That was the treasure and confidence he had in winning.

It was because his Blood Essence immortal technique could corrode the opponents attacks.

No matter what kind of attacks the opponent had, he could corrode them all.

The opponent could not even pass through his attacks, let alone pierce through his defense.

If a person could not even break through his attacks, how could he defeat him

It was a complete fools dream, an unrealistic question!

However, just as he was feeling pleased with himself, an incident suddenly happened in the next second.

Murong Fengyuns sword light suddenly stopped being corroded and easily passed through his sea of blood, arriving in front of his defensive barrier in an instant.


Accompanied by a violent explosion, his defensive barrier was directly broken through.

His body was also pushed back by the impact of this huge shock wave.


Fiery Demon Kings face was filled with confusion and shock.

He had never thought that something like that would happen.

According to normal logic, Murong Fengyun had used an orthodox immortal technique, and it was impossible for it to be compatible with the evil immortal technique he had used.

Since it was impossible to be compatible, either the opponents attack would be corroded by his own attack, or the attack between the two of them would explode.

However, his attack actually broke through his own attack and came in front of him, blasting open his own defensive barrier.

Could it be that his attack power was stronger than his

Even so, something was not right.

The cultivation level he was currently displaying was clearly about the same as his, both at the first level of the Great Immortal realm, and he should still be slightly weaker than him.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for his attack power to be stronger than his.

It was completely illogical.

How on Earth did he do it

Just as he was feeling puzzled, the second wave of sword rays slashed straight toward him.

“Not good!”

He could not help but let out a cry of alarm.

He immediately unleashed the blood essence in his entire body.

In an instant, a sea of blood pervaded the air.

He wanted to suppress Murong Fengyun, but unfortunately, he could not do it at all.

Just as he unleashed the sea of blood, Murong Fengyuns sword attack had already penetrated through his sea of bloods defense and slashed his body in one move!

The Fiery Demon King was completely dumbfounded and did not know what to do.

What was going on Why did the other party seem to completely ignore his sea of blood

As if he could easily merge his power into his own

At that point, there was no use in thinking about such questions.

That was because his immortal body had been killed and only his primordial spirit was left.

He was no match for Murong Fengyun and was sealed on the spot.

Once the Fiery Demon King died, the blood sea in the sky gradually disappeared.

Elder Qin and the others immediately flew up.

“Grand Elder, are you alright”

Murong Fengyun nodded.

“Im fine!”

“Who is it this time Why do I feel that his strength is even stronger than the Sky Demon”

“Youre right, he is indeed stronger than the Sky Demon! He is the Grand Elder of the seven demonic sects, the Fiery Demon King!”

“What! Its actually the Fiery Demon King!”

Elder Qin and the others could not help but exclaim, their eyes revealing a trace of fear.

They naturally knew who the Fiery Demon King was.

The Fiery Demon Kings strength far surpassed the Sky Demon, and his reputation was well known.

In the immortal world, if someone said that they did not know the Sky Demon, it would not cause much of a reaction.

However, if someone said that they did not know the Fiery Demon King, they would definitely be laughed at by others.

Therefore, one could imagine just how strong the other party was.

Even so, he was still killed by the third Grand Elder.

One could imagine just what level the third Grand Elders strength had advanced to.

However, they soon became happy again because the third Grand Elder becoming stronger was a good thing for them.

“Grand Elder, what should we do now”

The third Grand Elder pondered for a moment and then said,

“The evil demons are becoming more and more rampant.

I heard that many cultivators from the god clan and the immortal sects have died because of this.

“If this continues, it will spread to us sooner or later.

It will probably take some time for the space-time barrier to be repaired.

“During that period of time, no one could guarantee that no accidents would happen.

“We cant wait any longer.

Help me contact the Grand Elders of the other immortal sects.

We need to work together.”

“But Grand Elder, they might not be willing to listen to us!”

“Tell them that we killed the Sky Demon and the Fiery Demon King.

Just the heads of these two should be enough to make them listen.



Everyone left quickly.

The third Grand Elder returned to Xuan Yuan Mountain and suppressed the Fiery DemonKings primordial spirit.

In truth, although he had already cultivated the Yin-yang immortal technique and his cultivation had increased a lot, his cultivation was still about the same as the other partys.

In fact, in terms of cultivation, he might even be slightly inferior to the other party.

Therefore, he could only kill his opponents immortal body and not completely destroy his opponents primordial spirit.

To be more precise, it was not that he could not completely destroy his opponents primordial spirit, but to completely destroy his opponents primordial spirit was too exhausting for him.

Right then, terror and evil were rampant.

He had to ensure that his strength was at its peak at all times so that he would not disturb the overall situation.

The Fiery Demon Kings primordial spirit was suppressed by him as he roared furiously.

“You b*stard! Dont think that Im afraid of you just because of this! This king will break your seal one day and tear you into pieces.”

“Im afraid that day will never come for you.”

After saying that, the third Grand Elder used the Yin-yang immortal technique to completely suppress him.

At the same time, in the immortal world, a beautiful figure was advancing rapidly.

Behind her, there were several figures chasing after her.

“B*tch, you cant escape.

Youd better surrender obediently.”

Unfortunately, that beautiful figure did not pay any attention to them.

She moved forward quickly.

When she saw a minefield in front of her, she was shocked.

Then, her beautiful eyes turned and she forcefully rushed into the minefield.

Seeing that she was about to rush into the minefield, the people chasing after her could not help but be shocked.

“Not good! Theres someone in front undergoing the Great Immortal Tribulation! We must not let her enter.

Otherwise, we will be in big trouble.”

“The sect leader has ordered that this b*tch should be apprehended since she knows our secret.

We must not let her go.

No matter what, we must capture her and destroy her with our own hands.”

Unfortunately, her speed was too fast.

In the blink of an eye, she had already entered the minefield.

The others clenched their teeth tightly.

“What do we do Shes gone in.”

“No matter what, we have to catch up to her.

Although this Lightning Tribulation is terrifying, if we dont destroy her, the news will spread, and it will be very troublesome for our demonic sects plans.”

“Entering the Great Immortal Tribulation might not necessarily result in death.

As long as we carefully avoid those lightning bolts, well be fine.

Lets go!”

After saying that, everyone charged into the lightning storm together.

In the sky, Ye Xiao, who was sitting cross-legged and cultivating, suddenly seemed to have sensed something and immediately opened his eyes.

“This aura… Isnt this Xia Xinyi How did we meet her here”

However, very quickly, Ye Xiao could not help but laugh.

That was because Xia Xinyi was actually still being pursued by someone!

Moreover, her pursuers were from the demonic sect.

Good heavens, that woman had been hunted down by the demonic sect ever since she came to the immortal world.

It had almost never stopped.

Even Ye Xiao could not help but feel a little curious.

Just what was wrong with that woman

Why did she provoke so many demonic sect members all day long


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