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Chapter 66: The Relationship Between Body Movement and Body-refining

“Boss, take a look at this iron sword.

How much is it worth”

The night passed.

Early the next morning, Ye Xiao took the iron sword to the materials store to sell on his way to work.

“Oh, youre the customer from yesterday, right You finished practicing so quickly”

The boss recognized Ye Xiao and took the sword from his hand.

“Good sword!”

He could not help but exclaim when he saw the sword.

That sword could already be considered a transcendent-grade weapon.

Weapons, pills, and cultivation techniques were the same.

They were all divided into ordinary, transcendent, and grandmaster categories.

Ye Xiao did not have a complete mastery of weapon-refining techniques.

He only had a few basic weapon-refining techniques.

He was still practicing his movement techniques and had nothing to do.

He could use more than a thousand pieces of pig iron to refine a transcendent-grade sword, that was already very good.

“Young man, I wont lie to you.

With this sword of yours, if you were to sell it on the internet, it would be worth at least 3,000, or even 4,000! If you were to go to the auction house or the weapon store, it could give you 2,700 or 2,800.

However, with me, I can only give you 2,600 at most.

“This is because I dont specialize in selling this.

I still have to go back and forth.”

“Thats fine too.

But in the future, when I buy materials, you have to give me a cheaper price.”

“Sure, sure, sure.

No problem.”

The boss very straightforwardly transferred the money to Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao left the material store, bought some breakfast, and walked while eating.

If he sold it online, it would be too troublesome.

As a laid-back person, he really could not be bothered to take care of it.

Anyway, the rate of return was also very high.

It had already reached the rate of return of 1:2.6.

Moreover, that was under the situation where his current refining level was not high.

If his level was high, even if it was a thousand pieces of pig iron, he might be able to refine a true transcendent-grade weapon.

As for the grandmaster grade, there was no need to think about it.

No matter how good Ye Xiaos level was, the law of conservation of energy would not allow him to use a thousand pieces of pig iron to refine a grandmaster-grade weapon.

He would not refine it every day either.

If he played around with it once or twice, that would be called a hobby.

If he did it every day, that would be called work.

It was just like a woman finding a boyfriend.

That would be called dating.

If she found a hundred boyfriends, that would be called working.

Nature was different.

If he did it once in a while to earn some extra money and eat a big meal, that would not be so bad.

The main reason was that Ye Xiao was really not too interested in earning money.

Money was a worldly possession.

As long as he had enough, it was enough.

If he really wanted to earn money, there were too many ways.

Robbing banks, searching for gold mines, searching for repetitive push-ups with rich women… He even used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to search the streets.

He could make a fortune by picking up money every day.

After being reborn, Ye Xiao only wanted to enjoy life.

Slow tempo, no lack of food, no lack of drink.

Every day, he would become stronger by a hundred million points.

It was comfortable.

When he came to the library, Ning Yuhen had also returned.

It could be seen that he was still very angry about yesterdays matter.

He chattered non-stop and kept cursing at the governors mansion.

He naturally did not know anything about Mr.

Zhao and thought that it was arranged by Du Tianyu.

He could only curse Du Tianyu to satisfy his mouth.

Ye Xiao naturally would not defend Du Tianyu.

It was just a few words of scolding, and nothing would actually come out of it.

If he said that the mastermind was Mr.

Zhao, Ning Yuhen would probably ask a lot of questions.

If he asked how he knew, how would he answer

However, Ning Yuhens character was indeed very good.

He knew that he might have been saved by a martial arts expert, so he spoke up righteously.

It was not in vain for him to take care of him normally.

Ning Yuhen saw that Ye Xiao was not very interested, so he ran over to complain to another manager.

Ye Xiao also ended up in peace and continued to read.

Today, he returned to the normal path and continued to practice his movement techniques.

Weapons were external objects, so he could only practice them in the meantime and could not major in them.

He originally only had two basic movement techniques, but after reading a book recently, he obtained two more.

Now, he already had four basic movement techniques.

Basic movement techniques only increased speed by about 20 percent.

Although it was only 20 percent, it was extremely rare for a martial artist to fight.

It meant that for every five feet others moved, you could move an additional foot.

What was the saying

In the world of martial arts, only the indestructible and the fast could not be broken!

Speaking of which, if the speed was too fast, would the skin be scratched

After all, friction resistance was a problem that could not be ignored.

Was it using spiritual energy to protect the body instead

Even if spiritual energy was used to protect the body, it would generate heat through friction, right

Would the water in the body be unable to withstand the high temperature and pressure because it was too hot

From the current cultivation technique, it seemed to have mentioned it a little bit.

To practice the movement technique, one needed to enhance ones physical strength a little bit.

If one wanted to use speed, one had to be tough enough.

That made Ye Xiao sigh with emotion.

As expected, if one wanted to become a qualified fighter, one had to be virtuous, intelligent, beautiful, and all-round development.

The side effects would be fatal sooner or later.

However, he did not practice much of the body-refining technique.

The main reason was that he had a fear.

After body refining, although it would increase the explosive power of the body, it would also increase the hardness of the body.

If his body turned into steel, what would he do

Although he was single now, it was hard to guarantee that one day, he would not meet someone who tempted him.

No one could say for sure about that thing.

When that time came, would he use steel bars to stab others

Even if he had already learned the Mending the Heavens technique, he could not go too far, right

When the time came, would he be able to fix bloody thorns after bloody thorns continuously

Hmm… Just thinking about that scene made one feel terrified.

The book had clearly written about the negative consequences of the body-refining technique.

However, instead of a man, it mentioned a woman.

It was said that after reaching the body-refining stage, she had become a grandmaster and was invincible on the battlefield.

With a pair of iron fists, she could crush the star beasts head like smashing a walnut with a hammer.

However, it was also because of it that her body was as hard as steel.

Until now, it seemed as if she was still single.

It was neither desirable nor attractive.

It was better to find an opportunity to understand it clearly before learning the body-refining technique.

In any case, he only needed to have one or two basic body-refining techniques.

He could barely support the first one.

It was time for Ning Yuhen to treat Ye Xiao to dinner when he got off work at night.

When he was at work, he had revealed that he would treat Ye Xiao to an excellent restaurant in Jianghai city.

Based on that information, Ye Xiao did not eat lunch at noon.

It was not because he wanted to take advantage of Ning Yuhen, but simply because he wanted to fully savor the delicacies.

Sometimes, he did not know why, but the more he ate, the more delicious it became.

He spent money on it, but after eating it twice, it became boring.

What surprised Ye Xiao was that Ning Yuhen brought him to Jianghai citys Water Moon Pavilion.

Ye Xiao had heard of that place before.

It was the best ethnic restaurant in Jianghai city.

The cuisines in it were all the most famous cuisines in the nine provinces.

Similarly, the prices were also very expensive.

It was said that one had to spend 10,000 yuan per person to be full.

Ye Xiao looked at his stomach and then looked at Huan Liuli on his shoulder.

Hmm… Eat less.

It was fine if he ate 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, but he could not go too far.


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