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“Hey! Have you heard Just then, in the Soaring Dragon Great World of the south, we have just been robbed by the demonic sect, and a lot of people have died.

“Even the immortal sect that protects them, the Liu Li immortal sect, has lost a lot of soldiers and generals because of this.”

“Its not just a Soaring Dragon Great World.

Right now, the flames of war are burning in the surroundings, and there are battles everywhere.

“Its only here that were slightly more peaceful.”

“Its too terrifying.

If this continues, it wont be long before the flames of war reach us.”

“Sigh! Theres no other way.

The people from the demonic sects are savage and ruthless.

If they touch us, well die.

“Now, the Grand Elders of the Great Qin immortal sect had already issued a martial law, not allowing anyone to leave the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Hopefully, they could hold on.

“Otherwise, letting the demonic sect in would be the same as letting a tiger into a flock of sheep.

“All of us will have to be sacrificed.”

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That day, Ye Xiao had just arrived at work when he heard his colleagues discussing the matter of the demonic sect.

That made him unable to help but feel a little surprised.

It seemed that the progress of the demonic sect was far faster than he had imagined.

Time was probably running out.

The Imperial Immortals of the immortal world were definitely working hard to find a way to calm down the chaotic flow of the space-time barrier.

Once they calmed down the chaotic flow of the space-time barrier, the people of the immortal world would be able to come down again.

At that time, it would be a disaster for the demonic sects.

Therefore, they had to take the first step and plunder as much divine blood as possible.

That way, they could raise their cultivation as soon as possible and use it to fight against the immortal world.

With that, even if the immortals of the immortal world came down, they would not give them any fatal blows.

Ye Xiao did not panic.

He was still steadily raising his cultivation.

Currently, there was an even more powerful existence in the Xuan Yuan god clan, the third Grand Elder of the Great Qin immortal sect.

His cultivation was at the peak of the third-level Heavenly Immortal realm, he should be able to hold on a little longer.

Even if he really could not hold on, he would still think of some backup plans.

Just as he was thinking, suddenly, in the starry sky, the wind, clouds, and thunder rumbled.

Starlight flickered, and heaven and earth shook.

All the stars began to descend slightly, rising and falling incessantly.

Ye Xiao could not help but be startled.

Speaking of the devil, the devil had arrived.

A demonic sect member actually came.

At that moment, the surrounding people began to notice that abnormality.

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“Whats going on”

“Somethings happening.

I seem to have heard from others that when something like this happens, its basically when a demonic sect member comes to attack!”

“Its over, its over! I didnt expect the flames of war to burn on us so quickly.

Its over now.”

“Dont worry, maybe the demonic sect members that came arent that strong

“There were many members of the demonic sects.

Even though some people looked like they were strong, they might be bluffing.

“Right now, we can only pray that he wont be able to defeat our Great Qin immortal sects Grand Elder.”

Just as he finished speaking, wild and unruly laughter filled with a domineering aura came from the starry sky.

“Hahaha… Murong Fengyun, an old friend has come to see you.

Hurry up and come out to face your death.”

When that voice was heard, it immediately caused everyones eardrums to hurt.

It was as if a steel ball had scratched their heads, causing their souls to tremble.

“What a terrifying sound.

The other party is calling Murong Fengyun.

Isnt that third Grand Elders real name How dare the other party be so arrogant and directly call the third Grand Elders real name”

“In the entire world, in the entire demonic sect, there is only one person who would call the third Grand Elders name like this.

He should be the third Grand Elders old enemy, the Sky Demon of the Luo Sheng demonic sect, one of the seven first-rate demonic sects!

“Legend has it that he and third Grand Elder were once close friends and went to the Great Qin immortal sect together for an interview.

In the end, the people of the Great Qin immortal sect said that his temperament wasnt enough and only chose the third Grand Elder.

“In a fit of rage, the Sky Demon joined the Luo Sheng demonic sect.

He became a ruthless and merciless demonic cultivator.

“From then on, the two of them became mortal enemies.”

“Oh my God, its actually the Sky Demon! I even read about him last night.

“He is an existence at the peak of the Heavenly Immortal realm.

He is extremely proficient in sound wave attacks and soul attacks.

He kills people as if they were ants, and his methods are savage and brutal.

“Who knows how many people have died at his hands.

“Some people say that in these tens of thousands of years, the lives he has killed may have already exceeded hundreds of billions!”

“The third Grand Elders cultivation is also at the peak of the third-level Heavenly Immortal realm.

I wonder which of the two of them is stronger, and who can beat the other”

Ye Xiaos divine sense scanned the area.

The other partys strength was indeed very strong.

At the very least, his cultivation was stronger than his.

However, he was not at the peak of the Heavenly Immortal realm that everyone was talking about.

Instead, he was at the first-level Great immortal realm.

It seemed like he had killed countless people in the ordinary world those past few days.

Otherwise, it was impossible for his cultivation to suddenly increase by a level.

He was also quite ruthless!

At the same time, Elder Qin and the others also stood outside the Xuan Yuan Mountain with anxious expressions.

The Xuan Yuan Mountain had become the base of the Great Qin immortal sect and the other higher-ups.

The third Grand Elder was currently in closed-door cultivation cultivating the Yin-yang immortal technique.

“This is bad.

The Sky Demon is attacking! The third Grand Elder is still in closed-door cultivation.

I wonder when he will be able to come out”

“If he doesnt come out in time, we will be in big trouble.

More importantly, if the Sky Demon breaks in forcefully and disrupts the third Grand Elders meditation while cultivating, causing him to go into spiritual deviation, then the problem will be even bigger.”

“I didnt expect the people from the demonic sect to come so quickly.

They didnt give us any time to think.”

As they were speaking, another stern shout came from the sky.

“Murong Fengyu, dont hide in there like a b*stard.

Come out and fight to the death with me!”

The ear-piercing voice came again, and everyones souls could not help but tremble.

For a devil cultivator who had been cultivating evil techniques for a long time, the evil techniques had already completely fused into his body.

Just like how people from the righteous path cultivated immortal techniques, it would make peoples bodies exude a kind of peaceful immortal energy.

People on the demonic path would exude a hint of evil in their words, actions, and even their casual movements.

That was the voice of the Sky Demon.

“What a terrifying cultivation base.

I feel that he has already surpassed the peak of the Heavenly Immortal realm.

This feeling is definitely not something that a peak Heavenly Immortal would have.

Could it be that this fellow has already advanced to the first-level Great Immortal realm”

As soon as those words were said, everyone felt as if their breathing was about to stop.

The first-level Great Immortal realm

Was there a mistake

That cultivation base was ridiculously strong.

Among all the people present, who could reach that level

Even if the third Grand Elder came out of seclusion, it would probably be useless.

Just as everyone was feeling terrified, a vast and mighty aura erupted from Xuan Yuan Mountain.

In the next second, a beam of divine light shot into the sky.

The third Grand Elders figure slowly walked out from the divine light.

Seeing him walk out from the divine light, everyone immediately cupped their hands and said,

“The third Grand Elder, something bad has happened.

The Sky Demons strength might have already advanced to the first stage of the Great Immortal realm!”

The third Grand Elder smiled and comforted everyone,

“Theres no need to rush.”

When Elder Qin and the others saw the smile on his face, they could not help but feel happy, as if they had thought of something.

“The third Grand Elder, could it be that youve already completely learned the Yin-yang immortal technique”

If he had completely learned that legendary immemorial immortal technique, even if the other party had already advanced to the first-level Great Immortal realm and was slightly stronger than him, he did not need to worry too much.

That was because the Yin-yang immortal technique was enough to allow one to fight against opponents of a higher cultivation level.

He did not expect the third Grand Elder to be able to kill the other party.

At the very least, he would be able to fight against the other party.

That way, the crisis would basically be resolved.

The third Grand Elder shook his head slightly.

“I dont have such a strong aptitude yet.

The Yin-yang immortal technique is a top-tier immortal technique from the immemorial era, although my aptitude is already considered very good.

However, if I want to fully comprehend it, I will need at least a few decades to 100 years before I can completely comprehend the entire set of Yin-yang immortal techniques.

“Right now, I have only learned about one-tenth of its standard.

“However, although it is only about one-tenth of its standard, my cultivation base has successfully advanced to the first-level Great Immortal realm.

“Therefore, he is still not my match.”

Hearing those words, everyone present could not help but become excited.

It was done!

Even though he had not completely learned the Yin-yang immortal technique, his cultivation had at least risen to the Great Immortal realm.

He was already able to contend with the other party.

That was enough.

Yun Changqing could not help but feel a little apprehensive.

As expected of the Great Qin immortal sects third Grand Elder.

His aptitude was extraordinary and was many times stronger than his.

Although his aptitude had greatly increased with Ye Xiaos many improvements in his bloodline, he still could not compare to the other party.

One had to know that the time Ye Xiao gave him the Yin-yang immortal technique was almost the same as the time the third Grand Elder spent cultivating the Yin-yang immortal technique.

The two of them started cultivating almost at the same time.

However, he had only comprehended two to three percent at most, while the other party had already comprehended one-tenth, which was more than three times his own.

Looking at it that way, if the other party wanted to completely comprehend the Yin-yang immortal technique, he would need 100 years, and he might need more than 300 years.

As expected, if a person could not do it, even if he gave you something good, you would not be able to grasp it.

‘I really dont know how many years Ye Xiao would need to learn it.

‘Looks like I have to find Ye Xiao to make up for it in the future to speed up my progress.

‘Otherwise, he would not know how long it would take him to learn it.

At that moment, the pressure from the Sky Demon had already been suppressed.

“Murong Fengyu, since youve already come out, why are you still hiding down there Hurry up and come out and fight to the death with me!”

The third Grand Elder raised his head to look at the sky and said with a faint smile,

“Ill be right back.

You guys wait down there.”


In the next second, the third Grand Elder had disappeared from where he was and appeared in the starry sky at the same time.

“Hehehe… Old Dog Murong, you finally rolled out! I thought you were going to hide down there for the rest of your life.

“However, even if you hide down there for the rest of your life, its impossible.

Because I will personally go down there and drag you out.

I will blow up your big head.”

Murong Fengyus expression did not change.

His mood was not affected by the other partys words.

He only said lightly,

“That may not be the case.”


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