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Hearing that, the expressions of the Grand Elders became even more solemn.

Elder Qin spoke,

“Ive heard before that the demonic sect of the immortal world also wants to take advantage of the space-time disruption to obtain some benefits from the ordinary world.

“I didnt expect that they would actually dare to make a move.”

The third Grand Elder mused,

“The deviant demonic sect loves to use the essence of living beings to increase their strength.

They must be targeting the bloodlines of the major god clans.

“Many of the immortals of the immortal world and the martial artists of the god clans were of the same race.

“If they could extract a certain amount of bloodline power from their bodies, they would be able to have the same bloodline power as those of the immortals.

At that time, the strength of the demonic sect would further increase.

“This time, it would definitely be the Imperial Immortal of the demonic sect who would send some of the demonic immortals down first and then disrupt the space-time barrier.

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“This way, the people from the other immortal sects wouldnt be able to come down for the time being.

“And the ones who came down earlier werent very strong.

They might not be able to withstand the demonic immortals!

“Looks like were in big trouble this time.”

Elder Qin took a deep breath and cupped his hands.

“Grand Elder, Qin Ming would like to ask you to cultivate the Yin-yang immortal technique.”

The third Grand Elders eyes moved.

“This immortal technique is so important.

We must hand it over to the sect leader.

The sect leader will decide who to let cultivate it.

Im only a Grand Elder of the sect, I cant make decisions on my own.”

“Grand Elder, this is an emergency.

We might also be attacked by the demonic sect.

“The only solution now is to raise your strength first.

Only then will we be able to survive.

“If not, all of us will die here.”

“This… Alright! Youre right.

There are so many disciples here, as well as the Xuan Yuan god clan.

We absolutely can not allow them to be threatened.

“If the sect leader wants to punish us when we return to the immortal world in the future, I will bear the consequences alone.”

“I will bear it together with you.”

Elder Qins gaze was firm as he said.

The third Grand Elder nodded and quickly began his closed-door cultivation.

Moreover, just as he was in closed-door cultivation, not long after, Yun Changqing quickly came to the martial arts library to look for Ye Xiao and told him about that matter in detail.

“Ye Xiao, the demonic sect suddenly made a move, and among the immortals that they sent down, there will definitely be many prodigies.

Even if there isnt an Imperial Immortal, there might be a Great Immortal! Im worried…”

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Ye Xiaos expression was indifferent.

“When the soldiers come, the general will block them.

When the water comes, the Earth will cover it.

If something really happens, no one can stop it.

Just cultivate properly.”

Seeing that Ye Xiao was not anxious, Yun Changqing became even more anxious.

“Ye Xiao, this time, its not a joke.

The people of the demonic sect are all ruthless and merciless.

They treat killing people like cutting grass.

Moreover, their techniques are very strong.

Its very difficult for ordinary people to deal with them.

Dont tell me that we really shouldnt make any preparations”

“Lets wait and see.

If we dont have enough strength, any preparations will be in vain.”

Yun Changqing still wanted to say something, but seeing that Ye Xiao had lowered his head to read and did not want to say anything, he could only sigh and leave.

In reality, it was not that Ye Xiao did not care about that matter, but he was more realistic than Yun Changqing.

When a crisis was approaching, it was useless to just be anxious.

Panicking was also useless.

On the contrary, it would restrict ones hands and feet and delay time.

When he had overheard the conversation between the third Grand Elder and Elder Qin, he had already begun to make preparations.

The first thing was his understanding of the demonic sects.

It was very normal for the immortal world to have demonic sects.

All things in the world had their opposites such as the presence of good and evil.

The immortal world in his current life was not like the immortal world in the myths of his previous life where there only lived immortals.

The Immortal world in his current life was a world that was forcefully separated by the powerful methods of the almighty beings of the immemorial era.

It was named with the wordimmortal but it was not only filled with immortal energy and kindness.

In the demonic sects of the immortal world, there were three top-tier demonic sects, seven high-tier demonic sects, and many branches of the demonic sects.

Overall, the power of the demonic sects definitely could not be compared to that of the righteous faction.

Otherwise, the demonic sects would be an existence that could do whatever it wanted in the immortal world.

However, although the power of the demonic sect was not enough, there was one thing.

The individual combat strength of the members of the demonic sect was stronger than that of the righteous sects.

That was partly because the cultivation techniques of the members of the demonic sect were all evil techniques.

Their cultivation speed was very fast, and the time it took for them to increase their strength was short.

They could create a large number of geniuses within a short period of time.

Another reason was that their attacks were vicious and brutal.

Although the people of the righteous path fought fiercely, they were not that vicious.

They mainly relied on the strength of their attacks to determine the outcome.

On the other hand, the people of the demonic sect were different.

They would use any means in battle.

It was said that in order to obtain victory, they would even sacrifice their companions at any cost.

Moreover, when they fought, they did not care about anything.

They would drag all the living beings around them into the battle circle.

They did not care about anyones life or death.

Moreover, the people among the demonic sect had a cruel temperament and were unreasonable.

They could attack and kill people at any time.

It was possible that one second ago, they were still chatting with you, and the next second, they would directly stab you into a sieve.

That was also one of the reasons that made people fear them the most.

It was because they did not have any rules or morals to speak of.

Unlike the people of the righteous path, the two sides could still negotiate.

Basically, the things that were agreed upon would not differ too much.

Ye Xiao estimated that the demonic sects attack would very likely be a catastrophe for the entire ordinary world.

The resources of the ordinary world were poor and could not be compared to the immortal world.

However, there was one thing in the ordinary world that was not inferior to the immortal world.

That was the population, the number of living creatures, and the power of bloodline!

Although the bloodline power of the god clans in the ordinary world was definitely not as strong as that in the immortal world, the population of the ordinary world was even greater.

The allure of adding up together was not small.

Currently, the only thing that was hard to determine was how many immortals the other party had sent down, and which ones were the strongest

Ye Xiao only hoped that they would not send an Imperial Immortal to him.

Then he would really cry.

He still could not defeat an Imperial Immortal at the moment!

However, Ye Xiao also thought of a plan.

That was to use the immortal world passageway in the Phoenix Plains to move all his clansmen to the immortal world.

That passageway was still unknown to anyone, and it could be used as a secret method of his.

Before that, he could observe for a while.

After all, the Xuan Yuan god clan currently had a few members from the Great Qin immortal sect.

In addition, they also had the array that they had set up, including some guardians.

The other god clans also had their own members in the immortal world.

With so many righteous path immortals protecting them, they should be able to hold on for a period of time.

Taking advantage of that period of time, he would first raise his cultivation.

It would be best if he could speed up his advancement to the Great Immortal realm.

After the Great immortal realm, even if he was not an Imperial Immortal, he would basically be untouchable.

For the following period of time, Ye Xiao spent every day in the library reading up on the information of the demonic sects members.

At the same time, he worked hard to cultivate and raise his cultivation.

Among the three clones, Li Si had not received any news recently.

Zhang San and Wang Wu would still occasionally have their spiritual avatars send him some storage rings filled with resources, moreover, the quality of the resources was also getting higher and higher.

That meant that the strength of the two of them was also rising steadily.

Only in that way would they have the ability to obtain better resources.

However, to be honest, Ye Xiao no longer needed these things now.


That was because the batch of resources that Li Si had sent back was really too strong.

That batch of resources could stack an ordinary immortal to the level of an Imperial Immortal!

With those resources, Ye Xiao did not have to worry that his cultivation would not be able to increase quickly.

However, although his cultivation was not a big problem and was steadily increasing, he did not see many books related to the demonic sect.

That was because ever since the news of the demonic sect came down, books related to the demonic sect had been borrowed by too many people, to the point that Ye Xiao himself could not find a few books to read.

He was also quite speechless about that matter.

Those fellows from the Xuan Yuan god clan did not work hard in their cultivation and made good use of their time to raise their cultivation.

Instead, they only thought about gossiping all day long.

What was the use of reading so much information

You guys could never defeat them, so reading it was also a waste of time, okay

Just like that, after more than 20 days, Ye Xiaos cultivation finally advanced again and reached the third-level Heavenly Immortal.

When the strength in his body increased again, he felt that his control over immortal energy was more precise, and the power he could release each time was even more powerful.

Ye Xiao noticed one thing.

The stronger his cultivation was, the stronger the power of the immortal techniques he could unleash.

Plus, the range of each increase was very wide.

It seemed that he had not fully developed the amplification effects of the immortal techniques.

Thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

His few immortal techniques were all top-grade among top-grade ones.

They could allow people to easily advance to the Imperial Immortal realm.

They definitely still had a lot of potential that he had yet to excavate.

When his cultivation base advances to the Imperial Immortal realm, he should be able to fully unleash the power of the immortal techniques.

Moreover, that was only the immortal techniques.

His sacred arts could only unleash a trace of its power at that point.

He really did not know how powerful his sacred arts would be when he advances to the Imperial Immortal realm and reached a higher level.

At the same time, the demonic sects outside were becoming more and more rampant.

In the beginning, the various great immortal sects were able to slightly block them.

Even so, as time passed, they gradually became unable to do so.

That was because when the spatial barrier was disturbed, not only were the immortals from the immortal world unable to come down, but the immortal energy from the immortal world was also not easy to obtain down there.

It was not that they were unable to come down, but the speed at which they poured down was far less than before.

That created a situation.

When Immortals fought against the demonic sect, they consumed a lot of immortal energy, but they could not be replenished in time.

Just like after doing it, if they did not have any energy to replenish, they would often feel pain in their back.

Under such circumstances, their immortal energy replenishing speed was even slower than normal.

How could they fight

Even if they had immortal crystals, they would not bring all of their belongings down when they came down.

However, the demonic sect was different.

They had premeditated, so they brought a lot of resources down in advance.

In addition, the demonic sects would also devour divine blood to speed up their own recovery.


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