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Elder Luos heart trembled.

Could it be that the holy son meant… That the people from the Great Qin immortal sect had already come looking for trouble

How did the people from the Great Qin immortal sect come so quickly

He turned his head and looked over.

As the air distorted, a figure appeared in his eyes in the next second.

The other party was wearing a cloak and a bamboo hat, so he could not see what he looked like.

However, he did not know why Elder Luo felt that the other party was very dangerous.

It was not an ordinary danger, but the kind that came from the depths of his bones.

Ever since he advance to the second level of the Heavenly Immortal realm, he rarely had that kind of feeling.

That was because a Heaven Immortal could already be considered an upper-middle-class existence in the immortal world.

It was very difficult for ordinary people to deal with them.

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Aside from a Great Immortal, almost no one could kill a Heavenly Immortal.

However, existences above the Great Immortal could be considered as the sect leader and Grand Elders of first-class sects.

They were very rare and almost never came out.

Therefore, in the immortal world, the ones who usually came out the most, and the ones with the strongest strength, were only at the level of Heavenly Immortals.

However, the figure he saw gave him that feeling.

“Who are you”

He immediately asked with full vigilance.

Unfortunately, the other party did not answer him.

The person who came was naturally none other than Ye Xiao.

Huan Tian wanted to make a move against the Xuan Yuan god clan, so Ye Xiao could only take the first step and kill him first.

Any threat to the clansmen had to be drowned in the toilet before being flushed away like a pile of sh*t.

That was reality.

As for an answer, that was impossible.

Exposing his identity was not a wise choice.

Unless he was already an Imperial Immortal-level existence, that did not matter.

Seeing that he did not speak, Elder Luos expression was a little unhappy.

He opened his mouth again and said,

“Stop! If you take another step forward, dont blame me for being impolite.”

Just as he finished speaking, Ye Xiao raised his hand and threw a punch at his face.

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Elder Luos expression changed, and he immediately raised his hand to block.

However, the power of that punch was too strong.

When it came into contact with his fist, the fluctuation of immortal energy sent him flying on the spot and knocked down a stone pillar beside Huan Tian.

His second-level Heavenly Immortal body had already been strengthened to the extreme.

However, when faced with that punch, he actually felt faint pain in both of his arms.

His internal organs were all violently shaken as if they were slightly displaced.

One could imagine just how powerful Ye Xiaos punch was!

Huan Tian, who was sitting high on the throne, not only did not get angry after seeing that scene, but he even narrowed his eyes.

The corners of his mouth curled up as he revealed an excited expression.

“Interesting! To think that the Great Qin immortal sect actually has someone like you.

How surprising.”

As he spoke, he had already stood up from his throne.

“This holy son is currently in a bad mood and wants to find someone to play with from the Great Qin immortal sect.

Im not interested in ants, but it just so happens that youve delivered yourself to my doorstep.

Then, Ill make an example of you first and pay my respects to my sons.”

As he spoke, layers of lightning started to brew around his body.

Crackle, crackle… That was the power of the Thunder immortal technique.

That lightning power was all high-pressure immortal lightning.

It was much stronger than the divine lightning when transcending the Immortal Tribulation!

That was because the law power of the ordinary world was far inferior to that of the immortal world, those few streaks of lightning power even made the space barrier of the ordinary world feel as if it was about to explode.

Crack, Crack…

The sound of glass shattering could clearly be heard in the air.

The power of lightning was continuously released from his body and was spreading outwards.

At the next moment, he moved.

His speed was very fast, so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

In practically an instant, he arrived beside Ye Xiao.

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed past his eyes, as if Ye Xiao was already a fish on his chopping board, completely at his mercy.

In reality, it was very normal for him to have such confidence.

The Thunder immortal technique had two extremely remarkable characteristics.

One was that its offensive power was strong.

Among all the laws, lightning was the one with the strongest offensive power.

It was even stronger than the five elements.

In the world, it was almost impossible for any power to withstand it.

Other than that, the other was that its offensive speed was fast.

The speed of lightning was almost no different from light.

It was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

Almost as if he had just thought of something, he had already reached it in an instant.

Under the double guarantee of having powerful strength and invincible speed, who could withstand it

When he came to Ye Xiaos side, Ye Xiao had not even begun to launch an attack.

He was finished!

In such a short period of time, he simply did not have the time to open his defense.

Not only did he not have the time to open his defense, but he also did not even have the chance to react.

However, just as he was prepared to punch Ye Xiaos chest, he inadvertently met Ye Xiaos gaze.

At that instant, his pupils suddenly shrank.

What did he see

He actually saw Ye Xiaos eyes chasing his figure, and his gaze was extremely disdainful as he stared at him.

He… Actually caught his own movements.

How was that possible

He was well aware of his own speed.

No one knew better than him just how fast his speed was.

That did not mean that there were almost no people within the same level who could see through his speed.

Instead, in first-rate sects, there were almost no existences of the same level who could see through his speed.

If Ye Xiao was from the Great Qin immortal sect, then it was absolutely impossible for him to see through his actions.

Even so, he just had to see through his actions.

That fellow was simply so strange that it made ones hair stand on end.

He could not be careless!

Huan Tian immediately activated his Thunder immortal technique and gathered all of his strength onto his fist.

Following that, he threw a punch at Ye Xiao.

‘Even if you can keep up with my speed, so what

‘I still have an extremely powerful strength.

This punch gathered all of my 9,000 years of painstaking cultivation in the ordinary world and 1,000 years of painstaking cultivation in the immortal world.

‘A full 10,000 years of strength, can you withstand it

The fist condensed a large amount of lightning energy.

The powerful lightning radiance even caused the spatial barrier to directly shatter and form a small black hole.

That caused the speed of the fist to become even faster, almost eliminating the distance between it and Ye Xiao.

Such powerful speed and strength, a double pressure!

Even if Ye Xiao did not die, he would still be heavily injured.

However, just as he thought that victory was within his grasp, an incident suddenly occurred.

A silver light flashed past his eyes.

In the next second, his arm which contained dense lightning energy directly fell to the ground.


His arm had gathered too much energy so the moment it fell to the ground, it even created a deep hole in the ground.

The Thunder immortal technique on it also disappeared.

Huan Tian could not believe his eyes.

What happened

When he attacked first, his opponent instantly cut off his arm.

From nothing to something!

From stillness to movement!

The other partys speed was actually so fast that even he could not react in time.

What kind of godly speed was that

What kind of terrifying strength was that!

At that instant, Huan Tian instantly felt his entire body fall into an ice cave, freezing all the hairs on his body to stand on end.

It was as if his thoughts had not even been formed when his body actually directly jumped out because of excessive fear.

That was right, because of excessive fear, his body actually took the initiative to retreat and maintain a certain distance from Ye Xiao.

What kind of joke was that

One had to know that the aura that Ye Xiaos body was emitting at that moment was clearly similar to his, and was also at the second-level Heavenly Immortal realm.

However, how could his strength be so much more terrifying than his

The speed of that move earlier was so fast that even he could not react in time.

Furthermore, it had instantly cut off one of his arms.

That showed how terrifying its power was.

In that instant, the arrogance and pride in Huan Tians heart completely disappeared.

What replaced it was a deep sense of fear.

“Who exactly are you Theres no one like you in the Great Qin immortal sect.

A second-level Heavenly Immortal can actually unleash such powerful strength.

Youre absolutely not someone from the Great Qin immortal sect!

“Who the hell are you”

Huan Tian opened his mouth again and roared angrily.

Ye Xiao, on the other hand, said indifferently,

“The person who will kill you.”

Just as he finished speaking, Ye Xiao once again stepped forward, and his body instantly disappeared from where he was.

“Not good!”

Huan Tians hair stood on end, and a sense of pressure from death instantly enveloped his heart.

It was over!

He could not even see the other partys actions clearly.

He was dead!


He could not die!

He could not die so easily.

It was not easy for him to become the holy son of the Ling Xiao immortal sect.

His future was bright.

If he was given a few hundred to a thousand years, he would definitely be able to successfully advance to the Great Immortal realm.

At that time, he might even be able to chase after the legendary Imperial Immortal.

That was the lifelong dream of every cultivator!

How could he be killed so easily there

Without any hesitation, he activated the most secret move of his Thunder immortal technique.

Thunder Riot!

That move would instantly form a lightning zone around him.

However, at the same time, it would also deplete all the immortal energy in his body.

At that point, he had no other way.

That life-saving technique was a must!

The Thunder Riot was activated, and the entire hall was instantly enveloped by a bolt of lightning, forming a lightning zone.

Elder Luo, who was at the periphery, was sent flying on the spot.

The corner of Huan Tians mouth curled up slightly.

In that lightning zone, the lightning energy would fill every corner.

No matter how fast Ye Xiao was, as long as he was close to that lightning zone, or in that lightning zone, he would not be able to escape and would be struck instantly.

Moreover, after enduring the Thunder immortal techniques attack, Huan Tian did not believe that he could still escape.

That move, even if it could not allow him to turn the tables, could also allow him to heavily injure Ye Xiao and obtain a glimmer of hope.


However, just as he was once again happy, another light flashed in his eyes.

At that time, it was a golden light.

Then, he saw the area of lightning that filled the sky disappear instantly.

He lost control of his body and the power to control immortal techniques.

He… Was killed!


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