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The peaceful divine territory suddenly surged with shocking lightning and thunder.

Ye Xiao was refining pills in the divine territory.

Suddenly, he seemed to have sensed something as he looked toward the sky.

His brows raised slightly, and his expression was somewhat solemn.

The lightning and thunder actually gave him a feeling that was not any weaker than the Immortal Tribulation.

‘Whats going on Someone is transcending another tribulation No, if its a tribulation, its impossible for there to be such a large-scale Immortal Tribulation.

‘The wide range of this tribulation cloud has already exceeded the zero boundary point that an Immortal Tribulation should have.

That tribulation cloud practically covered the range of several large worlds!

Its range was simply unimaginable.

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However, that should not have been done by the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

They do not have the means to create such a grand scheme.

Could it be that something major had happened in the immortal world

With that thought in mind, Ye Xiao immediately began to gather those spiritual avatars that he had sent to the immortal world.

No, they should be called immortal avatars because all that Ye Xiao was using was immortal energy.

Under his summoning, the immortal avatars quickly rushed back.

“Whats going on in the ordinary world Why do I feel that the power of laws on both sides has suddenly become chaotic”

“Recently, an ancient mighty figures immortal tomb has erupted in the immortal world, attracting the attention of many Imperial Immortals.

“In the end, the battle between them was too vicious, directly destroying the law energy between the immortal world and the ordinary world.

“Although the Imperial Immortals were currently doing their best to delay the collapse of the barrier between the two worlds, the law energy was constructed by the ancient mighty figures, and even the Imperial Immortals were unable to stop it.

“It wont be long before the power of law between the two worlds breaks apart.

“At that time, the immortal realm and the ordinary world will once again fuse as one.

“Even if they cant fuse as one, they will still create a large area of connection.”


Was he so unlucky

Such a rare event that happened once in a lifetime was actually happening at that time.

Was there a mistake

The immortal world and the ordinary world had been separated for so many tens of thousands of years, yet they had not been broken at any time.

It just had to be during that period that he had been broken.

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One had to know that even though he had to go to the immortal world in the future, at the very least, he could stay in the ordinary world for a period of time to increase his strength.

There was no need to worry there.

There was no need to worry about powerful immortals coming down.

That was because the stronger one was, the more they would be restricted by the power of laws.

However, after the immortal world and the ordinary world had released the restriction of the power of laws, those immortals could still come down as they pleased.

Even those higher-ups of the Cloud Lake immortal sect could come down as they pleased.

Moreover, after they come down, the first thing they would do would most likely be to directly target the Xuan Yuan god clan.

‘F*ck, this cant go on.

I have to seize the time to cultivate and raise my cultivation to a more powerful state.

‘At that time, Ill kill the upper echelons of the Cloud Lake immortal sect first to prevent the news of the Xuan Yuan god clans pure True Immortal blood from leaking out.

With that in mind, Ye Xiao immediately began to absorb his spiritual avatars to increase his strength.

However, one of the spiritual avatars took out dozens of storage rings.

“The materials in here were all obtained by the clone, Li Si.

He said that he can help you increase your strength by a large margin.”

Ye Xiao was rather surprised because a few days ago, Li Si, Zhang San, and Wang Wu had just sent him a batch of materials.

In just a few short days, how did they get another batch of materials for him so quickly

Perhaps that batch of materials was not very good.

Following that, he opened his storage ring.


Only the heavens knew.

When he clearly saw what was inside, his heart could not help but beat fiercely, as if it had been gripped by someone.

The hand that he held the storage ring even trembled a little.

Those… Those materials were of extraordinary value and could no longer be described with words.

If the batch of materials that Li Si gave him previously could allow him to successfully advance to the level of an Imperial Immortal, then that batch of materials was sufficient to allow him to surpass the level of an Imperial Immortal.

Even though Ye Xiao did not know if there was any higher level above the level of an Imperial Immortal.

However… There were simply too many of those materials, and they were also too precious.

Ye Xiao dared to say that if those materials were to be known by others, their attraction might not necessarily be lower than the pure True Immortal blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

It might even attract the covetous eyes of immortals at the Imperial Immortal realm.

Just what did that Li Si do

He was actually able to obtain so many good things

Even if he was looking for a rich woman, a female Imperial Immortal would not be enough.

Did he start raising fish

A pond full of female Imperial Immortals

Even so, how could he

He was just a clone of himself.

His cultivation base could not compare to his own, and he was only in the first-level Heavenly Immortal realm.

His cultivation was only at the Mystic Immortal realm at most!

Could a Mystic Immortal defeat an Imperial Immortal

Ye Xiao realized that he was really getting more and more confused about what was going on in the immortal world.

However, in the end, he could only let out a deep sigh and put all his attention on cultivation.

According to the current situation, he should not be able to run away.

The law energy in the sky was so chaotic, that there was an 80 to 90 percent chance that nothing good would happen.

Wanting to rely on it to repair itself was basically a pipe dream.

The torn membrane would never reappear.

Even if it was repaired, it would still be fake.

The fake would always be fake.

It could only fool people, but it could not play a practical role.

Right then, he could only hope that those Imperial Immortals could hold on for a little longer and allow him to advance a little more.

At that point, he had so many resources, he should be able to easily improve a little more.

Furthermore, in the immortal world, the Cloud Lake immortal sects upper echelons were extremely excited.

“I cant believe that just as we were worried about how to go down to the ordinary world, the heavens have helped us so much.

“The barrier between the immortal realm and the ordinary realm has been shattered.

Once we break through, many sects from the immortal realm will definitely go down and plunder resources.

“Although the resources in the ordinary realm are scarce and far inferior to those in the immortal realm, there will still be some.

“Especially those small sects.

The strongest immortals among them are at most in the first-level True Immortal realm.

“They will definitely not let go of this great opportunity.

“At that time, well take the opportunity to destroy the Xuan Yuan god clan and then casually shift the blame onto another sect.”

“Sect Leader is wise and divine!”

“Sect Leader is right!”

“Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful beyond words!”

Time passed bit by bit, and almost everyone was racing against time.

The Imperial Immortals tried to fix the problem, and the small sects tried to get down to the ordinary world first and plunder resources.

The Cloud Lake immortal sect attempted to seize the opportunity to take down the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Ye Xiao still wanted to take advantage of the chaos to attack the Cloud Lake immortal sect, exterminate the Cloud Lake immortal sects upper echelons, and nip the secret of the pure True Immortal blood in the cradle of the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

Finally, the power of laws in the sky persisted for a full 27 days and could no longer hold on.

On that day, accompanied by a tremor in space-time, Ye Xiao felt that a certain barrier of laws had finally been completely shattered.

Although it did not happen in the Yanhuang Great World, with Ye Xiaos current terrifying cultivation, a casual sweep of his divine sense could penetrate through countless great worlds.

Therefore, although that matter was very far away from him, it was as if it had happened right in front of his eyes.

Moreover, even if his divine sense could not sweep so far away, it would not be a hindrance.

The space-time barrier trembled.

Such a powerful change could be felt by almost all the great worlds in the ordinary world.

Along with the law barrier shattering, waves of violent immortal energy poured down.

Without even needing those immortals to take action, just a wave of violent immortal energy had caused the bodies of countless members of the various god clans in the ordinary world to explode and die.

The god clans simply had no way of withstanding the power of immortal energy.

Immortal energy was a large dimension higher than spiritual energy.

The density of the substance contained within it was not something the god clans could easily resist.

Even martial arts prodigies at the level of the Supreme Eternal were bitterly enduring.

They needed to cultivate immortal techniques to slowly adapt.

However, how could the Supreme Eternals of the ordinary world come into contact with immortal techniques

If the sects of the immortal world did not save them, they would most likely walk the path of destruction.

Very soon, Ye Xiao sensed the aura of an immortal.

An immortal had come down!

He first looked left and right at the cave where the barrier had been broken.

He did not directly enter the ordinary world, as if he was hesitating, but also seemed to be sizing up.

After a moment, he finally mustered up the courage to fly down.

Seeing that he was safe and sound, the second, third, fourth…

More and more immortals descended, and they began to seize the ordinary worlds territory.

Their strength was generally not strong.

The vast majority were first-level True Immortals, or second-level True Immortals, at most third-level True Immortals.

There were even more Supreme Eternals and Godly Emperors.

That meant that the vast majority of them belonged to the unrated sects of the immortal world.

In fact, only they would be one step ahead and covet the resources of the ordinary world.

The immortal world was originally richer in resources than the ordinary world.

That was because their status in the immortal world was low and their strength was inferior, they had no choice but to covet the resources of the ordinary world.

If it was a slightly stronger sect like the Cloud Lake immortal sect, they might not covet the resources of the ordinary world.

The Cloud Lake immortal sect only covets the Xuan Yuan god clans pure True Immortal blood.

Ye Xiao reckoned that those large sects would not always allow those small sects to be unbridled there.

After all, there were many races there, and they were all of the same race.

It was only during the primordial era that they were left in the ordinary world because of their weak strength.

Although they were separated from the god clans, the immortals were still of the direct bloodline.

They could not just watch those petty people bully their own race, right


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