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A few days later, in the ordinary world, on the Xuan Yuan Mountain, Ye Xiao opened his eyes and woke up from his meditative state.

Two rays of bright light shot out from his eyes.

That extremely terrifying energy seemed to even disturb the power of space in front of him, causing waves of distortion.

Other than that point, a faint golden aura was also released from his body.

It was extremely majestic, and it was so oppressive that it made it difficult for people to breathe.

The surrounding air seemed to have solidified.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath, and all he exhaled was fog-formed immortal energy.

At that point, the immortal energy in his body was too dense, to the point that any breath he exhaled would be filled with pure immortal energy.

It was a good sign, representing that his strength was getting stronger and stronger.

However, for Ye Xiao, in the ordinary world, along with his strength becoming stronger and stronger, there was also a very disadvantageous situation.

That was, the energy in his body was too pure and too dense.

It had already far surpassed the spiritual energy in the ordinary world outside.

To put it bluntly, even if he were to blow a bubble, the energy contained within it would be more valuable than the treasures outside.

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It was possible that if an ordinary person ate it, their cultivation would increase by a large margin.

It was even possible that because there was too much energy contained within, the result would be that their bodies could not bear it and their bodies would explode and die.

That led to a situation where when Ye Xiao inhaled, he would not be able to replenish his own strength.

When he exhaled, he would be depleting his own strength.

Ye Xiao estimated that the reason why those ancient mighty figures had divided the world into the ordinary world and the immortal world was probably because of that.

‘Looks like my days in the ordinary world are about to come to an end.

For the sake of long-term development in cultivation, he had to think of a way to go to the immortal world in the future.

Of course, before going to the immortal world, it was best for him to raise his strength once more.

It would be great if he could raise it to the Great Immortal realm.

When that time came, he would go to the Great Qin immortal sect and become a little disciple.

Then, he would hide it for a year or two.

When he advanced to the Imperial Immortal realm, he would not need to worry about anything else.


At that moment, a new batch of spiritual avatars rushed back.

A portion of them had already brought back the resources sent back by the three clones.

Another wave of storage rings.

Those storage rings were basically all looted from the immortal world.

Ye Xiao first looked at Zhang Sans.

There were a lot of good things inside.

Compared to before, those things, whether in quantity or quality, had a significant improvement.

It seemed that Zhang Sans current cultivation was not low either.

Apart from having his own independent thinking and actions, his clone could also continuously cultivate and raise their cultivation.

The things that Zhang San had given him in the beginning were basically resources that Supreme Eternals or first-level True Immortals needed.

At that moment, what he had given him was already resources that belonged to the Mystic Immortal realm.

Not bad, not bad.

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He reckoned that when he went to the immortal world, he would be able to increase his strength by fusing with Zhang San.

With such a good mood, he opened Li Sis storage ring.


At that moment, countless question marks flooded his mind.

What was going on

How could there suddenly be so many resources inside

The resources inside had practically piled up into several mountains!

Not only that, the resources inside were extremely abundant.

The immortal herbs that could be used to refine pills were at least tens of thousands of years old.

Even that was considered low among the things inside the storage ring.

There were some materials inside that could even be comparable to those top-notch materials in the immortal world.

Ye Xiao felt that even if he was not an Imperial Immortal, he was not worthy of taking those materials.

What was going on

Li Si… Could it be that he really found a rich woman

However, he felt that it did not seem too reasonable.

Rich women were rich, but that did not mean that they did not have brains.

No matter how handsome Li Si was, no matter how soft he was, no matter how big, if the other party was so much stronger than him, she would not be willing to give him so many things for free.

Ye Xiao felt that some of the things inside could even be used by Imperial Immortals.

Perhaps, it could be that he robbed an Imperial Immortals treasure vault.

Even so, he should not have the ability to do so.

That made Ye Xiao even more nervous.

He thought hard, but he could not think of a reason.

‘Forget it, who cares.

Anyway, it wasnt me who stole anything or robbed anyone.

What does it have to do with me if my clone did so I just need to be responsible for enjoying it.

The corners of Ye Xiaos lips curled up, and his mood improved quite a bit.

After that, he glanced at Wang Wu, wanting to see if there were any surprise.

Regretfully, Wang Wu did not have any surprises.

He and his clone, Zhang San, obtained almost the same things.

It was fine.

One should not be too greedy.

It was enough.

In any case, the things that Li Si gave him were enough for him to easily cultivate to the Imperial Immortal realm.

Ye Xiao happily accepted all the resources and started cultivating.

First, he used all these immortal herbs and whatnot to refine immortal pills, and then eat them to quickly raise his cultivation.

With so many good things as raw materials, Ye Xiao could easily produce 100,000 immortal pills a day, and they were all top-grade immortal pills.

At that time, immortal pills would be eaten like candy.

Even if it was a pig, it could easily advance to the Great Immortal realm.

When he had the time, he would level up the Great Dragon and make it stronger.

At that time, he would be able to use the Great Dragon to kill people of a higher level.

Just thinking about it made him feel very happy.

At the same time, in the immortal world, Li Si dug for a few days and nights until his back was sore and his legs were aching.

Only then did he manage to dig out all the treasures in that immortal tomb.

That immortal tomb might have existed for too long, and some of the arrays inside had long been ineffective.

Even if it had not been ineffective, Li Si knew everything that Ye Xiao knew, so he could easily break through those arrays.

The resources in that immortal tomb allowed him to store multitudes of treasure into dozens of storage rings.

The deeper he dug, the better the things inside.

Not only were there immortal herbs and materials inside, but there were also a bunch of finished Immortal Artifacts and immortal technique books.

The storage rings that Li Si had given Ye Xiao at the beginning were just a few resources that he had dug out from the outermost area.

Due to his worry that Ye Xiao urgently needed cultivation resources, he had sent those rings back early.

There were still many more to come.

Looking at the dozens of storage rings on his hand, Li Si grinned.

“If my main body knew that I still have so many top-grade resources here, I dont know how shocked he would be.

“Now that Ive dug up this place, its time to send these resources over.”

He had just finished speaking when his gaze suddenly landed on an inconspicuous small slope.

“Hmm This small dirt slope seems a little unusual.”

He walked forward and kicked it twice.

The small dirt slope was extremely hard, as if it was made of a special material.

It was not ordinary dirt.

Li Sis expression became serious.

That immortal tomb was filled with good stuff.

Any inconspicuous place might have treasures that made Imperial Immortal drool over it.

He could not let them go.

Thinking of that, he took out an Immortal Artifact from his storage ring.

‘Let me try and see whats inside.

After taking a deep breath, he poured the Great Way of Life immortal technique into it and slashed out with his sword.

However, after that slash, the entire immortal tomb started to shake.

Not only that, the small slope started to emit a strong light that shot into the sky.

The huge spiritual wave sent Li Si flying.

He stabilized his body, and in the blink of an eye, he heard an angry roar from inside.

“Who is it Who is disturbing my sacred soul”

Hearing that, Li Si immediately knew that it was the soul of the owner of the tomb.


Although he did not know who the other party was, he was able to construct such a large immortal tomb.

Moreover, that immortal tomb contained resources that people could not even hope to reach.

It could be imagined that the other party was not an ordinary person.

Such an ancient existence was definitely not someone he could contend against.

If he had known earlier, he would not have moved that slope.

Bad luck.

Luckily, his speed was very fast and he escaped in the blink of an eye.

Hence, the other party did not have the time to catch him.

In addition, the other party was only an ancient remnant soul.

Since he had released his seal, it would not be long before his ancient remnant soul dissipated into the air.

He did not have to be too afraid.

However, not long after he escaped from the immortal tomb, in the sky, the weather suddenly changed.

Several ancient auras gathered from all directions.

That terrifying pressure caused all the immortals in the immortal world to tremble.

“What a terrifying aura! This is actually an Imperial Immortal”

“Oh my God, an Imperial Immortal has appeared! And theres more than one of them.

What exactly happened”

“It must be related to the golden immortal light just now! They must be heading towards that golden immortal light.”

Li Si was a little speechless.

He did not expect that he would make such a big commotion that time.

It seemed that the owner of the immortal tomb was really not ordinary.

Otherwise, he would not be so powerful to be able to attract so many Imperial Immortals over.

At that moment, a burst of blinding light came from that place.

Even from such a distance, one could clearly see the clouds in the sky flowing backwards.

One had to know that after Li Si used the Space-time immortal technique, he had already left an extremely far distance away.

Even he himself could not estimate it easily.

Even from such a far distance, the shockwave from the opponents battle was still able to spread to that place.

That shocking scene, only an Imperial Immortal would be able to achieve such terrifying strength.

‘But… Forget it, what does it have to do with me

‘Im just a clone, and everything I do is under the orders of the main body.

‘Even if Im guilty, its still the main bodys fault!

‘Forget it, I dont want to think about these troublesome matters anymore.

Id better send these resources back to the spiritual avatars and let them bring them back to the main body.


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