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“This child has committed a heinous crime.

The sect leaders punishment is reasonable.

I have nothing to say.”

“Good! Since thats the case, we will begin the execution immediately.

The second Grand Elder will carry out the execution in public so as to avoid any unnecessary complications.”

Lu Fengwus heart trembled.

The second Grand Elder was a Grand Elder of the Zheng family and could be considered a sworn enemy of the Lu family.

If he were to be executed, he would definitely be in excruciating pain and die without a burial ground.

Moreover, the most important thing was not that matter, but if he were to make a move, then he would be completely finished.

The final result would definitely be that his body and soul would be destroyed so he could never be reincarnated.

Therefore, he immediately shouted,


Everyones brows raised slightly.

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“Lu Fengwu, what else do you have to say”

The corners of Lu Fengwus mouth curled up, and he smiled wickedly,

“Everyone only knows that I violated the rules of the immortal world and dealt with people from the ordinary world.

But havent you thought about it Why would I risk the worlds condemnation to do this”

“Hmph! Who doesnt know this You just want to refine the divine blood of others and extract the immortal blood from the divine blood, and then use it to strengthen your aptitude.”

“Thats true, but have you ever thought about how much the ordinary divine blood can improve your aptitude Is it worth me risking my life to do this

“I have more ways to improve my aptitude and cultivation.

Theres no need to do such a low-payoff thing, right”

Everyone was a little impatient.

“Lu Fengwu, if you have something to say, say it.

If you dont have anything meaningful to say, then say it.

Dont dawdle here.”

“Thats right! Stop stalling for time for yourself.

Its meaningless.”

Lu Fengwu did not pay attention to those peoples ridicule and mockery.

Instead, he said with a serious expression,

“Thats because the god clan that Im dealing with has pure True Immortal blood!”

Once those words were said, the entire hall instantly fell silent.

Even the sound of a needle dropping on the ground could be heard.

Everyone felt their breathing become difficult and stagnant for a moment.

It was as if even their thoughts had become somewhat frozen.

They widened their eyes and felt as if their brains were a little hot.

They were a little unsure of what they had heard.

The sect leader was the first to speak.

He immediately asked,

“Is what you said true Is it really pure True Immortal blood”

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“Of course its true! If not, how could my talent have improved so much in an instant”

The Zheng family Grand Elders immediately said,

“Sect Leader, dont believe his words.

He just wants to pull us into the same boat as him.

If thats the case, we wont be able to attack him.

Its useless even if we make a move.

At that time, the entire immortal world will deal with our Cloud Lake immortal sect.”

The sect leader frowned slightly.

He knew that what he said was right.

As the sect leader of the Cloud Lake immortal sect, he was not a fool.

He immediately said,

“Lu Fengwu, do you have any evidence”

Lu Fengwu smiled faintly.

“Of course I have evidence.

Otherwise, I wouldnt dare to make up anything here.”

After saying that, he gritted his teeth and forced the drop of pure True Immortal blood out from between his brows.

Originally, he did not want to tell anyone about that secret.

That was because the implications of that secret were too great.

The value of pure True Immortal blood could not be compared to anything else.

It represented endless possibilities.

However, he had no other choice.

If he did not say that, he would die.

Therefore, he could not let himself die.

Looking at the drop of pure True Immortal blood and feeling the bloodline pressure from the depths of his soul, everyones heart beat faster.

“Its pure True Immortal blood! It must be pure the pure True Immortal blood! I can feel the pressure from that drop of blood and its purity!”

Some people could not help but sit up from their seats as if they wanted to snatch it away.

The sect leader was the fastest.

He immediately wanted to snatch away that drop of pure True Immortal blood, but unfortunately, his speed was still a beat slower.

The Grand Elder coughed lightly, and a stream of immortal energy burst out, directly injecting the pure True Immortal blood back into Lu Fengwus body.

The sect leaders face instantly turned grim, but it was not good for him to flare up.

The Grand Elder immediately opened his mouth to speak,

“Sect Leader, now everyone has seen it, right Lu Fengwu was also momentarily muddle-headed, which is why he would do such a thing.

“Moreover, the preciousness of the pure True Immortal blood need not be said by anyone.

This old man believed that no one present could resist this kind of temptation.

“Most importantly, this drop of pure True Immortal blood is not the only drop.

There are countless drops in the ordinary world, and they can be obtained easily.

“Those god clans in the ordinary world simply do not have the strength to protect it! What do you all think”

Everyones eyes could not help but emit a greedy light.

At that moment, no one cared about the so-called rules of the immortal world.

Everyone only had one thought, and that was to obtain pure True Immortal blood.

The concept of pure True Immortal blood was not just an extremely powerful bloodline power.

Instead, it was the most powerful bloodline power that everyone in the immortal world longed for.

If they had it, it would be the same as having unlimited possibilities.

At that time, they would not only be the so-called second-rate sects.

They might even be qualified to compete for the legendary top-tier sects!

That temptation was so great that even as immortals, they could not resist it.

As the saying went, the bravest would die from overeating, and the timid would die from starvation.

If you wanted to be rich, you had to be bold first!

“However, even though thats what you said, its not that easy.

“One reason is naturally because of the power of laws.

It will bind us! Even if immortals can enter the ordinary world, they wont be able to stay for too long.

Moreover, even if they go down, they wont be able to easily unleash their full power.

“The other reason is that the risks behind this matter are extremely great.

“Although obtaining the pure True Immortal blood will significantly increase our aptitude, dont forget that one day, it would also bring us death.

“It wasnt just because we violated the rules of the immortal world.

“Anyone else hearing the name of the pure True Immortal blood should not be able to resist being tempted.

“We have to think of a way to obtain the pure True Immortal blood.

Moreover, we have to strictly guarantee that we wont be discovered by others in the future.

“At the very least, when our strength reaches a certain level, we wont be discovered by others.

“What do you all think”

Everyone nodded.

“Sect Leader is right!”

“Sect Leader is right!”

“Sect Leader is right!”

The sect leader nodded.

“If thats the case, then everyone should immediately think of a way to go down to the ordinary world and obtain the pure True Immortal blood.”


The Grand Elder took the opportunity to speak,

“Sect Leader, if thats the case, then Lu Fengwu…”

The sect leader looked at Lu Feng Wu, and a different expression appeared in his eyes.

Then, he spoke,

“Lets put his matter aside for now.”

“Thank you, Sect Leader.”

“Grand Elder, youre too kind.

take him down to treat his injuries.”

“Thank you.”

The Grand Elder immediately took Lu Fengwu out and returned to his mountain.

On the way, Lu Fengwu kept his head down and did not dare to say a word.

When they reached the mountain, he immediately knelt down with a thump.

“Grandfather, Im sorry.

I was wrong.”

“What did you do wrong”

“Fengwus mistake was that he shouldnt have used evil methods.

He almost put our Lu family in danger.”

“Wrong! Your biggest mistake was that you didnt tell me about this matter in time.

If you had reported it to me in time, perhaps you wouldnt have been discovered by others.

“Moreover, our Lu family might have already taken down the Xuan Yuan god clan and obtained all the pure True Immortal blood.

“If thats the case, we wouldnt have to suffer this humiliation today and we wouldnt have lost so many pure True Immortal blood.

All the pure True Immortal blood would have belonged to our Lu family!

“But now, this matter is no longer possible.”

Lu Fengwu gritted his teeth,

“Fengwu knows his mistake.”

Actually, he had no choice.

If he did not reveal it out loud, he would have definitely died.

If he revealed the news out loud, it would be impossible for him to monopolize the pure True Immortal blood.

In that world, there was no such thing as the best of both worlds.

He could only choose the highest priority.

Moreover, he did not tell his grandfather in the beginning because he was afraid that his grandfather would punish him for it.

The other reason was that he himself wanted to monopolize the pure True Immortal blood.

In the end, it was greed and selfishness that harmed him!

At that point, it was too late to say anything.

The sect already knew about the matter.

The news of the pure True Immortal blood was leaked, and it was destined that it would not be monopolized by him alone.

“Forget it, things have already come to this.

Next, we can only try our best to ensure that our Lu family can obtain the purest True Immortal blood.

This way, the Lu family will still be the strongest.

“At that time, we still have hope of snatching all the benefits of the pure True Immortal blood.”

Lu Fengwus eyes lit up.

“Grandfather is right! If our Lu family becomes the strongest force, we can snatch the other pure True Immortal blood from their hands.

Then, our Lu family will still be the final winner.”

“You are right.

However, before that, give me the drop of pure True Immortal blood in you.

With it, Ill be able to increase my strength by a portion and surpass the sect leader.

This way, our Lu family will have more say in the sect.

“Otherwise, even if we steal other pure True Immortal blood in the future, we wont be able to get much.”


Although Lu Fengwu was a little unwilling, he had no choice.

Grandfather was right.

The most important thing was to increase the strength of the entire Lu family.

Nothing could come faster than the increase in grandfathers cultivation.

Moreover, as long as he was still alive, there was still a chance to obtain pure True Immortal blood in the future.

On the other side, in the ordinary world, at Xuan Yuan Mountain.

After Ye Xiao devoured those Immortal Beasts for several days in a row, coupled with the resources provided by his spiritual avatars and three clones, he finally accumulated the strength to advance to the Heavenly Immortal realm.


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