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“What How is this possible”

Lu Fengwu could not believe his ears.

It was already hard for him to accept that there was an existence that was even more heaven-defying than him.

In the end, he did not expect there to be another one.

After all, he had already absorbed a drop of pure True Immortal blood.

The pure Xuan Yuan bloodline was the most powerful bloodline in the entire immortal world.

There was no bloodline that could be compared to it.

Moreover, pure True Immortal blood was not as common as cabbages.

It was impossible for everyone to obtain it.

Other people could not obtain such pure True Immortal blood, so naturally, they should not have such a strong talent.

What exactly was going on

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“Grandfather, you cant be mistaken, right”

The Grand Elder shook his head.

“Of course I cant be mistaken.

This is first-hand information.

At present, even the Zheng family and the sect leaders lineage do not know.

Only our Lu family knows.”

“Whats his name”

“Li Si! The brazen Thief Li Si! His name is on par with the Madman Zhang San!”

“Why is it another ridiculous nickname The person who gave them names is so useless, but in the end, all of them are so powerful.”

“Dont look at how ordinary his name is.

His genius is not inferior to Zhang Sans.

“His current name in the outside world was the Rolling Earth Dragon.

He was a famous tomb raider in the immortal world.

Almost all the immortal tombs that he had his eyes on could not escape him.

“It was said that he had dug up many of the immortal tombs of the sect ancestors of the various sects.

This guy was extraordinarily vicious.

The most outrageous thing he did was to take away a nail from the coffin and pour the ashes into the soil at the side.

“So far, he had stolen from countless immortal tombs, and the treasures in his hands were beyond your imagination.

“Now, many sects have their eyes on him, and everyone wants to get their hands on the treasures in his hands.

“The reason I let you go down the mountain this time is so that you can find him before the other sects do.”

“I see.”

“Dont underestimate him.

Its said that hes an existence that can kill enemies of a higher realm.

When he first became famous, he seemed to be only in the first-level True Immortal realm.

At that time, he had already successfully killed a second-level True Immortal.

“And the last time he appeared, he had already successfully killed a first-level Mystic Immortal.”

Hearing that, Lu Fengwu smiled faintly.

“Grandfather, dont worry.

Although he can cross realms and kill enemies, Im already at the third-level Mystic Immortal realm.

Compared to the first-level Mystic Immortal realm, Im two realms higher.

Therefore, theres no need to worry about this problem.”

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The Grand Elder nodded.

“Im sure I can rest assured about your cultivation base.

However, you still have to be careful.

Remember, theres always someone better than you.

Always be careful and dont be too careless.

“You have to know that no matter how talented you are, youre still a third-level Mystic Immortal.

There are many people in this world who can kill you.”


Lu Fengwu bade farewell and left.

After leaving the hall of elders, his expression became somewhat unsightly.

‘Thinking about it, there are actually so many people in this world who are stronger and more powerful than me.

This wont do.

The only powerful person in this world can only be me.

‘I must obtain more pure True Immortal blood to increase my strength.

‘However, why is there still no news about that d*mn group of Immortal Beasts If this goes on, when will I be able to obtain more pure True Immortal blood”

He quickly returned to his own mountain peak.

Xuanyuan Long and the other two were diligently feeding their Immortal Beasts and taking care of the herbs.

Looking at the healthy immortal grass and the strong Immortal Beasts, Lu Fengwu nodded.

“These three are quite diligent in working for me.

It would be great if those Immortal Beasts could be half as useful as them.

I wouldnt have such a headache.”

Xuanyuan Long and the other two immediately came forward when they saw Lu Fengwu.

They cupped their hands at him and said,

“Greetings, Young Master.”

Lu Fengwu said lightly,

“Any news about those Immortal Beasts”

“This… In reply to Young Masters words, its all our incompetence.

We havent found any news yet.

Please punish us, Young Master.”

Lu Fengwu rubbed his temples.

“Forget it.

This matter isnt your fault.

Ill think of another way.”

After saying that, he threw identification cards at the three of them.

“From today onwards, the three of you can go to the peak of the mountain to cultivate.

The immortal energy there is even more abundant.

“However, there is one thing that you must remember.

You can only move around near the peak of the mountain.

Do not casually approach this young masters residence.

This young masters residence is protected by an array.

If you make any unruly moves, you will be killed by the array in no time.”

The three of them immediately nodded in agreement.

“Please rest assured, Young Master.

We will definitely not go against your orders.”

Lu Fengwu nodded and left in satisfaction.

The moment he left, the three of them headed straight for the peak of the mountain.

“Ye Xiao just sent us an order with the intent stone.

Its impossible for Lu Fengwu not to suspect us all this time.

Sooner or later, he will discover something fishy between us.

Its time for us to leave.”

“However, hes going down the mountain now.

We can take this opportunity to search his residence again and take all his good stuff away.”

The three of them soon arrived at the top of the mountain, in front of Lu Fengwus residence.

“Lu Fengwu just said that he set up an array in front of this house.

How should we undo that array”

The corner of Yun Cangqiongs mouth curled up slightly.

“I have a talisman that Ye Xiao taught me.

Its especially used to crack these arrays.

You guys wait.”

Ye Xiao had already prepared some defensive items for them long before they came to the immortal world.

Among them, there were also some things to deal with the arrays to prevent them from getting into any trouble.

The Immortal Talisman flashed, and the three of them easily opened the array and entered it.

There were many good things in Lu Fengwus house.

After all, he was the young master of the Cloud Lake immortal sect, so his house could not be too shabby.

Naturally, Xuanyuan Long and the other two did not need to say anything.

They took it all away, leaving nothing behind.

At that moment, Xuanyuan Long suddenly discovered a secret chamber.

“Hey! Come and take a look, theres a secret chamber here!”

With that shout, the other two immediately rushed over.

“This Lu Fengwu usually likes to do closed-door cultivation.

Who knows, there might be some good things in this secret room.

Lets go in and take a look.”

The few of them ran in like a swarm of bees.

As expected, they found even more good things in the room outside the secret room.

Medicinal pills, refining materials, alchemy materials, immortal techniques, immortal crystals… They were many times better than the things outside.

The three peoples eyes lit up.

Needless to say, they took everything away.

“Eh! Look, there are so many talismans that lead to the ordinary world!”

“Thats great.

With these things, we can lure all those Immortal Beasts down to the ordinary world and give Ye Xiao a wave of great gifts!”

“Quick, take all the things here and leave none behind.”

Xuanyuan Long and Yun Cangqiong snatched the things while the Xuan Yuan clan leader frowned slightly and walked into the secret chamber.

That was because he faintly felt that there was a familiar feeling inside.

However, when he went inside, his entire body could not help but tremble, tears streaming down his face.

“This… This… How can this be”

Yun Cangqiong and Yun Cangqiong sensed something and quickly walked to his side.

“Clan Leader, whats going on”

However, when the two of them saw what was inside, their bodies could not help but tremble as well.

Anger and grief were mixed in their hearts as they interweaved with each other.

“D*mn that Lu Fengwu! Ye Xiao had said before that he had snatched away ten billion members of our Xuan Yuan god clan.

I was still wondering just where he had hidden so many clansmen! I didnt expect that all of them had been refined by him!”

“We must make him pay a heavy price.”

The three of them clenched their fists and immediately went out to harvest all the delicious immortal herbs, immortal techniques, and other precious treasures.

They did not leave a single hair behind for Lu Fengwu.

Then, they used talismans to lure all the Immortal Beasts that Lu Fengwu had cultivated into the ordinary world.

At that time, Lu Fengwus mountain had been completely plundered.

It was cleaner than his face.

After doing all that, the three of them prepared to leave.

However, Yun Cangqiong suddenly stopped.

Xuanyuan Long said,

“Cangqiong, whats going on Quickly leave! If that guy comes back and finds out about the situation here, we wont be able to leave.”

Cangqiong said coldly,

“He killed so many of our clansmen.

I definitely wont let him off!”

There were three main factions in the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

Apart from the Lu family, there were two other families.

One was the sect leaders faction, the Zheng family.

If they told the Zheng family about Lu Fengwu violating the rules of the immortal world and harming the living beings of the ordinary world, the Zheng family would definitely not let him off.

“At that time, even if he doesnt die, he will definitely be kicked down from his high horse.”

“Thats right.

After this matter is spread, we will immediately head to the Great Qin immortal sect.

When that time comes, we will ask the Great Qin immortal sect to make an appearance.

The Great Qin immortal sect will definitely not let the Cloud Lake immortal sect off.”

They had to nip the problem in the bud.

That move could be said to be extremely ruthless.

At that time, Lu Fengwu, who was traveling with a few disciples, was flattered by the disciples and was in a good mood.

“Young Masters cultivation level has increased greatly recently.

Im afraid it wont be long before you can advance to the Heavenly Immortal realm, right”

“Young Master is less than 1,000 years old, yet youve already advanced to this realm.

Your talent is truly heaven-defying.

Im sure that in the future, youll definitely have a chance to advance to the Great Immortal realm.”

“What do you mean he will definitely have a chance to advance to the Great Immortal realm You really dont know how to speak, you mean he will definitely advance to the Great Immortal realm!”

“Right, right, right, thats right.

Its me who doesnt know how to speak.

Young Master, please punish me.”

Lu Fengwu chuckled.

“Its not a big deal.

Besides, with my talent, although its more monstrous, in the path of immortal cultivation, other than talent, theres also the importance of opportunity.

Without opportunity, theres nothing.

“Therefore, I cant say for sure what will happen in the future.”

Everyone sighed.

“Young Master is too modest.

With your talent, you will definitely be able to advance to the Great Immortal realm in the future.”

“At that time, we will be able to enjoy life together with Young Master.”

Lu Fengwu was extremely pleased by the flattery.


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