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After another month, Ye Xiaos cultivation had once again risen to a new level, reaching the third-level Mystic Immortal realm.

He was just one step away from advancing to the legendary Heavenly Immortal realm!

The steady and rapid rise in strength made Ye Xiao very satisfied.

That cultivation speed was awesome.

Moreover, what made him even happier was that the Yin-yang immortal technique and the Great Way of Life immortal technique had finally fused successfully.

The instant he felt the Golden Book divine soul tremble in his body, Ye Xiao immediately immersed his mind in it and looked at this cultivation technique.

Primordial Chaos sacred art!

Four large words appeared in his eyes.

Below was an introduction to that cultivation technique.

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The Primordial Chaos sacred art, the method of becoming a saint, establishing immortality for all eternity.

‘So the power above the immortal techniques is called the sacred arts.

Lets see how strong this power is.

The higher the level of the cultivation technique, the greater the compatibility, and at the same time, the stronger the ability it possessed.

It had already taken care of such things as life and death, blessing and misfortune, attack, derivation, destruction, death… As well as many other characteristics combined into one.

It could be said that one person would have the strength to defeat ten.

With that cultivation technique, it had already surpassed all cultivation techniques.

Ye Xiao wanted to execute the Primordial Chaos sacred art, so he gave it some thought.

With a slight wave of his large hand, in the next second, a small sphere slowly appeared in front of him.

This sphere looked exactly the same as Earth.

Ye Xiao gave it a certain amount of resources according to his wishes.

Soon, a planet similar to Earth was formed.

It was the same as Earth.

First, there was water, then there was single-celled life, then there was multi-celled life, and finally, it evolved step by step.

From marine life in ancient times, then to terrestrial life, then to dinosaurs…

However, it did not evolve to the end.

That was because Ye Xiao discovered that his strength was also being depleted very quickly because of it.

Creation was always stronger than destruction.

However, that was already magical enough.

One had to know that his current cultivation had only just reached the third-level Mystic Immortal realm.

At that level of cultivation, he could only cultivate immortal techniques at most.

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Moreover, Ye Xiaos few immortal techniques should basically belong to the extremely powerful immortal techniques category.

Ordinary Mystic Immortals might not even have heard of it, let alone touched it.

Just like abalone.

Could the abalone in the street shops be compared to the abalone in the big hotels

One of them might only cost 200 yuan.

If it was cheaper, it might be 80 yuan.

The other one would cost at least 2800 yuan, not a single cent less.

Therefore, Ye Xiao used the sacred art.

Although the things he did were not very big, the consumption was not small.

An inch forward on the train was not the same as an inch forward on the bicycle.

Following that, Ye Xiao waved his hand and destroyed the planet.

From the action he had just performed, it could be seen that becoming a god meant that you could create a life.

Becoming an immortal meant that you could create a small world.

And above immortals, who knew how powerful the energy would be.

Perhaps it would create a universe

Ye Xiao was thinking that when the time came, would he become a God of Creation

A God of Creation who can create a new world That was a little too extravagant.

However, thinking about it carefully, it was very normal.

There was no limit to cultivation.

No one knew how strong they would be in the end.

However, it also gave him a new idea.

If a person could become stronger without limits.

Then would those martial arts prodigies before he have already produced martial arts legends of such a level

Perhaps, it could be that such martial arts legends had already created the worlds existence

Even… Including the world on Earth that he was originally in, was also created by someone

Was there any special mystery behind his reincarnation

A series of questions appeared in Ye Xiaos mind.

However, he could not think of a reason either.

At that moment, his eyes suddenly moved.

With a thought, the Great Dragon directly turned into a stream of light and pierced through the front.


As fresh blood spurted out, in the blink of an eye, a brand new corpse appeared.

It was a third-level True Immortal Beast.

‘To think that even a third-level True Immortal Beast has been released.

Senior Xuanyuan and the others are doing quite well.

‘However, I have to send them a message.

‘Lu Fengwu wasnt a fool.

He was also vicious and would kill without batting an eye for his own purposes.

‘If he finds any clues, Im afraid that the three seniors wont end up well either.

Lu Fengwu came to the Grand Elders courtyard and met his grandfather, the Grand Elder of the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

“Greetings, Grandfather.”

The Grand Elder put down the book in his hand.

His eyes were filled with love as he looked at his grandson who made him feel extremely proud.

“Not bad.

Looking at your recent cultivation, it seems that you have increased quite a bit.

You are indeed worthy of being my grandson.”

Lu Fengwu cupped his hands and said,

“This is all because Grandfather taught me well.”

The Grand Elder nodded and then said with a serious expression,

“Back then, our ancestors in the Lu family, along with the ancestors of the Wang family and the Zheng family, joined forces to establish the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

“Originally, from the very beginning, the three families had been taking turns to manage the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

“However, many years ago, the Zheng family produced an unrivaled martial arts prodigy who cultivated to the Great Immortal realm and brought about an increase in the power of the Zheng familys bloodline.

“After so many years, the Zheng family gradually became in charge of the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

As a result, the successive sect leaders had all become the successors of the Zheng family.

“Originally, I had long been disheartened and did not want to fight for the position of sect leader.

“However, now that you had appeared, your grandfather had a new idea.

“Your talent allowed me to see a brand new future.

Your grandfather felt that you might be able to advance to the Great Immortal realm in the future!

“As long as you have the chance to advance to the Great Immortal realm, the new sect leader of the Cloud Lake immortal sect will definitely fall back into the hands of the Lu family.”

Lu Fengwu laughed secretly in his heart.

The Great Immortal realm

His goal was not the Great Immortal realm, but the Imperial Immortal realm.

He wanted to become the legendary Imperial Immortal!

He firmly believed that he had a 100 percent chance.

As long as he successfully took down the entire Xuan Yuan god clan and refined the pure True Immortal blood in their bloodline, his talent would be able to rise to another level.

However, he definitely could not say that on the surface.

Thus, he said,

“Grandfather, dont worry.

I will definitely not disappoint you.

The glory of the Lu family will definitely rise again in my hands.”

The Great Elder nodded and continued,

“Its good that you have this determination.

However, I came to look for you today not for this matter, but for another matter.”

“Please speak, Grandfather.”

“Have you heard about it recently The outside world isnt very peaceful, and theres a troublesome genius.”

Lu Fengwu did not dare to be certain,

“Grandfather, are you talking about… The Madman Zhang San”

The Great Elders expression became slightly serious as he said,

“Zhang San is indeed a genius that shouldnt be trifled with.

His talent is the strongest existence that your grandfather has ever seen.

To be honest, he even reminds your grandfather of a legendary existence.”


“The Ancestral Dragon who once rebelled against the heavens and created the Great Qin immortal sect!”


Lu Fengwu could not help but suck in a breath of cold air as a look of longing appeared in his eyes.

Actually, the Ancestral Dragon had always been his lifes goal and his most important idol.

Otherwise, he would not have targeted the Ancestral Dragon and coveted the blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

One had to know that there were countless powerful god clans in the entire ordinary world.

There were also countless people from the same race in the ordinary world.

However, Lu Fengwu only took a liking to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

One could imagine how much he valued the Xuan Yuan god clan.

At that moment, his grandfather actually said that Zhang San also had such strength.

It was truly terrifying.

“Grandfather, is Zhang San really that strong”

The Grand Elder nodded.

“He came to the immortal world and became famous only a few short months ago.

But you have to know that in the beginning, he only targeted existences at the level of Supreme Eternals.

To True Immortals, that existence was simply trash among trash, not worth mentioning at all.

A first-level True Immortal could casually stretch out a finger and crush them to death, just like crushing an ant.

“But guess what level his cultivation has reached

“At least the third-level True Immortal!”


Lu Fengwu could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Then, a hint of jealousy and envy appeared in his eyes.

After all, he had absorbed a drop of pure True Immortal blood refined by a million members of the Xuan Yuan god clan, greatly improving his aptitude.

However, he did not dare to say that he would improve so quickly.

However, a little unknown Zhang San was actually able to improve so quickly.

In front of him, he was like a bug, so humble and pitiful.

“Grandpa, youre not joking with me, right”

The Grand Elder glanced at him.

“Do you think your grandfather has the need to joke with you According to our intelligence, this guy named Zhang San could kill enemies of a higher level.

He was Tian Luos assassin.

You know that Tian Luo was an organization that spread throughout the immortal world and was extremely terrifying.

It could even be comparable to a first-rate sect, and was even stronger than our Cloud Lake immortal sect.

“Tian Luo wont lie.

According to Tian Luos recent news, Zhang San can already accept the target of killing a first-level Mystic Immortal.

“It can be imagined that his strength is at least at the third-level True Immortal realm.”

Lu Fengwu clenched his fists, his fingernails deeply embedded in the flesh of his palm.

His jealousy was unbearable.

“Grandfather, do you want me to go down the mountain to find him and then kill him”

The Grand Elder shook his head.

“Although Zhang San is an assassin of Tian Luo and belongs to an evil sect, anyone can kill him.

However, he is elusive and far away from us.

He didnt appear in the Cloud Lake immortal sects territory, so you dont have to think about his problem.

“I want you to go out and find another person, a top-grade genius… No less than Zhang San!”


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