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Lu Fengwu nodded in satisfaction and immediately gave everyone a few talismans.

“This talisman is specifically used to break the barrier between the two worlds.

However, although it can break the barrier, it can not prevent people from being monitored by the laws of the ordinary world.

“Therefore, it is best that you take those Immortal Beasts to other places and do not use this talisman within the boundaries of our Cloud Lake immortal sect.”

“Yes, Young Master!”

“Young Master, dont worry.

Well definitely do this carefully.

We wont let you down.”

Lu Fengwu nodded and turned to leave, the corners of his mouth curling up.

He had already thought it through.

After those three people finished their business and killed Ye Xiao, he would find an excuse to kill those three people.

That way, it would prevent the news from leaking out.

In the future, even if someone found out, he could also say that he discovered that those three people violated the rules of the immortal world, so out of justice, he would immediately take charge of the situation and kill them.

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What a perfect excuse.

At that time, he would be able to eliminate all the hidden dangers in one step.

As for in the future, without Ye Xiao, the Xuan Yuan god clan would be at his mercy.

At that time, he would think of a way to get those Supreme Eternals in the ordinary world to capture the people of the Xuan Yuan god clan and refine their divine blood.

As long as he absorbed enough pure True Immortal blood, he would be able to cultivate a pure True Immortal body.

At that time, he might become the most talented person in the entire immortal world.

He might even become the next Ancestral Dragon and become famous in every corner of the immortal world.

What a perfect plan!

When he thought about how he might become an existence that the entire immortal world would admire, Lu Fengwu even felt that his current status, the young master of the Cloud Lake immortal sect, was not enough for him.

However, there was nothing he could do.

He could only make do with it at the moment.

It would not be too late to wait until he refined all the people of the Xuan Yuan god clan in the future.

After Xuanyuan Long and the other two obtained those Immortal Talismans, they could not help but frown slightly.

“He actually only gave us these few.

This fellow is too stingy.

Hes simply a stingy person.”

“If he wasnt stingy, he would have given us a wave of immortal crystals just now.

Forget it, a few Immortal Talismans are also good.

Pick a few of the best Immortal Beasts and give them to Ye Xiao.”

“I think a crane over there is not bad.

It should taste very good.

It can be used to make soup or to barbeque.”

“The crane is not delicious.

That thing is very fishy.

It looks good, but its inconvenient to eat.

I just saw a few antelopes on this mountain that have the bloodline of a qilin.

Their value is extraordinary.

Its said that in the immortal world, they can be sold for less than 10,000 immortal crystals.

“You know the meat of antelopes is fresh and delicious.

Whether its for barbecuing, salt-baked lamb chops, or braised lamb keel, they are all good dishes.

“In that lake, there are also some purple-tailed scales.

The meat is even more fresh and tender.

Its said that in the market, a fish can be sold for 12,000 immortal crystals per fish.

“Ive seen it before.

This Lu Fengwu is only willing to eat one every week.

Well send one over to Ye Xiao as well.”

“Lets send the expensive ones over first.

Theres also an immortal flood dragon over there that has the bloodline of the dragon race.

Ive seen it.

Its cultivation is already at the second-level True Immortal realm.

Among Lu Fengwus precious Immortal Beasts, it can already be considered the highest grade.

Send it down as well.”

The three of them very quickly picked out a few extremely powerful Immortal Beasts with extremely vigorous blood essence.

They even gathered a large pile of immortal herbs on Lu Fengwus mountain.

Although the Immortal Talisman could only send a few Immortal Beasts down, it did not have any restrictions on non-living beings.

Xuanyuan Long and the other two used those Immortal Beasts to bring those immortal herbs down, which could also bring some benefits to Ye Xiao.

After the three of them brought a few Immortal Beasts to a remote place far away from Cloud Lake immortal sect, they especially drew a portrait of Ye Xiao for the Immortal Beasts.

“Do you see this person As long as you can kill him, the young master will reward you handsomely.

These immortal herbs are an advance payment for you.

“If you can succeed, there will be more immortal herbs in the future.

Do you understand”

The Immortal Beasts naturally had extraordinary intelligence.

They understood immediately and nodded.

Xuanyuan Long immediately used the Immortal Talismans on them and opened a space-time door, passing the Immortal Beasts through it.

After sending off the Immortal Beasts, Xuanyuan Long and the other two smiled at each other before turning around and walking towards the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

As for the Immortal Beasts, they had finally arrived at the ordinary world after a long journey.

“Is this the ordinary world Looking at how scarce the energy and material are, its indeed a garbage place.

“It was no wonder that in the immemorial era, those mighty figures had chosen to separate the immortal world from the ordinary world.

“Its said that they were in charge of maintaining the balance of the entire world and preventing the immortals from finding trouble with ordinary people.

“But in my opinion, they were purely doing this to prevent these trash from obtaining the dense and rich material energy of the immortal world.”

Actually, it was not to be blamed that those Immortal Beasts would sigh with emotion and look down on the ordinary world.

In the immortal world, they were just Immortal Beasts raised by others.

Whereas in the ordinary world, their bodies were emitting a myriad of multicolored rays of light.

The imposing manner on their bodies spread out and suppressed all the living beings in the entire ordinary world.

They could not help but feel a shiver.

It was too terrifying!

In that place, they could be considered supreme existences that had the power to completely dominate the lives of others.

The difference was actually only a superficial comparison between the immortal world and the ordinary world.

In fact, in front of the immortal world, the ordinary world was considered a piece of trash.

“Youre right.

No matter where we are, no one would have such a generous and loving heart.”

“Lets not talk so much.

We cant stay here forever.

If we expose our aura for too long, we might be brought back to the immortal world by the power of laws.

Its better to quickly find that kid and finish him off.

“Otherwise, the young master will definitely not let us off.”

“Alright! Lets go find that kid.”

In the Xuan Yuan god clan, everyone was cultivating when they suddenly felt an extremely terrifying pressure.

It made everyones hair stand on end.

“What a powerful aura.

This aura should be comparable to immortal energy, right”

Emperor Jing was the first to realize it, and he could not help but sigh.

His cultivation base had not advanced to the Supreme Eternal realm yet, but he was at the peak of the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm.

Even so, his muscles still trembled in front of that power.

The fear that came from his soul had greatly impacted his heart.

‘How can there be an immortal in this world Even if one transcends the tribulation to become a True Immortal, I did not feel the power of the Immortal Tribulation!

Ye Xiao, who was cultivating on Xuan Yuan Mountain, slowly opened his eyes at that moment.

He could not help but frown.

His expression changed slightly as he felt that it was a little strange.

‘This is really strange.

How can there be the aura of an Immortal Beast Could it be that they entered from the Phoenix Plains tunnel No, it shouldnt be.

‘If they ran out from the passageway, my spiritual avatar guarding there shouldnt have allowed it either.

‘Just what is going on

However, even though he was puzzled, he still had to step out in the face of an attack.

After all, in the entire Xuan Yuan god clan, there was no one other than him who could withstand it.

With that thought in mind, he used the Space-time immortal technique and instantly disappeared from where he was.

When he appeared, he had already arrived in the starry sky.

Just as he arrived, a few figures slowly appeared.

When Ye Xiao saw the other partys figures, he immediately could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

In the starry sky, several Immortal Beasts appeared.

Multicolored light filled the sky from their bodies, looking like glazed treasures.

However, that was not the main point.

The main point was that why were those Immortal Beasts so suitable for cooking

Putting aside the fact that there were antelopes, bears, and deer among them, even fish had come.

Good heavens, they were preparing a feast for him!

The few Immortal Beasts did not sense any danger at that moment because Ye Xiao had concealed his aura.

They simply could not see how strong he was.

They thought that he was just an ordinary martial arts master.

“This fellow looks very familiar.

Its the fellow on that portrait.”

“We thought that we would have to spend a lot of effort.

Unexpectedly, before we could find him, he had already taken the initiative to look for us.”

“Hes quite good-looking.

He has bright brows and sharp eyes.

Hes my type.

However, its a pity that hes too blind.

He actually went against the young master.

Isnt this clearly a boy hanging himself and courting death”

“A trifling being, he hasnt even advanced to the True Immortal realm, yet he actually dares to oppose us Immortal Beasts.

There might be something wrong with this fellows IQ.”

The Immortal Beasts spoke leisurely, completely disregarding Ye Xiao.

On Ye Xiaos side, after the initial shock, he did not say too much nonsense.

He extended his right hand and directly summoned the Great Dragon.

The Great Dragon let out a soul-stirring dragon roar.

The few Immortal Beasts on the opposite side could not help but tease,

“Hey, you guys quickly look.

That brat is holding a weapon.

This is really too interesting.

We havent even made a move yet, and he has already taken the initiative to attack us”

“Guess, can he break through our defenses”

“I dont think so! The strongest existence in the ordinary world is the Supreme Eternal.

Although we cant sense the aura of this fellow in front of us, he might have used some kind of secret technique to block his own aura.

“However, he is still trash.”

Just as he finished speaking, Ye Xiao had already slashed out.

The Immortal Beasts were chatting and laughing, completely unaffected by it.

However, Ye Xiaos sword ray instantly spread out billions of miles away.

Furthermore, with an unstoppable stance, he mercilessly killed one of their teammates.


That was an immortal deer.

When his head fell down, the few Immortal BBeasts were instantly dumbstruck and their eyes widened in unison.

What… What was going on

What had just happened


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