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With this thought in mind, Ye Xiao quickly opened Li Sis storage ring.

Golden light once again filled the entire mountain.


Could the immortal world be filled with treasures

Why did his clone Li Si find so many good things

Could those resources be as common as cabbages there

The True Immortals from the immortal world were too blissful.

Ye Xiao thought for a moment.

It seemed that he would have to create another clone later.

The more clones he had, the more resources he would obtain.

That way, even if he continued to stay in the ordinary world, the speed of his cultivation would not slow down because of it.

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Thinking up to that point, he absorbed all the spiritual avatars and immortal energy into his body.

Previously, his cultivation had not advanced to the True Immortal realm, so he had no way to absorb the immortal energy.

He still needed to refine it before he could absorb it.

However, there was no such problem at the moment because he had already become a True Immortal and could directly absorb the power of the immortal energy.

However, because there was too much immortal energy contained in the storage ring, Ye Xiao still spent a few days to finish absorbing it.

A few days later, after a thunderous roar erupted from within Ye Xiaos body, his strength rose to a brand new level.

The first-level Mystic Immortal!

Not only was it his strength, but his body had also been strengthened to an unprecedented level in one go.

His lifespan had even increased to 240,000 years.

One had to know that he had previously given Li Si tens of thousands of years of lifespan.

His lifespan had decreased quite a bit, leaving him with 120,000 years of lifespan.

After advancing to the Mystic Immortal realm, his lifespan had doubled, increasing to 240,000 years.

In addition to Zhang Sans 70,000 years and Li Sis 90,000 years, he did not expect that he already had a lifespan of a few hundred thousand years.

At that point, he felt that even the Great Dragon could not hurt him anymore.

Ye Xiao estimated that he should use the materials he obtained to further strengthen the Great Dragon in the future.

Otherwise, what would he do when he fought against True Immortals in the future

He clenched his fists and felt the extremely terrifying and surging energy in his body.

He thought to himself.

‘My current cultivation has already advanced to the first-level Mystic Immortal.

If I recall my clones, my strength might be able to advance a little more.

However, its clearly impossible for the clones to come back and fuse with me now.

They are still outside on a mission.

‘And if I want to raise my cultivation further, Im afraid it wont be so easy.

Even if I have these materials, its ultimately limited.

‘Looks like I should think of another way.

With that thought in mind, Ye Xiao split out another batch of spiritual avatars and let them go to the immortal world to absorb the immortal energy.

Then, he used the Major Destiny technique to create a brand new clone.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, come out… Hmm… Wang Wu! Thats you!”

In the next second, a clone that looked exactly like Ye Xiao was created by him.

That clone had the cultivation of a second-level True Immortal, which was slightly more than Zhang San and Li Si.

It had taken away 110,000 years of Ye Xiaos life which left him with 130,000 years.

“Go, go to the immortal world and bring back more resources for me.”


Wang Wu left that place, and Ye Xiao immediately began his seclusion, paying attention to his Golden Book divine soul.

That was because he had just sensed that the Golden Book divine soul had a slight pulse.

That meant that after he advanced to the Mystic Immortal realm, it might have triggered a new round of synthesis.

The truth was not as expected.

The Golden Book could indeed synthesize.

The Major Destiny technique and the Space-time immortal technique could synthesize, while the Great Way of Life immortal technique and the Yin-yang immortal technique could synthesize.

Ye Xiao immediately clicked on the synthesis of the Great Way of Life immortal technique and the Yin-yang immortal technique.

A long progress bar immediately appeared in the Golden Book, and then it stopped moving.

Ye Xiao estimated that the synthesis might take a very long time.

However, the synthesized cultivation technique would definitely give him a huge surprise.

What kind of existence would a cultivation technique that could surpass immortal techniques be

Ye Xiao was looking forward to it very much.

However, at that moment, a burst of thunder from the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation suddenly came from outside.

That special power made Ye Xiao involuntarily raise his brows slightly.

‘This is… the Immortal Tribulation Is there someone transcending the tribulation again

He instantly teleported out.

As expected, it was Yun Xuanyuan and the others.

There were a total of more than 20 of them.

They were the second batch of existences below Xuanyuan Long who had advanced to the level of the Supreme Eternal realm.

At that moment, along with their cultivation advancing further, their bloodline power had also progressed again, attracting the Immortal Tribulation.

Once the tribulation was successfully transcended, they would all go into the immortal world.

Ye Xiao swept a glance at the Lightning Tribulation.

They were all old acquaintances, and they knew each other like the back of their hands.

Therefore, there was no need to be so long-winded and make things up.

“Yun Xuanyuan, all of you go all out to transcend the Immortal Tribulation.

Ill protect you.”


Everyone replied and flew into the sky in unison, beginning to transcend the tribulation.

Ye Xiao transformed into a bolt of lightning and charged into the clouds, continuously making moves to help them.

He was like a fish in water amidst the Immortal Tribulations lightning clouds.

Perhaps it was because his cultivation had advanced once again and reached the Mystic Immortal realm, becoming even stronger.

At that point, the threat of the Immortal Tribulation to him was also becoming smaller and smaller.

With Ye Xiaos help, Yun Xuanyuan and the others strength quickly advanced successfully, attaining the True Immortal realm and becoming a first-level True Immortal.

After transcending the tribulation successfully, everyone knelt down in unison towards Ye Xiao.

“Thank you, Ye Xiao!”

Everyone was grateful to him from the bottom of their hearts.

Even if their strength advanced to the level of the Supreme Eternal, it did not mean that they could become True Immortals.

There were countless Supreme Eternals who cultivated for countless tens of thousands of years, but in the end, they still fell on the Immortal Tribulation.

Moreover, if it were not for Ye Xiao, they would not even be able to reach the step of the Immortal Tribulation.

It was precisely because Ye Xiao did not give up the bloodline connection with them that he would bring them such a great gift every time he advances, allowing their cultivation to rise to such a state.

Ye Xiao raised his hand slightly and released immortal energy to help everyone up.

He immediately said,

“Get up.

Youre about to go to the immortal world.

“After you arrive at the immortal world, remember to cultivate properly and increase your strength.

“The bloodline of the Xuan Yuan god clan is somewhat special.

Unless its absolutely necessary, dont casually display your bloodline.

Itll easily attract the covetous eyes of others.”


“Theres another point, Xuanyuan Long and the others went to the Cloud Lake immortal sect in order to sneak in and find that fellow who covets our Xuan Yuan god clan.

“You dont have to go.

Go find the Great Qin immortal sect and join it.

“The Great Qin immortal sect was founded by the Ancestral Dragon.

It might be a shelter for our clansmen in the future.

“Go and take a look first.

See what the Great Qin immortal sects attitude toward the Xuan Yuan god clan is like.

Then, make your plans.”


After they finished speaking, a faint golden light started to emanate from their bodies and pulled them toward the sky.

They were about to ascend to immortality.

Everyones eyes were filled with reluctance.

Everyone cupped their hands towards Ye Xiao and said,

“Ye Xiao, please take care.”

Ye Xiao nodded.


Transcending the tribulation and ascending to immortality is a great thing.

Why are you crying You should be happy.”

Everyone nodded, then turned into a burst of golden light and disappeared into the horizon.

Ye Xiao let out a long sigh of relief.

After sending away another group of his clansmen, he estimated that he would send more and more of his clansmen away soon.

He hoped that the Xuan Yuan descendants could bloom everywhere in the immortal world.

Each of them had a bright future and a glorious life!

A few days later, in the Cloud Lake immortal sect of the immortal world.

“Long Xuan, Shi Yan, Cang Qiong, the three of you will be responsible for cleaning the mountain where the young master is from today on.

“Young Master Lu Fengwu was the most popular figure in the younger generation of the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

“The Grand Elder had personally taught him.

He would be the future sect master of the Cloud Lake immortal sect!

“It is a privilege to work for him.

“If it werent for the three of you being sensible, such a good thing wouldnt have happened to you.

“All of you, do your best.

Otherwise, its not a big deal to embarrass this deacon.

If you lose this golden opportunity, it will be a huge loss for the three of you.”

The three of them immediately nodded.

“Yes, yes, yes! The deacon is right.

Dont worry, the three of us will definitely perform well.

We will definitely satisfy Young Master Lu.”

Hearing that, the deacon nodded his head in satisfaction and threw the three identity cards to them.


This card is used to enter the young masters mountain.

Remember not to lose it.

“The mountain where the young master is located has a special array protecting it.

Without this card, you cant enter.”

“Yes! Thank you, Deacon.”

The three of them took the cards and bade farewell to the deacon.

Then, they began to walk toward the young masters mountain.

“The three of us hid our identities and entered the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

Its been a while.

Two days ago, Ye Xiao sent news that the guy targeting the Xuan Yuan god clan was the young master of the Cloud Lake immortal sect, Lu Fengwu!

“This time, we contributed 6,000 immortal crystals in exchange for the deacon to transfer us to the young masters mountain.

We have to make good use of it.”

“Thats right.

As long as we grasp this fellows intentions, including his strength, we can easily come up with a plan that specifically targets him.

“However, speaking of which, with the three of our current strengths, were still far from being able to go against him.

His current cultivation should already be at the third-level Mystic Immortal realm, right

“The three of us added together isnt even enough to crush him to death.”

“Hehe, who said we have to do it ourselves We can bribe assassins from the black market.”

“Thats true, but you have to know that Lu Fengwus current status isnt ordinary.

Hes the young master of the Cloud Lake immortal sect, and his status is noble.

“An ordinary person wouldnt easily deal with him.

Even a bloodthirsty killer who licks blood on the tip of his blade wouldnt dare to be so bold!”

“Hehehe, you two dont know, do you Recently, a very famous killer appeared in the immortal world, appearing and disappearing like a ghost.

Moreover, as long as he was paid, he would kill, no matter who the other party was.

“It was said that they were at the level of the Supreme Eternal, he was already able to cross realms to kill enemies and kill first-level True Immortals.

“Moreover, his cultivation speed was very fast.

In just two short months, he had already advanced to second-level True Immortal realm!

“With such a terrifying existence, if he was given some more time, his cultivation would definitely reach the second-level Mystic Immortal realm.

“At that time, with his extraordinary ability to cross ranks and kill enemies, coupled with his disregard for death and his ability to casually accept missions, he would definitely be Lu Fengwus nemesis

“F*ck! He can actually cross ranks and kill enemies! Isnt this fellow too strong This is comparable to Ye Xiao.

Whats his name”


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