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As he successfully executed the Major Destiny technique, a figure that looked exactly like him quickly appeared by his side.

Ye Xiao sized him up from top to bottom.

It was pretty good.

With a cultivation at the first level of the True Immortal, he had roughly taken away nearly 90,000 years of his lifespan.

At that point, he still had 120,000 years of lifespan left.

However, after he went to the immortal world, he should be able to make a lot of progress for himself.

He would not let himself suffer a loss.

“Li Si.

Go there and be a good person.

Dont embarrass me.

Dont casually provoke others.

Not only those who are relatively strong, but also those who look suspicious.

“If something goes wrong, it might very well bring us a disaster.

“Under the circumstances where we try our best not to offend others, plunder enough resources and bring them back for me to cultivate.


Li Si nodded and said solemnly,

“Dont worry, Master, I will definitely complete the mission with excellence.”

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Ye Xiao nodded and said again,

“Theres one more thing I have to tell you.

Dont ever touch a woman.

Dont provoke any either.

Otherwise, Ill skin you alive and make you wish you were dead before taking back the main body.”

Li Si shivered and nodded his head in agreement with a solemn expression.

Although he was Ye Xiaos clone, he also had an independent consciousness.

If Ye Xiao also tormented him, he might not be able to endure it.

Ye Xiao nodded his head in satisfaction and said,

“Alright, go.

When you get there, perform well.

Ill wait for you here.”


Li Si nodded his head in agreement and immediately left.

After sending Li Si off, Ye Xiao began to carry out his next move.

First, he refined his nine spiritual avatars.

One month later.


Within Ye Xiaos body, there was a sudden tremor.

He had advanced, successfully progressing to the third-level True Immortal realm.

As expected, it was exactly as he had expected, without any deviation at all.

The cultivation of the third-level True Immortal could not be said to be very strong, but there was one thing to know.

He had only just started cultivating and had not been doing so for long.

He had only transcended the Immortal Tribulation and that was just two months ago.

That kind of speed, even if Ye Xiao was not in the immortal world, he dared to say that it was absolutely unprecedented.

Of course, unless it was those families that had their freakishly powerful old ancestors impart their strength to the younger generation.

Perhaps even those old ancestors themselves who used special natural treasures to cleanse their meridians.

Ye Xiao definitely could not be compared to them.

Who asked him not to be a second generation True Immortal.

Of course, if even though Ye Xiaos background conditions were not good, he was not upset.

He would rather rely on his own capabilities and improve step by step.

Next, he should look at the information brought from his spiritual avatars and understand more about the immortal world.

However, at that moment, three extremely terrifying auras suddenly came from the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Ye Xiao was stunned.

He immediately thought of something and used the Space-time immortal technique to teleport over.

When he arrived, his expression could not help but become a little solemn.

As expected, it was exactly what he had thought.

It was the grace brought by his advancement once again that allowed Xuanyuan Long, the Xuan Yuan clan leader, and Yun Cangqiong to be the first to advance and begin transcending the Immortal Tribulation.

At that moment, the three of them were all dumbfounded, completely at a loss.

What was going on

They had just returned and cultivated for a month.

They had not gotten used to anything yet.

In the blink of an eye, they were about to transcend the tribulation and become True Immortals.

They had worked hard to cultivate, but they had not advanced yet.

They had received many gifts but…

It was a bit too much.


At that moment, the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation in the sky had already begun to be released.

It was about to fall at any moment.

The terrifying might within the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation caused everyone present to involuntarily shiver violently.

Although they had already seen the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation from Ye Xiaos Immortal Tribulation before, at that time, it was three True Immortal Lightning Tribulations descending at the same time.

The pressure within was already three times than that of before.

Who could easily withstand it

Just as they were in a daze from shock, Ye Xiaos voice suddenly sounded.

“Dont just stand there.

Hurry up and guard yourself.

Dont let yourself miss out on the tribulation.”

The moment those words were said, the others immediately reacted and immediately began to transcend the tribulation.

If it was just the three of them transcending the tribulation, to be honest, none of them would have succeeded.

That was because although their bloodline power had already been strengthened, no matter how strong they were, it was impossible for them to be stronger than Ye Xiao.

Moreover, Ye Xiao was only a third-level True Immortal.

He had yet to reach the Mystic Immortal realm, and the Xuan Yuan god clans bloodline power had yet to reach its peak.

However, with Ye Xiaos help, they could stand a chance so he continuously used masterpiece techniques to aid them.

That allowed the three of them to finally successfully transcend the tribulation and advance to the True Immortal realm.

After working hard for a full hour and a half, they became three first-level True Immortals.

The moment they transcended the Immortal Tribulation, the three of them bowed deeply towards Ye Xiao.

“Ye Xiao, I really dont know how to thank you! If it wasnt for you, we would probably have died here today and it would have been impossible for us to become legendary True Immortals!”

“Ye Xiao, we owe you so much.

I really dont know how to make it up to you.”

Ye Xiao waved his hand.

“Youre being too polite.

Were all descendants of the Xuan Yuan god clan, so its only right and proper for us to help each other.

You dont have to take it to heart.

“However, even though youve already successfully transcended the tribulation and become first-level True Immortals, and will soon enter the immortal world, there are many dangers in there.

Have you thought of where you want to go”

“Weve thought about it.

Well go to the Great Qin immortal sect to take a look first.

After all, that place is a sect built by the Ancestral Dragon.

If we go there, we should be able to receive some protection.”

Ye Xiao immediately said,

“This idea might not be possible because according to the information I obtained, the Ancestral Dragon has already left the Great Qin immortal sect and has long disappeared somewhere.

Its very likely that he has already advanced to the legendary Imperial Immortal realm and is searching for something.

“Therefore, if you enter the Great Qin immortal sect directly, you wont be able to find the Ancestral Dragon.”

“What! Theres actually such a thing However, you didnt actually go to the immortal world so how did you know”

Everyone was slightly shocked as Ye Xiao immediately said,

“You dont need to ask about this.

I definitely have a way to obtain the information I want.”

Xuanyuan Longs expression was solemn as he said,

“Ye Xiao, is this information accurate”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Dont worry, it is absolutely true.”

“Then, where do you think we should go”

“I suggest all of you go to a place called the Cloud Lake immortal sect! In that place, there is a True Immortal who is secretly targeting the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“Moreover, he will not stop.

He will continue to secretly target us and covet the Xuan Yuan god clansmen.

“My plan is for you to infiltrate that place, find that fellow, kill him, and then think of a way to go to the Great Qin immortal sect.”

“I see.

However, we dont know who he is.

The Cloud Lake immortal sect is not an ordinary place from the sound of its name.

It will probably gather many powerful True Immortals.

“If we cant find a precise target and try to kill everyonr one by one, that would be too far-fetched.”

“I dont have any good ideas on this.

However, he killed 10 billion members of our Xuan Yuan god clan and extracted our divine blood, so we definitely cant let him go.

“Ill think of a way.

If we can find out his identity, Ill let you know immediately.”


At that moment, the three of them were already emitting a faint layer of golden light.

At the same time, their bodies began to rise towards the thunderclouds in the sky.

That was the power of laws forcefully absorbing them, it wanted to bring them to the immortal world.

The three of them smiled bitterly.

“A month ago, we were still a little sad.

We thought you were going to leave for the immortal world.

Who would have thought that we would enter the immortal world before you.”

“No need to be sad.

Ill go too.

Its just that im not leaving now.

The Xuan Yuan god clan still doesnt have any clout or backing.

Us clansmen have to fight slowly and steadily.

“Its the same for the three of you when you arrive in the immortal world.

Remember, you must live well.”

The three of them nodded.

“Ye Xiao, dont worry.

Well definitely train well and definitely wont disappoint your expectations.

When you arrive in the immortal world, well protect you!”

Ye Xiao nodded and took out a storage ring from his pocket, throwing it to the three of them.

“There are 10,000 immortal crystals in here.

Take it with you.

You will need it when you arrive in the immortal world.”

The corners of the three peoples mouths could not help but twitch.

Ye Xiao actually had such a thing What was wrong with him

He never went to the immortal world, right How did he get those things

At that moment, the three of them simply could not understand.

“Ye Xiao, youre in the ordinary world now, so it shouldnt be easy to get these things, right Ill leave it to you.

These should be useful for your cultivation.

If we go up and use our brains, there wont be any big problems.”

Ye Xiao waved his hand.

“When going out, well always need some money.

Bring it along.”

“But… This kind of thing should be very difficult to obtain, right You gave us all the 10,000 immortal crystals that you obtained with great difficulty.

What are you going to use for yourself”

“Dont worry.

Ive also left a little for myself.

Although its not much, its enough for me to use.

Go in peace.”

He had just finished speaking when the three of them did not have the time to say anything before they instantly disappeared on the spot.

They were not like Ye Xiao.

The power of laws would not allow them to stay there for too long.

In the blink of an eye, the scenery in front of the three of them changed.

They instantly appeared in another world with extremely dense immortal energy, the immortal world.

“Is this the legendary immortal world I didnt expect that people like us would actually have the opportunity to come to such a place in this lifetime.”

“Sigh! This is all thanks to Ye Xiao! We owe him too much!”

“Its not just that! He even gave us 10,000 immortal crystals, leaving only a little for himself.

It should not have been easy for him to obtain these things in the ordinary world to begin with.

What about himself I reckon that he only has a few hundred immortal crystals at most.”

“He is always like a candle, burning himself, illuminating us, and silently giving everything for us.

“The sad thing is that we are the elders, and hes just a child.”

Xuanyuan Long took a deep breath.

“Its useless for us to lament over this.

Lets go and carry out Ye Xiaos orders.

Find that b*stard from the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

We cant let Ye Xiao and the Xuan Yuan god clan be threatened!”

“Youre right.

Infiltrate the Cloud Lake immortal sect!”


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